AlphaRed Still A Bad Choice

Jun 9, 2007

I saw an alphared banner the other day here on WHT, and checked out their prices, and WOW (Yes, I know the old adage...I don't need to hear it...)

I did some searching and read all about the drama that happened around them several years ago. I'm not interested in that. I want to know how they are now. Has the level of service gone up or is it still in the crapper?

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Alphared VPS

Jun 9, 2007

any comments on Alphared VPS package?

their price is very competitive.

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Alphared VPS Vs Godaddy VPS Which Better?

Jun 11, 2007

Does anyone used the alphared VPS?

I want to buy a vps which is better alphared or Godaddy.

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Review Alphared

Jun 19, 2008

I thought they were phony like the BlowOutHost person who scammed $140 out of me.

Their deal looked too good to be true, and just what I wanted and at my price. So after a week later, unable to find similar deal I decided to finally take the chance and purchase a server.

I got my server on 6/9 and it has been just awesome so far.

My specs: ....

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Sucks Alphared

Jun 15, 2007

I saw alphared banner and ordered one VPS
But it is bad.

After 4 days I still cannot use. I contact suportors but they dont fix problem. I reboot VPS but wait 2 hours, still "is starting" Maybe wait 24 hours

I think webhostingtalk remove their banner, if not I think there is lot of victims like me.

Never use VPS, it is #1 in bad.

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Jul 1, 2007

Wow, I never knew I could waste so much time and effort on one company.

So as you can see this is not good.

I ordered their $20 VPS, and about 24 hours later I recieved the information regarding login. I logged in, and every button I clicked said Service not available. So I figured it was just because it got set up, so I submit a ticket and get a response that there is no problem.

2 Weeks later, I am submitting the same ticket. Same Response.

3 Weeks later I am on chat with them 5 straight nights, and different people keep telling me my server is overloaded and will get moved by morning. And guess what happens in the morning... "Service not available" for everything in Plesk. 20 Ticket reply's later, no support. Nothing works, so basically I got to the point I just demanded a refund and cancellation of anything service they tried to provide me.

I haven't even been able to successfully see my index.html....

They completely lied about every thing they did. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with regarding anything. Please dont make the mistake I have made.

I will keep you guys up to date on how long it takes them to cancel my service, and if they refund my money... If not they should be expecting a full inbox.

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Solarvps Vs Alphared Vs Steadfast

Jun 14, 2007

I am currently deciding between these 3 companies for a vps solution. They all seem to be solid and provide good deals. I would just like to know everyone's experience in terms of speed, uptime, support handling and stablility.

Uptime & support matters the most to me.

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Alphared VPS For Filedump / Filemirror

Aug 4, 2007

I'm thinking of getting a 40GB/2500GB VPS with Alphared. It'd be serving static files (~10MB each), and no dynamic content or files.

Support is not the most important thing (Yes, I read the older topics ) since it would be a secondary mirror for download only. However for it to be effective I'll need to be sure about performance & bandwidth allocation.

Has anybody ever used them for this kind of thing? Are you able to really use all 2500GB for the (relatively low) fee of $49/mo? And if yes, how is the speed per connection? 200K/sec possible during peak times?

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Where To Move AlphaRed Servers

Oct 24, 2008

I don`t know what will be with AlphaRed but for me current situation don`t look good and look like every day they can shutdown all servers without this moment cPanel licenses stop to work, alphared site is down, uberbox is down...somebody know more info?

I thinking to move all my sites to other host and still I don`t know where to move all...

I need 400-500Mbit dedicated BW, 6000GB on hard drives and few servers....also, I need stable network, true 24/7/365 support, good prices

In this moment I thinking about but I don`t know much about move all data and setup all I need few days and before I do that I must find good host...

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Alphared Connection To Europe

Jun 15, 2008

Most of our traffic is from europe ( Netherlands) and at the moment we have a host in Netherlands but Bandwith is expensive and service is poor.

So we are looking to move to Alphared or FDC, does anybody now how good the connection is of those to europe?

If there are some people from Europe or the Netherlands can you do some tests? Thanks

FXW (netherlands)

We can send you the files :-)

If you know better host with better connections and cheap prices for unmetered 100MB line

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Extremely Bad Service From

Apr 22, 2008

Just a warning to everyone.

I ordered 5 servers from, I spent an entire evening explaining to their sales person what I required.

In the end I decided on 4 Duo's and one P4. All to be connected with a Gigabit private Lan and to share 10Mbit premium bandwidth. I was promised it would take approx three days for this to be setup.

One week later I was met with an apology that the price quoted would unfortunately have to be tripled due to a mistake.

I paid $3,500 setup. Its now three weeks later and I have NO service.

I follow up every few days and am promised the service will be up soon.


Today I'm met with ANOTHER email saying it will be 10 days to allocate me 32 IP's. Not to mention the mess that every few days I'm asking how I want the servers setup.

I have missed my deadlines, my current provider is still billing me, my clients are moaning that I"m doing nothing about our current providers issues.

Are there any decent providers out there? or is finding someone who is competent and does what they say a pipedream?

And I guess I've lost $3,500 ... haven't I?

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Alphared/ Scam

Dec 19, 2008

I got a email yesterday from a company called saying that i signed up for their account and that i authorized AlphaRed to debit the account automatically.

I never gave AlphaRed or this clickandbuy to create or debit any account. Whats their angle on this scam? i don't get it.

I was a customer w/AR back in June for one month. I canceled and got my money refunded because their network was not performing.

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CPU Choice

Feb 23, 2007

I have a dual processor xeon 1.8 server

The 2 cpu's are xeon 1.8 with 512 L2 cache and 400 fsb

I am thinking of trying to give the server a little more power with faster processors, using the same board.

The board can take any xeon 603 pin cpu as long as it is 400 fsb.

So here is what I have found, that my server can take as far as cpu options, I am asking for more opinions on which choices of the following processors would be better for a busy server.

dual 2.8 xeon processors with 512 L2 cache

dual 2.0 xeon processors with 512 L2 cache and 1 gb L3 cache

dual 2.0 xeon processors with 512 L2 cache and 2 gb L3 cache

Please let me know your opinions, I have some ideas, but I am looking for feedback.

And please only talk about the xeons above, and not amd etc.

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AlphaRed Vs Choopa Vs LeaseWeb - Who Oversells The Most

May 11, 2008

I am considering getting high bandwidth hosting from either alphared, choopa, or leaseweb, but before I do I would like to ask you which one would give me the best speeds, globally. Any other info that you can provide would be useful too. Thanks!

Also, if you can suggest another host for high bandwidth that is very reliable and has great ping results for the us, europe, and asia, i'd be interested.

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AlphaRed: Unprofessionalism And Possible Invasion Of Privacy

Jun 27, 2008

A friend and I ordered a dedicated AlphaRed server, drawn in by the excellent pricing.

We were problem-free for a few days, until I noticed my irssi (IRC chat client) screen detach. I assumed I accidentally pressed something, and continued chatting. Then it happened again, and a few more times. I looked at the last people to login to my shell, and it showed that an AlphaRed employee had logged into both 'root' and my personal shell. The employee was reading my chat logs in real-time.

The AlphaRed employ did not only read my chats, but participated as well. You may find logs that here:

Some excerpts:

05:05:40 <@infid3l[eMo]> hm..
05:05:48 <@infid3l[eMo]> =D i love finding hacked shells
05:05:52 <@infid3l[eMo]> especially when they're on my network
05:06:01 <@infid3l[eMo]> and then snatching control of them =D =D
05:06:44 <@lifelike> = d
05:06:53 <@infid3l[eMo]> so whats up ppl
05:06:58 <@infid3l[eMo]> sorry to break into your conversation =D


05:08:00 <@infid3l[eMo]> lol=D
05:08:30 <@infid3l[eMo]> I guess infid3l wants the screen back
05:08:35 <@infid3l[eMo]> eh, i'll give it back.
05:08:41 <@lifelike> lol who u
05:08:42 <@infid3l[eMo]> I'm watching you =D
05:08:55 <@infid3l[eMo]> I'm Alpha Red's network admin
05:08:59 <@lifelike> looool
05:09:01 <@infid3l[eMo]> I run the network this box is on

I then realized that this AlphaRed employee thought that I had somehow hacked the machine and gained root access. This box was unmanaged, yet the employee did not consult the owner to verify that I was a legitimate user. When the employee discovered I had not hacked the box, he claimed that IRC daemons were against the AUP. Below is the only mention of IRC in the AUP:

``11. Clients running IRC daemon are required to take immediate action on notification of any botnet or suspected

DMCA activity on the server. Such action shall include immediately closing any channels related to such activity.

Clients refusing to take such action or provide access to Alpha Red to take such action will have all access to the IRC
daemon ports blocked and may be terminated without further notice.'

When I made the employee aware of this, he claimed there were complaints made about the IRC server. When I asked what the nature of the complaints were, he said he was not at liberty to discuss it. I personally doubt there were any complaints, as the IRCd was completely legitimate and exclusive.

I talked to the employee via ``wall'' messages via the root shell for a while. When I mentioned how unprofessional his way of dealing with the situation was, he told me he had control over the network and he didn't have to be professional.

While talking on the phone the employee told me I should have notified AlphaRed about running an IRCd. Nowhere in the AUP did it say anything about notifying AlphaRed. The employee acted like it was common sense -- which to me, it wasnt.

With no evidence of illegitimate activity, AlphaRed still refuses to allow an IRCd to run on our box. Even though it was their mistake, we are the ones paying for it.

AlphaRed offered no apology, and only left us inconvenienced.

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Alphared In Flames And The Vultures Circle In

Oct 10, 2008

how many companies are exploiting the alphared fallout.

In a thread in the outage forums where alphared customers are trying to figure out what is going on, you have competition posting in there with there flashy signatures and telling them to go look at the OFFER forums where the top 5 posts have 'alphared refugees'.

It is an abomination to this community and completely irresponsible.

A company has gone down the drain, peoples DATA and possibly livelihoods has been lost and it seems the vultures have come to play, competition take over outtage threads acting as if they are giving some sort of advice but in reality are only trying to advertise there SIGNATURES which is a an advertisement. Can you say exploitation?

Is this what the world has come too? I am disgusted


lphared Refugee - Unmetered Specials Q9300 $169, 99% Uptime, Premium Network
Northstorm | Kevin


Alphared refugee - bandwidth special
bummer6666 Yesterday 11:22 PM
by bummer6666

^^^^^^FDC ?


AlphaRed Specials Rodney-E2

How many other companies are going to participate in the fallout and exploitation of people who have maybe lost everything?

The ANNOUNCEMENT thread in outtage forums is this

Got posts like this

Like this


Complete exploitation of one company's failure and members on this forum are completely taking advantage of the situation.

Reminds me of the shark/bankers of wall street taking advantage of every weakness they see specifically for financial gain. With the current economic crisis it makes me ashamed to be associated with the likes of these.

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DB Server Choice

Nov 2, 2008

I am about to outgrow my current server and want to upgrade to a set-up with one web server (my current one) and a new separate database server. I am very happy with my current host (Liquidweb) and want to stay with them. So I need to decide which option from them will best suit my needs.


1 - I have a standard LAMP website, but with a fairly large db and plans to add others. My understanding is that the biggest factor in db performance will be the amount of RAM I have installed. They offer a Q6600 Quad Core that will take 8GB of RAM. The only other servers they have which take more than 4GB cost at least $180/month more. I don’t think the extra CPU will make much difference, and I am hoping that 8GB will be enough RAM for a good while (my current box has 2GB, but that isn’t really enough anymore).
So I think that my choice is obvious, but I recognize that I am really only guessing and would appreciate any advice about whether or not this would, in fact, be the best server for me.

2- I can order the server with a 32 or 64 bit OS for the same price. I don’t have any idea regarding which would be better. I don’t know which system my current server is running or whether both boxes need to have the same OS. Also, I am currently running MySQL4 but will probably upgrade the new server to 5. I have read elsewhere that there is a 64 bit version of MySQL that is needed to make maximum use of installed RAM, but I really don’t understand all the issues involved here. Is there something I need to know before I set this server up to make sure that I get maximum performance from it? I will, of course, also be running PHP on it.

As you see, my understanding of server requirements is very limited.

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Best Choice For A New Datacenter

Jun 19, 2008

if I could get some recomendations on which datacenter you'd suggest I contact for new servers?

totally fed up with the non-support at thePlanet, and I'm now investigating ded servers at another spot.

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Alphared Intends To Charge Past Due Invoices

Nov 6, 2008

In what appears as an even bigger mistake by alphared and I would expect some legal action against them even more. Alphared apparently will be trying trying to charge for service while the billing system and everything else was down.

How were we supposed to cancel, pay or do anything if we didn't want the service? How can they expect to have people pay for service when some of us have already moved and paid for service elsewhere?

I had confidence in them coming back, but I will for sure continue to move away. They couldn't manage the company and expect us to pay for service when we had no option to cancel.

Directly from the chat:Me: This is in a general sense, are you going to be charging everyone?Jay Merritt: It would only make sense. They have been receiving a service and support.

What are the thoughts on that, you may have moved. But you may have some bills coming your way.

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What Other Hosting Companies Serve The Same Niche As Alphared

Oct 14, 2008

namely, budget prices on servers. in particular unmetered bandwidth.

steadfast and hivelocity are the two I know of, but I'm wondering if I'm missing any.

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Bluehost A Good Choice

Nov 6, 2009

I can only state my own experiences with Bluehost. As a longtime web designer I have been sending my clients to Bluehost for years. In fact I started a web service at that will do free setup and install of Wordpress if you open a account with Bluehost. I like to keep all my clients in one place. I have had no problems with Bluehost over the past five years. If a client's website starts to get many hits and more traffic than a standard shared hosting account can handle I then move them over to a real VPS. But if your just starting out Bluehost and a service like mine is a good choice.

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Is Namecheap A Good Choice For Me

Mar 31, 2009

I am a little upset because I host my forum and other sites on my friend's server who has dedicated server, but now he is closing his hosting business

My forum opens very fast with his servers but now I have to go to somewhere else, I just contacted Namecheap and asked if I can host my little-busy forum there or not on their shared hosting package.

They will reply me but I want to know your advices too about Namecheap. Is it good choice to host a VBulletin forum on shared hosting from Namecheap?

Or I should buy their Business Hosting Package?

I don't want to buy VPS or Dedicated Server because I don't have much knowledge of hosting and I have heard that VPS and Dedicated servers are very difficult to manage for person like me

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Good OS Choice For Plesk

Apr 6, 2009

I've decided to go with theplanet as a server provider. What OS do you guys recommend if the primary purpose of the server was to distribute media and large exe files?

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I Have Made The Right Choice Going With BurstNET?

Jan 3, 2009

if anyone can tell me if they think I have made the right choice going with BurstNET?

I was with them a while ago through a reseller however there was a lot of downtime.

(Now) I recently read that their uptime is a lot better, is this true?

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Best Choice For Dedicated Server?

Jul 4, 2008

I'm in the market for a dedicated server once more, and since Theplanet was going down hill the last time I was there (9 months ago), I don't imagine they've gotten much better (After the merger with Ev1).

So I need to find a new datacenter, however my problem is... I'm unsure what I want to go for - currently I have $1200 that I can dedicate to a server, so a 6 or 12 month plan would be ideal or possibly even co-location. As for the actual SERVER - I need a place that offers Linux/BSD, cPanel, at least 2gB of memory, and half way decent processors.
Any help would be appreciated - the only datacenters I have been with over the past 5 years are Ev1/Rackshack, and Theplanet/Servermatrix.

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OS Choice, Control Panel

Feb 6, 2008

I'm moving to another server in the next day. I've got a choice for an operating system (as I did last time). I thought I'd ask for opinions, thoughts, and experiences with the choices.

Fedora Core 7

A little info about the sites. I host 2 Gallery sites, a fairly popular Drupal based site, a relatively static PHP site, and soon and osCommerce powered site. I use PHP and MySQL a good bit. The server is managed by Plesk 8.3 right now. Which takes me to my other question.

What other control panels are available that offer good feature sets and low overhead (resource wise)? I'm impressed with the look of Plesk, but the workings leave something to be desired. My server comes with Plesk unless I tell them otherwise. They don't offer an alternate control panel solution.

As far as technical knowledge goes, I work with Linux (SLES/SLED) on a fairly regular basis. So I'm not a complete rookie. But I definitely don't consider myself an expert.

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Cpanel And Linux OS Choice

Apr 28, 2008

For one of my server, I have to use cpanel, my host offers these possibilities:

CentOS Linux
Fedora Core Linux
Debian Linux
Gentoo Linux
RedHat Enterprise Linux

In term of compatibility and evolution, what is the best choice OS/Cpanel?

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Apollo VPS: Making A Choice

Dec 19, 2008

My brother is moving from shared to VPS.

Apollo has a managed VPS for $40 (with 20% off for a yearly purchase).

Any problems with this package?

Any problems specifically with Apollo VPS?

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Dedicated Server Choice

May 29, 2007

going to make an order, but don't know which one?

On this server will be File Hosting Site (, which work on php/mysql, so it's not just direct downloads/upload, there is server load/

version 1.

- AMD Athlon XP 2000+
- 512MB DDR Memory
- 120GB EIDE Hard Drive
- 1500GB Traffic per month
- 100Mbit Connection
Monthly Price: $*** USD
Setup Fee: Free of Charge!

version 2.
# Cel 1.8 Ghz (while supplies last)
# 512 GB Ram
# 80 GB
# 6 ips
# 1500 GB monthly bandwidth 10Mbps switch port, $0/setup

price is the same
both are self -managed and located in usa.

unfortunately don't know, which one?

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Monitoring Software Of Choice

Jun 27, 2007

I've been using Nagios for so long that I have become disconnected from some of the other packages. What are y'all using these days?

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FDCServers Or AlphaRed (Looking For Low Cost Good Quality Bandwidth)

Mar 6, 2008

Its a video and picture sharing website for India.

In the first 1-2 months, I will need around 250GB storage and 2TB bandwidth per month. After that, I will need much more. I have no idea how much I bandwidth may need. So I may go to a 50Mbps unmetered bandwidth; to limit my bandwidth cost.

My budget is around $400 per month. I want to have server(s) in west coast as it will be closer to India.

I have narrowed down to FDCServers and AlphaRed; as they both offer unmetered bandwidth for cheap. I will start with metered bandwidth and then go to unmetered bandwidth when my bandwidth demands exceeds.

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