Datacenter In Australia, Canada & United Kingdom?

Sep 27, 2008

can anyone suggest few hosts whos Datacenter in Australia,Canda,UK ? price is $8-$20 USD

3-5gb space
15-20gb bandwidth
unlimited addon domains
unlimited mysql domains &
cpanel control panel

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Colocation In The United Kingdom

May 7, 2008

does anyone know of any datacenters in the uk? looking to get a server with lots of hd space but dont wanna pay some of the extortionate prices around as the rest of the server doesnt need to be powerful or anything. im in uk so would be nice not to have to ship a server overseas

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Windows VPS In The United Kingdom (UK)

Dec 27, 2008

I am pondering offering windows VPS servers in the UK. Just looking to see if anyone is interested in it.

Please vote if you would buy a windows VPS in the UK or Linux.

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Webnx For United Kingdom

Aug 3, 2008

Anybody used webnx in LA USA to host any mission critical i/o cpu intensive web based applications for UK or European customers? If yes did the distance have any great or neagitive impact on speed of service?

If noboday has the experience does anyone have any experience?

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United Kingdom Dedicated Server

Dec 12, 2008

Currently we've got around 15 dedicated servers in the USA, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany. We're currently expanding a bit and we've just put up another server in Malaysia and now wanting to hit the UK.

I'm after a dedicated server with specifications not to dissimilar to the following:

- Core2 CPU (E6600 or better)
- 2GB RAM (or better)
- 250GB HDD (or better)
- 100MBit NIC
- 2000GB b/w (or better)
- Windows 2003 (Standard Edition preferred)

We're looking to pay no more than 100/mo. Server will be used for gaming purposes.

I'm after a respected company that will accept PayPal. I'll ask that you do not suggest companies which do not accept PayPal or ask for ID verification because it's extra hassle I don't want to deal with.

I've had a look at RapidSwitch which seem good but I can't find ANYTHING about payment methods on their website which is a bit daft (unless I'm blind).

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Best Server Hoster In United Kingdom

May 2, 2008

What is the best and most secure hoster to colo my server in UK?

its for game servers.

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United Kingdom Colo Hardware

Feb 22, 2008

Recently I have gone from Dedicated Server to Colocation,

I contacted a UK colo and provided to them what I was currently hosted on and they advised me what I needed.

Web Server
Quad Core, 8GB Ram, 250gb HDD Raid 1

SQL Server
Quad Core, 4GB Ram, 250gb HDD Raid 10

Everything has been running fine.. Until now.

My websites have got alot more busy and Apache keeps using up both RAM & CPU although Apache was optimised this did not make much difference.

My main website is a vBulletin forum with about 100,000 users and anything from 1000 - 5000 users online.

I was also under DDoS Attack a few days ago which seems to have subcided.

BUT, now Im looking to expand my setup and have a few questions on how I should do it.

Here is how I think I should do it?

I have already purchased another Web Server, same spec as above and expanded my space in the Datacenter to 11U (1/4 Rack)

But looking to purchase:

Load Balancer
I have been looking at the following Load Balancers... any suggestions or any info on if these will do what I need?


any idea what the difference is between the above?

NAS Storage

as above


or a Dell Storage server?

So, It would be multiple Web Servers reading from the Storage Server.

I would also like to purchase the following so I have more control over the servers


This one?

or this one?

Remote Reboot

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United Kingdom For A Dedicated Server

Dec 11, 2008

My client operates a very busy online store ( i.e 500 high value orders per day, etcetra)

ps we dont require round robin etcetra yet- will look into that afterwards- first stage is getting the client of my box as my other online stores are suffering.

All my servers are based in the same datacentre USA and recently seem to be suffering connectivity issues.

anyways question is:

Can someone rec me a good datacentre / good hosting company. BASED IN THE UK with a UK DATACENTRE

I've been looking but got no idea who to trust. we used to run our own hosting company so i dont trust those tophosts or awards sites- ( they can be bought)

UKFAST i wil search on here in a sec but their sales pitch is soo hard and slick its too good to be true

unitedhosting has been really good in terms of replying to sales tickets but NO TELEPHONE CONTACT! even for sales. very odd.

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Recommend A Shared Hosting Company In The United Kingdom

Sep 2, 2008

I am currently on shared hosting (i will not mention who with) however since I have been with them my site has been down about 4 times. The good thing is my site hadnt launched it was just a placeholder page so nothing critical.

Due to the above issues, I need to change host, it is essential there is no downtime, its a new site and I dont want our reputation to suffer due to downtime.

What hosts would you recommend from the UK, thank you.

I started another thread in the VPS section but i do not know how to close it,

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United Kingdom :: Small Hosting Account Hosting One Domain

Feb 27, 2008

Can WHT'ers please suggest some reliable UK hosts so I can do some research on them? I am just looking for a small hosting account hosting one domain.

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Good Vps For Australia

Dec 2, 2008

I'm interested in getting a VPS (nothing too much - probably at least 5-10GB space / 30GB bandwidth) for a forum I run based in Australia. My budget is probably around $40/month. BTW I'm after managed.

My main issue is that I would like it to be a decent speed for Australia (specifically Melbourne). Where should a datacenter be located for Australia?

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Hosting In Australia

Oct 30, 2007

I'm moving to Australia in a few months, and I'm thinking of hosting a few of my sites down there.

What's the best place to buy domains and hosting in Australia? Should I buy it seperate or from the same company?

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VPS In New Zealand Or Australia

Jul 2, 2007

I have used before and was very happy with everything except bandwidth speed. If i ping the server, I get around 198 to 220ms response. VPS is hosted in USA, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am planning on starting my own personal business, which is going to be relatively small to start of with... I wanted to purchase a VPS to host my website as well as host few other websites for clients if required. I will be running typo3 content management system with mysql database. I wanted the response time to be better than

The companies I have explored in NZ are 3 times more expensive than VPSland. I wanted a server which has around 300mb ram or so. Would prefer Windows 2003, if not Linux.

Please recommend me which VPS provider I should go with? I suppose it should be based in Australia or New Zealand as the traffic will be national mostly. or even USA or UK or any other country which provides good response time for NZ visitors and has competitive prices?

My budget is around $20 - 30 US max

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Data Centers In Australia?

Jun 12, 2008

if there are any data centers in Australia...

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Dedicated Servers For Australia

Jul 8, 2008

I was wondering what people in Australia use with regards to Dedicated Server companies. Do you go local in Australia or are overseas companies just as good?

If local what do you guys use? If overseas, where do you get the fastest bandwidth to Australia, etc.

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CoLocation Australia Sydney

Nov 16, 2007

I am currently researching into colocation hosting for a 1u rack server. i am looking for a cheapish host that can give me something around 10mbit line and idk how much bandwidth i need yet, but probably something over 300gig. Its to host counter strike source servers.

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Hosting In Australia For American Domains

Dec 20, 2008

I've just purchased 6 domain names.

3 x .com
2 x .info
1 x .net

The sites will be viewed mostly by an American audience. I've already decided that the hosting package should be a VPS as this fits my budget.

My question is whether I should host these domains in the States or my location, in Australia? My concerns are:

- If I host in Australia, will the States experience a lag in site loading

- Prices in Australia seem to be cheaper

- If hosted in Australia will it have a negative effect on how the site is ranked on American search engines such as

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Best Routes From Seattle -> Australia (Sydney?)

Apr 11, 2007

Does anyone have a good lead on any providers who have sub-cable between seattle & aus?

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Download Speed Test For Australia/New Zealand

Apr 25, 2008

i just wrote a nice little page on the best location in the US for a VPS server for my Australian and New Zealand customers,

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United Hosting

Mar 31, 2008

Anyone knows some information about this company?

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Browser Timing Out/ftp Issues Asia Pacific/Australia/Oceania To US

Aug 11, 2008

I have a VPS located in LA, USA.

For over a week now I have had the following network issues:

- browser timing out (for me and visitors to my site)

- ftp connection issues

The server load is low so it's not server related.

Traceroute TO the server appears fine.

Traceroute FROM the server to users IP's appears to have issues over the SingTel/Optus network.

My webhost says it's an issue for SingTel/Optus.

SingTel/Optus Engineer say:
"Our testings point to a problem either within Cogent's network or on a peering link between Cogent and Singtel in LA.

I'd suggest that the owner of the domain (me!) approach his hosting provider and have them escalate to Cogent. We can't escalate to Cogent as we have no peering with them."

So I've been the meat in the sandwich for over a week with no sign of a fix.

My options appear to be to either move the VPS away from the webhost and host it locally (Australia) or to somehow wait for someone to step up and take responsiblity and get this resolved.

My heart says wait as it's not *my* responsibility but it's costing me financially and professionally.

Anyone else experiencing similiar/same issues from the Asia Pacific region to the US?

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Largest United States Host

Nov 7, 2008

which is the United States hosts the largest number of companies

According to market share,which is the United States hosts the largest number of companies?

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United States Dedicated Server

Mar 30, 2008

i need at least 2gb RAM and 2.4 ghz CPU and minimum 80gb disk

what us based host should i use?

it also needs to take backu of my files. ie 10gb..

it is so many host that i am just confused.

i have a budget of around 100$ but i can go down on the specs...

i currently have plesk but i might change. what control panel should i use?

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Canadian CoLocation Servers In United States

Feb 4, 2008

I have a questions for you other Canadians out there co-locating machines in the United States. How do you deal with shipping back servers to you that need repaired? I had to ship a server back to me via UPS recently and to my surprise it arrives to me with a $150 COD charge on it. I ended up talking to UPS and it ended up being $50 for brokerage fee's. But I'm wondering if there is any secret some of you are using to get the machines back without crazy border fee's? This is the first instance I've had to ship something back as the provider would not diagnose the machine on site or even help with shipping I had to go through UPS and then had to rely on the provider marking the right reason for shipping which they did not do.

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Reliable Hosting And An Honest Registrar -Outside- Of The United States

Jun 24, 2008

I am pretty tired of the constant interference and harassment from competitors that is almost encouraged by rediculous US laws.

I would love to find reliable hosting and a honest registrar outside of the United States/Canada/EU.

My needs are somewhat simple - I have my own server at the Planet right now but a reliable (not oversold) VPS would suit me just fine.

Price is not a huge issue providing the fees are justified by the services received.

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United States / Europe Dedicated Server With IRC Allowed

Dec 11, 2008

Any Dedicated Servers within $50 to $80 price range? and where IRC is allowed. US or EU, whichever.

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VPS Canada?

Nov 2, 2007

where I could pick up a quality vps in Canada?

Min Specs:

Quad Xeon+
4gb Ram+
Cpanel ect ect.

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North US / Canada DC

Apr 22, 2009

What DC's would people recommend in Canada/North US? We've already got Texas, LA and Atlanta so want something more northley. I've got Iweb on my list, Liquidweb as a maybe as well

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VPS Providers In Canada

Jan 10, 2009

Any reliable Canadian VPS providers? Looking for reliable Canadian Network VPS with cPanel.

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Which Is Better For Colo/NOC/DC US Or Canada?

May 29, 2008

I have a web hosting business that has been growing constantly for a couple of years, now I think it's time to move on and instead of leasing servers start with colocation and operating my own hardware, I'm in Mexico and there are no good deals here as there are in other countries, so I have several questions about your appreciation of where things are better for business, US or Canada:

Where is colo cheaper?
Where is hardware cheaper?
Where is personnel less costly?
Where is personnel better qualified?
Where is office space cheaper?
Where is electrical energy cheaper?
Where are more investment opportunities?
Where are taxes lower?
Where is living less costly?

I've been researching these on my own but still have several doubts, may be you find some of this question obvious however I'd still like to know your appreciation.

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Level 3 POP's In Canada

Feb 6, 2007

Does anyone here have any experience with L3 POP's in Canada?

Have you had any problems with them?

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