Alternative To RAPIDSWITCH - Or Any Provider With Burst Bandwith Beyond 100mbit

Mar 27, 2008

I have specific request.

I have client that use around 6-8 TB per month of traffic (nothing unusual really).

The issue is that, at some short hours per week (twice or less per week) - burst goes to 90 Mbit. So basicly, I need a solution, where in near future, if need it - burst can go all the way up to 130-150 Mbit when need it.
Any Gbit providers I seen, they usual say like speed will be around 80mbit or so - and that makes no difference.

I did check RAPIDSWITCH, and in all aspect they ar great (nothing
to complain) - but the offer they have with 10TB data, is good only unless you pass 10TB at some point.

After that, 1 TB of data is $200 or so (depens on exchange rate of $).

At the moment, 10TB of data transfer should be enough but if by some chance, it goes beyond that, it will incresse the cost alot.

Hosted content is pure FLV files, normal videos, nothing special.

My budget is in normal range, but still the less is better.

I will take any suggestion on this, or if someone can push me in some direction (company or point of contat).

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Cheap Dedicated, Unlimited Bandwith, 50-100mbit

Jul 2, 2008

i search for a very cheap dedicated server, with unlimited bandwith, and from 50 to 100 mbit connection.

i dont care with OS, but i love Windows, so that would be nice.

i have seen they have nice prices, but they dont want to sell to me, becuse they only want to sell to people from, poland, U.K., germany and france.

i come from denmark, so the hosting center shell sell to denmark.

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Good Provider With Unlimited Bandwith And PHP?

Nov 15, 2008

a good web host that provides unlimited bandwith and supports PHP?

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Which Is Better: 1152mb W/ No Burst Or 768mb With 2048mb Burst

Oct 15, 2007

I am new to VPS and am trying to get my head around it. What I am trying to figure out now are the pros and cons of Guaranteed and Burstable memory.

Assuming everything else is equal, and both options are in the budget, and that there is a requirement (at least at times) for more than 768mb of RAM, which option is better:

1152mb Guaranteed (SLM)


768mb Guaranteed / Burstable to 2048mb

Obviously, a big factor would be whether or not their is RAM available to burst to, and as I understand it, that is completely dependant on the server, other VPS's running, number of VPS's, etc.

However, what I am trying to figure out is which approach is typically better. If for the same money you can get 768mb w/2048mb burst or 1152mb SLM w/no burst which is the best option.

If my current requirements are important, then I listed them in a thread titled: "If I go with VPS would vB performance suffer greatly if I add multiple sites to VPS?"

I can't truely link to it, because I have less than five posts, but here is a quote of that thread, so you can hit the button in the quote to go there:


Originally Posted by tnedator

I am leaning towards one of these three VPS accounts that all cost roughly the same:

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FDC 100mbit

Jul 15, 2008

I'm getting a pretty competitive quote from FDC-Servers with a 100mbit (shared) unmetered port - They believe I can expect 15-20TB UP and 30TB Down.

Do you guys have any objections, thoughts, ideas? Or any reviews about FDC-Servers network?

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Review Of RapidSwitch

Feb 3, 2009

I don't normal right review's about Hosting Companies, and if I do I don't write them so soon, but what I have just expirenced has made me want to write up a review.

I was looking at getting another VPS for a small project, a while ago had some Servers at RapidSwitch and Noticed they now sold VPS server's, so sent off a Sales email.

Sent Sales Email 12:06 GMT

Recieved Reply 12:34 GMT

Sent Reply Email 12:36 GMT

Recieved Reply 13:03 GMT

Ordered VPS at 13:09

Recieved Account Activation email 13:10

Recieved Invoice Email 13:11

Paid Invoice 13:12

Recieve Account details / IP's /SSH info 13:13 and loged straight in to SSH.

The VPS is fast!, ssh conect's in second's ping in the 30ms from the UK, Sent one support ticket so far, recieved a reply in under 10 minute's.
There VPS control planel, built into their MyServer control panel let's you do everything you need to, request Ip's Reboot VPS, Reinstall VPS, Reverse DNS.
If they continue like this, Im defintly going to grow into their Dedicated Server's again as my Website Requires.

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Poundhost Vs Rapidswitch

Feb 1, 2009

Rapidswitch has their VZ(?) offering, while Poundhost has VMware, with Windows for free too.

Which one would you guys rather use/is more stable/etc?

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Rapidswitch Network

Oct 16, 2009

my site hosted with rapidswitch

but i have a problem with them

i work on my site... and suddenly i can;t access cpanel whm shh2 all of them

when i made tracert to my site

it gives me the following

1 30 ms 143 ms 56 ms
2 35 ms 7 ms 7 ms ASHAMS-R01C-C-EG []
3 69 ms 67 ms 81 ms [
4 117 ms 16 ms 9 ms [
5 9 ms 8 ms 8 ms [
6 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms [
7 44 ms 66 ms 66 ms [
8 308 ms 251 ms 188 ms [213.144.18
9 86 ms 85 ms 86 ms [
10 86 ms 86 ms 86 ms []

11 91 ms 130 ms 124 ms []
12 91 ms 106 ms 91 ms []
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 * * * Request timed out.
15 * * * Request timed out.
16 * * * Request timed out.

30 * * * Request timed out.

what is the problem ?

after that site return after 10 minutes
it happened 3 times with me today

it happens with more than one people
how can i check it ?

or have i to change the hosting company ?

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RapidSwitch Server

Dec 9, 2008

setting up dns, if you have a server with RapidSwitch, have Msn and would like to earn $15.

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Is Rapidswitch Any Good

Feb 28, 2008

1) Is rapidswitch any good? How is the support?

2) How are there speeds from USA and Asia?

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Anyone Around Who Hosts With RapidSwitch

Jun 29, 2008

Our servers @ RS seam to have gone down, posted a ticket but no response as yet, their phone number seams to be dead!

Anyone around who hosts with them having any problems atm... Their website is up just the servers are not....

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Rapidswitch Network

Sep 29, 2008

I am currently a technical adviser to a large internet radio station. We are currently able to push over 200mbps+ per day and are always looking for good deals. I see rapidswitch has some good rates on 100mbps unmetered connections and was wondering how their worldwide connections are?

Also, I can't find a network map or test IP, anyone know where one may be?

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Rapidswitch (49pence)

Jan 19, 2008

provider of dedicated servers in europe, I have seen talk about Rapidswitch/49Pence on many occasions but I want know if it can be considered a good and safe option to use their servers for webhosting.

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100MBIT Unmetered At FDC

May 13, 2008

what kind of incoming and outgoing bandwidth should i be able to consume from FDC?

Im getting about 60KB down and 500KB up.

further since i havent been able to hold the number of radio slots I used to I feel like something is not right, i seem to get normal ping and traceroute but noticed that an mtr router displays some sort of odd results, am I reading this correctly?

seems like there is always a couple of hosts with a ton of packet loss. how can i tell if there is some kind of problem here? the server worked great for 6 mos and now it just seems like it never has come back .......

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RapidSwitch Dedicated Server

Jan 1, 2009

We're expanding our services to the UK and Canada. We choose RapidSwitch for our UK based servers. So far, the experience has been superb!

They setup the server less than a day and everything is just very smooth. I asked to register a Reverse DNS and it was done very fast as well.

Excellent service. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a UK based dedicated server.

I am also setting up servers with iWeb for our Canadian server, I would say things are going manually over at iWeb. It takes a while for them to prepare setup the server.

Maybe since I ordered it during the holidays. I ordered the server at Dec 29, and I think the server won't be ready any sooner than Jan 2.

I hope after sales support won't take this long with iWeb.

I would also like to receive feedback if you can recommend us a good Canadian dedicated server provider.

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RapidSwitch 7 Month Review

Apr 17, 2009

I'd just like to share the experience I've had with RapidSwitch over the past 7 months.

I ordered a dedicated server with them at around 10am on a Monday morning. At around 11.30am I received an email to tell me that my server was currently being set up by one of their technicians. I was surprised to get an email within a couple of hours after ordering saying it was being set up. The setup took around an hour at the most, this included them installing cPanel for me and having it licensed.

Since that day, I've had no problems caused by them. If I ever request an upgrade they do it at a time to suit me, not themselves. I've had upgrades done at 1am in the morning with full updates to let me know how it's progressing.

As for support, although they offer unmanaged dedicated servers, I've always been able to get help with most problems. Today I had a problem where I needed a reboot every few minutes due to a client overloading the server. I don't think their reboot system is automated yet, but they didn't mind helping me resolve my problems by constantly rebooting the server.

Since moving to RapidSwitch, their network has been excellent. The only downtime was to do some upgrades to their routers and even that was only for approx 10 minutes at the most. I also regularly get emails telling me how fast clients can upload and download from the server, they're amazed at the speed and can't believe it sometimes.

To sum it all up, here's the reasons I love RapidSwitch:

- Very fast and reliable network.

- Excellent support.

- No problems.

I'm sure I've made some mistakes somewhere, but it's 2AM and I've had no sleep yet, but I would recommend RapidSwitch to anyone that requires a dedicated server.

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FDC 100Mbit Unmetered Servers

Jan 10, 2009

Do the FDC 100Mbit Unmetered servers use shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth?

Because i was looking at softlayer and they charge $2,000/month for a 100Mbit uplink port, yet FDC have this for $159/month.

Is it because fdc's are using shared bandwidth?

Also, does FDC's 100Mbit servers mean you can use as much data as the port allows per month so you'll never be charged excess data?

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How Many Vps In Xeon Cpu And 8gb Ram And 100mbit Speed?

Apr 13, 2009

How many vps about i can add in a server xeon cpu and 8gb ram and 100mbit speed?

Openvz technology.

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100Mbit+ Unmetered - Anywhere In The World

Jun 22, 2008

Can someone give me a good list of providers like fdc, ovh, etc.

Bandwidth quality not much of an issue, quantity means more than quality to us, cogent only networks are even acceptable

We need more than one, as we need servers all over the world.

Edit: 100Mbit with unlimited or VERY high bandwith limits minimum.

Edit 2: Looking for something similar to fdc and ovh in price if possible. Going over 500/mo is pushing the budget on these, although specs do need to be taken into consideration.

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100mbit Colocation In New York

Apr 12, 2007

I have been offered a 100mbit colocation in New York for 130-150 GBP per month (approx $260 - $300 USD).

Is this offer...


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Mistake Moving From Poundhost To Rapidswitch??

Sep 25, 2009

I fear i've made a terrible mistake.

I'm currently a Poundhost customer and have been very happy with the service - my server has never been down yet and i've never had to contact them since setting the server up - it just works.

However, i've recently been offered a much better deal from Rapidswitch - a better server for quite a bit cheaper which as a personal customer with no budget makes a big difference.

I did think twice about moving from a provider I was happy with but have heard good things about Rapidswitch and their control panel is much better.

However, since placing my order it seems all they've had is network problems - they were completely down for hours last night, have had problems all day and are now down again. To boot, they said my server would be built in 24hrs and probably less but it's now nearly 30hrs and hasn't been built yet.

I'm really surprised and shocked that such a big provider with a good reputation has a single point of failure like this and doesn't have redundancy built in as well as hot swap spares and even spares from another provider.

It also seems their site and phone system are on the same backbone so that all went down too (and seems their monitoring is within their network so that doesn't register most of the outages).

Have I made a terrible mistake and this is the new Rapidswitch now it's been bought out or do you think it's just a bad week and they will get themselves sorted out and will return to 100% uptime?


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Rapidswitch Slices Bandwidth Allowance

Apr 24, 2008

Just noticed Rapidswitch have increased their prices while slashing their bandwidth allowances from 10tb to 4000gb.

Anyone else still trying to offer 10tb servers at a ridiculously low price?

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[EU] 100mbit Shared Or ~10Tb/mo For <150EUR

May 28, 2009

I've got such a server with Ecatel:

PE R200 Dual Core Xeon 3065, 2.33GHz/4M 1333FSB
2GB 667MHz Dual Rank ECC Memory (2X1GB)
2 * 500GB SATA2 RAID1
100 mbit shared (among 2 servers)
for 125 eur/mo

No need in higher CPU/RAM.

I'm not using 100mbit line but I also can't tell you how much bandwidth are we using (graphs don't work now). Seems like we are using a little bit less than 300 gb/day.

We are a Free Image Hosting -

To make it clear, we do respect laws but we usually have problems with some people uploading some s**t to our server (for example, CP).

As I'm almost the only one man to maintain that server (I do sleep sometimes or even can go on vacation) - I would like to kindly ask my new ISP not to take my server/ip down asap, but to contact me. With LeaseWeb and Ecatel I've managed to wipe all CP in several hours after report (and they gave me much more than 1-15 mins) even if I was in abroad.

We were hosted by PoundHost/UK once - and the server was taken down without any notification.. With other hosters everything is ok - even if I receive ~2 CP abuses a week.

So, suggest me a EU (I think NL, not UK) company with not very expensive shared 100mbit line and friendly people

Can I find something better than:


HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x250GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 139 Euro

HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x500GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 159 Euro

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Good Price For 100mbit Unmetered?

Sep 20, 2008

I'm wondering what a good price is for a basic single CPU dual core server, 1GB RAM, 100mbit unmetered. I mean proper bandwidth on quality providers, not 100mbit shared with 50 other servers.

Interested to hear views on what a good price is for the UK.

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FDCservers - Yes Or No? 100Mbit Unmetered Alternatives

Aug 6, 2008

dedicated server for my PHP/MySQL browser game. I've been working with CentOS 5/cPanel on my current server and I have no reason to change as it works very nicely. However I can only push 1500tb traffic per month with my current server and ideally I want to be able to push up to 5000-6000tb. Does anyone know of any reliable hosts with good uptime that provide high bandwidth packages such as FDCservers 100mbit Unmetered servers. I recently requested a custom quote from FDC but they never got back to me, would you recommend them?

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Our Experience With RapidSwitch Managed Rack Hosting

Oct 21, 2009

About us first, we do cPanel shared hosting and also (however you want to put it) fully-managed proactively monitored dedicated hosting - due to this we need access to our equipment all the time so we host it locally.

Ed from RapidSwitch contacted us via live chat on our website at the start of September to introduce the company, he offered us a rack from 650/mo, mentioned we could take it upto 32A power (obviously not for that price!).

We're based in Maidenhead (in the town centre), 5 minutes walk from RapidSwitch and 5 minutes drive from BlueSquare, as we use power-hungry Dell PowerEdges and the DC is closer to us we thought we'd have a look.

We arranged a tour. On the tour we were told about their dual diverse dark fibre, diverse power, how their staff support cPanel, how the rack would be fully managed by them but we'd be able to pop in anytime to do work, how they'd let us move in our kit during the night, sounded great.

The following day the whole Poundhost vs RapidSwitch thing went down, soon after RapidSwitch themselves went down too, which was slightly worrying.

We moved in, or tried to First time we asked for DC access it took 1 ticket, a wait of 60+ mins, then an angry phone call from me to get it sorted out, it was sorted out for the following day -- okay, strange? We moved in the next day.

Some days later we decided to move some of our live kit at BlueSquare over to RS for the evening.

4pm - I open ticket saying I need access to rack some live servers as per our verbal agreement when I signed up, and I get a reply saying No, as they don't accept hardware or visitors outside the hours of 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

4:30pm - I phone Randeep (sales guy) and talk to him, he talks to a Manager, arranges an exception, says a note will be put in my account regarding tonight and the other server moves we had discussed before I signed the contract.

4:50pm - I follow up this ticket to make sure they're ready.

8pm - Again, I follow up this ticket to make sure they're ready.

8:45pm - I arrive at BSQ after having sent them one ticket.

9:05pm - I leave BSQ after going through security, meeting a BSQ tech, unracking a box from BSQ1 and BSQ3, signing documentation, etc.

9:15pm - I arrive at RapidSwitch, no one answers the buzzer, so I phone. A member of technical staff (seems friendly, etc) takes my hardware, I ask "Can you rack this immediately?", I am told "No we're really busy", I mention that I had arranged this earlier, he replies "Well I wish they had told us!!!", I am then told "Management always arrange maintenance tasks at the same time and never think of the fu****g monkeys (he said this!!) that actually have to do the work, there is no communication at all"... He then goes on to talk about only 2-3 people being on shift in the evenings, how they have too much work, etc. I ask "Can it be done in the next hour?". Am told "Uhhhhh I'll try but Ive got a mountain of jobs to do". Tech then walks off with the servers, forgetting to take the rails, network cables and power cables. I mention this to him, he says "Oh, I'm not used to this Managed Rack malarkey". He then says "I'll update your ticket to say we took delivery of your hardware".

9:28pm - I drive off.

9:34pm - I arrive at my office, no ticket update. I wait around a bit and reply to the ticket asking if it can please be done ASAP. No reply, I then phone and ask what the deal is, am told on the phone "ohh we'll do it in 10-15minutes, when (unaudible) comes back, but usually colo orders are racked within 48hrs, we're really busy!" (so basically am told that what I'm asking isn't acceptable and they're too busy to cope -- not what you want to hear from someone who's supposed to be managing your hardware)

9:50pm - I phone up and ask what the hold up is. Am told your staff are too busy still, am also told that servers are racked within 48hrs of delivery. (So, basically I'm pushing my luck).

10:27pm - I get a reply saying your staff will do it as soon as they've finished their current jobs.

10:40pm - By this time I am getting customers shouting at me as this is taking too long, too right! I sternly reply to the ticket asking again to please rack them, once again explaining my situation.

10:49pm - I get a reply saying the servers will be racked as your tech has finished his other jobs.

11:08pm - I get a reply saying the servers have been racked but not plugged in, asking how I want them cabled - fair question, if not a bit obvious.

11:20pm - Servers are pinging

11:25pm - I have reconfigured the servers to work on the new IP range, so my job is complete, I then emailed them back asking if they're cPanel trained - turns out they aren't, although some members of their team might know bits and pieces - not what I was told on the tour, not useful to me at all.

I had a think about it over the weekend -- I wondered, if we can now only access our equipment 8am-8pm Mon-Fri (30% of each week) and they won't even allow a Dell engineer in out of hours, plus their staff are too busy to handle our requests in a timely manner -- what do we do if something goes wrong?

Worst case scenario is if a server physically broke at 5pm on a Friday and we didn't have the necessary spare part. We have 4hr SLA with Dell so they'd arrive at RS at 9pm but not be allowed in until 8am on Monday.

I decided it would be unwise for us to use a data centre which only allows us access to the building for 30% of the week and we should have been told before we signed our contract that we'd only be allowed in during those times. Being told their staff were cPanel trained bugged me too, especially if what they're selling me is a 'Managed' rack.

I wrote a long ranty email to them to nullify the contract, Paul Tacey-Green phoned me, we had a chat, he said they'd change the access time rules (but he hasn't yet), he mentioned that 2/4 of their staff on that shift had taken the night off sick and offered me some time free to show their commitment, I wasn't interested, I got the contract nullified and arranged to get out of there.

I then called BlueSquare, they provisioned a new rack, got me a new IP range sorted and assured they'd help with whatever I needed.

Getting out of there was interesting, a week later I opened a ticket to go there 19:30 one night, they made an exception to allow myself and a member of my staff in at the same time (only one visitor on DC floor allowed usually as their racks aren't secure).

We got in there really quickly, the tech guy was nice. (But there seemed only to be 2 techs on site, Paul, on the phone told me there should be 4 during night shift) Anyway, we get to our rack and find the servers they'd racked the previous week weren't done properly, firstly they'd randomly been racked in the middle of the rack rather than on top of the existing ones (at the bottom of the rack), and then, quite scarily/hilariously, the bottom one they'd racked (in the middle of the rack), the rails weren't put in at the back, so it was defying gravity and mysteriously HANGING at about a 15 degree angle in the rack!

We packed up our stuff as fast as possible, got out of there. We got into BlueSquare 10mins later, by the time we reached the door there were already BlueSquare techs waiting for us! They immediately took all our equipment out the back of my car and put it next to the rack so we could get it all installed.

Anyway, I thought I'd just share my experience of RapidSwitch - Im sure they have lots of happy customers. I'm just happy we got out of there before we moved in too much kit. I couldn't handle the thought of giving them another chance, them failing and us being forced to move out some busy shared servers at 7:30pm one night! We'll be staying at BlueSquare from now on.

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RapidSwitch " Warning Very Important Non-trusted

Oct 27, 2009

i toke 3 servers from RapidSwitch , 2 runing from 3 month and one vps yasterday ,

today many one of customers calling me the servers not working !

so i open ticket in rapidswitch to tell them there is problem for one server not working from ssh , they told me we will check it ,
after this is update i see onther ticket open from them sys :



We have had to suspend your servers because you have not entered a correct address. It is part of our contract that you always enter a working address, please update this as soon as possible - when you have done so we can unsuspend the servers.




the right way is datacenter or company contact customer first or suspend all servers first

also i updated them and there is no reply from one hour

what the correct way to raise the issue of this company?

and how can get my date from them

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Any Other Companies Like FDC With 100mbit Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

May 24, 2009

Any other companies like FDC with 100mbit shared unmetered bandwidth?

I need a shared 100mbit unmetered bandwidth server like FDC.

But i am looking for a better company that offers management aswell.

My price range is $200/month where FDC fits in.

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Servers In Europe W/ Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED)

Mar 26, 2008

My friend asked me earlier if I knew any places in EU that allow IRC, have Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED, not Dedicated), and allow torrents. I didn't know so I come to WHT for help.

The host must have:

Unmetered 100Mbit Shared
IRC Allow
Allow Torrents
DDoS Protection (not required, but is a bonus)
Must be in Europe

I'm unsure if asking this is allowed (since the host must allow torrents), if it isn't allowed please lock the thread.

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What Is The Difference Between 10mbit And 100mbit Port Speed

Mar 18, 2008

i have site used over 2000gb bandwidth per month at 100 mbit port speed ,i am thinking about going unmetered with $100 extra but port speed would be reduced to 10mbit...

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Cheap Server With 100Mbit For Remote Backups

Mar 23, 2008

cheap dedicated server for remote backups with at least 200GB hard drive and 100Mbps up/down connection and 1000GB transfer. It would be the best to be in US, but it can also be in Europe if speed from US can be at least 60Mbps.

The best I found is Hetzner (49 eur), but they are in Europe and they have a 99 eur setup fee which is too much for me.

It would be great that it's even cheaper than this, because this Hetzner server have a dual core AMD 5600+ CPU, 2x400GB HDD and 2GB of RAM, so because I don't need all that I was hoping to find even cheaper Celeron or Sempron with 200GB HDD and 512MB or 1GB of RAM in US.

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