Favorite Control Panel For Installing In A VPS/cloud Server?

Oct 9, 2009

What's your favorite control panel for installing in a VPS/cloud server?

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Installing A Control Panel On Already Working Server

Apr 22, 2008

We have a dedicated server with domains already setup and everything.

The guy who used to run it for us has left and it appears it was all done via SSH and command line - we don't have that level of skills.

Is there a way which we can:

A) install a Control Panel and administer ourselves

B) Migrate all the domains to a new dedicated server with an existing control panel.

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Installing FTP Or Control Panel

Jun 18, 2007

I bought a VPS (128mb RAM). At the moment I have Debian + LAMP which was installed automaticly. I can change OS (Debian, Debian+LAMP, Fedora Core, Centos) automaticly at any time if I want to.

But the problem is that I need to install FTP server (I think LAMP does not include FTP server). What is the best one, and very easy to install. PureFTPd, ProFTPd. Any others?

Also I need it to be secure (that has no exploits that someone can hack).

I would like to create multiple FTP accounts, to host all of my sites securely on different accounts. (If someone connects to FTP account, I dont want him to see files of my other sites).

Also I have seen a good control panel that I quite like:

Is it difficult to install it, do I need to install it from begining (by choosing new Debian), or is Debian+LAMP is OK?

My site (on LAMP) when I connect to SSH is on: /var/www directory

Do I have to put files of control panel there? Or I have to install it in different way like I install programs on Windows.

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Best OS - Control Panel For Email Only Server

Mar 30, 2008

I am using VPS for my general hosting, but have considered putting together a machine for an email server to host some email accounts that I currently don't have on my VPS accounts and would want tighter security than VPS offers (hosting company/support having access to VPS).

While I have gotten more comfortable with linux during the last 5 months I have been hosting on a VPS, I still prefer a control panel type interface. I am using WHM/Cpanel currently. I know that I cannot get a Cpanel license for the type of server I want to put together, so is there either a linux server distribution with a good gui interface, including email setup and admin, or is there a control panel other than cpanel that is either free or inexpensive to use on a dedicated email server.

I will house this email server on my 6mb/768k DSL line at home, or at work on a 4xT1 (6MBs).

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Backup Server Control Panel

Jan 7, 2007

I am in the process of getting my new colo setup going. My initial colo is on a per server basis so I don't need a switch right away. I am however going to add a switch so I can have my servers connected privately to a backup server in the same rack. On this backup server, what is the best type of "system/control panel" to use to setup the backup accounts for each of my servers? I could just create accounts manually via the Linux command line, but curious if there is a good way to do this (Webmin maybe?). Of course this server will not be accessible from the internet, it will be on the "private" network and accessible from the other servers.

How are those with a similar setup doing this?

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Nameserver On Server W/o Control Panel

Feb 27, 2007

I'm used to setting up the nameserver using a control panel (directadmin)

but how do you do it on a server without a control panel?

So far I figured that you just

set up 2 ip addresses in your registrar to use as nameservers

and then

edit /etc/named.conf and put the path to the zone file and of course set up the zone file /var/named/nameofzonefile.db

then service named restart

are these steps correct? am I missing anything?

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Best Control Panel For Multi-server Setup

May 6, 2009

My host and I discussed over a month ago the possibility of adding on another server so that I can use one for MySQL and the other for web, and eventually as my sites expand add a third one so that two balance the loads and the one will be dedicated just for MySQL.

Well, it's been a month now and I have had a server dedicated for MySQL and the other one dedicated for web set up. A month has gone by and my host and I are having problems setting it up - I have not been able to use the new server and have already had to pay the bill when I have not been able to use it for its purpose!

The old server was supposed to act as the MySQL while the new server was supposed to be for web. We are having so many problems trying to set this up, well at least my host is, and I am becoming more and more frustrated as the days go on because I am paying for the new server that I can't even use because it's not set up properly.

I am using DirectAdmin control panel and linking them is a pain in the butt. I linked my host to this article, but I don't think he's implementing what is being instructed to do:

The new server is still not working properly with the MySQL server and I have no idea what to do here. I have already paid for a month's service for no reason and now I am starting to feel robbed because this process is taking so long.

I am willing to switch control panels if it will speed up the process. Does anybody know of any control panels that will be better suited for my need? I'd ideally like to simply manage both servers in one control panel - under one license - and manage each server's services and most importantly the MySQL and it's databases on the dedicated server for MySQL.

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Hosting Server / ISPconfig2 Control Panel

May 17, 2009

I installed Centos4.7, now i am installing the ISPCongif2 but at the last step after configuring the ssl, i was asked to enter my host and domain, but it gives me error the url is not reachable.

The domain is not hosted anywhere but i created an entry for it in the /etc/hosts
[root@serv ~]# cat /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost serv.mynewdomain.com serv mynewdomain.com

Do i have to make anychanges on any configuration files?

Here are the steps i did to setup this server:

1- I purchased an ip 64.xx.xxx.xxx from my ISP provider.

2- I installed centos4.7 on my PC.

3- Installed the webmin.

4- On the router i pointed the 64.xx.xxx.xxx to
what are the steps please i need to follow to get this server running?

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Best Control Panel For Windows 2003 Web Server

Jul 7, 2008

Whats the best Control Panel for Windows 2003 like cPanel except from thats for Linux but i want a Control Panel for Windows 2003 Web Server. I know their is Plesk & HELM but is their anymore and which is the best one?

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Unmanaged Server Control Panel Installation

Jun 19, 2008

We may soon get into the unmanaged arena. Recently there has been debates on whether an unmanaged server should come with anything other than a bare OS, even if ordered with a control panel. I'd like to get a feel for what you as a customer expect from an unmanaged host when ordering a server with control panel.

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Tutorial Request For Non Control Panel Server.

May 13, 2007

write a tutorial how to set up a server without a control panel. A step by step guide how to set up the dns, add doamins. create accounts, create ftp users, create databases, create db

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Free Control Panel For Server 2003

Mar 2, 2007

what my options are for a free control panel that is operable on windows server 2003.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Control Panel Access IIS 7.0 WIN Web Server 2K

Jun 29, 2012

after upgrading to plesk 11 i get this error (Image attached)

so basicaly i cant do nothing..

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: How To Install Ffmpeg On Server With Control Panel

Aug 21, 2014

I have server with the Plesk control panel on Linux server and want to install ffmpeg but not sure about the steps to install it. Any script or easy steps to install ffmpeg on my server.

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Plesk Vs. C-Panel / Control Panel

Oct 11, 2007

I indicated that I've basically been using my webhosting company as "file storage".

1) I create all my files in .html using notepad

2) My files are limited to .html, .jpg, .gif, (and a couple of .js and .css) files.

3) My domain is not connected with my webhost; I use the nameserver zoneedit.com and I use URL forwarding and mask/cloak the domain the address bar (using multiple domains) as follows:

domain1.com --> forwards to [url]

domain2.com --> forwards to [url]

domain3.com --> forwards to [url]

4) For uploading files, I go to ftp://123.456.78 and drop/drag/copy/paste files into the window using my browser

5) I'm able to password protect the subdirectories as I choose.


I called my webhost, Hostik, and told them that I was unable to do anything on my web console. I can't change a password, create a user, or even access my usage/bandwidth quotas.

They told me that I'm on an "old server" using the windows-based console (probably C-Panel / Control Panel) and they're in the process over the next three months of transfering everyone over to "Plesk".

So, they set me up with a new Plesk account, while keeping the old one in place, so that I could move/transfer my files to the Plesk account.

When I went to Plesk, I realized things are not the same:

1) In my Control Panel / C-Panel, I had a unique IP URL Address - [url]

2) In Plesk, it seems there's a set IP URL Address - [url] - that everyone shares.

3) I was told that in Plesk, many people use that IP URL address and that I'm supposed to place my files into the "httpdocs" folder.

Appearently, this is a system of shared hosting whereby many people have the same IP URL address (different from what I had before) and it recognizes each account by the login or something, so the "httpdocs" folder would identify my domain.

I was then told that in Plesk, I must have my domain affixed to the Plesk account.

In other words, I can no longer do what I was doing before, having my domain separated in another location and using URL forwarding from an outside nameserver.


So, my original question is what's the difference between Plesk vs. C-Panel/Control Panel?

Perhaps I answered most of it above.

Is it correct that I can't do things the way I've been doing them so far if that's the case?

It might be that Plesk is not for me and I may need to find a host that gives me my own unique IP URL Address. However, I was informed that not many companies are doing that as most are switching over to Plesk.

In addition, Hostik does not offer multiple domains.

In response to this thread, David recommended I try synhosting.com

synhosting.com has "Multiple Websites". I assume this means mulitiple domains. Correct?

What's my best option at this point?

1) Find a host that has C-Panel / Control Panel (if any there are)?

2) Use a service such as synhosting.com and move all my domains over to them?

3) If I do use synhosting.com, am I required to move my domains over to their nameservers?

4) I have my MX Mail records pointing to Fastmail.fm for my email virtual domains. Would I still be able to do this if my domain is dedicated to a webhost and opt not to use their email feature?

5) Should I get rid of this old-school thought of using my web host as "file storage" and stop this practice of using URL forwarding and cloaking?

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Favorite Server Racks

Jul 14, 2008

Just wondering - what 19' racks/cabinets are your preferred make and model ID, and why?

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What Control Panel Do The Use

Apr 11, 2009

I tried contacting the live support from fatcow, and he was no help. It was probably just the guy i had but thats not the point. I think i am going to go with them but what control panel do they use?

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Vps Control Panel

Nov 8, 2009

know if i was to start a vps company. What FREE vps software and control panel are out there?

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GUI Control Panel For Xen

Jan 9, 2009

i want to install centos with xen to run vps service,

i know virt-manager can be used to manage xen under centos for admin,

i want to if there are any other good GUI control panel for xen?

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Xen Control Panel

Mar 16, 2009

I am tired of lxlabs. Bugs have been submitted, especially with Windows VPS, but lxhelp just ignores. If he could not fix, or doesn't have time to fix, he just ignores our requests without any reply.

So, I am looking for another control panel for Xen. I will need it to run on CentOS mostly. And able to create Windows VPS. I only know dtc, but it's built for Debian.

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VPS Control Panel ...?

Nov 4, 2008

I am running vps business and i would like to have your guys advice of which control panel to offer to all om my customers.

Most people leave my services only because they need to have simple control panel for their vps. So im looking for any commercial control panel which i can provide with all of my vps servers. Also It should not use more than 30Mb of ram and and shold not be a cpu hog.

Right now iam looking at ServerCP (as they have a deal when you can buy 100 for 69 dollars) but it needs about 128Mb of ram to function and its just too much.

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Control Panel

Sep 19, 2008

I have got a dedicated server for me.

It is with fresh OS. I was wondering which FREE control panel should I install on it.

It is a 2.6Celeron with 512MB RAM (soon to be upgraded to 1GB) with Cent OS 5.

My concern is that if in future I am able to find a cheap directadmin external license then I would want to uninstall control panel and will use directadmin.

So i need advice on control panel:
Which is FREE
Can work for a website (dont need multi domain fancy stuff). Will only host single domain.
Can install apache / mysql / email etc.
Use apache NOT apache-light. I saw HostInABox but it uses apache-light which dont work well for my website features. Tested it in a VPS earlier.
Can uninstall cleanly if needed so that I dont have to reload OS in future inorder to install DA.

How about webmin or ispconfig.

Do they install easily and uninstall cleanly? I am not an expert but am learning quickly.

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Control Panel RAM

Aug 11, 2007

I've done some searches but, didn't find what I was looking for.

Which of WHM/CPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin requires the least memory to function in an adequate manner and what would that amount of memory approximately be?

If there is a significant difference between the three?

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Control Panel With A VPS

Aug 29, 2007

A contral panel like WHM costs extra about $5 and I want to save this, if I don't find out, why it makes sense for me. I know WHM and cpanel and I understand, that I need this for configuration as a reseller or customer to configure all, but with a VPS I have root-access. So why do I need a control panel with a VPS?

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Going Without A Control Panel - Can This Be Done

Jun 16, 2007

I'm just starting to explore the idea of getting dedicated server or good VPS for hosting websites of clients I do php/sql programming for. I want to learn the right way, so I downloaded CentOS iso's and installed the operating system on an old computer, learned how to use yum to install the server software, set up virtual hosts, etc. I would like to give clients ftp access though honestly most of their sites will be hooked up to CMS, but sometime might arise where somebody just wants hosting and not programming. I would like to do without a control panel and try to do as much as possible from command line. For limiting site's bandwidth i found mod_cband. Anybody have expreience with that? Does it work as it is supposed to? Now I'm wondering how to put a quota on how much space client can use on disk, but after much searching haven't come up with an answer. Anybody have any idea how you are supposed to do that? And also, haven't looked into the FTP end of things, as I can't really test that right now on development server, but is it possible to manage FTP accounts solely from command line and editing config files? Whew...I guess that's it for now.

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Control Panel

Jul 20, 2007

For a 128 MB RAM powered VPS, which will be the least resource hungry control panel:


1. WHM/cPanel
2. DirectAdmin Access
3. Webmin
4. Plesk
5. Virtuozzo Power Panel (??)

and the OS (least resource hungry + stable):


1. Debian
2. CentOS
3. Redhat
4. Fedora
5. Ubuntu
6. ...

Next, can life without a control panel work better?


1. adding/managing new domain
2. adding/managing new db
3. adding/managing email accounts
4. ...
5. ...

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Installing Dot Net Panel On Vps

Apr 27, 2009

I am installing dotnetpanel first time on vps.After installing the dotnetpanel Enterprise server when I check by it gives "service unavailable" error.

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VPS...Control Panel + Security

Mar 30, 2009

i have bought VPS with

Burstable Memory (MB): 512

Guaranteed Memory (MB): 256

And i like some free control panel,and to doesn't have high memory usage. And tell me the OS what type to have...I have at the moment CentOS. Also i need security,such block ddos attack or flood.

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Add Domain Without Control Panel

Jun 22, 2009

i want to know if i can add the domain to my vps without a control panel

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Hyper-V Control Panel

May 25, 2009

With Virtuozzo, there is the panel to restart the vps and view bandwidth and server resources etc.

For Hyper-V what is there for me, a customer of the service. ie hosts are telling me they dont have a control panel - so how could I restart the hyper-v should the OS crash?

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Best Free Control Panel?

Oct 26, 2009

I want to know what's the best free control panel not Cpanel for Centos VPS?

and could I install more than one without conflict?

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