Full Manual Backup

Sep 27, 2007

not sure if it's available, but is there anyway we can manually backup mysql db with a single command line? any kind of help would be appreciated...

this is a pure mysql server, not with cpanel or directadmin in anyway..

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VPS Backup External? Automated Or Manual?

Dec 19, 2008

I have a few questions about backup. Other than any backup service provided by your host, do you backup your vps regularly?

Is it automated or manual?

Are you using any external backup service / server?

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Manual Backup For Entire Site

Dec 4, 2007

am hosting with servage most such hosts dont provide backup for ur files in case ur moving to other host so i was wondering if i can manually through FTP download my enitre directory including all files (html, jpg, PHP SCRIPTS) and manually reupload them onto the other host i will move to soon will that actually work

and for MySql databases i have created a PROPER backups via their auto backup system
they only lack backup for the files itself only, MySql is fine

will restoring the MySql databases but via a different control panel (CPanel) will it possible?

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How Transfer Full Backup From FTP Backup To CPanel?

Dec 14, 2008

I have transfer full backup with cpanel to ftp backup,

But,How transfer full backup from FTP Backup to cPanel?

Whitch software?

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/backup Is %100 Full

Oct 26, 2008

We have 2X 250 GB HDD on server
home is on HDD 1 and usage is 73G
now in backup process we receive message from server that backup ( hdd 2 )is %100 full! while total home usage is 73 G
and below is PART of ls -l report in ssh, report show incorrect 4046 usage for all!
drwxr-x--- 26 root wwwbzzz 4096 Oct 26 06:46 wwwbzzz/
drwxr-x--- 26 root xmg86hin 4096 Oct 26 06:34 xmg86hin/
drwxr-x--- 26 root yil67ymi 4096 Oct 26 08:13 yil67ymi/
drwxr-x--- 26 root yrcsama 4096 Oct 26 04:43 yrcsama/
drwxr-x--- 26 root zaytginpar 4096 Oct 26 06:34 zaytginpar/
drwxr-x--- 26 root zyhgo 4096 Oct 26 06:34 zyhgo/
drwxr-x--- 26 root z878erc 4096 Oct 26 08:13 z878erc/
drwxr-x--- 26 root zihgfratn 4096 Oct 26 06:34 zihgfratn/

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Full Backup, Can I Restore With No Modifications

Jul 8, 2009

I have inherited a server that has somewhat non-standard config, e.g. NFS mount and lighthttpd. I don't have a handle on all the way it is setup quite yet.

So my question is: If I rsync backup the hard disk to an offsite backup, then in case of a crash, can I restore the whole thing (again using rsync) without any tweaking necessary (which I may not be able to do). In other words, would the webserver start working without any tweaks?

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What Constitutes A Full Backup Of The Website?

Mar 1, 2009

I am trying to download my website on to my system since i am moving servers. I tried to download the full backup using cpanel but the size of the file is 610 MB and since i have a slow connection, it means me downloading the file the whole night. While i dont mind doing that, the connection has broken thrice (once when i had downloaded 517 MB).

So i have decided to download it bit by bit. I would like to know what files i will have to download...i can think of just two...the public html folder and my database..is that it? or should i be downloading any other files?

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How To Disable Cpanel Full Backup

Jun 6, 2009

Whenever clients are generating full back up of their sites all at once and like 10x in one hour, its causing a severe spike in load in the servers

is there a way to disable the full backup in cPanel?

I know mellowhost is able to do this

I also saw this when i was searching google --


Additionally, you could just give server administrators the option of disabling
the gzipping of these user generated backups

I believe the gzip process is what usually kills the server when dealing with a
large site. Just tarring up the account would use more disk space, but would
keep processing and load usage down

I don't know how to do that though.

Also I use the Backup function in WHM to generate weekly backups of all my customers sites and FTPing to a remote server. I still want that function. I only want the generation of full backup in control panel be disabled.

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How Can I Generate/Download A Full Backup In SSH

Jun 5, 2008

my site is suspend from hosting companey

then i ask him to open SSH

they open it and open ftp

but when i try to do Generate/Download a Full Backup

using cpanel say to me that i can not because of too space

my all space 5 gb

the i try to zip all directry file home directry

and i do it and take ll files

can i do Generate/Download a Full Backup using SSH and FTP

the hosting copany say to me that the didi not oofer users to trasnfer site and suspend it
how can i solve it

the site is one site of my friends and i try to help hem

i buy to him VPS but we waiting any cooand of SSH help us to Generate/Download a Full Backup

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Daily Full Backup On Cpanel

Apr 6, 2007

I have seen resellerzoom provides daily full backup to their customer. How should i configure my WHM so that it create daily backup and delete old backup.

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How To Create Full Backup Without Control Panel?

Jul 1, 2008

My VPS has no control panel.

How to create a full backup now?

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How To Disable Generating Full Backup On CPanel

Jul 22, 2008

Is there a way you can just disable the Generate Full Backup link in the Backup section of CPanel, and not disable the Backup section completely?

Meaning, I just want to disable that one function a client has the ability to do, but I don't want to stop them from being able to download their home directory, mysql databases,etc.

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Restore A Full Backup/cpmove File

Nov 18, 2008

when i want to Restore full backup see this error
Restore for cpmove-wwwpakh.tar.gz
Searching /home....
checked 25 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /usr/home....
checked 0 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /web....
checked 0 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /home2....
checked 0 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /home3....
checked 0 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /root....
checked 12 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
Searching /usr....
checked 16 files.....
No Restorable archives found!
No archives where found for user wwwpakh.tar.gz!
This feature will restore full backups, cpanel backups and cpanel move files in the format of:
cpmove-user.tar.gz, user.tar.gz, backup-date_time_user.tar.gz
The files must be in one of these directories on the server:

You must upload the file to one of the above locations before using this feature.

why i see this error ?

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How Recover A Directory From A Full Backup (tar) File

Jul 15, 2007

I'm trying to recover a subdirectory from a full cpanel backup (tar file).

I placed the backup on the /home/<userdir>/

Then I listed the content of the tar file and the directory is in there:


I need to restore /viacache to the original location

tar -xvf backup-3.1.2006_11-36-43_userlin2.tar /public_html/php/viacache
tar: /public_html/php/viacache: Not found in archive

also (absolute path)

tar -xvf backup-3.1.2006_11-36-43_userlin2.tar /home/userlin2/public_html/php/viacache
Not found in archive....

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One Time Cpanel Full Compress Backup

Jul 6, 2007

I wish to make a ONE-TIME full backup of all my accounts into /backup directory which is mounted to /dev/sdb1 (secondary drive)

What is the SSH command to execute this job? There's likely 100+ accounts in my server.

I currently already set a daily uncompressed backup inside my WHM.

So I do not want to modify them.

I just want to run a one-time compress full backup into /backup/july which I have already created as a new directory.

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How To Prevent Full Backup To Generated In Cpanel Server

Oct 21, 2009

how to prevent full backup to generated in cpanel server

iam seen this in few host what we cant able to generate the fullback if the size of the amount is more than 1-2GB

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CPanel Full Backup Not Saving Home Directory

Sep 28, 2008

I am trying to migrate a server to a new host.

When I try to restore a full backup on my new host, NONE of the home directory files are making the move. Everything else is fine though.

I'm not getting any errors, so I don't have a clue as to why this isn't working.

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