Lease To Own

Sep 27, 2009

I would like to ask if "Lease to Own" is a wise choice for dedicated server ? as far I'm looking for server for my own websites

Also, which server providers provide this option?

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Lease To Own Or Rent

Jun 2, 2009

We are planning to move onto the next level with Lease to Own servers. We have been doing some calculations and it seems cheaper in the short & long run. What do you guys think?

Can anyone give recommendations about companies that offer Lease to Own servers?

I've created a poll on this thread for either Rent or Lease to Own.

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Hardware Lease

Dec 3, 2007

I had seen a few threads in this forum regarding hardware lease.

how this is actually happen?

can someone explain me more on this?

i see that there are leases from dell are from 24 - 48 months in USA.
is the hardware in warranty period all this time?

suppose hardware dies then?

just wanted to know for more info

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Purchasing Off Lease Equipment

Oct 23, 2009

I've been searching Google for a few days in hopes of finding companies that take off lease server equipment (sometimes almost brand new) and auctioning it off to people.

I've been buying alot of equipment through resellers of these places but I would like to cut out the middle man expense and bid for myself.

For example. This week I purchased ten Dell PowerEdge R200's with X3220 Xeon CPU's in them. These are fairly new. I don't want to buy first generation single-core xeon servers.

Look forward to finding out who is supplying these people.

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Lease Server In Netherlands

Dec 1, 2007

a friend of my wants to lease servers (monthly payment) in netherland while he himself is in india.

he can pay via paypal only.

he will be colocating it with anoterh company.

are there people/companies that can do somehting for him?

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Is It Impossible To Lease A Dedicated Server Anymore

Apr 21, 2009

Last week I was traveling, and we had problems with one of our fairly critical mail servers, problems I really did not want to try to resolve from airport or hotel Internet in South America. So I decide to just lease a clean dedicated server, and setup mail there, and bump over the DNS. Easy, right?

So I pick a hosting company, one that advertises 1 Hour Setups, for obvious reasons, we are losing mail.

I sign up for a $69.99 Linux Dedicated Server, and pay a $50 setup fee, they charge my credit card. Then at the end of the process, I am greeted with a demand to fill out and fax this Service Order, with my CC info on it. Needless to say, I didn’t have access to a fax machine, or scanner.

So I blow another $35.00 on eFax and fill the damn form out in Photoshop, a complete pain in the ass to buy a cheap server. I fax it to the hosting company, and don’t hear from them again. I contact their Live chat support, and they tell me it takes 24 to 48 hours for the account verification process by the sales department, before my 1-hour setup starts.

And then 24 hours later, I get an email from the hosting company, requesting a copy of my credit card, photo ID, and a utility bill for my home address. Impossible for me at the time, so I cancel the order.

And then…yes, it gets better, they tell me they can’t refund my credit card for 3 to 5 days, with some nonsense about their company policy.

This would have been a colossal pain in the ass if I had been sitting at my office, with my full staff at my disposal, but while traveling it was simply impossible. I understand fraud prevention, and charge backs, my company takes credit cards as well…but we do not make it so hard on our customers to spend money with us that they simply take their business elsewhere, just to prevent a possible chargeback.

Ironically enough, I am probably going to have to call my bank today and file a chargeback, as I have not seen my refund from this horrible excuse for a hosting company.

Are there any companies out there that have a clean and easy setup process that do not require a stack of paperwork and the need of a fax machine and scanner to rent a server?

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Byethost Review - Server Lease And Management Services

Apr 8, 2009

Just a quick little review here:

Wanted to let you all know that I am very pleased with service I am receiving from Byethost! Many people think of Byet as just a free hosting and paid shared hosting company, but for awhile now I've been leasing a server and management service from them for and I must say I have been very impressed!

I've received lots of personal attention and consulting to help me determine my needs, and also to make sure I end up with the best solution. Byethost has been very flexible in their solutions for me, and I have really appreciated all they've done!

I recently had to upgrade from a VPS to a full dedicated server, and once again Byethost was there to help every step of the way. The upgrade was literally totally seamless.

They ordered the server, configured it, moved everything over, verified everything with me. Nothing was down, not even for a few seconds. Byethost handled it all, and I didn't have to do a thing! That's what I call service. (Plus, from the time I ordered until the time everything was moved from the VPS to the dedicated server and running fine was less than 2 days!)

Previously, I've said HostGator was my number 1 pick for dedicated servers, but I have to change that now. If you're looking for a dedicated server (with or without management servers), I strongly recommend You will be doing yourself a huge favor, saving a tremendous amount of hassle by choosing Byethost.

I now have a dedicated server and 10 Mbps dedicated line from them, and I couldn't be happier!

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