Firewall - Kerio Or Windows Firewall

Jun 13, 2008

I've found a dedicated server at a great price and plan to stick with it, my first ( already have 2 vps accounts ). I don't have the money for a hardware firewall. However, I do have a chance to renew a Kerio WinRoute Firewall license from way back.

Does anyone think this would be better than the default windows 2003 firewall?

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Do You Recommend A Software Firewall When Behind A Hardware Firewall

Dec 17, 2008

Do you recommend a software firewall when behind a hardware firewall?

All of our servers are behind Cisco ASA 5505 firewalls which we rent from Liquidweb. All are being managed correctly and setup to there optimal levels. With hardware firewalls firmly in place, do you still recommend a software firewall such as APF or IPTables (we're talking linux); in our opinion we see it as an extra administration overhead. If this is however untrue, we will change out thinking.

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Windows Firewall

Aug 13, 2007

I installed Serv-u FTP for my server online and has open port 21 to client can remote access to FTP server. But...client cannot access to with occur error following :
The connection with server was reset.

However, when i turn off Windows Firewall. Client can access to folder in server FTP.
What 's the reason?

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Windows 2008 Firewall

Nov 5, 2009

I notice that the Windows 2008 Firewall has some default setting opened, wonder what are the ports opened for? Anyone can give any idea? Can I close them?

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SNMP Vs Windows Firewall

Apr 23, 2007

is it just me or does windows firewall in Win2K3 randomly decide to block SNMP ports?... i have over 30 servers runnng Win2K3 and out of the blue yonder today 3 stopped reporting snmp data ...... the windows firewall was turned off and ICS services were not running but still ports 161 and 162 were being randomly blocked ... so now i add ports 161 & 162 to the FW and it all works but when i disable the services to be free of windows firewall ports 161 and 162 get blocked again and snmp is down [back to square 1]... so simple solution is to leave windows firewall enabled & ports 161/162 enabled rite?

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Windows 2003 X64 Firewall...

Apr 23, 2007

I am trying to find a firewall for windows 2003 64 bit edition. So far I have tried Visnetic, which doesn't work, and comodo will not even have a beta version out until May. Anyone know of another that will work on 64 bit windows?

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Windows Firewall And Antivirus?

Aug 6, 2007

there is any solution like APF+BFD in linux for a windows 2003 server?

and how about antivurs? each one do you use?

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Best Firewall Solutions For Windows Like CSF

May 25, 2009

There is an advanced windows software firewall solution as CSF for linux server?

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Windows 2003 Firewall

Apr 12, 2008

In exception, I add ports (21,110,25,3389,80) all the ports work good, in Appearance.

I use MailEnable. When I visit the webmail for example I can't see it.

Do you have any idea what is happen?

What port is necesary?

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Best Windows Firewall Application

Apr 25, 2008

good firewall program that is recommended and includes the following;

- Attack Protection (Block the IP's automatically)

- Does all basic firewall necessities

- Uses the least amount of resources (CPU, Memory) possible

- Is the best out there

I currently use Sygate Firewall and find it very useful. Just would like to know if there is anything better than this.

I am just looking for the best that would be for my server. I host a couple game servers on there, and that is about it.

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Best Windows 2003 Firewall

May 21, 2007

What is the best Firewall that i can use for windows server 2003?

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Serv-U FTP Conflict Windows Firewall

Aug 16, 2007

Please helo me to resole this problem with Serv-U FTP

When Windows Firewall is turn off, i can access to folder. However, Firewall is turn off, i cannot access to folder with error following : The connection with server was reset. I config windows firewall to open port :21,20. OS: windows 2003 server service pack 2.

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Dedicated Windows Server - Do You Have A Firewall?

Aug 25, 2005

A firewall will run me another $100. Is it worth it? Do any of you run a Windows server w/o a firewall.

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Getting A Server At Softlayer (windows), What About A Firewall?

Jul 7, 2008

I'm getting a server at softlayer, and I am curious, do I need to setup any sort of security on the box like a firewall?

Or is the default install safe enough?

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AntiVirus And Firewall For Windows 2003

Nov 12, 2008

First of all, I am from Australia. Some people might know here dedicated servers cost a lot coz bandwidth is extremely expensive. I am hiring a box to put dedicated game servers on them (Counter Strike Source). I am looking for a Windows Firewall and Anti Virus. I am also wondering what version of Windows 2003 server should I get. Do I need to get real time protection and email scanner? And also, is it wise to download and browse TRUSTED sites on the server?

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Any Firewall For Windows To Limit Connections Per Ip

Apr 26, 2008

windows 2003

limit connections per ip to a port

im currently using routix netcom

it can limit the connections( NOT bandwidth) only but not per ip

another firewall which limit connections per ip

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Firewall In Windows Server 2003

Jan 20, 2008

I have a server with Windows Server 2003 and for some days alguian is trying to enter using terminal server.

How I can block the ip of the attacker?

What firewall you recommend me to install in the server?

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Windows 2003 Server Firewall

Apr 26, 2007

can anyone recommend firewall software for Windows 2003 Server. I'm aware it has a firewall on board, but this one doesn't allow me to specific access to specific IP address on the server, which are configured on a single adapter.

Also, I've looked into IPsec, which is my backup solution if I cannot find a decent firewall. Unfortunately, IPsec is kind of restrictive and not particularly stateful.

I'm looking for a simple firewall, which is not too expensive. This is only for one simple server.

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Software Firewall For Windows 2003

Jun 21, 2007

good software firewall solution that will allow me to block certain IP addresses from all ports.

The problem is that, the only way I have access to the server is via remote desktop. I found when you install almost all software firewall solutions, that it requires a restart. The problem here is that after the restart I probably wont have access to the server via remote desktop because it will be blocked by default by the new software firewall.

What is the solution? How do I install a firewall solution but have access to the machine via remote desktop by default?

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Win 2003 Server Windows Firewall

Mar 1, 2007

I have Windows 2003 Server on my dedicated server...


When I go into the Control Panel -> Windows Firewall.

It won't allow me to open Windows Firewall to configure it.

I get the following error....

"due to unidentified problem windows cannot display Windows Firewall settings".

I have checked PLESKs control panel. And there does not seem to be a service in there for Windows firewall.

My Host suppose to have contacted PLESK about this problem but they are taking far to long to resolve the issue.

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Firewall + Hids For Windows Server

Aug 19, 2007

We are looking for good firewall and HIDS for our windows server

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Plesk Windows Server Behind CISCO PIX 501 Firewall

Oct 25, 2009

I have set up a Plesk Windows server behind a CISCO PIX 501 firewall and since then am not able to upgrade Plesk to the latest version. It cannot connect to the Plesk Update server. which port do I need to open and whether it will be inbound or outbound?

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Firewall Software For Windows 2003 Server

Aug 17, 2007

which Firewall software is the best for Windows 2003 Server?

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Windows 2003 Server Firewall Recommendations

Jul 2, 2007

Any open source solutions out there for a firewall on a Windows 2003 web server?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Firewall Settings Required

Jun 24, 2013

It looks like a change was made to the firewall settings (I think this was done by .net microsoft patch).I have manually added mysql-nt to the firewall ruleset, and this has allowed MySql to talk to the application. (Wordpress websites are now working)I still get the same error when i try to log in to the control panel.

ERROR: PleskMainDBException
MySQL server has gone away

0: common_func.php3:637
1: common_func.php3:600
2: auth.php3:134

Is there a list of firewall rules that need to be in place to allow Plesk to work?

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Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Firewall For Windows 2003 Server

Apr 11, 2008

I will be getting my first dedicated Windows 2003 Server next week. I was just wondering what antivirus, anti spyware and firewall to use.

I will be using this server to start of a small webhost business here so I need the server to be reliable.

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How To Block IP Addresses In Windows 2003 Server - Software Firewall

Jun 18, 2007

I am running windows 2003 server.

Recently, there have been brute force attacks to try and compromise my sa password (MSSQL) and root password (MYSQL).

I would like to block certain ip addresses, but looking in the built in firewall in windows I don't see a way to do this. Is this possible with the built in tools/firewall that comes with windows 2003?

If not, can anybody recommend a simple firewall solution that will allow me to block ip addresses? I don't want something that is bloated and blocks popups, viruses, adware, etc. I just want a solution that will allow me to block ip addresses and prevent brute force attacks.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: How To Limit Access To Few IP Address To Access Port 8443 On Firewall

Aug 28, 2012

How can I allow only one ip or a list of ip addresses to access port 8443.I need to limit access this port to few ip addresses and not everyone

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APF Firewall Help

Sep 30, 2006

after install apf firewall whole server blocked to everyone.. i can't get ping back as well. Any idea?

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Firewall + NAT

Oct 24, 2009

I'm planning to place some firewalls in my network, but I'm afraid of something.

I have never used cisco pix, checkpoints and others.. We currently use custom made linux solutions for that

When we use these ready-to-go boxes, do we need to NAT the internal server IPs?

Is it possible to use these ready-to-go solutions with REAL IPs in the servers?

Does cPanel work well with NATed internal IPs? Or shall I have some trouble?

Do you think it's safer to with NATed, or it will be better to use real ips instead?

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Best Firewall

Apr 8, 2009

I was wondering what everyone thinks the best Firewall software is for a dedicated server?

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