Cpanel Not Working

Jul 5, 2007

Anytime I try to get in cpanel like www.yourwebsite/cpanel , it gives me this error.


Network Access Message: The page cannot be displayed
Technical Information (for Support personnel)

* Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The specified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is not allowed. ISA Server is not configured to allow SSL requests from this port. Most Web browsers use port 443 for SSL requests. (12204)
* IP Address:
* Date: 7/5/2007 7:50:26 PM
* Server:
* Source: proxy

what could be wrong? is there any other way i can get inside cpanel?

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Cpanel Not Working... Need To Backup

Jul 24, 2007

As a background: They had uptime problems, which have since been resolved, however now they seem to have let their cpanel license lapse. Neither I, nor my clients (nor anyone else on the server, according to their forums), can log into CPanel or WHM, getting the error "Cannot read license file." In the beginning they kept saying it would be fixed in 24 hours. 3 weeks later, still waiting.

At any rate, our biggest issue right now is that cpanel has not been working since the first week in July. I make weekly full backups, sent via ftp to a remote server, of all my client sites with a cronjob. Since cpanel has been offline, I haven't had a backup since July 1.

I'm doing a straight FTP of all the sites' data individually to my hard drive as I'm not sure what else to do to back up their stuff.

I guess my question is: If I have to resort to finding a new host (which, if this doesn't get resolved soon, I'll have to), will these straight FTP backups be enough to restore the sites, including mysql data, email accounts, cgi sections, .htaccess/.htpasswd files, etc? What about WHM data for my reseller account?

My assumption is that this will be a lot more work, but hoping it's not my only option.

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Web Protect Not Working In Cpanel

Mar 2, 2008

I have protected one folder on my domain from Cpanel using function "web protect" also its asking for password but the password is not working.

I did checked the .htpasswd file in users home directory and it have the user created for protection.

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Cpanel And Mail Not Working

Jan 18, 2007

I set up a new account the other day and everything was set up as normal.

My client cannot recieve their emails through outlook express and I cannot open their cpanel thrugh their url.

I know I set everything up correct, and even deleted the account and created it again.

I am lost on this one, this has never happen to me before.

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Non-working Forwarding Email Account On Working Domain

Apr 24, 2008

I have a domain with a few forwarding email accounts that forward to email accounts... for some reason every once in a while these accounts stop working...

This is the error I get when I email to that account:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ...

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Cron Not Working On CPanel Server

Nov 9, 2008

How do I make sure that there are cron jobs running on my cPanel server? I have root access, etc...just not sure why my crons aren't running. Nothing weird going on.

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CPanel Stopped Working In Vista

Jan 4, 2008

Yesterday I could reach all of my cPanels on a Vista laptop; today they all time out. I can reach them with other computers. It doesn't matter if I go to or I even added a port 2082 under Windows Firewall; no change. I'm not using any 3rd party firewalls. I did install a bittorrent client last night, then uninstalled it when it didn't work.

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Apache Is Working On Your CPanelŽ & WHM Server

May 26, 2007

I was changing IP Addresses on one of my domains on my VPS to a spare fresh IP.

Since doing this, my DNS hasn't fully propgated, so I'm then facing this message.

Apache is working on your cPanelŽ and WHM™ Server

Now my question is, how do I change this default green Cpanel page? Could I swap it with my own page?

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CPanel/WHM Server - Email Not Working

Dec 3, 2007

Just got a new server online this week from VolumeDrive, and everything has been going just fine with my initial setup. I transferred over 7 domains from another cPanel/WHM machine and the transfer feature worked flawlessly.

Since I use Gmail for most of my communication, I haven't even had any email accounts setup on any of my domains in quite sometime. So knowing that I need a few setup for various correspondence, I went ahead and set one up tonight. I've setup and used mailboxes on cPanel machines before, and it's not exactly rocket science... pretty easy stuff.

But what's weird here is that when I attempt to click on the "Webmail" icon from directly within cPanel, the Horde login fails over and over again. Then, if I setup the account in Thunderbird or Outlook using the CORRECT account information ( as the login -- and the appropriate password/server settings), the client login fails also.

To add to this weird behavior, I sent myself an email at the newly setup address with a 2mb attachment. Obviously I can't login to the account to see if the mail arrived, but at least it didn't bounce.

However, when I'm in cPanel under this domain and go to "Email Accounts", I'm showing "0 Bytes" for usage under the account where i know there should be at least 2mb worth of usage.

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CPanel- Accounts Transferred, Email Not Working

May 20, 2008

I tranferred all my accounts from my old cpanel server to my new one,

Updated the DNS records with my registrar to the new ips, unfortunately e-mail is not working, i used the trouble shooter and seems to trying to relay or something my mail to the old IP.

I keep getting this error when trying to send to an account

IPdoes not like recipient.

Remote host said: [IP DOMAIN] is currently not
550-permitted to relay through this server. Perhaps you have not logged into
550-the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes or do not have SMTP
550 Authentication turned on in your email client.

Giving up on [IP].

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HTTPS Not Working - Cpanel Based Site

Mar 28, 2007

Today, I've purchased a RapidSSL Certificate for my site with Cpanel and https:// access did not work.

What I did was :-

1) Generate a Private Key
2) Create a CSR Request Certificate
3) Submit that and installed the Certificate in WHM for the site.

The site is running on a dedicated IP and it works as http:// but not with the https:// .

I checked and Cpanel did include the SSL directive for the site in httpd.conf and have rebooted the server and restarted httpd but to no avail.

I also had OpenSSL installed and update WHM. The Apache 1.x was installed with OpenSSL Support too.

Is there a SSL Server or something which may not be active ?

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If Your Phpmyadmin Stops Working Under Cpanel, Read This

Oct 1, 2007

Many, many people seem to be having the 2002 error over the past 24 hours on phpmyadmin with cpanel

Doing this edit to the config got it going for me:

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