Affordable Hosting For A Proxy Website

Jun 26, 2007

any affordable web hosting for a proxy website?

what i mean affordable is as cheap as possible, and this is a proxy site, not a proxy list.

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Most Affordable Storage System For Photo-sharing Website

Jan 4, 2007

does anyone have experience setting up big storage system for photo-sharing/videos or similar website?

This for example is not affordable for many -

Im talking about 20 - 40TB system.

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Really Affordable Dedicated Hosting

May 18, 2008

Every webhost I see that offers dedicated hosting always sticks with the same price range: $60 - $90 for crap Celerons/P4s, $160 - $220 for Xeons, and $250+ for better servers. Is there a reliable host that offers much lower prices and has a reliable network? I am currently using The Planet and for years have been paying $260 with tech support and heck that is extra money that could be in my pocket with a cheaper service.

My current Dual Xeon 2.4ghz is overkill since the CPU load is never high and pushes all 12 of my sites with ease since they are all optimized and coded to never cause large loads.

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Difference Between Cheap And Affordable Web Hosting

Oct 21, 2009

Prospective web hosting clients have to understand that there's a clear difference between a cheap hosting service and an affordable one.

For one, an afordable service has to do with the budget of the client, meaning the cient has a an amount he will like to spend on a web host account while a cheap web hosting service has to do with the price of the product in relation with the services offered. For example a shared host that you get for $10 will definitey have more features than a shared that cost $3.99.

You have to know what you want before taking an action that you may regret later.

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Affordable Hosting SHARED-RESELLER Warez Linking - Nulled Script - Legal Porn

May 26, 2009

BEST RELIABLE HOSTING, affordable hosting

ALLOWED: warez linking - nulled script - legal porn

warez linking allowed
nulled script allowed

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Email, MySQL, FTP
PHP5, MySQL5, CGI, Perl5
DDOS Proof, ionCube, Ruby
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
cPanel® 11, WHM, Fantastico
Web Hosting Control Panel
MS Frontpage WebSite Hosting
ImageMagick 5.5.2 Support
Unlimited Email and FTP Accounts
Fast, Free 24/7 Tech Suppor
Reseller Hosting Available
2 Web Based E-Mail Programs
Streaming Audio/Video Hosting

SUPER 12$ year
5 Go Storage
30 Gb Transfer
Control Panel

EXPERT 24$/year
20 Gb Storage
100 Gb Transfer

EXPERT 36$/year
50 Gb Storage
600 Gb Transfer

» 100 Gb Disk Space
» Unlimited Bandwidth
50 $/YEAR


w w w .azhosty .com

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Host For My First Proxy Website

Dec 7, 2008

i would like to put Glype proxy and some ads on it.

So which host should i choose.

I was considering TMZhosting for $5.99/month. 110gb/month.

How does that sound?

Any better hosts for around this price?

BTW i already registered a domaine at

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Do I Have To Have Proxy Hosting For A Proxy Site

Aug 14, 2009

I have a proxy site which is hosted with a proxy host, do i have to use proxy hosting as i have an account with another host i might want to use. The proxy hosting has run out.

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Starter/Low End Server For A New Proxy Website

Jul 3, 2008

I am recommending to a friend who is starting a proxy site, to do a successful launch by getting a dedicated server to host the single proxy domain.

He does not want to spend more than $40 per month.

Should he be considering a VPS, or are proxy usually against TOC of a VPS?

I have found a low end server at with plenty of bandwidth allocation for $29.95. Is it powerful enough to sustain traffic from a proxy site that is just starting out?

Specs: Refurb P3 1.0, 256mb ram, 25gb IDE, 2500 GB

Another comparable server for $29 is offered by server4you.
Specs: AMD Duron, 512MB Ram, 60gb IDE, 500GB bandwidth

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Apache :: Open Proxy On Website

May 23, 2015

I'm trying to fix a problem with open proxy on my website. It's running ubuntu & apache2. I also run pfsense for a firewall with snort. I have a SSL for the website, so I have regular port 80 redirect to https.

At first I did notice right away when I checked & saw this happen that proxy was turned on. So I got that turned off.

My firewall is still allowing these bad IPs to port 80. I would like to figure out what I could turn on the firewall or snort to stop those connections in addition to what needs fixing in apache. I've read the solution is to make the redirects go to a 403 error page.

I also tried adding a mod_security rule but ended up blocking all people from website, though I may have accidentally turned some other rules on too.

There are a few different problems it looks like.

First - It looks like they're trying to connect to my HTTPS then redirect to an ad through my domain name?
Second - It looks like they're still trying to use my website for open proxy but directly accessing through my port 80. My logs indicate I'm redirecting to a 301 page.

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Apache :: How To Create Proxy Tunnel For A Website

Mar 11, 2013

Some of websites like youtube and facebook are blocked in my country and we can't access them .in addition most of tunneling protocols like PPTP are blocked too . I want to create a website that tunnels between our network and this website like proxy or other ways. Scripts like phpProxy are not secure and many websites don't permit the visitors who come with this scripts. A very good sample for my idea is . This websites is like alternate for blocked addresses like facebook, but it's premium and require charging cash .

How can I create website like . I have my own VPS and Host for this issue. Is that possible to serve this blocked websites trough proxy by configuring apache settings?

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VPS For Hosting Web Proxy

Nov 23, 2007

Shouldn't have too many visitors, just starting out.

Any idea where? A lot of places I see prohibit 'running any sort of proxy service or website.

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Proxy Hosting - Ram

Jun 24, 2007

Hey i was thinking of starting a proxy hosting site, but im not sure on what kind of ram would be suitable. Would 256+ MB be suitable.

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[proxy Hosting]

Jun 8, 2007

I know this is asked loads on the forums, but so far I have no real solutions. Yes, I need a proxy vps. We want to start quite small, this is what we must have (don't go posting about whether we use it or not, we want it ):

256mb private RAM (not bothered about burst)
5gig space minimum
150 minimum bandwidth (more = better)
public proxies allowed (most vps providers I have contacted don't)
unmanaged (basic support nice but not needed)

I think that's it, oh price, I know it's v.low but there are some hosts, there must be more: $25/month

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Hosting A Proxy

Nov 25, 2007

how much traffic the GoDaddy Economy Plan can handle. I currently am hosting a proxy using this plan and was wondering if and when I will need to upgrade....

When will I have enough traffic that I need a dedicated server?

Can you recommend any dedicated server?

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Recommended Proxy Hosting

Nov 28, 2008

I currently have 2 proxies with over 2500+ uniques a day.

I need a dedicated server, anyone got any suggestions?

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Cheapest Hosting For Proxy?

May 27, 2008

I need a hosting company that hosts multiple proxy websites with cheapest rate on the market and with better bandwidth.

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Good Proxy Hosting ....

Dec 10, 2008

a good proxy hosting site for my proxy net work. Pls recommend some good proxy hosting.

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Looking For Adult And Proxy Hosting And PostgreSQL

Mar 2, 2008

Looking for dedicated server that allows adult and proxy hosting and comes with PostgreSQL. Really looking for a more established host and not some one thatís going to steal my money and run. am open for your ideas on what you think is the best.

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That Allow Proxy Hosting And Unlimited Domains

Oct 18, 2008

Does anyone know of a webhost that will allow proxy hosting and supports unlimited domains?

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Optimizing Server For Proxy Hosting

Mar 21, 2007

i have a Pentium D 820, 2GB Ram at LT where i am hosting a few proxies. Using Centos and Directadmin.

It's realy fast and i am happy with it. The only problem i am facing is that load is jumping up to 60 sometimes but just for a few seconds. Especially when a lot of people are using the proxy and it slows down a bit. That affects only the proxified pages and not a few personal html sites i also host there.

At the moment i am seeing in top that the CPU usage varies from 0,2 to 8, 12, 21 etc but just for a second or two

here is the top output


[root@server ~]# top
top - 12:46:18 up 23 days, 2:36, 1 user, load average: 0.36, 0.44, 0.29
Tasks: 353 total, 1 running, 351 sleeping, 0 stopped, 1 zombie
Cpu(s): 1.2% us, 0.5% sy, 0.0% ni, 98.3% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Mem: 2066668k total, 1297168k used, 769500k free, 53192k buffers
Swap: 2040244k total, 0k used, 2040244k free, 273108k cached

and another output


[root@server ~]# top
top - 12:58:34 up 23 days, 2:48, 1 user, load average: 0.58, 0.39, 0.30
Tasks: 209 total, 4 running, 205 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 16.9% us, 5.1% sy, 0.0% ni, 77.9% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si
Mem: 2066668k total, 1100760k used, 965908k free, 53196k buffers
Swap: 2040244k total, 0k used, 2040244k free, 276744k cached

and the number of connections on port 80


[root@server ~]# netstat -an |grep :80 |wc -l
[root@server ~]#

is there any way to tweak or optimize the server so than it can cope better when a lot of people are using the proxy.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Error When Changing From No Hosting To Website Hosting

Aug 31, 2014

Plesk 12 - Domain with no hosting I'm getting error when changing hosting settings to Website Hosting

Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value. ('home' = '')

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Hosting Type On Website Became (No Web Hosting)

Jan 29, 2015

I have a problem with Parallels Plesk v12.0

Hosting type on website became "No web hosting."

When I try to change hosting type to "Forwarding" it changes ok.

If I change hosting type to "Website hosting", I get message "The hosting type for "website name" was successfully changed.", but hosting plan still stay "No web hosting"....

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Affordable Colocation

Oct 9, 2009

No matter how hard you look for a colo datacenter, they all seem to push hard on offering fancy services and causing a big impression. There's nothing wrong with that, but as a result, costs typically go up beyond those of dedicated servers.

Would this work for offering affordable colo and still make a profit:

- no customer visits, all equipment shipped, plugged in, and turned on: requires no fancy reception area, less security measures, no parking space, no glossy facilities.

- limit power requirements or charge per watt consumed: avoids charging customers by max available power and charge for the amount actually used.

If that's a possibility, there just might be a market out there for cheap colo for the masses.

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Affordable PCI Certification

May 12, 2009

Does anyone know of a firm that offered PCI certification for a low price (something in the ballpark of $200-300)? I have Google'd it and turned up companies charging $1500-5000 per year, which is retarded.

I have already run a PCI compliance scan from Comodo and came back clean, so I would like to get the certification done

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Affordable Hardware Firewall

Oct 23, 2007

My friend recommend me Juniper firewall which his company uses to protect over 10 servers and to detect & drop DDOS attack. The problem is he do not know the product series.

Since I am here, I wanted to ask as well, has anyone uses Juniper firewall.

I was told they are the cheapest or at least affordable hardware firewall in the market.

I am in need to protect 7 machines.

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Affordable UPS Backup Solutions

Sep 4, 2009

I am in need to get a UPS for my 20 amp circuit in one of my datacenters. For whatever reason at least once a month the power will go down for a few seconds and then causing FSCK on my servers.

I need an affordable solution that will give me a few minutes of power so that at least the servers don't crash. E-mail notification would be nice too but not required.

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Affordable Dedicated In SF Bay Area

Apr 24, 2009

Just need about 3 near SF.

The closer the better.

Budget ~100/server

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Reliable But Affordable Windows VPS

Oct 1, 2007

I've been reading a lot of positive VPS provider reviews but when I checked out most of them they are mostly linux providers only.

Is there any windows VPS provider that anyone can recommend based on affordability, reliability and their support?

I know there are a lot of VPS offers on the ad section but I do not want to be deciding just because they have good offers. I want to base my decision on more factors not just price.

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Affordable Effective Load Balancing?

Jun 30, 2008

i've got a server that averages 3-4 TB a month. it is starting to max out the limits on the servers capacity and i want to setup another server on a different network that can help load balance, and if one of the servers are down for any reason the other server would take on all the load while the other server is down.

what is the best solution for this?

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed - Affordable?

Oct 2, 2008

I'm looking for an affordable (a.k.a. fairly cheap) stable dedi that allows IRC. It will mainly be used to host a few websites, but it needs to be IRC allowed as well (the irc portion will be very small). Does anyone know any good hosts? Most of the cheaper hosts I've looked into don't allow IRC at all .

- IRC allowed
- US preferably; not necessary
- Managed or un-managed, doesn't matter
- Decent price
- Need somewhere around 20-35 IPs

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Hosting My Own Website

Jan 10, 2009

Is it possible to buy a dedicated server off eg Dell and host your own website on it from home ie with a www prefix to the url- Do ye know any good tutorial on it. Would 20Mbit bandwidth be enough bandwidth for a fairly busy php ,mysql site? Completely new to this.

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