Firewall For My Company?

May 10, 2009

If i'm running a web hosting company, and I want to add security obviously, which firewall should I buy? (hardware firewall)

And money is not an issue. Additionally, how important is an IDS or IPS? If they are important, any suggestion on a certain model I should buy?

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Do You Recommend A Software Firewall When Behind A Hardware Firewall

Dec 17, 2008

Do you recommend a software firewall when behind a hardware firewall?

All of our servers are behind Cisco ASA 5505 firewalls which we rent from Liquidweb. All are being managed correctly and setup to there optimal levels. With hardware firewalls firmly in place, do you still recommend a software firewall such as APF or IPTables (we're talking linux); in our opinion we see it as an extra administration overhead. If this is however untrue, we will change out thinking.

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Firewall - Kerio Or Windows Firewall

Jun 13, 2008

I've found a dedicated server at a great price and plan to stick with it, my first ( already have 2 vps accounts ). I don't have the money for a hardware firewall. However, I do have a chance to renew a Kerio WinRoute Firewall license from way back.

Does anyone think this would be better than the default windows 2003 firewall?

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Which Company Is The Most Unlimited

Jun 22, 2009

about choosing unlimited disk space company. Which one of them is considering the best? Bluehost, Host1Plus, Hostgator, Dreamhost, Justhost?

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Who Is The Best Hosting Company

Aug 31, 2009

I'm planning to launch an e-commerce website for photo and gift printing. I went on Google and found a few websites having Top 10 web hosting companies information. I am really confuse which one is the best for my website.

I'm not sure how many users and traffic the website will get and don't want to pay extra $$$s for VPS or dedicated servers

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May 8, 2009

create VPS PACKAGES under my cent0s dedicated server?

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Building A Vps Company

Nov 3, 2009

I am working on building another hosting companies which I will be hosting VPSs as well.

I am asking this from a customers opion.

with each plan should it be an = shared amount of the processor or should each person have a dedicated amount? For example say you got duel quadcore processors running 3ghz which would = like 24ghz total correct? Say you have 16 VPS on 1 server each getting roughly 1.5Ghz.

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Which Company's IP Address?

Aug 23, 2008

IP addresses are recorded, but have forgotten who host it.


Who can tell me which company host this IP address?

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Which Host Company Is The Best

Jul 25, 2008

I'm checking out these host companies and I want to know whether they are good or not, and which one is the best.

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Having Our Company Name As The Registrar

Oct 15, 2008

Ive done a few whois searches on some of our competitors websites. In the registrar details it has our competitors name as the Registrar and as the nameservers. How can we do this? so for example if someone did a whois on our clients websites, they would see something like this:

OurCompany Ltd [Tag = OurCompany]

Name servers:

Do we need our own nameservers and dedicated server? We've just bought an account with openSRS so we buy our domains through them (if that makes a difference).

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Any EU Or JP Company That Use Riorey

Sep 13, 2008

do you know any EU or Japanese company that use Riorey Hardware

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Oct 20, 2008

I have checked offers I heard that they are awesome UK provider have anyone tried their services before?

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Setup A Vps Company

Jul 16, 2007

How do i setup a vps company

wats the requirements?

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What About Company

Nov 24, 2007

what about company

well ... I'm thinking in taking VPS from this company

and i want to know what is your opinion in the company service
( services , browsing speed , the protection , the technical support and the servers power )

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VPS For A Hosting Company

Sep 21, 2007

I was wondering if you guys would recommend a hosting company to use a VPS? I am a web designer and as a side job i am thinking of selling reseller accounts for very cheap prices. I am mainly concerned mainly because of the RAM most VPS have . I mean is 248 and 512 mb really ok? Also , anyone have an insight on "burst ram"? What does this mean?

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New Hosting Company

May 27, 2007

I will be starting up a new hosting company that will offer free and paid hosting. My question is, should I start out with a reseller, and move on as needed? I was simply thinking of starting out with a VPS, so I could simply skip the reseller part. I read elsewhere that some simply get a reseller and get another reseller when they need it.

What path should I choose. I could always get a VPS later on, but why not get one now? This is one reason I ask, because since reading about the reseller post, I am now split on this.

To note, have used a reseller before, but not a VPS. I do want to eventually learn to run a VPS, so this could be the time to do so.

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What Is The Best VPS Hosting Company

Jul 28, 2007

I recently made a purchase of a really busy website and I need about 1024 Guaranteed Ram 20Gb+ disk space and 1000gb bandwidth VPS.

Please make some suggestions based on:

1- Customer/Technical Support
2- Pricing
3- Their ability to maintain a good service at all times.

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Lunarpages Destroy My Company

Aug 3, 2008

Lunarpages destroy my company.

After watching the large display set by the customer became lunarpages

Today she was surprised to close the site

We have incurred significant losses

Did not receive any notice from the company

After correspondent told me that excessive use of resources caused the closure of FP site

What do I do?

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Looking For Dedicated Hosting Company

Sep 20, 2008

we have about 10 servers in , iweb is good but account managers support are very poor ! for example when I need to upgrade my server I should contact my account manager and my account manager answer to my email after 2 weeks ! (if he answer)so I want to transfer my servers to another company ,

what's your suggestions ?

most of our servers are Linux.

P.S : we are Iranian

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Best Dedicated Company For Reseller

Nov 5, 2009

Hi, Guys can you pls recommend me some reputable companies who are offering reseller discounts for selling dedicated servers.

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Inmotion Company Input

Feb 11, 2009

I have an Architecture/Interior Design firm and send lots of emails and CAD and photo files. I am designing a website and having it hosted for the first time. (I know...I know...I should have done it long ago..) I have read tons of articles on web hosting.

The website will be lots of photos (thumbnails to be enlarged possibly), text.

Has anyone heard of Inmotion? (web hosting company) They seem to have what I am looking for at a decent price and have gotten some good reviews (but I don't know if those reviews are sponsored by someone).

I work on a Macbook Pro and am looking into creating the website on iWeb....

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Choosing A Webhostimg Company

Feb 23, 2009

I am starting a small ecommerce website, initially selling 10 to 20 items but obviously hope to grow in the future. Since I don’t know much about web hosting, web design, etc., I need referrals to a webhosting company that provides easy to use professional looking templates which would allow me to design my website fast and start operation right away. Obviously, I need to get shopping cart/merchant account and all that goes with a e-commerce website (and I have no idea what all that might be but I am sure there are so many things that I will discover in the process). Anyway, I have visited many hosting companies out there and they are all so confusing to me. I wish they would allow me to see sample websites they host that used their templates but I haven’t been able to find any.

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Rebol Hosting Company

Jul 19, 2009

I have tried Hostgator, Netfirms, UbiquityHosting, doesn't seem to allow to execute Rebol in cgi-bin

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Is It Bad If My Domain And Hosting Are From The Same Company

Oct 6, 2009

I've read articles that said it's generally bad to use the domain registrar as the hosting company(forgot the reason though)Right now I have some domains in Goddady and 1and1, and have a Hostgator account. I am thinking about just using Goddady's hosting service so I only need to manage my Goddady and 1and1 accounts instead of managing 3 accounts.

I am going to use to build the sites

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What Hosting Company Can You Recommend MS SQL

Oct 20, 2009

I have recently built my first database application.I used SQL Server 2005 Express edition because it is free. The drawback is that it can only hold 4GB of data. But the database is also compatible with any SQL Server edition.

I'm wondering what my options are - a lot of hosting companies seem to offer a greater storage capacity and then limit the actual size of the SQl database. i.e. 10GB of online diskspace with a 600MB SQL database.

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Is EuroVPS A Real Company

Sep 22, 2009

I signed up with them for testing a project of ours, several days ago, nothing..

Emailed tech support this morning, they said they would look into it, 10 hours later, nothing.

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Which Company Is Better For Shared Hosting?

Jul 30, 2009

I have a dilemma now as I don't know which company is better to use for my needs- or

I want to use shared hosting.

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VPS/MySQL Optimizing - Which Company To Use To Do It

Apr 14, 2009

I am wanting my VPS Optimize to run at it best

I am also wanting MySQL on the VPS to run at it best

Which company do you recommend for VPS and MySQL optimizing?

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Web Hosting Company - Joomla

Apr 17, 2009

I am in the process of creating a site for my family, which is spread out around the world. I am using Joomla and have built my site on Siteground as my host.

My site will have low traffic, for family only, but I want my family to be able to post pictures, chat and blog.

I am very happy with Siteground but it has come to my attention that even though they offer 750gb of space I can only have up to 5gb of picture files (gif, jpg, etc.) I feel that I will eventually exceed this and being new at the whole site creation, I do not want to risk data being lost (database, files, etc.) when the time comes to transfer to a new host.

The site is not active yet as I am still working out the kinks and adding more pages. I figure if I am going to make a move to another host now would be the best time.

So I guess the question I have is what hosts, in your opinions, would be the best for the site I explained and still be able to work in Joomla.

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Mysql Optimization Company

Apr 9, 2009

someone to look at my DB and optimize it as it is running ridiculously high loads of 25. It is vbulletin. I'm only looking for professional companies for this job.

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Mar 28, 2009

our contract is suppose to end by APril 10 but they terminate their services without any notice and on my first week with them our database was corrupted for at least 3 times so i had to back up and upload and at exactly 12AM ph down, we experienced downtime services for so many times.

i am very much disappointed with the way this hosting provider has treated me. I am very patient with them eventhough they gave me very poor service, i still stay with them but despite of it, they terminated the services without any prior notice. I hope that none of our collegues shall experience the same and that is the very reason i am sending this message to serve as a warning to all of us.

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