Ip6tables Rules

May 26, 2009

I want to block the icmp6 and traceroute on my ipv6 server,how can i do it?

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Why Lunarpages Rules

Aug 9, 2006

I signed up with Lunarpages a while back for a dedicated server for my business. Good price, managed hosting rocks, decent disk space... little problem once with a huge power outage, but **** happens, cool.

All is well until I wake up this morning to an email a minute about a failed cron job. It smells fishy, so I contact LUnar pages support to see whats up.

They inform me that some asswad had managed to brute force into my server using a temporary account I set up a while back for some tech support. (I prefaced this with 'im an idiot', so no you know why)
Either way, my server now has a rootkit, plus other **** im sure im not aware of... so they propose to move me to a brand new fresh box. im thinking they are gonna charge me a fee for this, a fee for that... no way. All is free of charge.

Im ****ting kittens now.

so im resetting everything up, and i manage to look myself out of my database...(i told you I was an idiot.. and this was a looooong day already)

they fix it. again. no problem...

If you are looking for a dedicated server, go to lunarpages. otherwise you are a freaking idiot as far as I am concerned...
Lunarpages, I love you, I want your babies...

PS: I am in no way affiliated with lunarpages... however, if they want to give me a free year on their servers, i wouldnt complain... *hint hint*

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Iptables Rules

Jul 2, 2009

One of my low knowledge area's is Iptables Rule's I just normally use APF/CSF.

However on a VPS Host node, I basically want to block all access to a certain port let's say 1234 apart from a certain IP address.

However I don't want to block this port on any of the VPS's on the Node, so what Iptable Rule(s) would I need to put into a bash script on startup.

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Mod_security Rules

May 25, 2009

Is it possible to disable a particular mod_security rule for particular directory or the rules are global?

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Mod_security Rules In WHM

Aug 15, 2008

I just installed mod_security via WHM, and want to know what rule should I enter to prevent some URLs from being opened.

For example, if URL contains word "abc" (like domain.com/some_folder/abc/file.php), it should not be opened.

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How To Set The Rules Of MOD_Security

Jun 4, 2008

how to set the rules of MOD_Security.

Another question for professionals:

Q: What are the best rules to secure my server? I'd appreciate if you managed to attach these rules to your replies. // FYI, I host VBulletin portals.

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Mod_security 2 Rules

Feb 25, 2008

make this rules work on apache 2 mod_security 2?

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Mod_security 2 Rules

Dec 17, 2008

Any good secure rules for mod_security 2 that work well for shared servers?

Can someone share what rules you are using to secure your shared servers. Have tried a few different sets of rules, but a few customers always end up with errors and disabling it for their domain name doesn't sound like a safer option for them or the server.

Share your mod_sec 2 rules.

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How To Create Rules

Mar 15, 2008

i have server windows 2003.

ISS 6.
PHP 5.x
MySQL 5.0

how to create rules with ip/5hit/s is black list and auto ban ip with IPSec.

when test attack file .php
info test :
using code attack files.
attack file test.php ( code files : <?php echo "we are test" ; ?> )
Ex : attack files test.php ( http://mydomain.php/test.php )
attack 200hit/s ( all files .php is not run ) php application is hang.

also wherewith code attack. i tested asp, html. it isn't problem. ( 1879hit/s ) ( good working)

how to create rules ban ip with 5hit/s?

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Mod_security 2 Rules

May 10, 2008

Is there any difference with the old one?

I have a customized modsecurity.conf file in my old Apache 1.3 server. Is it ok to copy it to new modsec2.conf?

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Can I Have Mod_security2 Rules

Nov 28, 2007

I'v just upgraded to apache2.2 and modsecurity2

there is a difference between modsec1 and 2 rules

so i can't use modsecurity1 rules

so can i have rules for modsecurity2

and can you tell me how do i create a new rules

in modsecuirty1 i just do this :

SecFilter "cmd"
in modsecurity2 i triad:

SecRule "cmd"
but it didn't work

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Rewrite Rules

Apr 15, 2007

How do I set up rewrite on lighttpd?

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APF Rules Keep Reseting

Nov 15, 2007

I got on one of my dedi server apf firewall installed and it keep reseting every 24 hours?

i put the devile mode to 0.

i have cpanel 11 and centos 4 runing

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Mod_Evasive Rules

Apr 1, 2007

Does anyone know any good mod_evasive rules that pick up DoS, but not many false positives? Just looking to see what works for everyone out there, been having trouble.

Or if there is better apache module to combat DoS.

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Mod Security Rules

Aug 2, 2007

I really want to know some importent mod_security rules that can come in handy to avoide hackers

I am using apache1

any good rules will do just fine

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My Own IP Keeps Getting Added To Iptables Rules

May 15, 2007

I had csf firewall installed, and due to my own stupidity, attempted to login with the wrong password one too many times, which added my IP to iptables, locking me out. I had to SSH into a linux box at school, and then ssh into my server to stop the iptables service so I could get into my server.

I removed every trace of my IP that I could find in csf, but sometime in the middle of the night, iptables reloads some rules from somewhere that blocks me again. I also tried doing iptables -F to clear all rules, but again, sometime in the middle of the night, rules are reloaded and I get blocked. I even uninstalled csf to no avail. I just want to remove my IP once and for all.

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Setting The Right Rules For Mod_Security

Nov 6, 2009

We were recently hacked on our dedicated server and the hacker managed to insert php files that generated thousands of doorway pages in one of our images folder on our site. We have done an extensive cleanup of our site, removing all malicious files and are locking down the server. We have already updated to the latest versions of PHP and Wordpress,not to mention change all database passwords and admin password. My question is about mod_security for apache.

We were told Mod_security can prevent this from happening again but it must be configured correctly.

We have already set rules for mod_security. The rules set up are in the files in the directory, /etc/httpd/modsecurity.d/modsec. We were told that the file 10_asl_rules.conf specifically has filters to prevent SQL injection attacks.

These are are current rules:
# ls
05_asl_exclude.conf 30_asl_antispam.conf domain-blacklist-local.txt malware-blacklist.txt
05_asl_scanner.conf 30_asl_antispam_referrer.conf domain-blacklist.txt sql.txt
10_asl_antimalware.conf 40_asl_apache2-rules.conf domain-spam-whitelist.conf trusted-domains.conf
10_asl_rules.conf 50_asl_rootkits.conf domain-spam-whitelist.txt trusted-domains.txt
11_asl_data_loss.conf 60_asl_recons.conf malware-blacklist-high.txt whitelist.txt
20_asl_useragents.conf 99_asl_exclude.conf malware-blacklist-local.txt
30_asl_antimalware.conf 99_asl_jitp.conf malware-blacklist-low.txt

I can do to prevent this or tune up apache mod_security from letting this happen again. We are so paranoid that we are now checking our access log files for POST commands every day?

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Gotroot Rules With Mod_security

Jul 2, 2009

Im using a vps with centos 5 and cpanel/whm with apache 2.2.

Im tring to figure out how to use the gotroot rules with mod_security. I had enabled mod_security with easy apache. I tried to follow some other post had I found around on other forums with no luck really, with that said I am a linux noob. I had tried to follow the wiki on atomic sites <-- not enof post so I cant do links sorry, but I found it hard to under stand cause I dont have a modsecurity.config file that I can find, also I cant find AddModule mod_security.c in my httpd.config, but I did find this line, Include "/usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2.conf". My thing is im looking for a complete noob guide on how to use gotroot rules with mod_security enabled through easy apache, or would it be easyer to manully install mod_security?

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Mod_security Rules & 500 Error

Nov 4, 2009

I am having the Modsec 2.5.9 I am using the defaults rules by the cpanel when i try to update the rules along with default rules given by the cpanel i am getting internal server error (500 Error)

The rules i tried to implement are from



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Updating Mod_Security Rules

May 1, 2009

How can I update mod_security rules in Cpanel/WHM server from gotroot.com?

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Best Snort Rules Site

Apr 30, 2008

I doubt anyone is writing their own rules so what do you think is the best site for Snort rules for a web server which are strong but also do not result in many false positives.

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Best Mod_security Rules Site

Apr 29, 2008

I doubt anyone is writing their own rules so what do you think is the best site for mod_security rules which are strong but also do not result in many false positives.

I know of [url] posts rules but is there anyone else worth mentioning?

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BFD Updated Rules, Ban'em Faster, Better (V0.9)

Jun 22, 2008

These new "rules" make BFD ban faster, checks every minute. BFD only checked every 10 minutes and could miss attackers that show up at the right time. Now we keep 10 minutes of IPs, and ban using that list.

I feel that APF and BFD are still the best choices for protecting my server. Cpanel's new "cphulk" feature has a lot more to go to be as good, plus you have total control with BFD where you can add and change rules to suit your needs as they grow, or modify them for particular problems.

The changes I made are based on the latest version of BFD V0.9, you should have that version installed and WORKING ALREADY.

Remember, they are simply shell scripts that define the log file to keep track of and what keywords to trigger on. You can view them with any text reader.

WARNING: These work for me, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, always make sure you add your current IP in /usr/local/bfd/ignore.hosts (and) /etc/apf/allow_hosts.rules so you don't accidentally ban yourself!

Inside the below tar.gz file are my modified "rules" files for exim, pure-ftpd, rh_imap, rh_pop3, sendmail and sshd. No changes to the BFD V0.9 main program are needed.

You should change the cron job to run BFD every minute, edit this file:

Change the line in that file to this so it runs every minute:
*/1 * * * * root /usr/local/sbin/bfd -q

I checked the CPU load and since it's reading only a small part of the log file every minute, the CPU load isn't bad, it's done in about 8 seconds on my system. Expect a small rise in load average since it is doing work more often.

The "rules" files are contained in your server directory:

The "rules" files should be REPLACED with the new ones, if you want to keep the old ones around then MOVE THEM OUT to another directory NOT INSIDE the "rules" directory, or else they will be run when BFD runs.

If you need apache, proftpd or other "rules" then you will have to modify them yourself, otherwise you should move these out of the "rules" DIRECTORY, they will not do much with BFD set to run every minute (unless you modify them yourself). I only modified the rules I needed for my server, feel free to post your own mods here.

OK enough, here's the file:


(it's also attached to this message, see below)

This file will only be around for a few months on this free upload site. Someone please put it in a good place/mirror and post a link, thanks.

Technical details:

This runs every minute but keeps a list of the last 10 minutes of bad IPs in a file in tmp, trimming the file every minute so only new IPs are saved.

You can see the list of IPs in files such as:

The marker "----" (four dashes) is used to mark each minute and is ignored by BFD but used to trim the old IPs off the file.

If the number of "----" are more than 10, it trims the top of the file up to the marker every run. If the file doesn't exist it's created.

The exim filter "grep" part was modified slightly because the old one was producing bad data every once and a while. The others are all the default filters that come with V0.9.

(BFD people feel free to add this to the next version update, I consider it GPL)

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Ftpd And Iptables Rules

May 18, 2008

my server have problem with login to ftp

i ask of cpanel,cpanel answer :


Are you using any kind of external firewalling? I have enabled the passive
ports in pure-ftpd and attempted to connect in passive mode, but it still



You should allow connections on 30000 through 50000 for passive ftp


this is vps

how may i solved it?
i use of csf

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Apache Rewrite Rules

Jan 12, 2007

With this whole no-www thing going on. I've decided to have a look at whether I can do this for my domains.

Instead of writing a

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.domain.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ h77p://domain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

for every single domain I'd like to do this for across all domains as standard. I'm not too hot on rewrite rules and have in the past avoided them cos of the complexities. But I'd like to get this done, and no silently do it, but reflect the URL difference in the webbrowsers address bar too.

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What's The Maximum Number Of Rules For Iptables?

Jul 19, 2008

I use APF and APF is working with iptables , when I define a large number of IPs in deny_hosts.rules or allow_hosts.rules and restart the APF , iptables begins to display errors after applying some number of rules , I have set SET_TRIM="0" in APF , so the number of APF rules is unlimited and the error is from iptables.

Is there any setting in iptables config files for maximum number of rules?

Is it unlimited and depends only on system available memory? O/S , ...?

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Good Rules For Mod Security / Apache 2.2x

Dec 31, 2007

Anyone can give me good rules for apache 2.2.6 / Cpanel , i'm new with this, i've use Apache 1.3.x before.

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C99Shell :: Attack Rules For Mod_security

Oct 3, 2007

i want to prevent c99shell scripts from running.

I found this rule to detect URI's for the c99 shell.

#new kit
SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI "/c99shell.txt"
SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI "/c99.txt?"
My problem is that the hackers are being more stealthy and calling the
script some random name like .../myphpstuff.php. So the URI no longer helps detect it.

How could I detect "c99shell" in the actual file that apache servers? This assumes that the hacker was successfully in installing it.

my box

Apache 1.3.37
WHM 11.2.0 cPanel 11.11.0-R16983
FEDORA 5 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

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Flushing Iptables/remove Rules

Jul 1, 2009

I have a VPS (Virtuozzo) with cPanel installed. I notice that iptables running in the VPS had many DROP rules when I listed using iptables -nL command. So I flushed iptabled using "iptables -F" command and also "> /etc/sysconfig/iptables" command and restarted iptabled. When I try to list the rules it would show empty. However when I try to list after a few minutes it is showing the same old rules with many DROP rules yet again! Is there anyway to remove the rules completely?

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Do I Need To Use Iptables And Create Some Security Rules?

May 6, 2009

If I buy a web server (Linux), Do I need to use iptables and create some security rules?
What types of rules?

Is it suggest use modsecurity for Apache?

If I host 2 sites (2 wordpress blog), what are better rules?

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Mod Security Rules / Install Method

Feb 7, 2008

I see that mod security is an option in whm > apache compile. Is this a good (and improved way) of install modsecurity over the old cpanel add-on from back in the 10x versions?

Also, can someone point me to really tight, yet reasonable mod security rules for these server settings?

cpanel with phpsuexec
apache 2.2
php 5
mysql 5
a few shared domains (main business box)

same as above, but apache 1 / php 4 / mysql 4
(shared / reseller hosting server)

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