Email Hosting - Multiple Domains

Sep 30, 2009

I would like to find a host for the following scenario....

I have a few domains hosted in various places - but would like to host their email on one server - or with one provider.

I require pop3, IMAP, webmail access.

I manage my own nameservers (this is my current gotcha) and would like to spend as little as possible.

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Seperate Email Accounts When Hosting Multiple Domains

Mar 14, 2008

I just tried westhost. Very nice folks, good reviews, worth a shot. I signed up for a regular hosting account that allows multiple domains. That didn't work for email. An email user has access to email under that users name for all domains attached to the account. so you can't have,, etc. One info@ per account. I did find a hack for it, but it wouldn't work with web mail.

So now I need to find a host that separates mail by domain WITH webmail.

This is getting so tiresome. I have a VPS with "the planet", but so many things just don't work out of the box. I've been fighting with them about PHP not sending mail for months. DNS problems everytime I setup a new domain. There has to be an easier way!

15 domains, everything needs to work. I don't want to manage anything. No resellers. The company I host with will own the data center.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Multiple Email Certificates For Multiple Domains?

Nov 11, 2014

I have two domains as virtual hosts on same IP address.

I am getting certificate error for the second domain when I try to check email (using MS Outlook). I can't permanently "accept" certificate, it complains again and again. Certuficate I created and self signed for, but the second email server is, so it complains.

How do I set separate email certificates for two domains? Is it possible at all?

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Email Forward On One Server With Multiple Domains?

Oct 28, 2006

I currently have one server with multiple domains on it.
I run apache with virtual hosts.

I want to setup email forwarding such that:

Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>
Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>
Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>

Any pointers? Im not even sure what to search for on the net.

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Hosting Multiple Domains In Vps

Oct 4, 2008

i recently purchased my first vps from netdepot and want to transfer my 2 web forums from shared hosting. So what is the best and easy way to do this. I got the control panel Lxadmin and also webmin. I Switch Programed to apache and bind because i know little bit about them.

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Multiple Domains On Shared Hosting

Sep 3, 2008

I run several sites and am wanting to setup several more. Currently I have two shared plans, but I don't like how the add-on domains are affected by the main domain (e.g. on 4## and 5## pages).

Is going reseller the easiest way for me to have these domains not affected by each other (a separate cpanel each)?

Finally, I don't use a lot of resources so are there actually reseller plans out there with lower prices (and lower resources too).

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Hosting Multiple Domains On The Same Account With GoDaddy

Jul 22, 2008

I have a little question that I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable can answer. I had a hosting account with GoDaddy that just hosted my web site only. I had a few clients need hosting at the same time so I looked into upgrading my account to one that would host multiple domains. (this is my first time with multiple clients, can you tell?) I thought perfect! I can host all of my clients accounts from this one hosting account. I thought there would be multiple account interfaces to support this.

So when I get in there, it lets me add one of the domains I was working on and then I went to upload the files and apparently I had to upload the file to a directory off of my site. So points to

I uploaded it just to test it out and when you go to it shows in the address bar as, not, even though that is the directory path. I'm sure there's a name for this but I have no idea what it is so I wanted to explain my issue clearly.

So, I'm wondering, is this kosher? Is this bad to do or do a lot of people do this and will it affect my site? From what I've gathered so far, people only do this when they have multiple domains pointing to the same site, or am I wrong?

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Multiple Domains/websites With A Single Hosting Plan

May 31, 2009

I'm about to the point where I am ready to host my website. I already have a domain but no hosting plan. In the future I may want to have several different websites each with their own unique domain. I was wondering if I choose a hosting plan for one site, can I use the unused web space for additional domains/websites?

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Fasthosts Query - Multiple Domains On One Hosting Package

Dec 4, 2008

I'm doing some work for a client, they have a linux developer package with Fasthosts for an existing website.


what I can't seem to work out from the Fasthosts website is whether I could register another domain with this package to save having to buy further hosting. Both websites are pretty small.

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Email Hosting On Multiple Servers

Jun 27, 2007

one of my new customer demand "Email Hosting on Multiple Servers"

I don't understand what they want, i have two VPS with CPanel.

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Multiple Domains On A VPS

Apr 24, 2008

I run a small web development company and we purchase hosting on behalf of our customers through 1and1.

We recently started renting a VPS through them that claims it can handle up to 100 individual domains, but we have been having problems. Most of the sites are 7-8 pages of content, a few all flash, and some with flash headers.

We have approx 20 domains currently running on this VPS but the sites are down a lot or take forever to load (5 minutes).

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Adding Multiple Domains

Jun 28, 2009

I'm using webmin and I was able to setup the dns and domain but the problem is when I add a 2nd domain it gets redirected to my main domain.

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Webmail For Multiple Domains

Jun 4, 2008

I am setting up a server with multiple domains on windows 2008. I am using mail server and I am looking at putting webmail on it. I would like to have people access and get to the webmail interface. Would I use virtual directories for this?

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Maniging Multiple Domains

Sep 18, 2007

i m manging 3-4 Website on a same hosting service.logging in n out is very hectic,i use FTP.its very cool but wht if i wanna add all domain under one domain n manage em from there is that possible?

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VPS Vs. Shared With Multiple Domains

May 10, 2007

i just had a simple question about wether there is any difference between getting a VPS plan (like that from jumpline) and a shared plan (like that from hostgator) for the purposes of hosting multiple domains.

It seems that for vps I have to create a "subdirectory" to create a new account for domain name. Plus the emails are all the same (so for example if I create and I have registerd, will also work with the same username password).

On the shared side of things - I also do not get a very high level of isolation. Not like with reseller WHM package anyways. BUT the resellers lack the basic ssh access (at least the most favourables I looked at).

So i was wandering if anyone out there who is doing small-time part work and sells personal/business websites to clients knows which way is it better to go.

To get a VPS account and keep on creating subdirectories for each separate client (and hope they don't use the "other" domain names in the emails)
get the shared account that allows unlimited domans
something else.

I also forgot to mention that my budget does not extend beyond $20/month.

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How To Use .htacess To Handle Multiple Domains

May 23, 2009

I wanted to host multiple domains on the same hosting a/c and so I bought GoDaddy's economy hosting which supported multiple domains. But now when I try to add multiple domains, it displays this message -

"The domain path cannot be modified for economy hosting accounts."

That means all domains point to the same folder/content which is not what I wanted. So is there way to put a .htacess file or make an index.php file which can read where the request comes from and automatically redirect them to appropriate folders???

For e.g.


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Mutiple Ips For Multiple Domains On Same Server

Apr 9, 2009

Mutiple ips for multiple domains on same server?

I have 3 ips to be used, I have used 2 for the nameserver in registrar.

I have total of 3 ips, which means, I have to place my domains via dns template to the server. Actually, I have set all my domains to a single ip, leaving the 2 ip's which I used for the nameserver to be empty (doin nothin :p)

SO, can I use 3 ips, for the 3 sites, ip1 for site1, ip2 for site2, and ip3 for site3 ? Will this make any difference in the site load and time?

I am sure they have to b set up with dns templates which I can do Wanted to know what would be the end result of my query

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Multiple Domains Served From Same DocumentRoot

Oct 19, 2008

I'm doing some work for a friend of mine, and he's requested that he be able to have multiple domains refer to the same DocumentRoot (have all the domains load the same pages).

Is this possible through CPanel?

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Configuring Ajp_proxy For Multiple Domains

May 20, 2008

The following situation on a debian etch machine:
Apache2 => mod_proxy (AJP) => Tomcat5.5

I've deployed two webapps to tomcat but I can't configure it to work like this:

domain A => webapp A
domain B => webapp B

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How To Have Multiple Domains With 1 Site On Lighthttpd

Nov 4, 2008

How to have multiple domains with 1 site on lighthttpd

Its simple 2 domains and 1 forum. The links should work as 2 individual sites.

The main site would be site where the site2 will be the additional site shadowing site
I need the code for lighthttpd

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Serverwide/Enterprise SSL For Multiple Domains

Jan 28, 2007

Some companies like comodo are providing serverwide/enterprise SSL, for multiple domains on a shared IP

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Point Multiple Domains To One Server?

Oct 11, 2007

I have a client that has multiple domains, is there a way of pointing multiple domains to one server? Right now, their site is on their old server, and I was wondering how they configured it? So if you type in or, each show the respective domain. (i.e. is the same as I have a (DV) with (mt). I created a cname to point to (where the actual NS are pointing to) is this correct?

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Apache :: Load Balance Multiple Domains?

Apr 2, 2015

I am completely new to apache and I had the load balancer set up for a single domain that was working perfectly fine, but when it came to multiple domains i couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what to do.

There is and

I had a single node set up for this but I want to experiment with the balancer. I have scratched Google and I only found broken info which couldn't explain much to me. Here are my domains

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/"

[Code] ....

Any example configuration of the default file.

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Multiple Domains On A Dedicated Server, Plesk, Users And Apache

Jul 1, 2008

In my old server (VPS) I had my dir structure as: was pointing to
/home/me/public_html/sitea was pointing to

On my new server, I have root permissions and used Plesk to create two domains and . Now plesk asks for a user to be created for each domain, so created usera and userb for sitea and siteb respectively.

Now as root on my server I created the dir /home/me/ and untarred the whole backup from old server to new server and I have dirs :

/home/me/public_html/sitea and /home/me/public_html/siteb

In apache configuration in file:
httpd.include_sitea under
dir /var/www/vhosts/

I changed the document root to /home/me/public_html/sitea

So I thought I am all set. But it does not work. When I try in the browser it works but for all subdirs, for eg it says Access denied.

This is because the dirs I created are owned by root.

So the owner of /home/me/public_html/sitea needs to be usera for this to work ?

Again for siteb to work I need to change the owner of /home/me/public_html/siteb to userb ?

This will be painful ? At least I should be able to change the owner of /home/me/public_html/ to one owner and ensure all sites under that work fine. How do I do that ?

I think the problem is clear by now. Its that I want all my sites to work off from .../public_html/ sub dirs.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: VPS With Multiple Domains - Mail Loops Back On Itself (postfix)

Nov 12, 2014

The VPS has 16 domains running on it, all with different web addresses and their own email accounts etc.

It's a Linux server and is running postfix for the mail. The main website on this domain has the mail service disabled because we have an exchange service on our own server here in the building where we work. Now when anyone on any of our domains on the VPS try to email us at '' they get the following error message:

This is the mail system at host <vps address>.

Your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system

<>: mail for loops back to myself...

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