CNAME To Specific Ports

Jul 4, 2007

I'd like to know how I can use DNS to do something like make a CNAME record that points the same address to different addresses based on the port used. on port 80 points to on port 995 points to on port 587 poitns to

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Install Apache And Run It On Specific Mentioned Ports Between 2110 To 2250

Jan 8, 2013

installing an apache server in Linux centos and run it on any port between 2110 to 2250. I dont have much idea about the installation.

I have logged in to SU and install apache by " yum install httpd"

now how to I host on port betwwen 2110 to 2050 forwarded ports.

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Myip:0 -- Mixing * Ports And Non-* Ports With A NameVirtualHost Address

Mar 2, 2008

i have one problem in cpanel take one error for restart httpd -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results

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Apache :: How To Redirect Specific Useragent On Specific URLs

May 20, 2015

I have question: How to redirect specific useragent on specific URLs to specific URLs in .htaccess [Question]


I want to redirect 301 with conditional:

useragent: Firefox
from my url1: domain[dot]com/old-url1/
from my url2: domain[dot]com/old-url2/


to new url1: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url1/
to new url2: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url2/

I create this in my .htaccess but not work

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} googlebot [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?this-is-url/?$ domain[dot]com [L,R,NC]

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CNAME Redirection To A URL?

May 28, 2008

Just a quick question, can i setup a cname to redirect user to a URL instead of domain.... like

I have to do this on Windows server with IIS so i can't use mod_rewrite etc!

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How To Set A Record Ans Cname In WHM

Sep 3, 2007

I have a reseller account with canaca and i want to add some A records and Cname to some of domains!

i heard that i can do the from DNS ZONE option!

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How To Add CNAME For

Jul 17, 2008

I'm new for cpanel

and I want to add CNAME for and the requiered information

DNS Record Type: CNAME
Host: 250953144

I enter edit dns zone
like the picture attached

I don't know if i should delete the www and mail or leave it like this please told me how to do to make it valid with

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CNAME Or A Record In DNS Zone?

Jan 14, 2008

i have just created a dns ZONE for my domain, but i dont know what to use for ftp service.

i looked up in cpanel dns zone records for the domain i created and it looks like this... i am confused what to use CNAME or A record for an FTP entry

ftp 14400 IN A <IP> (for sites on shared IP)
ftp 14400 CNAME (for sites with dedicated ip)

what is the difference? what if i change to

ftp 14400 IN CNAME (for sites on shared IP)
ftp 14400 A <IP> (for sites with dedicated ip)

Also, how many A records i can place in zone file?

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Aug 27, 2008

I am simply wanting to map on to So i setup a CNAME on Once propagated mydomain is not being picked up and is defaulting to the cpanel successfully installed screen.

I have tried this on another of our servers and this does work.

So my question is: can you use a CNAME to map to without having to add the to the apache VirtualHost ServerAlias?

It does seem like you can as i have this working on one server - is there an apache setting somewhere to block this?

Thanks in advance!

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Creating A CNAME Entry For DNS Tables

Feb 4, 2006

I apoligize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

I am trying to create a CNAME entry in my DNS tables and have no clue where to begin.

I have did a search but didnt find anything that gives reference on how to do it just how to fix errors.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to learning how to accomplish this task.

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Managing Your Own CNAME Yourself On Shared Hosting?

Sep 13, 2008

Let's say I buy my domains from godaddy and have the DNS records pointed to the shared host.

From there, the shared host creates your CNAME records, or whatever you want to add to your domain name.

What happens if I wanted to control the CNAME records? Can I do this from godaddy? If so, how? Are there negatives to this method?

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Google Apps Custom Url, Cname And WHM

Mar 16, 2007

i am trying to use a custom url (example: for my google apps e-mail.

i can't seem to figure out how to set up the CNAME in WHM to allow this to occur and google apps' help function is not well ...

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Other People Using Cname Records To My Site

May 30, 2009

We have Livezilla tracking on our site, and saw some suspicious activity this afternoon from the Netherlands, about 5 connections from the same IP address, they now appear to have put in a cname record/copied our site for to our site. Does anyone know what they're doing/trying to do?

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Difference Between A Cname Record And A Domain Pointer

Dec 17, 2006

I am seriously confused mainly because of the way it was explained in my training at work. Can someone please give me an explantion of the difference between creating a cname record and using a domain pointer? My understanding is that they both effectively do the same thing which is allow one ip address to be used for different domains.

Extra marks given for an easy to understand analogy as i'm definately a visual learner.

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CNAME Email Bounce Back Errors

Oct 23, 2008

The Non-Profit I work for uses IXWebhosting for our webhost and to manage email accounts. For the past 2 months whenever we send emails to anyone, we receive CNAME bounceback errors.
I have contacted IXWebhosting and they say that their DNS server's aren't registering and that I need to contact Well I've been in constant contact with's IT guy and they are receiving emails just fine from outside agencies. In fact, when I send a test email using GMAIL to, they receive it just fine.

To further confuse me, we receive emails fine from

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Change Customer Name CNAME Through Batch

Nov 2, 2014

I am trying to change the cname through a batch.. It is successfully done for English language but I want to use Arabic language. When I am using Arabic it appear like this "????".

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Plesk Automation :: DNS Record - Unable To Set Cname For Root Of Domain

Feb 28, 2015

I have a domain hosted in a external pool of servers.I must set a dns record for www.domain.tld and domain.tld (without www). It must be done using cname.The www.domain.tld , works fine.

Ex:www.domain.tld IN CNAME xyz.otherdomain.tld.

But I am not able to set a DNS record for a root of domain.

Ex: domain.tld IN CNAME xyz.otherdomain.tld.
neither domain.tld IN CNAME www.domain.tld.

The PPA didn't allow me.It say that the host field is mandatory.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Domain CNAME Redirects To Default Site?

May 16, 2014

When I create a CNAME record for domain, and then trying to load it, it goes to default website. It was working fine before, all old CNAME records are working fine.

Tried reconfigure-all but it doesn't fix the problem. I'm using 11.5.30 Update #44

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How To Unblock Ports

Nov 2, 2009

I'm trying to install HyperVM (I know, it isn't great, but need something quick) but need to unblock ports 8888 and 8887. I have no idea on how to do this via SSH. I've looked on Google, but nothing.

If you have a suggestion for another VPS panel which you think is much better than HyperVM and is free, please let me know. I might aswell install that then.

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Firewall TCP Ports

Dec 16, 2008

I have a cPanel Centos VPS.

if they know of any service that I would have running on a basic webserver that would need the following inbound

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Checking Ports

Apr 23, 2008

I have opened up ports 5151 and 123 via iptables. From outside the box, is there a way I can verify that these ports are open?

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Cheking Ports

Jan 1, 2007

I have a dedicated server.

How can I check which ports are open on my server and which of them are not?

and does the port 6603 has any security notice?

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3 Or More SMTP Ports Possible

Jan 31, 2007

I am currently using 25 and 26 in a cPanel/WHM/Centos box.

Is there any way to set up more SMTP ports?

Like 25, 26 and submission port 587 all togehter?

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Ports Check

Mar 7, 2007

Which command can I verify if a port is opened?

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How Can I Tell If My ISP Is Blocking Ports

Nov 7, 2007

I have my server set up with the smtp daemon running on port 125, and assp listening on ports 25 and 26, and forwarding to port 125 if the mail passes. This setup has been working for months and months. Already today I've received several emails.

I just attempted to send an email, however, and thunderbird could not connect to port 26. (I use an alternate port because my ISP blocks port 25 except to their mail servers)

So I thought that assp had stopped running. Attempted to go to myip:55555, but the page would not load. Now I really thought assp was broken. SSH'd into server and was able to telnet to localhost, port 26 without an issue. Was also able to lynx [url] without an issue.

Since I'm able to log in to all of these weird ports via SSH but not from my local computer, I'm apt to think that they are blocking the ports (for some reason).

Is there any way I can test this theory? Nothing has changed on my side firewall-wise, and the poor girl at the ISP company didn't even know what a port was. I would like to be 100% sure before I give them another call demanding to speak to someone higher up...

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Ports Undefined

Feb 21, 2007

I've installed Darwin Streaming Server on a brand new server (vps). But, what do you know, the RTSP and MP3 streaming TCP ports are not defined in the etc/services file of the server.

Is this normal? Should I have an issue with the service provider?

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How To Test Ports

Aug 13, 2007

I'm behind the firewall on a public computer and all online port scan tests I've tried show that ALL ports on a computer I'm using are closed. Is this possible? I've been previously succesfully uploaded some files through to get access to my site, for which opened port 80 was needed.

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How To Open Ports In Server

Oct 31, 2009

I have dedicated server..i installed cpanel on it but when am accessing it


i am not able to open i think port is not open so can any one tell me how to open ports...the os installed is centos..

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