DNS And Shared Servers

Mar 18, 2008

If I have 'mydomain.url' registered with company A, and that points to a shared web server with company B, how does the web server know which of the pages it hosts to serve to the visitors, since they are all on the same IP?

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Shared, Reseller Or Servers

May 19, 2009

I was wondering what is actually the best service to offer? Shared , Reseller or servers. Im currently looking into shared and resellers but what is the market like for actual dedicated servers?

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Dreamhost Shared Servers Configuration?

Jan 29, 2007

I was wondering what are typical configurations of Dreamhost servers used for their shared hosting. I guess they probably have something like 4x 500GB HDDs just for the few customers they have and who host their music collections on their account ....

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Shared Hosting On RackSpace Servers

Sep 21, 2008

I searched for some shared hosting providers which host on RackSpace Servers... i have found MOSSO but i am still looking for others alternatives.

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GreenSql - Anyone Using This On Shared Hosting Servers?

Apr 16, 2009

Sorry to be always posting these "Anyone use such and such on shared hosting servers?" But it's pretty much the best thing I can think of instead of experimenting and going through all problems myself first. I guess all of us likes to see someone else try something out first and give feedback on it before attempting to implement himself.

I want to try this GreenSql as a way to help prevent user's web apps from being hacked using sql injection. Ive tried suhosin sql protections in the past but they simply don't work, but there is no kind of docs or even simple explanation anywhere about it on hardened-php site so that's probably why.

If anyone here uses this, has used it and knows anything about using this on a shared server please share your experiences. I am going to implement it on a test server no matter what but would be nice to know that this isnt one of those things with insane default rulesets.

It looks real cool and I will be giving it a try myself probably tonight and tomorrow. If anyone is interested I will post my findings.

As the rest of you hosts know we cannot guarantee 100% security or any kind of hack proofness. But in my time I have found out taking some steps to help preventing weak and outdated php apps can help in preventing disgruntled wep-app-hacked clients from making a crusade on the web saying you servers are insecure, crappy and all that. Isn't a sure fire way but I think it helps.

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Shared File Space For All Web Servers

Mar 3, 2008

Is it normal practice to have shared filespace that multiple web servers can access? Then I just provide my developers access to that filespace (one server, instead of multiple users on multiple servers) to manage files for different sites easily... right? (also meaning multiple servers can serve the same content)

So.. what would be the best way to do this? We're talking Linux systems here by the way. What sort of specs would such a server need?

I *think* it's NAS that I'm trying to get at.. unsure though if that's correct or not!

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What Resources Shared Hosting Uses On Dedicated Servers

Oct 22, 2009

A nehalem with 12 GBs of RAM. It would have 10 TBs of bandwidth. Just wondering how much stress does it use on the CPU/RAM? How many accounts should I put on it? Lets say each account is 1 GB of space and 10 GBs of bandwidth.

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Servers In Europe W/ Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED)

Mar 26, 2008

My friend asked me earlier if I knew any places in EU that allow IRC, have Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED, not Dedicated), and allow torrents. I didn't know so I come to WHT for help.

The host must have:

Unmetered 100Mbit Shared
IRC Allow
Allow Torrents
DDoS Protection (not required, but is a bonus)
Must be in Europe

I'm unsure if asking this is allowed (since the host must allow torrents), if it isn't allowed please lock the thread.

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Architecture For Shared Hosting Servers Cluster

Apr 11, 2008

I am planning for an architecture for the cluster of shared hosting servers. I intend to run around 10000 websites initially on Linux as well as Windows servers. I am planning for a load balanced setup and failover cluster with SAN or a similar storage solution where all the data will be stored. I am looking for suggestions on the best possible architecture which can accomodate all the above things. Also I need to know what are the best options available for load balancers and clusters.

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The Number Of Users On Shared And Semi-dedicated Servers

May 13, 2008

what is the minimum/maximum number of users usually hosted on shared and semi-dedicated servers?

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Shared Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting Why Some Webmasters Prefer Dedicated Servers

Apr 7, 2009

I use shared web hosting service to get my website online. I'm wondering how many people use dedicated servers or virtual private servers instead and pay from $20 to several hundreds of dollars? Will I face any big problem with shared web hosting package which makes me choose dedicated servers?

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Hardware: Db Servers, Web Servers, File Servers. Cpu, Ram, Disk

Jan 20, 2007

I have a lot of questions here so if you can't answer them all I understand. even pointing me somewhere where I could get the answers would be appreciated; hardware sites focusing on server hardware, forums focusing on such, etc.

we plan to have three different types of servers:

- db server (self explanatory. mysql. for forums, mysql driven sites.)

- file server (lots of files around ~2-10MB, consistant 70mbps right now, but we want more room for upgrades. needs a LOT of storage room.)

- web server (lots of php files, but also static things like plain html, images, etc. also includes all misc services for the setup-- dns, etc.)

could I be given a rundown for which hardware each of the three should have? I don't need specifics, even just knowing that more ram is important here while cpu doesn't matter as much, or that the fastest disks available are a must, etc would all be valuable info for me. despite that, I certainly wouldn't mind specific hypothetical hardware configs.

for the database server I'm assuming the more ram the better. not entirely sure about the cpu? also not positive on disks...

for the fileserver, how much ram would be practical or useful? disk io will be an issue I'm because plenty of people will be pulling files at once so the disk needs to read from multiple places. scsi (and even raptors) are not an option as we need 750GB+ of space on a reasonable budget. more ram will take some load of of the disks, but how much is neccessary / reasonable?

for the web server I'm assuming cpu first, then ram, but it'll likely need less ram than the db server?

I'm more lost on the disks than anything. scsi on the fileserver is not an option under any circumstances due to $/GB. for the db & web server I'm willing to pay for scsi if the performance increase really does warrant the extra money, but I'd like to be convinced before shelling it out. if you have benchmarks geared at server hardware when it comes to disks I'd really appreciate it.

also, what's the best way to network these together when colocated? each one with a dual gigabit ethernet port and then the communications go to and from the router?

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Send Mail To Another Servers But We Cant Recieve Mails Another Servers

May 24, 2008

We send mail to another servers but we cant recieve mails another servers. We can't recieve with webmail and outlook.

I look logs but there is no error and our ip is not in blacklist.

there is the error in our server


linux cpanel centos 4.6

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Load Balancing 2 Web Servers And 2 MySQL Servers

Mar 28, 2008

I was wondering if it is possible to cluster 2 web servers and 2 mysql servers with only one server working as load balancer.

I am planning to use LVS (ldirectord and heartbeat).

Let's say I have 3 IPs allocated to the load balancing server. (Main IP) (Web Load Balancing IP) (MySQL Load Balancing IP)
If a connection is made to .223 it would pass the request to one of the web nodes.
If a connection is made to .224 it would pass the request to one of the MySQL nodes.

Is it possible to do this?

If not, can I run, for example, nginx on 223 IP address to provide forward proxy? (Then it would not be able to HA but the main point is to load balance so)

Also, what would be the best way to keep the data same on both web servers? This is a web cluster for a very high traffic forum with a lot of uploads every hour so it has to do real time synchronization. I heard that DRDB is only one way and not two way so I'm not going to be able to use this.

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Renting Colocated Servers As Dedicated Servers

Oct 11, 2009

I am just colocating servers and managing them myself, and renting services off of them. In the future I would like to start offering dedicated servers as well. I am wondering if many companies do this, or if its more of a general practice to just setup as a reseller? The worst part that comes to mind is thinking of how to do billing for the bandwidth per month. With my setup I would only be offering flat bandwidth packages (like 2TB a month) but even so, I cant think of anyway to automate it so WHMCS knows if they went over, if so, how much, etc.

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More Low End Servers Or Less High End Servers

Aug 15, 2008

What would give me the best performance, to have many low end servers (core2duo) or a few high end servers (quad cores, dual quad cores).

Running everything from mysql queries to video streaming.

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Mulitple Web Servers NFS Mount Mulitple Backend Servers

Aug 13, 2008

Is it possible or advisable?

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VPS And Php.in Vs Shared

Mar 7, 2009

I'd like to install ACP because I have a account on the VPS with which I'd like to try it. The problem is that I already have Zend Optimizer installed (by default) and I've read that the two do not co-exist well together.

1) Is there a way to configure PHP such that ACP is only installed for this single cpanel account? or is the process of uninstalling Zend and then installing ACP a global thing that will have to affect all accounts?

2) Also, if I do go ahead and uninstall Zend, and then install ACP, but have a problem, is there a good way to reverse what I've done if there's a problem?

Clearly I'd backup php.ini, but other than restoring the VPS, is there an easier way to "go back to a restore point" (for lack of a better phrase)?

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Shared To VPS ..

Jun 26, 2008

I've been on shared hosting for 2 years and I'm experienced in Cpanel/WHM (mails,ftp,database..etc).

My question is that if I sign up for a FULLY Managed VPS hosting , will it be very easy to me getting up everything to work just like It used to be on my shared hosting ?
I'm not looking to have full root access and start modifying the system according to my preferences. I just need everything to be set up smoothly.

The purpose of my move to VPS is because I'm in need to start a social networking website which will be addressing a quite large number of traffic.

I just need to upload the script files,create the database,and setting up some mail accounts.

So with my previous experience in Cpanel,can I go ahead and start my vps hosting easily ? or there are tricks I need to be aware of ?

And finally,please recommend me the best between those hosts :
eurovps , vpslink or wiredtree.

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Ip Shared

Jul 30, 2007

we have transfer any site to new dedicated server


if we digit our main shared ip is possible to view the subdomain of one of the last site trasnfered..?

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Shared IP And Other IPs

May 10, 2007

When I sign up for a hosting server, I was given 6 IP. One shared IP and a bunch of other IP. Usually, the other IP are series of numbers after the shared IP. If the shared IP is, then the other IPs are,, etc.

curiously I wrote this into test.php

echo file_get_contents[url];

Sure enough, the IP that shows up is the IP of my website.

The thing is the IP that hows up is always the shared IP.

For example, if one of the other IP is

and I type in webbrowser, IP chicken will still say that my IP is

So, what are the other IPs are for?

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Shared SSL

Mar 11, 2007

how's to setup a shared SSL on Cpanel server.

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Shared And VPS

Nov 14, 2007

I am going to buy a new server with the config

4 X Dual core 2.8Ghz
12 X 1 GB Ram
300 X 4 SCSI 10K HDD
24mbps dedicated b/w

Can i use this server to run both shared hosting and VPS. If so how.

I want to use directadmin for shared hosting service and vps.

How many VPS can be created using this dedicated server any idea?

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Any One Know How To Set Up Shared SSL On 1and1?

Mar 31, 2006

Hi Can anyone tell me how to set up shared SSl with that came with my 1and1 package please. I set up the shared SSl for one of my domains but don'd know how to do it so that when a person types in the normal domain name http: it automatically goes to the secure site. I rang technical support and they told me I would have to rename all my links to https://sslrelay.com/mydomain, there must be any easier way surely. My web developer has created all the site and I really don't want to change all the file names.

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VPS, Professional Shared Or ...?

Nov 26, 2008

I have a Joomla website where I embed videos from Youtube and others video sharing sites hosted on a shared server. During the last month I got my account suspended because of high CPU usage.
That's a bit strange to me because the videos aren't hoted on the website. I have also uninstall some components (example JoomlaWatch that provide realtime stats) and things seems to go better untill yesterday when I got another notice from the server admin.

They have offered me an unmanaged VPS for 8/month ($12) or a managed one for around ã30/month ($45). These are the features of the unmanaged one:

10GB Disk Space
200GB Bandwidth
256MB Dedicated RAM
512MB Burst RAM
2 IP Addresses Provided
LXAdmin Included Free

I'm looking for a new hosting as $45 are too much for my pockets and I'm not able to manage a server. The server must be managed...not sure if a "professional shared" or a VPS. These are my needs:

- Space: 512MB/1GB is enough
- Bandwidth: at least 70GB
- MySQL database (around 25 MB)
- Email
Some details about the site:
- around 1500 UV per day (this can go up to 5000 per day)
- bandwidth around 1.5/2GB per day
- users connected at the same time around 30 (max 100/150)
As stated above my current problem is about CPU and not users. In fact I got the high usage with only 20 users connected at the same time.

Anybody knows a good hosting where my site could work?

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VPS As A Step Up From Shared

Aug 15, 2007

First I want to say hello and thanks for the great advice I've gotten on this forum. You guys have saved me a ton of time and heartache in regards to hosting accounts.

I was told by my hosting company that a VPS account isn't designed to be an step up from a shared account. I always viewed a VPS account as the intermediary between shared and dedicated. The hosting company basically told me that a VPS server is designed as a testing environment and you can run out of resources pretty quickly in a production environment.

Is that true? Or are they telling stories?

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Shared SSL Certificates?

Jan 27, 2005

I do web hosting (reseller); how much, in USD per year, do you think is a "reasonable" fee to charge clients for a shared SSL connection ?

The SSL is going to cost me $$ per year and I may have some use for it, but if clients want a shared SSL, instead of buying their own, I need to apportion the costs I incur somehow, and (maybe) make some small profit. I see the shared SSL as more of a service, but clients should pay _some_ $$ if they want to use one.

Any ideas on how much I should charge, please ?



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Moving From Shared To VPS

Oct 11, 2009

I am presently running a website at ICDSoft on a shared hosting account.

Here are the specs on the server where my site is hosted

Server has


2 Quad-core Xeon processors
multi-terabyte RAID 6 disk array.

Now, I would like to know, if I move to VPS, which VPS plan would be the best.

How much should my minimum VPS ram be?

Are there any speed tests you would like me to run on my present server?

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W/c Package Should I Take WHB VPS Or HG Shared

Jan 23, 2009

i would just like to have your good opinion on something....
Im currently at a loss to what kind of hosting package to choose.

WebHostingBuzz's VPS BRONZE Web Hosting

HostGator's ALUMINUM Reseller Hosting Package
i have a bunch of sites and some of them are hosted at WebHostingBuzz. One of them just got suspended. Heres what the email said....

we have found your account to consume more than its fair share
of server CPU/Processor, Memory and Disk Bandwidth resources.

This results in sub-par server performance and is a violation of our Acceptable Usage Policy.

Your account appears to be resource intensive by nature and 9 times out of 10, this is down to the software and/or scripts used.

(note that the said account only has a PHPBB forum with about 20-30 active members)
They suggested that i move up to a VPS.

So that's why im choosing between the two packages. One is their VPS and the other is a shared hosting.

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VPS Faster Than Shared

Mar 9, 2009

I know the assumption is that VPS is faster than shared, but my site currently runs on a shared server with a host that does not oversell, and it runs very fast for a WordPress and gallery site.

I'm certain the shared server is at least a dual CPU monster, and it rarely goes above 5% usage. So if I move this site to a VPS it seems logical to me that it might not be as fast.

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