For Streaming Websites

Oct 31, 2008

If one video was ~128MB and I had 800 videos, and if I had 3000 views on each video, then would a 100mbps line be able to handle that?

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Wmv Streaming

Jan 18, 2007

to stream some wmv videos. They are on average 10mb in size.

I was wondering is there anything i can install on my server to make them run/perform better. Sorry i don't know the correct words to use.

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Nsv Streaming

May 8, 2007

i have a shoutcast server installed in my server...i also download these tools from here [url]

i want to broadcast live from video card to shoutcast server...

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Downloading And Streaming.... Use's Up The Same Mb?

Oct 13, 2008

I have a friend who we were debating about this.

He says he called up the internet company and upgraded his monthly plan to 60 gig or downloading a month, because he loves watching steaming videos(not youtube) im talking about actual movies.

They told him if he downloaded a 700mb movie or if he watched the exact same movie it would use up 700mb

So according to them downloading or streaming uses the same mb.

I found this hard to believe. But i have no wa of proving it.

What is the answer?

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Streaming Vs Progressive?

Sep 29, 2008

I am a non-technical business investor looking to find a consultant (ideally from the adult video industry, since they, if anyone, should be experts) who can help me address the problems a company is having with the video production and streaming/progressive process. In short, they film, keyout, and code online virtual spokespeople for thousands of clients and I am told that they have both progressive and streaming video--but it does not always play correctly. I realize there are limitations in the conenction of the end user, and that it may be also be affected by the hosting company--but I want someone who can ell me what this company is doing correctly, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

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Streaming Speeds

Apr 20, 2008

Im currently running a streaming media (video) site on a p4 3.0 GHz with 2 gigs of ram. I think its a 10mpbs unmetered port. It streams extremly slow, to the point where it lags every second. It does this even though their is only 6 people on, with loads of 200 it just freezes up. What configuration would be able to hold traffic of 200 people constantly. I was on a faster server with hostgator, their dedicated pro but i went through the bandwidth in 5 days.

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Music Streaming

Dec 2, 2007

I need to find a VPS or anything, that I can use for music streaming. This is useful for school and work.

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Can I Do This? FLV Hosting/streaming?

Dec 23, 2007

I will be starting a website featuring my own videos. They will be all flash based. Now I will be having 1 main website, which will be very fast and with its own forums as well. I'll probably go with reliablesite.

Anyhow, what I want to do. Is host flv files on hosts such as dreamhosts, host monster, site5, webhostasp, eleven2, hostgator. As they have > 5TB hosting (yes I know they oversell, but even if I get 75% - its good).

So, if I have lost you, let me explain in more detail.

The page in the reliable host will have links (to 5 files, which the locations are randomised in order with each refresh)..

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Apache Streaming MP4

May 14, 2009

I've installed H264 Streaming Module for Apache 2 from: h**p://
Replace ** with tt

Loaded the mod in httpd.conf but my streaming of MP4 files don't improve at all.
Other file types like: WMV & FLV at high bitrate or large filesize have no problem streaming. Only MP4 files are giving me problems when streaming through JW Flash Player.

I've made 2 test pages, read on:

1) h**p:// >>> Replace ** with tt
MP4 File hosted on a CDN server.
This server hosting my MP4 file which works perfectly fine on any browsers anytime when visited, so this proves that my MP4 file has no problem to be streamed online.

2) h**p:// >>> Replace ** with tt
The exact same MP4 File hosted on my server, giving me the headaches!

Problems facing are:

- can't load the streaming MP4 at all on IE7
- can't load on Firefox unless multiple times of refreshing if you get lucky
- after working on Firefox, it stops working later
- HTTP Pseudo Streaming is not working at all when it works on Firefox

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Live Streaming

Sep 11, 2008

If i want to have a video streaming whats the best way?

I mean im filming something at a studio and want this to be live broadcast to the internet through a server, how can this be done?

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Streaming Videos

Aug 29, 2008

I have a VPS server and was trying to figure out the best way to stream videos...its running CentOS 5, any recommendations?

Will VLC work?

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Streaming Software

Oct 11, 2006

I am looking for good streaming software that will work with media player and shoutcast. I need it to be able to cross fade between songs.

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Streaming Server

Mar 26, 2009

I'm looking for a streaming server to stream a few flv videos, some mp3s, 3gp, mpg, mp4. If we can get this with a single host it would be really helpful.

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MMS Streaming Server

May 28, 2009

I am thinking of streaming something to the internet and i will be streaming it through MMS through Windows Server 2003.

The streaming rate will be around 500-600 (Good Quality)

I want to know if i have 1000 people watching at the same time, what kind of server and bandwidth do i need so they dont experiance any buffering/slowness/downtime at all?

Is this server enough for what i want to do:

Dual core ATOM 330 CPU
100mbit Unmetered Bandwidth


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Server For MP3 Streaming

Oct 31, 2009

I have mp3 streaming website hosted on VPS from WiredTree
after a down time more than 12 hours I decided to move from them

My mp3 files size APPROXIMATELY around 60 GB

for good fully managed Dedicated server that meets my requirements

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Streaming FLV Videos

May 30, 2009

I have a website that users can download software (~150 MB).

I currently have a VPS server with Liquidweb.
20 GB RAID protected storage, 384MB dedicated RAM (maximum that can be achieved is 528MB on this package), 200GB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer. I don't use much of the 20GB disk space, but every month I use about 60 GB Bandwidth.

Now I plan on incorporating video files into one of my software packages. Because there will be about 1000 video files (each being about 3-4 MB), that would take up 3-4 GB drive storage; hence, I don't think it's feasible that the users can download the software package. Instead, I can keep the software package size to a minimum and the solution would be to STREAM the videos from within the program.

At this point, I can do one of two things:

1) Keep my VPN for my website and find a hosting provider that has STREAMING services for the videos

2) Upgrade my VPN to a Dedicated Server (Pentium 4 3GHZ Hyperthreaded, 2GB DDR SDRAM, 120GB 7200RPM SATA/8MB Cache, 2000GB Monthly Bandwidth) and have my website and streaming videos on one server.

Also, if I choose option #2, would you recommend upgrading to Dual 120GB SATA / Hardware Raid 1 [add $40/month] or 73GB 10,000RPM SCSI / 8MB Cache [add $60/month]

Again, I just need a server that will play the videos. I will have users that will be simultaneously connecting to the server to watch the videos from within the program so I would like the most stable and seamless choice.

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Streaming Video?

Feb 2, 2008

how I would be able to set up streaming video on a server for live video as well as archived videos? We've got a client who is requesting streaming events live, bandwidth on our end shouldn't be an issue however I'm wondering where I would start? I've done streaming audio before but I have never done streaming video.

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Streaming Video CMS

Apr 17, 2008

What is the best CMS for streaming videos (kinda like youtube) that will allow me to upload bulk amount of videos to the server, instead of uploading them one by one.

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Streaming Video

Oct 28, 2008

i know this probably isnt the right forum, however i think it is probably the closest to the right forum... so anyway...

I have a swf video player, when i load a page in explorer with the swf embeded into it.. the video begins to stream fine.. however if i try and change the explorer page the page wont change untill the entire video has been streamed.. anyone have any ideas as to why this is?... is this something wrong with

a. my explorer settup?...

b. my server setup?... or

c. my swf?...

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Live Tv Streaming

Mar 12, 2008

i want to ask you something if you know...we have the support of a small tv channel here in my area...they want to have their program live in the you know any good company to give good prices of media live streaming or anything that i can see to help me....maybe some resseler plans in these??...any advices for the type of streaming...

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Colo For Streaming

Aug 26, 2007

Im searching 1u colocation in usa/europe with unmetered 100Mbps, can be shared but with guarantee 30Mbps.. Bandwidth will be use in 98% to Poland (70% to polish TPSA network).

Server will use only :80 port, every connection will be cut to 60KB per sec on web.. so bandwidth should not "jumping" from 30 to 60mbps etc..

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Live Streaming Or Broadcasting

Apr 3, 2009

I am going to make professional broadcasting TV in internet,

I will buy HD camera and good computer but I have got some questions:

1. Can I make broadcasting on my own? I mean get software and get hosting and put there streaming code? Is it possible?

2. As I target for only local viewers is not it better to broadcast on my own rather than get service like Mogulus, blinkoTV Ustream?

3. Do you know any good software for professional TV broadcasters? which one?

4. On an average what hosting package I will need if I will have more than 500 at the same time viewers?

5. my friend told I can broadcast with windows media server, what is it and is it professional?

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Video Streaming Site?

Jun 28, 2008

I have a video streaming which is consuming around 3000gb of bandwidth presently its on citrex shared hosting i was thinking to move site to a dedicated box i have almost no knowledge of server setup are there some host who can help me setup these requirements and move site to dedicated box?

please note :- site is adult video sharing site ...

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Streaming Server Experience

Sep 29, 2008

I am planning to purchase a streaming server for ~ 200$ - 500$/ month. And I would like to hear your past experience or expertise. I am sure this will help lot of people here that are looking to buy streaming servers.

For my specific need,

Streams are usually 450Kbps and they run for 12 hours straight per day and 30 days. And I run at least 50 slots at a time.
[450Kbps*50*3600*12*30]= ~30TB (Worst case scenario)

I think need 100Mbps shared (I hope to run at least 50Mbps when there is a streaming event).Thank you for all the help.

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Streaming Audio Server MP3

Jan 19, 2006

I'd like to be able to stream mp3s. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with myspace or not, but thats what I want them for.

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Live Video Streaming

Nov 3, 2006

A client has contacted me about live streaming. He wants to broadcast a live meeting over the internet so that other people can watch it.

I've never looked in to something like this - I guess I need to find some software that will let me re-broadcast the stream - ie someone at the meeting would connect to my server and stream it up to the server, and my server would then broadcast it out to anyone who is connected.

So, what sort of software should I be looking at? Are there any guides around on the internet or anything that can help me out?

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Media Streaming Server ..

Sep 14, 2007

Any one know why media streaming server dont working?

I installed the media streaming server, 1 month ago and it was working well. However, from Thursday to now it dont working. I have checked and the wmv files only run 3seconds is broke.
please tell me what the reasaon make my server doesnt working?

OS: Windows 2003 enterprise R2
Streaming Protocaol : MMS

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Streaming Live Video

Dec 6, 2007

I have been looking through the forum, but I have had a hard time finding much about this topic. I am attempting to broadcast live video feed on my website and I wanted to set it up so people can view the live streaming video directly on their web browser. I use mostly Windows based servers(Windows 2003 Server and XP Pro). I have looked at different video streaming programs like flash, media player, and divx, which would be the best for what I am trying to do? Computer power and bandwidth are not an issue with my current setup. If anyone has any experience or knowledge on this I would be very grateful for your input. I would appreciate any information involving any of the steps in this process from capturing the video to having users access it on my website.

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Streaming Camera Setup

May 12, 2008

My client would like to set up several web cams so that visitors to their site would be able to see live video. Despite ten years of web development experience, I have no idea how to do this. What would be the best and most hassle-free way to set this up? What kind of hardware and software would they need? Would there be some changes to their hosting plan or is there a good external service that can handle this?

Of course money is no object for them, so...

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Streaming Video Host

Jun 1, 2009

We looking for a solution for our website. We currently stream about 1.5 TB of videos a month and have about 100 gig of them. We will be opening up our site to allow user uploads, mean that will will also be needing to encode videos.

We are looking at Iwebs Power Servers.

2 x Xeon Quad Core 2.0Ghz

320GB SATA 2

8Gb Ram

10,000GB transfer a month

100mbps link

$240 a month.

We plan on updating the site to run .NET 3.5, this adds $70 month onto the price. Seems like good deal. Can anybody recommend anything better.

For an extra $200 we can upgrade to SCSI. How much will this improve the performance.

Most of our users are in the US and Australia, Iweb servers are located in Montreal Canada. How much will this effect the perfomace of our site.

I have read that some hosts have ffMpeg, Menecoder, FMS3 already installed can andybody point me into the direction of one of these

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Video Streaming Website

Apr 29, 2009

I would like to know if there is anything specific I need to know before I open a video streaming site (Examples: Veoh, dailymotion, etc etc). Are there any laws or rules I should follow?

Plus regarding the copyrighted materials I remember there is a US law (I don't live in the US but whatever) that says after you get an email from the company that holds the copyrights regarding a video or whatever you've got some days (? or hours?) in order to remove that content and show "good will" following the rules (Safe Harbor) and they don't "harm" you. Anyone know more regarding this issue?

And one last thing. If I don't store users information (IPs, ISP, etc) which will show that they uploaded the video, in a situation of a copyrighted content will I get in trouble since I can't prove I didn't upload the files?

And last but not least any suggestions on the software and of course the most important the hosting company I should go with?

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