Data Encryption On The Server

Mar 20, 2008

Are there solutions to sync folders between local and remote servers with file encryption capabilities. I mean:

<source server, unencrypted> <----sync-----> <remote server, encrypted>

I need sync similar to rsync, secured data transfer and encrypted storage on a remote server, so even root won't be able to access the data.

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Adding Account To Thunderbird - Mail Server Doesn't Use Encryption

Jul 22, 2015

I have a problem while i'm trying to add a mail account to Thunderbird

I see the problem that Mail server doesn't use encryption !!!

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RSA Encryption Algorithm

May 11, 2009

I am just trying to understand RSA encryption.

Just say I have three parties Alice, Bob and Eve.

All parties have access to Bob's Public Key.

Alice is going to send Bob an encrypted message of either "1" or "0" (without quotes)

Eve manages to intercept Alice's message.

If Eve encrypts "1" and "0" using Bob's Public Key, will one of them be the same as Alice's encrypted message?

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Email Encryption

Aug 8, 2007

I have a client that is in need of a easy to use and transparent as possible method of sending encrypted email to many external clients.

They have currently been using verisign digital ID's and have not been satisfied with the amount of work necessary to send and receive encrypted email.

I would welcome any and all installable or 3rd party service recommendations on how to handle this. The would prefer that their cleints receiving the email have to do the least amount of work, in order to receive their emails.

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Cipher To Use For OpenVPN Encryption?

Jul 15, 2008

Can anyone who is a security expert recommend the most secure option for choosing what type of "cipher" to use with our OpenVPN setup?

(I bolded the one I think might be best? Let me know what you think. We are currently using "BF-CBC", but I want to be sure it's not breakable...) ...

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Windows Disk Encryption, Options

Jul 22, 2009

As I understand it, PGP Desktop is not compatible with server os's. Also, TrueCrypt and BestCrypt containers have i/o overhead. What else is left? Environment is 2008 Server with high i/o throughput requirements..

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System Updates And/or Encryption Not Typical

Aug 2, 2007

I believe there is a gap in my understanding of VPS with regards to just how much control you really have over the system. VPS gives you "root access" which typically means top-level access... but in reality, the true super user is a boot-up console user. Few VPS providers that I've investigated offer console access to your VPS while booting.

What, than, can be done about system upgrades or using advanced features like root filesystem encryption? Say, for instance, that my provider offers openSUSE 10.1 and I want 10.2. I would be loath to do such a thing if I can't reboot and watch things as it goes. What if the upgrade failed and you need to drop to a single-user mode to fix it?

Or maybe my real misunderstanding here is that you can't upgrade a system in a VPS if the provider doesn't offer the upgrade?

And what if I want my entire system (other than a boot partition) to be encrypted. This would include an encrypted root and swap. This also requires a password at bootup well before any services (like sshd) start.

Again, maybe the real answer is that I can't do that at all anyway and so it doesn't matter.

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Entire Disk Encryption [Linux]

Jul 1, 2007

I'm contemplating creating a website that could store extremely sensitivity information. It's more than likely that a MySQL database would house this information.

My question is. Does anybody have any experience when it comes to encrypting an entire server disk?

I've searched online with disappointing results.

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Apache :: Dev / Random For SSL Encryption Seeding On Windows

Jun 25, 2014

What's the go with seeding the PRNG on windows as there isn't dev/random or dev/urandom? Should I use CryptoAPI or just use a file with random contents and change it often, or just leave the PRNG to "almost" randomise itself?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Internal Error - Wrong Encryption Key Size

Feb 5, 2014

When I create a new subscription in Plesk 11.5 for Windows, i'm shown the following message:

Internal error: Wrong encryption key size

MessageWrong encryption key size
File aps_php.php

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Force Password Encryption For Mail Users?

Mar 10, 2015

I have plesk12 set up but when i set a mail (dovecot) password, it gets stored in plain text (which I can verify by running /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mail_auth_view ). I would like to change this default setting to be encrypted.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Migration And Transfer Manager - Unable To Exchange Encryption Keys

Jun 20, 2014

I'm trying to migrate old server into a new server.

Both uses plesk 11.5.30 version.

I'm using the "Migration & Transfer Manager" for importing everything but it does not work. The error is

Error: launchpad error (Error code = 2):
== STDERR ====================
Unable to start SSH session: Unable to exchange encryption keys

Seems like an ssh problem but ssh from shell works fine in both directions.

I tried also to create public key and put into authorized_keys with no luck..

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How To Find The Data Transfer Data In The Server

Feb 20, 2007

How can I find the data transfer rate on the server. I have done ifconfig -a , it
display the amout of data has been received and transfered. I want to see the live data transfer date. Can I able to check it?

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Shift Email Accounts Data To One Server To Another Server

Mar 2, 2009

i want to shift my domain to one server to another server and the problem is how can i shift my email accounts data to one server to another server.

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Transferring Large Amounts Of Data From Server To Server

Jan 11, 2007

Recently I changed server providers, so now I'm looking for a way to transfer all the data to my new server. I have a total of 420GBs of files in my secondary HDD that need to be transferred.

The old server is at a 10Mbps line, the new one is at a 100Mbps one. From old server, less than half the pipe is being actively used. So theoretically, I should be able to transfer it all in about a week.

I tried
1) SCP. That was waaay too unreliable. And I couldn't get it to restart from the point left on whenever the transfer stopped (like when the servers were restarted).

2) Transfer using a web script. Way too slow, got to about 35GBs, total would take like 2 months.

Is there any other, reliable way of transferring data from server to server?

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How To FTP My Backup Data In My Linux Server To Another Server

Jan 30, 2008

I setup one Linux server, I want use SSH transfer my website data (already .tar) to another Linux server. May I know what SSH command to use and transfer my file to another Linux server?

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Transferring Data To Server

Mar 8, 2008

I currently have a VPS based on virtuozzo with fedora core as my OS.

Now, i am getting a dedicated server.

how should i shift my server from the VPS to the dedicated?

My server Provider is asking for about 30 Usd for this service so i plan to try it myself.

full bziped tar file of the vps is about 450Mb.

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Server To Server Data Transfer

Aug 7, 2008

i wana take a backup of my site but the data is too much and i wana transfer it to another server do any one know about server to server data transfer, without downloading data from server to my pc. and i can upload that data to another server faster.

i have tried but it is expensive too much. can any one suggest me any site like this or it is cheap.

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DB Server And Web Server In Different Data Centers

Nov 27, 2008

DHas anyone got experience of having a web server and db server setup where the servers are in different datacenters? Is this a viable solution or would the performance of sites suffer too much due to the added latency? The only other problem I can think of is additional bandwith usage but that's not a major worry.

Reason I ask is beacause I've found and excellent deal for a DB server and would like to keep my current server for the front end..

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Transfer All Data Of One Server To Another Server New

Oct 26, 2007

we have one server and take new server today we want transfer all data old server to new server my server is centos and cpanel i don`t want done this work of whm if we transfered /etc and /home is good?

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Physically Erasing Data From Server

May 22, 2009

I'm moving some data over to another server and I want to wipe out everything on this server that I currently am using. There is some pretty sensitive information on it and I don't really want the datacenter to erase the data themselves. Is there a way I can do this using root?

Also I gotta ask, does CentOS still archive deleted files like windows? If it does is it possible to also write a script that will fill up the hard drive with ones and zeros so that I can be certain that all the data is gone.

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Retrieve Data From 2nd HDD After Server Failed

Feb 3, 2008

My server HDD got corrupted. My server provider mount a new HDD for me, and put the OLD HDD as secondary drive.

This is what they emailed me:

[root@ns1 ~]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda3 149G 3.7G 138G 3% /
/dev/hda1 99M 17M 77M 19% /boot
none 498M 0 498M 0% /dev/shm
/usr/tmpDSK 485M 13M 447M 3% /tmp
/tmp 485M 13M 447M 3% /var/tmp
/dev/hdc3 149G 23G 119G 16% /backup

I have a forum data (files and database) that is still on the old HDD, I hope to retrieve it.

May I know how can I access to the data?

I tried SSH, can only go till /dev/, then don't know what to do.

What is the command in SSH that I should type in order to go to the 2nd HDD? How can I retrieve the database and files to my new HDD?

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How Do I Delete All Data Off Linux Server

Dec 16, 2008

Just finished migrating server providers and our old servers are being canceled soon. Does anyone know how to delete all log data or any other cached files for security reasons? Is there a command in SSH that can wipe it clean? Without damaging anything of course.

Servers are:

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Getting Lots Of Data Off A Dedicated Server...

Nov 30, 2008

I have a project (using multiple servers) that has generated 3TB of data (compressed), with another .5TB or so each month, and the hard drives on my servers are very close to capacity.

The data doesn't need to be accessible online, so I'm trying to find a low cost way to deal with this data. Keeping the data on dedicated server(s) raises the monthly cost every few months, which isn't good. Transferring that much data to my location via the Internet is costly and inconvenient.

I'm thinking the best option would be to find a host that can ship hard drives to me, after I copy data over. Does anyone know if that is something that hosting companies are willing to do?

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