Best Routes From Seattle -> Australia (Sydney?)

Apr 11, 2007

Does anyone have a good lead on any providers who have sub-cable between seattle & aus?

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CoLocation Australia Sydney

Nov 16, 2007

I am currently researching into colocation hosting for a 1u rack server. i am looking for a cheapish host that can give me something around 10mbit line and idk how much bandwidth i need yet, but probably something over 300gig. Its to host counter strike source servers.

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Mar 29, 2007

Just wondering if anyone can offer any thoughts on this. I'm currently in the process of setting up an Exchange frontend server which will (hopefully) be connected to two different connectivity providers.

On the two NIC's we have for example:

ISP1 - with gateway
ISP2 - with gateway

My assumption was that when a connection to the internet is required, providing the metric is set correctly, it would route from the NIC connected to ISP1. However if a connection came in from ISP2, it would note the interface that the connection came in on and reply on that interface (SMTP traffic), however I'm told this isn't right.

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Static Routes Questions

May 18, 2007

I have a small network at my colo provider.

Colo Provider
My HP 2650
| |
server1 serverN

I want to setup static routes on my servers so that my colo provider won't bill me for traffic among my servers.

I use FreeBSD 6 on my servers. I read the FreeBSD handbook on this and it looks like i should do this:

route add -net 0.0.0/24

where 0.0.0/24 is the C class I have from my provider and is the IP address of my server (one of them/any of them).

However, this route appears to already exist as i get this error when running that route command:

route: writing to routing socket: File exists
add net 0.0.0: gateway route already in table

Do I need to use a non-routeable ip block (eg 192.168.x.x) for this? Can I use "real"/routeable ips? Does FreeBSD take care of this for me automatically?

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Pinging Ip's And Finding The Routes They Take/origination

Apr 30, 2009

Sometimes in the Dedicated Hosting Offers section you see people ping the providers IP and can discover other companies they go through, or if they are a reseller. Im wondering how I can go about finding out this information as well?

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Your Worst Routes Or Network Messups

Nov 7, 2009

I really wanna know if you've seen any other trace routes similar to this?

Wanna know the catch? Look what I put into CMD...


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

2 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
3 3 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
4 18 ms 31 ms 18 ms []
5 22 ms 19 ms 19 ms []
6 37 ms 35 ms 35 ms []
7 41 ms 35 ms 35 ms []
8 33 ms 34 ms 33 ms []
9 33 ms 33 ms 33 ms []
10 34 ms 34 ms 34 ms []
11 85 ms 85 ms 85 ms []
12 90 ms 90 ms 90 ms []
13 90 ms 91 ms 91 ms
14 86 ms 86 ms 86 ms []
15 86 ms 86 ms 85 ms []
16 86 ms 86 ms 86 ms []
17 86 ms 86 ms 86 ms []
18 * 325 ms 322 ms []
19 832 ms 86 ms 87 ms

Trace complete.

if you know any carrier that doesn't peer with Level3, Cogent, and Global Crossing...

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Good Vps For Australia

Dec 2, 2008

I'm interested in getting a VPS (nothing too much - probably at least 5-10GB space / 30GB bandwidth) for a forum I run based in Australia. My budget is probably around $40/month. BTW I'm after managed.

My main issue is that I would like it to be a decent speed for Australia (specifically Melbourne). Where should a datacenter be located for Australia?

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Hosting In Australia

Oct 30, 2007

I'm moving to Australia in a few months, and I'm thinking of hosting a few of my sites down there.

What's the best place to buy domains and hosting in Australia? Should I buy it seperate or from the same company?

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VPS In New Zealand Or Australia

Jul 2, 2007

I have used before and was very happy with everything except bandwidth speed. If i ping the server, I get around 198 to 220ms response. VPS is hosted in USA, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am planning on starting my own personal business, which is going to be relatively small to start of with... I wanted to purchase a VPS to host my website as well as host few other websites for clients if required. I will be running typo3 content management system with mysql database. I wanted the response time to be better than

The companies I have explored in NZ are 3 times more expensive than VPSland. I wanted a server which has around 300mb ram or so. Would prefer Windows 2003, if not Linux.

Please recommend me which VPS provider I should go with? I suppose it should be based in Australia or New Zealand as the traffic will be national mostly. or even USA or UK or any other country which provides good response time for NZ visitors and has competitive prices?

My budget is around $20 - 30 US max

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Data Centers In Australia?

Jun 12, 2008

if there are any data centers in Australia...

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Dedicated Servers For Australia

Jul 8, 2008

I was wondering what people in Australia use with regards to Dedicated Server companies. Do you go local in Australia or are overseas companies just as good?

If local what do you guys use? If overseas, where do you get the fastest bandwidth to Australia, etc.

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Hosting In Australia For American Domains

Dec 20, 2008

I've just purchased 6 domain names.

3 x .com
2 x .info
1 x .net

The sites will be viewed mostly by an American audience. I've already decided that the hosting package should be a VPS as this fits my budget.

My question is whether I should host these domains in the States or my location, in Australia? My concerns are:

- If I host in Australia, will the States experience a lag in site loading

- Prices in Australia seem to be cheaper

- If hosted in Australia will it have a negative effect on how the site is ranked on American search engines such as

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Download Speed Test For Australia/New Zealand

Apr 25, 2008

i just wrote a nice little page on the best location in the US for a VPS server for my Australian and New Zealand customers,

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Datacenter In Australia, Canada & United Kingdom?

Sep 27, 2008

can anyone suggest few hosts whos Datacenter in Australia,Canda,UK ? price is $8-$20 USD

3-5gb space
15-20gb bandwidth
unlimited addon domains
unlimited mysql domains &
cpanel control panel

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Browser Timing Out/ftp Issues Asia Pacific/Australia/Oceania To US

Aug 11, 2008

I have a VPS located in LA, USA.

For over a week now I have had the following network issues:

- browser timing out (for me and visitors to my site)

- ftp connection issues

The server load is low so it's not server related.

Traceroute TO the server appears fine.

Traceroute FROM the server to users IP's appears to have issues over the SingTel/Optus network.

My webhost says it's an issue for SingTel/Optus.

SingTel/Optus Engineer say:
"Our testings point to a problem either within Cogent's network or on a peering link between Cogent and Singtel in LA.

I'd suggest that the owner of the domain (me!) approach his hosting provider and have them escalate to Cogent. We can't escalate to Cogent as we have no peering with them."

So I've been the meat in the sandwich for over a week with no sign of a fix.

My options appear to be to either move the VPS away from the webhost and host it locally (Australia) or to somehow wait for someone to step up and take responsiblity and get this resolved.

My heart says wait as it's not *my* responsibility but it's costing me financially and professionally.

Anyone else experiencing similiar/same issues from the Asia Pacific region to the US?

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Colo In Seattle

Mar 6, 2008

I have an extra tower server (Dell sc1430) that I'd like to colocate in Seattle. Anyone have a suggestion of a company that would colocate a tower in Seattle?

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Seattle Rack

May 7, 2007

If capacity was not an issue, where would you buy a rack in Seattle?

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Cogent In Seattle

Jun 28, 2008

Have 2 questions

1. How about the quality of Cogent in Seattle?

2. Where can I buy Cogent there? Looking for 100mbps commit

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Seattle Colo

Sep 19, 2007

new Colo provider in Seattle to replace the one that we currently have. My company runs game servers.

I'm looking for an affordable location that can provide the best support possible for the price. Typically the only thing that we need is someone to reboot a server periodically, so if someone offers remote reboots that would be ideal. I'd like to start out with a single 1U server to make sure that we like the location and network before expanding. We'd use about 5 Mbit/sec per server approximately.

I've reviewed the posts about Seattle and was recommended a few times. Does anyone have any other suggestions or any experience with that they could share?

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Aveas At Internap Seattle

Oct 25, 2009

I am looking for info on Aveas in Seattle. They seem to have gone out of business (domain expired) and hence I also can't send emails to them.

Does anybody have info what happened, where they have gone, and if somebody is still around somewhere? I am looking for Kelly Kline.

I am trying to find out if one of our old company servers is still with them (was in their cabinet), and if a backup could be retrieved for a fee.

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Colo In Seattle Area

May 25, 2008

Can anyone recommend a colo for 1u in Seattle area? Looking to spend < $100/month for 3mbits of bandwidth.

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Seattle Colo With EU Market

Mar 26, 2008

I see people suggest West coast for Asia market, East coast for EU market. But I wonder how good it is when using West coast for EU market? We don't have money to colo in both coasts. Seattle is my choice for colo'ing,

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Colo Prices In Seattle

Aug 30, 2007

I'm not in the market for colo, before you PM me with a deal.. I'm just curious what are people paying for cage space nowadays?

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Static Routes With Linux & Shorewall (site To Site VPN Virtual Private Network)

Mar 29, 2009

Attached is a (badly) drawn diagram of two sites, connected by a vpn.

The site to the left, is network which runs a linux server as the router for the network.

The site to the right, is network which runs a windows 2003 server as the router for the network.

Now, my problem is, the clients behind the windows 2003 server can ping any machine on the first network because i setup a static route to route all traffic to over the vpn interface.

now, my problem is, only the linux server can ping any machine on the windows 2003 network, any client behind the linux server cant seem to route over the interface.

I have the following route on the linux server: .....

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Softlayer Seattle Network Issue

Oct 16, 2009

It seems that from the morning the servers in seattle dc of softlayer are not responding from all locations. According to softlayer noone else has reporting this issue yet, however yet from our monitoring system this has been occuring for the past two hours.

Few clients around the world also reported this, however apparently for other few this is working. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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Seattle Dedicated (peer/inap)

Jan 10, 2009

I'm trying to find decent dedicated server providers in Seattle that run peer1 or internap - I've seen a couple good providers in Seattle however the tracert's don't seem to agree with a few locations.

I know of SPRY, Softlayer and then UbiquityServer which seemed really good minus their carrier (my tracert's go to san jose then seattle (I'm in Canada) along with a few other people on the west coast.

It's being used for gaming.. I'd like to see windows on the box as-well..
Under $200/mo would be nice.

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Seattle Co-Location For Mini Tower

Jul 19, 2007

co-location of a mini tower PC I have that hosts a couple of websites. I live in Redmond, WA so anywhere near there or down in Seattle will be fine. Bandwidth wise I only need about 500GB per month. anything fancy just a secure facility with power and network connection.

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Fire At Internap Seattle / Fisher Plaza

Jul 3, 2009

My server is down and the hosting company said their is fire at the generators area?

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Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle Colocation Providers

Mar 7, 2008

I would like a recommendation on a west coast colo provider.

Los Angeles Area
San Francisco Area
Seattle Area

I want to colo a 1U server, would like a 100mbit port, and 1.5TB of transfer or 2mbit (95th percentile)

My budget is $75/month.

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Seattle DC Windows Dedicated Server Needed

Aug 22, 2008

I do not need much bandwidth usage, may be just couple G a month.

want the CPU is good.

If you have a server that is not used and willing to give me a better price since I use little bandwidth.

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Cage Space Hardware Suggestion Seattle Area

Jun 24, 2009

We are looking to install hardware barriers for caged spaces.

We were hoping not to use cyclone fencing.

Would like to use a solution aesthetically appealing without going completely over budget.

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