FTP Uploading Corrupt

May 30, 2008

The Details:

XP Home, Verizon DSL, AVG, ZoneAlarm, CoffeeCup FTP, FileZilla FTP

So this all started about 5 days ago and I cannot think of anything that I did to associate this issue with. I'm very computer savvy and no one else uses this computer except for me (to help move things along faster). Essentially what happens when I start CoffeeCup FTP or FileZilla FTP (testing to make sure it wasn't just a problem with CoffeeCup FTP) and try to upload image files it fails, not the upload itself.. but somehow the image files are corrupt (no they're not CMYK, they're RGB). So it shows the file on my server, correct size, no error messages. However, when I go to the image URL it just shows the image URL where the image should be. I then restart CoffeeCup FTP and everything uploads properly. I've checked the lines on DSLReports.com, I've checked ZoneAlarm to make sure that I didn't somehow accidentally click no to something (which is unlikely). I keep my computer very clean and very organized and very up to date so it would be more helpful to me if someone could share some ideas of something that could happen that's not of my control. Could this possibly have anything to do with SP3 (the only thing I can recall being a change on my computer).

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/etc/fstab Corrupt

Nov 9, 2007

i have install 3-4 dell PE server withn cenots 5, on the server there is only the OS, i have reboot the server and it work fine, after 4-5 days the system was unstable rebooting it i have note that can mount the partition, i have check the /etc/fstab and i have found that the fstab was corrupt, there are a lot of entry for /dev/shm, why happend this? how can i recove the fstab?

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Fstab Corrupt

Nov 20, 2007

i have a strange issue on my centos 5, the fstab get corrupt, we have reinstall the OS and with the server empty it get corrupt again, the same problem on a second server, seem that is add /dev/shm line, like this one:

LABEL=/ / ext3 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0,usrquota 1 1
devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0
tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0 0 0
LABEL=/home1 /home ext3 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0,usrquota 1 2
proc /proc proc tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0 0 0
sysfs /sys sysfs tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0 0 0
LABEL=/tmp1 /tmp ext3 rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 1 2
LABEL=/usr /usr ext3 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0,usrquota 1 2
LABEL=/var /var ext3 tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0,usrquota 1 2
LABEL=SWAP-sda5 swap swap tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev 0 0 0 0
/tmp /var/tmp ext3 /tmp /var/tmp ext3 rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,bind 0 0 0 0

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Access Corrupt Partition

Jun 25, 2008

I have two partitions on my hard drive, each have an installation of windows XP, the old partition got corrupt and I can no longer boot windows from it, however I am able to see the files when on the other partition, the problem is I am unable to access the files.

Is there anyway I can get permissions to delete/move those files?

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Xen Disk Image: Corrupt

Jun 19, 2008

I created a 4GB disk image for a virtual machine in Xen. (I have root on the physical box, so please don't tell me to contact my VPS provider!)

The disk was filling up, so I took the advice online and created a 6GB file with dd (zero-filled), cat'ed it to the end of my disk file, and then...

[matt@babe centos]$ sudo resize2fs -f ./cent.img
resize2fs 1.39 (29-May-2006)
resize2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open ./cent.img
Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.
Of course, fsck won't take a disk image, only an actual partition. And I can't mount it, since I get the same error about a bad superblock.

The VM actually boots up fine, but it only sees 4GB of what's now a 10GB file.

I can use losetup to mount it on a /dev, but still get fsck errors:

[matt@babe centos]$ sudo fsck.ext3 -b 8193 /dev/loop3
e2fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)
fsck.ext3: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/loop3

The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2
filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2
filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock
is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:
e2fsck -b 8193 <device>

I don't know what blocksize was used, so I don't know where to look for a superblock... (I'm out of my league on fsck'ing virtual disks.)

The thing boots fine and is non-mission-critical right now, so worst-case, I can just mount it, rsync the data to the host, and then set up a new machine and rsync that in... I'd just rather not go through that hassle if I don't have to.

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Corrupt O/s, Need To Restore From Original Drive

Mar 26, 2007

O/S was corrupt so I had to do a reload on a new drive. I'm trying to mount original drive (already connected as 2nd) but it is not showing up in df -h

root@server080 [~]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 145G 2.5G 135G 2% /
/dev/sda1 99M 12M 83M 12% /boot
none 252M 0 252M 0% /dev/shm
/usr/tmpDSK 485M 11M 449M 3% /tmp
/tmp 485M 11M 449M 3% /var/tmp
/dev/sdb1 99M 12M 83M 12% /backup
root@server080 [~]# e2label /dev/sdb1

root@server080 [~]# dumpe2fs /dev/sdb1 | grep -i superblock
dumpe2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)
Primary superblock at 1, Group descriptors at 2-2
Backup superblock at 8193, Group descriptors at 8194-8194
Backup superblock at 24577, Group descriptors at 24578-24578
Backup superblock at 40961, Group descriptors at 40962-40962
Backup superblock at 57345, Group descriptors at 57346-57346
Backup superblock at 73729, Group descriptors at 73730-73730

/etc/fstab shows

# This file is edited by fstab-sync - see 'man fstab-sync' for details
LABEL=/ / ext3 defaults 1 1
LABEL=/boot /boot ext3 defaults 1 2
none /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0
none /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0
none /proc proc defaults 0 0
none /sys sysfs defaults 0 0
LABEL=SWAP-sda2 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/hda /media/cdrom auto pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0
/dev/fd0 /media/floppy auto pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0

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EXT3 File System Corrupt - I'm Screwed And Going To Shoot Myself

Jun 14, 2007

Our server with raid 10 has had a failed hdd (which was replaced) and a
corrupt ext3 filesystem.

The server is now booted with Knoppix but drives will not mount. All we are trying to at this point is salvage as much data as we can.

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Drive Corrupt, Recovery From 2nd Drive Mount

Feb 16, 2007

Primary drive (centos/cpanel) is corrupt

The server is displaying these errors when I tried to do an FSCK:
Bad inode IO
ext3-fs error (device(8,3)) IO Failure

I am having a new primary installed and old primary set as 2nd drive. I need to recover the cpanel domain accounts from this 2nd drive after I mount it with the method below:

mkdir /backup
mount /dev/sdb1 /backup

However, how do I actually recover these accounts in an automated process via whm? I've done this before with the same matter (corrupt primary drive, mount as 2nd, etc) but cannot exactly remember the proper steps.

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Uploading A Zip

May 30, 2007

i am uploading a zip to show everyone one of my flash projects and to get feedback, i want to uplaod the original flash file along with the HTML page in a zip, would i just upload the zip file onto my server and then when you access that web page it asks you to download it or is there more to it?

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Drive Corrupt - Should I Ask For New Drive Or Reimage

Jul 9, 2007

I have a dedicated box and I started getting Input/output errors today.

I tried:
# fsck
fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
e2fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
/dev/hda2: recovering journal
fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda2

then I tried:
# fsck -a -t ext3 /dev/hda2
fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
/dev/hda2: recovering journal
fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda2

My data is backed up, so was going to ask for a reimage, but is this an indication of bad hardware? Should I ask for a replacement drive? Is there anything else I should try on my own before going to the host?

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Uploading Files

Jan 28, 2009

I've just uploaded my website files onto the server, the website is working fine, but I'm not sure my files are 'arranged' right. I uploaded my images in a folder, but all the rest of the files are 'loose' along with the index file. If I go to either of my domain names, the website appears, which is ok for now, but I only really intended it to under one domain name, so there may be problems if I want another site up there. I think my files should be in a folder. Is this right? Should the index file be in the same folder, or should it be outside the folder with the links changed accordingly. I've been emailing my hosting service, and they 've been trying to help, but I feel a bit thick because I don't really understand what they're saying. Could someone tell me in very plain english how the files should be arranged?

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Uploading Big Files

Jun 23, 2009

i just bought php file management script, its running smoothly, the only problem was i cant upload big file ( > 1 Gigs ) using that script, then i ask the developer and he said it shouldnt be a problem since he sold that software before people and he never got a problem like that.

OS : Slamd64
apache 2.2.10
php 5.2.8

i tried to changed
post_max_size = 1900M
upload_max_filesize = 1500M

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Uploading Speed

Dec 20, 2008

uploading some stuff to my servers, and it's going at about 50-60 kbps.

what would be a good service that could see my uploading speed rise to about 100-200 kbps?

I live in Canada, BC to be more specific

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Flash Uploading

May 24, 2008

I have a flash swf that I use to upload files however to get this to work on the server you have to do something like turn on shockwave uploading? do you know what you need to do to upload using flash swf?

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Uploading To Htdocs -> Err...

Jun 6, 2007

I've been using a Fedora Core 6 box to develop my site with PHP and MySQL. The web directory is /var/www/html.

I just recently bought my first hosting plan, and it says to upload my site to the Htdocs folder.

Is this a BSD server? I know nothing about BSD, and I'm worried, because I don't know if my site is going to need to be re-written. You see, some of my files, like the db connection script, are in /var/www/myfoldername ... Is there an equivalent on my new rented server, where I can put these files?

How about my databases? When I run the installer I wrote to create them, it just creates them, and FC6 has been doing what it will with them to get them working. Am I going to have issues connecting, because they're stored in a different dir?

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Uploading SQL Databases By FTP

Feb 25, 2008

we have been trying to import sql databases through cpanel.

The old server the client was on did not have any control panel. While the new server the client is migrating to, has cpanel. We try importing sql databases through cpanel, but because the sql databases are so large in size, they corrupt while importing them.

The client's old server he would be able to access all his sql databases through FTP.

While with this new cpanel server, we can't upload sql databases by FTP. We are wanting to use FTP because when using cpanel, the sql databases corrupt.

So is there anyway to upload sql databases with FTP directly into mysql when using cpanel server?

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Uploading To Shell

Apr 15, 2007

ive just token over my old hosts server as he had no time to run his hosting company so im a nOOb to the whole server management shell side of things, and im wondering if someone could help point me in the way of a tutorial on how to upload to the shell of the server, im trying to upload whm master reseller and some other cpanel addons,

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1and1 Uploading File Via PHP

Jan 2, 2006

Does anyone host with 1and1 and use PHP to upload files???

I can't find anywhere on the 1and1 FAQs that say what the temporary file directory is for uploaded files.

Anyone been there before who can help?

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Uploading Files To Server

Nov 9, 2009

Why is it that you can upload large file size when you are using FTP, but you cant upload large file size beyond the max when you are using browser to upload?

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Uploading Wordpress Theme

Jul 16, 2009

uploading my wordpress theme w/ Dreamhost. The zip file that I am attempting to host is too large for Dreamhost and I keep getting an error.

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Uploading To Multiple Servers

Jun 4, 2009

A website I am involved with may soon hit a problem due image uploading being stored on only one server. We are unable to find a realistic solution which would allow us to upload images from 1 central location.

The website is programmed in PHP and is on a standalone web-server - currently the images are uploaded to the same directory as the website however we are looking to move the images to another server for scalability.

Is it possible at all to upload using a directory link of some kind, eg, the directory would be /serverip/path/to/images which you would upload to? Or any other realistic approaches that you know off.

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Uploading To Writable Directory

Jun 17, 2008

I have heard that people can upload scripts onto your server if you have any writable directories. Is this true? If yes, how do they do it?

And is there a script I can run on my server to find out what DBs I have on it?

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Uploading File To Server

May 22, 2008

I've just installed SSL and I'm wondering where should I put my files so that users from web are accessible only through SSL?

Do I have to upload whole site to the Private_html folder instead of public_html folder?

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Uploading File To Web Server

Jun 2, 2008

i have a problem trying to upload files to a server, when i try and upload a file, (.htm) i get a message: file already exists (even though it doesn't), which if i then say to overwrite, it creates an empty file of 0mb, (with the name of the file i am trying to upload).

i don't know a great deal about web servers - are there any web server settings which may be causing this.

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Uploading Multiple Files

Mar 19, 2008

I want to install a script (a simple wordpress blog)on my website but now i'm just astonished at how many files I have to upload on my server's directory! Uploading those files one by one will take forever. Is there a way to upload multiple files all at once?

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Error 406 When Uploading From Flash

Mar 27, 2008

I've recently moved to a new provider and noticed that one of my sites that was using a flash file uploader without any problems now receives a 406 error whenever a file upload finishes.

After some digging online i found that the problem could be caused by mod_security and found a tutorial which explains that by using .htaccess u can disable mod_security for the particular domain. I've tried that but receiving internal server error who seems to indicate that mod_security is not actually running.

I looked at the domain's error log file and no entry is being written to the log when the error occurs.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Or at least where to look for the causes.

I'm using the following flash uploader:

Server is running CentOS and WHM .. the original server that didnt have a problem with the uploads was running Fedora and WHM.

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MySQL Phpmyadmin Uploading

Oct 31, 2007

I am using Windows XP (my laptop) to run a server for localized testing for a site that I run. I am using the WAMP5 on Windows XP.

I got everything setup (phpbb board) vanilla install. Everything went fine, no problems. The script uploaded all the tables on its own.

I pulled the database from the real server to drop into the test site.

Every time I try to upload a sql file that's 11.9Mb in size, I get a "Error: You probably tried to upload too large file. Please refer to documentation for ways to workaround this limit." so I checked the configuration and set it to a 1024Mb file size and like 2048 memory size.

I even tried a 30Kb sized file and I still get the same error. What do I need to do to get this to work?

Also when I check all tables and use the drop down menu to select drop, it just bring my back to the start phpmyadmin page and nothing happens. I can drop the table individually, but that'll take too long, there are over 40 of them.

What else do I need to look for/configure so this will work?

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Uploading 500MB Tar.gz File In Telnet

Jan 23, 2006

I am having trouble uploading a 500mb file with File Manager in the control panel as well as SmartFTP. I was told to upload this large file through Putty. I able able to login through SSH as root, but i can't seem to find the right directory to upload this file into. This file is a backup file of the home directory. I am transferring all files from my old host to my new host. How would I find the right directory and upload this file through Telnet.

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Uploading Files Through CMS After Moving To New Host

Jul 18, 2009

Hi guys, I've been having problems trying to edit my php.ini file which I think I've now fixed.

The whole reason I wanted to do this was because I've just moved to Media Temple from another hosting company and I'm having a couple of problems with the switchover.

Basically I use a CMS system to add properties which appear on the main website. I also upload PDFs and images. On the old hosting company, the PDFs and images went into folders called dnDir/pdf and dnDir/images but on Media Temple, they are going in to a folder called tmp. I really want them to go to the same place as they used to.

Is this an issue with php.ini that I need to rectify? If so, could you point me in the right direction?

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Prevent PHP Files Used For File Uploading

Jul 3, 2009

It appears that some people like to take advantage of those files for online web applications such as Wordpress which have php files with permissions set to 777. They use those as a means of creating an upload file. The upload files that they create then have access to the whole server somehow... Is there anyway of preventing this from happening?

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