CNAME Email Bounce Back Errors

Oct 23, 2008

The Non-Profit I work for uses IXWebhosting for our webhost and to manage email accounts. For the past 2 months whenever we send emails to anyone, we receive CNAME bounceback errors.
I have contacted IXWebhosting and they say that their DNS server's aren't registering and that I need to contact Well I've been in constant contact with's IT guy and they are receiving emails just fine from outside agencies. In fact, when I send a test email using GMAIL to, they receive it just fine.

To further confuse me, we receive emails fine from

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Email Bounce Backs

May 8, 2008

we have a client that cant email us and when i track his email through c panel i get virtual_aliases via virtual_aliases router forced address failure.

the client says that he gets the error #5.1.1 smtp; 550 Sender verify failed>

we have several web clients that have this problem with us and I am pulling my hair out over it.

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Receive Lot Of Bounce Email

Jan 3, 2007

some of site at our servers receive many bounce email seems spamers use those domains as a sender or use sendmail php function in some scripts at accounts

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How To Bounce A Set Of Email Addresses

May 23, 2007

I have a catchall for a domain that has been used for years, e.g., Unfortunately, thanks to the fact that maiming spammers is still against the law, I have to live with the fact that the world can no longer have catchall accounts with any usability. One particular jackass is using my domain to spoof numerous idiotic emails. He uses some combo of bulltek***** While I am transitioning all of my emails to either 1 account or forward individually each vendor account, how can I bounce emails using that set above?

I'm also looking for something better than spam assassin to prevent email and which will provide more options and a better interface.

Of note, this method of worked well because I was able to identify vendors who sold my email address to spam me...

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Email Errors - 550 Callback Errors

Feb 13, 2007

I'm noticed I was getting bounced email errors from a company I was sending email through and I further investigated this by running a dnsreport on my domain.

Turns out that it fails at Acceptance of NULL <> sender, Acceptance of postmaster address, and Acceptance of abuse address. The domain that I ran a test on is using a new IP that I had recently added to my Direct Admin server. None of the other domains on my server are having issues like this.

Is is possible that I need to do something to enable these new IP addresses in exim? I mean, exim obviously responds to that IP address, but it seems to be having some issues with it.

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Email Bounce With "full" Error

Feb 11, 2008

I have a user that has most of the emails sent to him bouncing back. The bounced email error is that his inbox is full.

I know it is not full, I looked at it myself, and his quota is set to unlimited.

Any idea what could be the cause? Where should I start to figure this one out?

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Supermico Minis Back To Back

Jun 19, 2007

Can you put two of these supermicro mini servers back to back in a standard rack? I am looking at the [url]

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Does Your Provider Back Up Your VPS Or Do You Back It Up Yourself

Nov 10, 2009

Many of the VPS providers I've looked at don't back up the servers that house the VPSs and as such don't back up the VPSs either - have you considered what would happen should the VPS itself be erased (such as what happened to vaserv/fsckvps not too long ago)?

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CNAME Redirection To A URL?

May 28, 2008

Just a quick question, can i setup a cname to redirect user to a URL instead of domain.... like

I have to do this on Windows server with IIS so i can't use mod_rewrite etc!

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How To Set A Record Ans Cname In WHM

Sep 3, 2007

I have a reseller account with canaca and i want to add some A records and Cname to some of domains!

i heard that i can do the from DNS ZONE option!

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How To Add CNAME For

Jul 17, 2008

I'm new for cpanel

and I want to add CNAME for and the requiered information

DNS Record Type: CNAME
Host: 250953144

I enter edit dns zone
like the picture attached

I don't know if i should delete the www and mail or leave it like this please told me how to do to make it valid with

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CNAME Or A Record In DNS Zone?

Jan 14, 2008

i have just created a dns ZONE for my domain, but i dont know what to use for ftp service.

i looked up in cpanel dns zone records for the domain i created and it looks like this... i am confused what to use CNAME or A record for an FTP entry

ftp 14400 IN A <IP> (for sites on shared IP)
ftp 14400 CNAME (for sites with dedicated ip)

what is the difference? what if i change to

ftp 14400 IN CNAME (for sites on shared IP)
ftp 14400 A <IP> (for sites with dedicated ip)

Also, how many A records i can place in zone file?

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Aug 27, 2008

I am simply wanting to map on to So i setup a CNAME on Once propagated mydomain is not being picked up and is defaulting to the cpanel successfully installed screen.

I have tried this on another of our servers and this does work.

So my question is: can you use a CNAME to map to without having to add the to the apache VirtualHost ServerAlias?

It does seem like you can as i have this working on one server - is there an apache setting somewhere to block this?

Thanks in advance!

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CNAME To Specific Ports

Jul 4, 2007

I'd like to know how I can use DNS to do something like make a CNAME record that points the same address to different addresses based on the port used. on port 80 points to on port 995 points to on port 587 poitns to

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Exim4 Bounce Reporting

Mar 31, 2009

We developed an Exim server on debian that sending mails outside to our customers. It's an IP based auth server. For bounce reporting and management, what would you recommend us?

Is there anything like; send all bouncing mails that sent from this server to We need this to be done in MTA level..

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Exim Setting To Bounce .eml

Apr 11, 2008

in one server we have a .eml into exim filter (/etc/antivirus.exim)

But seem that is not sent bounce email that alert for this error

A log is as this

2008-04-02 14:29:32 34e3r-0345H-0J <= H=** (**) [**.**.**.**] P$
2008-04-02 14:29:32 cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 34e3r-0345H-0J
2008-04-02 14:29:32 34e3r-0345H-0J ** [**.**.**.**] discarded: We do not accept ".eml" atta$
2008-04-02 14:29:32 34e3r-0345H-0J => discarded (system filter)


How to configure to send bounce email this?

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Postfix Bounce Messages

Feb 6, 2008

Where can I turn off the emails that go out in response to a message not being delivered?

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Creating A CNAME Entry For DNS Tables

Feb 4, 2006

I apoligize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

I am trying to create a CNAME entry in my DNS tables and have no clue where to begin.

I have did a search but didnt find anything that gives reference on how to do it just how to fix errors.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to learning how to accomplish this task.

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Managing Your Own CNAME Yourself On Shared Hosting?

Sep 13, 2008

Let's say I buy my domains from godaddy and have the DNS records pointed to the shared host.

From there, the shared host creates your CNAME records, or whatever you want to add to your domain name.

What happens if I wanted to control the CNAME records? Can I do this from godaddy? If so, how? Are there negatives to this method?

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Google Apps Custom Url, Cname And WHM

Mar 16, 2007

i am trying to use a custom url (example: for my google apps e-mail.

i can't seem to figure out how to set up the CNAME in WHM to allow this to occur and google apps' help function is not well ...

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Other People Using Cname Records To My Site

May 30, 2009

We have Livezilla tracking on our site, and saw some suspicious activity this afternoon from the Netherlands, about 5 connections from the same IP address, they now appear to have put in a cname record/copied our site for to our site. Does anyone know what they're doing/trying to do?

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Hosted Bounce Handling Solution

Dec 13, 2007

Now that bbounce had officially closed down, does anyone know of a good hosted, non-boogietools solution for combating bounce emails?

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Handling Bounce Emails Automatically

Dec 16, 2007

Now that had closed down, does anyone know of a good hosted, non-boogietools solution for combating bounce emails?

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Difference Between A Cname Record And A Domain Pointer

Dec 17, 2006

I am seriously confused mainly because of the way it was explained in my training at work. Can someone please give me an explantion of the difference between creating a cname record and using a domain pointer? My understanding is that they both effectively do the same thing which is allow one ip address to be used for different domains.

Extra marks given for an easy to understand analogy as i'm definately a visual learner.

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