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Windows Server 2008 - How To Manage FTP Users/passwords

I have setup a test server at home, Datacenter edition 2008.

Now, is there a way to allow only a certain username and password combination to access an FTP session/site?

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FTP Server For Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition?
I am not using IIS and the built FTP server. Is ther other recommended FTP server to use in a windows 2008 dedicated server?

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Windows 2008 Versus Windows 2003 Server
With Windows 2003 server, there are comprehensive lists of what you need to do to secure the server before use. For Windows 2008, I wonder is there such a list? Or is it true as what I heard from Microsoft that it is already secured out of the box?

Anyone has any resources on the hardening or preparation of 2008 for server hosting uses?

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Passive FTP Port Range Server 2008 Firewall
Do you still have to add each port individually to Server 2008's Firewall like we did on Server 2003?

If so, will the guides that were put out for 2003 work on 2008's? I want to be sure before putting all these ports in....if I can just specify a range instead, it would be much easier!

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Windows Server 2008
i have really really tough question in windows server 2008

when i disable an account it gives the client message something like " your account is disabled"

the question here
does any one know here how to change this message at all ?

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Windows 2008 Server
Windows 2008 has much more functions than the typical Windows 2003, wonder anyone has any guide on how to best secure this server? Any resources available on the Internet?

Also any additional anti virus and firewall recommended for this?

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Windows Server 2008
With Windows client OS (e.g. Vista), it's always good practice to hold upgrading till the first service pack comes out. How true is this for Windows Server software? We're going to upgrade some Windows servers and would like to know if we should stick to Win Server 2003 or go ahead and get 2008?

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Windows Server 2008?
So Windows Server 2008 will be here soon


On February 27, 2008, Microsoft will jointly release Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008, kicking off what it calls a "launch wave" with hundreds of events worldwide. Microsoft will pitch the products as a platform for next-generation Web service applications.

Windows Server 2008 is still expected to be released to manufacturing before the end of the year, with November as the rumored timeframe. Microsoft took a similar tack with Windows Vista, making it available to businesses in November before its public launch in late January.


What do you think this means to hosts offering windows servers?
Will they start offering Server2008 in november as the rumor goes, or only in February when it'll be officially launched?

What about swsoft and virtuozzo. What timeframe do you think they'll need to adapt server 2008 for their virtualization.

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Cpanel On Windows Server 2008
Do any one have the updates when the Cpanel is going to release its control panel for windows servers 2008, I heard it was supposed to be released in last year but seems yet to come.

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Antivirus For Windows Server 2008
any suggestion on antivirus for windows server 2008?

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Who Not Any Windows Server 2008 VPS
I've started to use Plesk 8.4 on Windows Server 2008 at work, and totally love it. The IIS7-native MS rewrite engine works pretty good. It's a dedicated box.

For my own hosting, I use either shared/reseller or VPS. Looking around, it seems every VPS is still on Windows Server 2003 and IIS6.

I took a look at the Parallels site, but came up empty. Is Server 2008 not supported by Virtuozzo yet? Is that what everybody's waiting for? If that's the case, any news/rumors on when it may be supported? IIS7 is a huge leap over IIS6, in terms of PHP and the Rewrite (plus a few other things, though not as important to me).

Too bad IIS7 won't be on Server 2003.

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Experiences Of Windows Server 2008
anyone using windows 2008 server?

how is it going for you?

i've heard it can take up quite a bit of hdd space - how much does it take up for you?

is it worth upgrading from 2003?

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Leaseweb And Windows Server 2008
I just ordered an Express Server 6 with Windows server 2008 from leaseweb a 3-4 days ago and they have provided me with login information for the server

I can't really connect to it.. I'm using windows XP pro SP3, would this cause any problems? I also have a static ip and all.

It doesn't work from anywhere, not my house nor other places.

I'm guessing leaseweb screwed up on this one right? I have contacted their support but have had no reply in over 2 days.

I used to use leaseweb but I cancelled my subcribtion so I'm guessing the problem is elsewhere.

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Windows Server 2008 S.M.A.R.T Monitor
in the direction of a S.M.A.R.T client for Windows Server 2008 that matches as many of the following as possible:

- Lightweight
- Free
- Quite good

I'm not looking for one that hooks into explorer or even runs all the time. Something that runs periodically (shceduled task) and polls information, mailing / popping up an alert if it finds a problem.

Basically something like the smartmontools for Linux / unix.

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Windows Server 2008 And IIS7
Sharing with everyone yesterday's official announcement of 'Windows Server 2008' being the name of Microsoft's next generation server platform.

The Windows Server 2008 product information Web site is now online here.

And also for IIS7 a Go Live license is now available with Beta 3 of Windows Server 2008 that allows you to put Windows2008/IIS7 into testing/production so that you can begin preparing your hosting services for next year when the product becomes generally available. Become a featured IIS7 Beta Hoster.

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Windows Server 2008 - CPU Limits
I'm planning on getting Windows Server 2008 Standard edition, but getting confused on the listings.

Some listings display (1-4 CPU), while others dont have anything in that regards.

So my question is for anyone who has purchased Windows Server 2008 Standard -

Is there a CPU LIMIT?

If so is this for physical # of CPU's?

And will this factor in QuadCores as 4 CPUs?

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Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler
I have a daily task scheduled to run a .bat file which basically runs a query and sends some email reports. My coding is in PHP. The bat file and script works fine when run manually however when I set it up to run in the task scheduler it says it runs but it does not.

The result returns this code (0xFF).

Does anyone know how to get this running successfully?

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Windows Server 2008, Can't Copy Files
I rent windows dedicated server for just about a month, but I never had problem.

When I copy files on my home computer and then paste them onto server's drive, files begin copying, but after some time they stop copying and I hear double beep sound.

Time after which they stop copying is random.

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PHP On IIS7 And Windows Server 2008
Background: I work for a small microsoft based web dev company who is slowly starting to do more PHP based work. To date we've run these sites (mostly WP) through IIS6 on Windows Server 2003 although this presents problems around mod rewrites etc.

We're at a stage where we can make a decision between upgrading our existing server to IIS7 on Windows Server 2008 which seems to have better support for running PHP and all it entails - OR - getting a Linux box.

As a developer my preference is for the Linux server although the finance department ain't too keen on paying for another server.

Question: Have you experienced any significant problems in hosting PHP on IIS7 on WS 2008 alongside .NET apps? Are there any concrete technical reasons why we shouldn't use this set up?

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Windows 2008 Permissions And Filezilla Server
I'm running FileZilla Server on Windows Server 2008 Web Edition SP2. Everything works fine but I need to figure out how to make FileZilla set permissions on a file after its uploaded.

What is happening when I upload a file to the web server using through FileZilla Server the only permissions set on the file are for

So when I try to access the file through a website I get a 401 - Unauthorized error and I have to go through and manually set the permissions every time on the server.

I need to find out how to make FileZilla setup the correct permissions on the file for the IIS user. Any help would be appreciated.

My Sever setup
IIS 7.0
Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
FileZilla Server
8GB Ram

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Windows 2008 Server + Plesk: Security
I would like to setup a new dedicated server with the following:

- Windows Server Standard 2008 64bit Edition

- Plesk control panel


Anyone know of a thorough tutorial on securing/optimizing a Windows 2008 server (even with Plesk) for a shared hosting environment?


Considering Plesk's rip-off pricing, any free and quality alternatives to their products?

- plesk dr.web antivirus

- acronis trueimage backup

- plesk powerpack (I guess $24.99/mo lease isn't too horrible)

I basically want to replicate a Cpanel shared/reseller hosting environment, but with Plesk since Cpanel for Windows is not yet available and been delayed forever.

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Windows WEB Server 2008 -stand Alone
I'm working with a local ISP and we're working on getting some windows hosting going (he's been 100% linux thus far). We're trying to ensure that we can host my e-commerce site on Windows Web Server 2008. It seems like it does exactly what we want - we can run a sql exress instance on it and just host the site on that same box. that's all we want to do.

The ISP talked to some sort of Microsoft software reseller who's trying to convince him that Web Server 2008 requires Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (or some other version anyway) implying taht Web Server 2008 is simply an addon type of thing and has to run on top of another OS. Can anyone clear this up definitively?

Also, are there any MAXimum system reqs for Web Server? I seem to remember reading somewhere you could only run 4 CPUs and like 4 gigs of ram or something with Web Server 2008.

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Windows Server 2008 On PowerEdge 850
I got a Dell PowerEdge 850 a couple of years ago, with a 2.8Ghz P4D processor and 2GB RAM. It's currently on CentOS 4 and running quite well with H-Sphere. I host on it a couple of sites coded in PHP, and sometimes a game server or two.

I'm currently thinking of moving on to Windows Server 2008 as I'm intending to put up a web app using ASP.Net. As you can see, my system isn't really a beefy machine, and I was wondering if I would be able to run the new OS on it and continue to be able to achieve a satisfactory performance?

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DNS Domain Name Server Manager In Windows Server 2008
I have been searching everywhere trying to find a tutorial but It is not going anywhere. Basically I need to create 2 nameservers for Godaddy and pretty much so when i type it goes to my site. I can access everything from http://myip and everything works. Now is there a step by step on how to actually do it in the DNS Manager? I need help like what IP address do I use is it the router ip? The external IP?

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WIndows Server 2008 VPS Setup Considerations
I've just purchased a Windows Server 2008 VPS plan with a hosting provider. With that I have needed to open up several ports - 21 (FTP), 25 & 110 (Mail) on Windows Firewall.

My first question is about security on those ports. So far I've just opened them in Windows Firewall and that's it. Is there anything in particular I should consider to keep those ports secure?

I've also had to install a mail server. So far I've installed the standard version of MailEnable and have it running fine. The problem I see is that the standard version has no spam filtering and no virus checking.

So I did some more looking into all this and found SmarterMail, the free version. The thing that gives this potential comes straight off their site... "SmarterTools understand what it is like to be part of a growing company. Budgets are tight, and often money is not available for software expenses.". This is exatly where I'm at, a small business with no software budget, at least not for now.

After looking into it, it appears as though we would have to pay for spam/virus protection when using MailEnable, because this is for commercial use (Maybe there's some free spam/vrus software for MailEnasble I'm not aware of), but we would have that included with SmarterMail. As an added note, this VPS facility is for a single domain and I realise that SmarterMail only allows for 10 accounts, but we can live with that for now.

Does anyone have real world experince using MailEnable vs. SmarterMail in this kind of scenraio? If so, from experience, what do you think is the best option?

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Windows Server 2008 Or Red Hat Enterpirse
What should i use for my home server that i am starting red hat linux or Windows server 2008

I want to use cpanel x11

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Windows 2003 Vs. Windows 2008 - What Is The Difference For Windows Media Services
I was actually curious about this since Windows 2008 version came out.

What is the difference between Windows media services on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008?

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How Do I Host Windows 2008 Server As A Guest OS On My Linux Dedi
How do I run a virtual instance of Windows server 2008 on my Linux dedi? Do I need to partition the server and create a VPS for this or can I run it on something like VMware? (Please look at my other thread here [url]t=857377 to learn more about my server, its resources and current config.)

Why would I want to do this? Because my primary desktop OS is still Vista Ultimate 64 and I've invested a lot in Windows-based software and hardware--too much to make a total switch to Linux. But, I don't want to invest more than I have to in order to run a Windows server that allows my business partner to access documents remotely or for us to share various files securely and privately and still serve my mostly Windows-based clients and colleagues. I'm one of, well, two people I know who even use Linux (at least at the OS level and know it).

Since my research shows I **can** do this on Centos 5, the responses that would be most useful to me would be those that focus on how I can do this successfully (even if it seems complicate; I can figure it out with help and/or direction) and what to consider or avoid when creating this virtual guest OS on my Linux dedi.

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Windows Server 2008 Logon Process And Some Security Concerns
Unlike earlier versions of Microsoft Windows Server, the 2008 version gives you a default logon screen that is very similar to Vista. Instead of the the interactive dialog box that prompts you for a username, password, and sometimes domain, users will find a “push button” screen displaying all users with login permissions. To log into an account all the users will now need to know is the password. This makes things much easier for hackers as the only thing they will now need to guess is the password.

There are a couple of ways to resolve this problem. First, the server administrator can set the local security policy to not display the last username and disable fast user switching. Second, in the System Remote Settings dialog, the remote desktop options can be set to allow computers with Remote Desktop that support Network Level Authentication.

Since the first method is covered in a few blogs, I’ll limit myself to discussing the second method. In the latest versions of Remote Desktop Connection client (version 2.0 for Mac and the version shipped with Windows Vista), Network Level Authentication is supported. This means users must send the username and password before Windows 2008 accepts the connection. Earlier versions of RDC (like the one found in many installations of Windows XP) don’t support NLA. So technically, users will only need to supply the IP or domain name of the remote Windows server, leave the username and password blank, and interact with the logon process that is provided at connection time. Windows 2008 servers that do not have the NLA option set for remote desktop connections are vulnerable since the interactive logon screen (post-connection) is displayed to users using earlier versions of RDC.

This last point may be of significance to service providers offering Windows 2008 dedicated servers. If the server is set up with default settings, the NLA option is disabled and new users will by default be made to change passwords on first logon. Users using new versions of RDC will not be able to logon because the initial password change sequence on first logon is not compatible with NLA. The server will return an incorrect password message to the RDC client even though the user has provided the correct username and password. The only way to establish first connection is thus to use a non-NLA supporting version of RDC so that the user can establish connections without supplying credentials and then going through the password change wizard during the initial login. But as mentioned, having NLA disabled on server side is not an ideal practice at this point.

So there are a couple ways to do this. The service provider should disable the “change password on next logon” option during the user creation process and get user to manually change the password after logon. Or alternatively, assist the client/user in changing passwords through the console internally.

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SQL Server 2005 On Windows 2008 Web Edition
I was trying to bring down license fee for a customer who needed SQL Server on Windows Server.

realised that MS has released a fix to install the SQL Server 2005 on a Windows 2008 Web Edition.[url]
The license fee for the web edition is lower than the standard version.

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Is Windows 2008 Slower Than Windows 2003
I'm making a reasonably uninformed comparison here. Since Windows Vista is noted to be more resource intensive and slower than Win XP, are we right in assuming that Windows 2008 is slower than Windows 2003?

For instance, with two boxes with an identical hardware setup but the two different server OSes, will the same application like, say MySQL run slower on the Win 2008 machine?

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FTP Server For Windows
Is there an FTP server program for Windows out there that has hooks to allow the ftp user to login and reset their own password? Like Linux has the ftp server that stores accounts in a mysql database so the user can easily change their password. I'd also like to be able to "jail" them to a directory. I currently use Windows built in FTP and can "jail" them to a directory but need them to be able to change their password as well without having to log into the Windows box through RDP.

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Streaming :: Windows Server 2008 Hosting Or Redhat Linux Hosting?
I'm hosting wmv,wma,mp3 files, streaming of video can be done with Windows hosting, but my website script is with php.

Do you suggest Windows Server 2008 hosting or redhat linux hosting?

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Webmin Add FTP Users
with webmin can I use it to add FTP users to say pure ftpd? and does it work with lighttpd? If I'm thinking about it right webmin just allows us to control the service and modify the configuration files right?

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New Webserver How To Transfer Ftp Users
I had to rebuild out web/ftp box so I built a new one. Now how do I transfer all the ftp users to the new system without change of their passwords?

I am able to trasnfer their directories and i added a line to the /etc/passwd of the new server but it fails.

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Windows FTP Server Programs - Which One Are You Using
I'm in the process of setting up a Windows VPS and I was wondering what FTP program you're using on your server?

Doing a quick search on Google I see there's a couple of free options available like Cesar FTP and FileZilla, but I would love to hear some recommendations and any advise on which ones I should stay away from (IE installation problems etc)

I know I could use the FTP client provided in IIS 6, but I would prefer to use something with more control and options.

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CentOS Configuration :: Setting FTP & Users
I've purchased a VPS with CentOS 5 on and am looking to get it all up and running myself (Never done anything Linux based before but don't mind learning). I've gotten as far as installing LAMP + Webmin on the server, outsourced my DNS to zoneedit and email to Google and am now trying to configure other parts. I'm currently stuck on two things.

1. I'm trying to configure my FTP server. I've installed and am able to run it and connect to it myself as root but I can't figure out how to get it my html folder. Its only got files like .bash_history and .bash_logout in view. Also trying to do this through Webmin cause I've got no idea where to find anything on the command line other then proftd.conf

2. I'm trying to add users to the server but again I'm unsure on how to set the permissions for it. I can create it but it comes up with the error /dev/null Permission Denied a couple of times when I log in.

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Creating FTP Accounts For New Web Site Users
I have a web site, where users sign up and edit there account settings using a web based form application.

These users will be uploading large files to my server, and as of right now they are uploading the files using a file upload form. The problem is it takes a really long time to upload them.

So my first question is will using ftp be significantly faster than using the web form http upload?

Assuming its faster to use ftp:

The big files that the user uploads get stored in a directory in the website directory right now, so that they would be accessible via . There is an ftp account used to control that entire domain and all the files in it.

So if i were to create another ftp user, how would i go about allowing them to access a specific diretory in another users home directory.

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Windows 2008
Does anyone here know of a place where i can get a server with 2GB ram and with windows 2008 for less than $100.00? or $100.00 per month?

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I Have A Txt In My Server With Million Of Passwords
I'm very frustated 'cause i found a "****.txt" into my root directoriy of my server with a lot of usernames and passwords (24Mb)

<<removed, as they might be active accounts>>

I just put here the first lines but I have yahoo, hotmail, facebook passwords etc ...

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Windows 2008 Firewall
I notice that the Windows 2008 Firewall has some default setting opened, wonder what are the ports opened for? Anyone can give any idea? Can I close them?

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Windows 2008 User
I am trying to create a new windows 2008 administrator user.

Which is simple and i have done it but it seems it doesnt have the same permission as the standard administrator user.

how I can setup a new user with the same permission as the normal administrator user?

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Windows 2003 / 2008
I would like to get a windows 2003 or 2008 dedicated server to run some software and give some friends hosting locally.

Can someone please explain what must be done and HOW (win server newbie here) *after* the intial o/s install?

- dns setup (how, ns1/ns2, etc)

- apply IP range assigned to server

- serious security (the big one)

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Windows 2008 Iso
I downloaded a windows 2008 iso file onto my centos 5 server, How can i mount the iso file and boot it in rescue mode over serial port? I am wanting to install windows instead of centos.

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Windows 2008 Hosting
do you maybe know .. is someone offering hosting on windows 2008 platform ? and what's the price per year.

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Awstats With Windows 2008
I am facing trouble in awstats using on win 2008. is it supported?

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How To Manage A Server
how to manage and run a server, I need to get some experience But I don't want to pay for anything that iam not planning to use it .

can i install a server on my laptop ? Like the one we use on the internet? and edit some settings...?

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Windows 2003 Server - IIS & FTP Up, But No RDP Or Physical Console
We have a windows 2003 machine that is currently responding properly to all services that it's running (including IIS and FTP), however RDP connections just close right away and the server isn't responding when a local keyboard & monitor is plugged in.

The last thing that I want to do is pull the power out while it's on - any ideas?

I tried a remote shutdown, but the response is:
C:Users>shutdown /r /m HOSTNAME
HOSTNAME: The entered computer name is not valid or remote shutdown is not supported on the target computer. Check the name and then try again or contact your system administrator.(53)

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How To Set The Licensing In Windows 2008
I have problem locating the Licensing module which allow us to add/delete CALs/Processor licenses, where is it now in Windows 2008?

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How To Uninstall ASSP On Windows 2008
How can i completely uninstall ASSP from my windows 2008 server? i am using plesk with mailenable pro.

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Windows 2003 And 2008 Web
i wanted to buy a dedicated server and when i had questions about 2003 web, i talked to hivelocity live support and i think it was dave who told me that Windows 2003 web has a restriction for mysql which was 512 KB. I myself is planning to own a gameserver that uses java and mysql and i know for sure uses much much more space than 512 KB. Is this true that 2003 restricts the size of your DB and when your DB reaches 512 kb, it can no longer be used? Also, is the windows 2008 web licensing fee the same as windows 2003 web?

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PHP And MYSQL On Windows 2008
I am about to move my site to a dedicated server. My current site is running on PHP and MYSQL on a Linux box (shared host), but I am familiar with Windows/IIS so I decide to run the site on Windows 2008 instead of Linux on a deciated server.

Before I begin to move, I would like to ask for your experience. Have anyone here ever tried PHP/MySQL on Windows server in production environment? What are the limitations (and/or performance issues) when running PHP/MySQL on Windows?

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Windows 2008 Control Panel
is there a free control panel for windows 2008 server besides dotnetpanel? I tried installing MS SQL and got errors. So I installed MySql instead..and just need a control panel to run it.

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