Cheapest SSL Certificates

Jul 6, 2008

Any recommendations on the cheapest ssl certificates out there.

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GoDaddy? Cheapest Ever?

Apr 16, 2006

Person with the best info and most helpful for me (in my opinion) gets $10US via paypal

So I'm making one of those myspace resources websites in the hopes to get the odd weekly amount from advertising (yahoo/google ads) etc. Now before you jump on the "Oh boy, not another myspace website!", this site is totally different, but the same kinda thing applies.

Now, of course If I want to earn a decent amount on say 10000+ uniques a day I'm going to need a bit of bandwidth. The site itself isn't bandwidth heavy but I'd like to plan for the future.

Anyway, so I was looking at Godaddy and well

Economy Plan:
5 GB Space 250 GB Transfer
500 Email Accounts FREE! Software
10 MySQL Databases 50 Email Forwards
Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries No ads

Now, I only need 1gb space tops, but 250GB BANDWIDTH? Holy crap, I haven't seen that for that price ever?

3.95 a month? That's insane.

Is it really too good to be true? What should I be looking at? I just need it on one domain and that's fine because I'd want its own hosting package for each domain as I slowly develop more websites.

Can anyone please shed light for me and give me some general info on the path I should take.

Note: I don't want hosting packages where, if you do go over the monthly bandwidth (God Forbid at 250gb!!) I don't want to be charged an exorbinent amount. Just the "Bandwidh Exceeded" message would suffice.

Anyway, I look foward to some great responses.

Person with the best info and most helpful for me (in my opinion) gets $10US via paypal

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Cheapest Web Host ...?

Apr 7, 2008

Anyone know any cheapest web host

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Buy Cpanel

Apr 8, 2008

what is the cheapest way to buy cpanel for your servers?

I am not talking about just one site

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Cheapest USA Dedicated

Mar 7, 2008

I already have a cheap dedicated at (24 euro/month in france)

I'm looking for an ultra cheap dedicated in the USA

I've seen 24euro/month somewhere for a pentium4 1.5ghz + 512mb ram (which is largely enough for me)

Does someone knows something even cheaper?

I don't need performance, but don't like vps, because I don't like the idea of sharing the disk. (I already tried 2 vps)

If you know a VPS with each VPS with his own disk, I'm interested too.

I don't need raid.

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Cheapest Servers

Oct 22, 2008

which providers out there have the cheapest servers? I need a few "play" boxes for development, so no need to pay a lot. I was looking at vrtservers, but was wondering if there are any more out there in that price range? I don't need 24/7 support, at the most, a reload within a week at least when needed.

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Cheapest Storage For 10-20 TB

Feb 2, 2007

I'd like to find the cheapest way to store about 10 to 20 TBytes of data. After looking at some tape drives it seems like it'd be cheaper to get two or three big towers and fill them with large SATA drives attached to 3-ware controller cards.

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Cheapest BW Provider

May 5, 2007

I am wandering whats the cheapest BW provider? Is it cogent and do they still offer $1000/100mbps? How much is XO?

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Cheapest Colocation In USA

Jun 5, 2007

Anybody know Cheapest colocation in USA?please tell me

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Cheapest Load Balancing?

May 22, 2009

I am looking for a load balancer because my website is growing really fast.

I basically need 2 identical servers that will be used to spread out my traffic

Which company offers the cheapest for this?

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Cheapest Reliable Dedicated

May 28, 2008

any Cheap and reliable Dedicated linux and lots of space for somtin between 10 to 40 euro.

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Cheapest Virtuozzo Licensing

Jul 13, 2008

where can I find cheapest virtuozzo licensing or even dedicated server with virtuozzo licensing. Budget is $300/mo. Bandwidth needed at least 10tb/mo.

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Cheapest Price From Cogent

May 19, 2008

I am sure people have been in contact with Cogent regarding connectivity...

They gave me a price for a 100 Megabit and a 1 Gigabit connection. So I wanted to see what people were quoted by Cogent.

He claims they have re-structured their entire business over the past 12 months.

He quoted $10/Megabit... How does this compare to anyone else?

Also is even getting a connection thru Cogent worth it?

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Cheapest Data Center In US

Oct 21, 2008

which datacenter is the cheapest on US for dedicated server. Could you write 2 or 3 datacenter fot choose. we don't need managed service.

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Cheapest Hosting For Proxy?

May 27, 2008

I need a hosting company that hosts multiple proxy websites with cheapest rate on the market and with better bandwidth.

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The Best And Cheapest Hosting For Magento

Nov 7, 2008

It has to have SSH + Dedicated IP...

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Cheapest Virtuozzo Licensing For 100 Vps?

Jul 10, 2008

where can I find cheapest virtuozzo licensing for 100 vps?

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Cheapest External Licenses

Sep 11, 2008

I would like to know the cheapest external license of this items.
cPanel: get info from another thread



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Cheapest Windows VPS With PLESK

Apr 24, 2007

which company is the cheapest Windows VPS Provider with plesk?

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Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certs

Mar 12, 2007

Where can I find the cheapest wildcard SSL certificates?

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The Cheapest And Still Trustworthy SSL Certificate

Jun 12, 2007

Does anyone know about any good place where to buy from?

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Cheapest Reliable Dedicated Hosting

Jun 6, 2009

I am currently with SoftLayer and the minimum fee I paid is around 180$ per month.. I was wondering for the same plan like in SL, is there any other companies provide better price?

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Cheapest Web Host For Very Small Site

Feb 22, 2009

I just want to make a little information site with about 5 pages, nothing fancy, there will just be a very small amount of traffic. What is the cheapest reliable web hosting company or package out there? I am in the U.S. if that matters.

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Cheapest Dedicated Server Provider

Oct 19, 2009

Who is the cheapest and best Dedicated Server Provider.

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Cheapest And Fastest Dedicated Bandwidth

Jul 10, 2008

pacificrack is fast but expensive for dedicated bandwidth. Who is cheapest for 60mbps? Prefer bandwidth speeds like pacifirack.

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Cheapest 2TB (not Volume Drive Or

May 21, 2008

I need a relatively cheapy box to serve my thumbnails for my site. Gotta have around 2TB.

I really don't need anything fancy as its just going to serve thumbnails for my main site which sits at PacificRack.

Provider should be in USA and port speed would be 100mbps.

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Is It Worth It To Buy The Cheapest Hosting You Can Find

Sep 17, 2008

What are the most important things to look for in a hosting company?

Network Speed?
Quality hardware?
Quality Support?
Fast Support?

Most people would say all of above right? Well, if you had to stack each of the above in order of importance, where would you put cost at? Is it at the top for you or at the bottom? If I had to rate each of them it would look something like this:

Network Speed and reliability
Redundancy of power, bandwidth, cooling
Reputable Tier 1 carriers of bandwidth
Quality Support
Fast Support
Quality hardware

The problem is that I see many people on WHT acting like Cost if the #1 factor in determining a host. And when you let cost be your #1 determining factor, you will be usually sacrificing on some or all of the other factors that you should be looking at. The higher up the list you put cost in deciding where to host, the more you will sacrifice quality in these other important areas.

"But", you say, "I see many quality companies offering cheap pricing. Shouldn't I choose to go with them?" Consider this, hosting companies like any other business need to be able to make a profit. Sale prices are great but there are reasons for sale prices and you need to consider these reasons when choosing to buy a cheap server. Some common reasons for selling servers for extremely cheap are;

- The hardware is used and old and the hosting company is just looking get something for it. ANYTHING!
- They have an excess of inventory for one reason or another that they need to get rid of.
- They buy their servers used on Ebay and can therefore afford to sell them cheap.
- The cheap server is merely a loss leader used to bring business in order to sell other products and services at full price but is not a regular price that you can expect from this company.
- The company is new and is looking to attract prospective clients on price alone and is dropping the price just to get their client base increased quickly.

There are companies selling servers on WHT who fall into each of these categories so you need to think about this when you make a decision for who to go with. The common denominator with the above list is simple... It is Unsustainable! Not one of the reasons listed above can be sustained for a long period of time.

If you can get a good deal on a server with a solid company, and there are many on WHT that are great companies who have great deals on servers at times, then that is wonderful. But do not expect that you will be able to get insanely cheap pricing on a regular basis from this company and don't be surprised when you want another server if the price is significantly higher. Every hosting company has certain costs that are unavoidable:

- Rent
- Power
- Bandwidth
- Payroll
- Employee Benefits
- Server Hardware Costs
- Software Licensing
- Marketing and Advertising
- Maintenance Contracts
- Network Equipment
- Infrastructure Replacement (a/c's, generators, UPS units, etc.)
- Other Utilities

The point in bringing all of this up is that if you plan on finding a hosting company that you can stay with for the long haul, you need to look at their regular pricing for retail servers and for reselling servers. Cheap prices are great, but no business can stay in business if they only offer cheap pricing. And if a hosting company is only attracting you by their cheap pricing, then it shows that they are most likely weak when it comes to the other essential factors mentioned above that need to be considered. Any hosting company selling servers for under $80 per month for instance is loosing money in some way. Eventually, the price will be raised to cover those costs (like at LT this year) and then you are left to make up that difference.

As with most things in life, good quality cannot be sold cheap, and that which is cheap is usually not good quality.

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Cheapest Place For Internap Bandwidth

May 17, 2008

where I could get the cheapest deals for internap bandwidth?

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Cheapest 60mbps Dedicated Commit

Aug 1, 2008

what's the cheapest I would expect to pay for

1) a dedicated server with a 60mbps commit burstable higher

2) a dedicated server with 60mbps unmetered with no burst?

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Cheapest SSL Certificate Suitable For E-Commerce From ENom

Jan 30, 2008

I've always been a seller that's primarily used PayPal only.. However, on my next online venture, we're stepping it up a grade and will be implementing a full CMS system, an e-commerce cart module (or platform in its entirety) and security through SSL certification.

I've taken a look at the SSL certificates offered by eNom and was wondering what you all thought would be the cheapest certificate that is suitable and ready for e-commerce that will process credit cards, etc.

Certainly the more expensive, I can assume is more feature and security laden, but just wanted to know what you all feel is a good balance of price, security and readiness for e-commerce.

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The Cheapest & Reliable Server To Host A SWOOPO Clone

Sep 6, 2009

I am a working on a website which will be more diverse but will work in the same way SWOOPO and many other auctions websites work with bids being placed etc.

I do not want to run the site on a hired dedicated server, I have a budget of around 5000 (around USD $8000) to buy a server. I was thinking of buying something from ebay, I am as of yet undecided exactly what to buy but I am leaning towards an affordable DELL 1855 blade chassis with the full 10x blades that is available. I have already made enquiries with datacentres in London about colocation costs, just waiting for an official quote.

Each blade has:

2 x Intel Xeon 3.6Ghz/1Mb Processors Both Installed
1 x 36GB U320 10k Hot-Swap SCSI Hard Drives
PERC 4/iM RAID Controller

Further information in the advert:

Blade Centre Components:

1 x Digital KVM Module

1 x 10 Port Gigabit pass Through Module

1 x DRAC/MC Module (1 x Serial Port, 1 x 10/100 RJ45 Port for Remote Management)

3 x 1200Watt Power Supplies

7U Rackmount Chassis (No Rails Supplied)

All housed in PE1855, 7U Rackmount Blade Centre

Optional Gigabit Ethernet Daughter Cards Available @ 60.00 per Blade

This can give 72ghz of processing power with 40GB RAM and that is awesome. Does anyone know an approximate figure of how many customers/queries the server can handle at % rates? I know this depends on the size of the database and so on but I am just looking for estimates please.

I know I will need at least two cheap servers for a SWOOPO clone, one to run the website and the other for the SQL so rather than do that and get two servers I thought this route was better when weighing up the 7u size along with 72ghz processing power.

I am not looking for advice and tips on hiring a dedicated server but I really would appreciate some advice on what server to buy because the script is nearly 95% complete and we should be launching within 6-7 weeks after heavily testing it.

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