What Is A Fast Host That You Users Can Post Adult Content?

May 8, 2008

looking for a a quality webhost where users can post adult content. Know any?

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Looking For A Host That Allows Adult Content

Nov 14, 2008

Looking for a host that allows adult content

I've been looking for a host for a few hours now and would like to get some opinions on what people think of the following companies or what other companies I should be looking at.


these 4 all allow "pornographic" material


500mb-2gb space
20-100gb monthly bandwidth (option to scale this would be best)
php 4 or 5
sql (2 databases)
ssh (not required, but would like it)
5-10 a month, payable yearly

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VPS Host That Allows Adult Content! Not Nakedhosting Or HostGator!

Jul 15, 2007

As far as hosts, ive been through hostgator which sucked.. not for the hostings in the fact i barely had any downtime, but for the outa nowhere ban/support they have. So i left that.. If they had better support id stick with them.

Moved on to nakedhosting... that site gets fustrating because every early morning their servers slow/stop for about 4 or 5 hours then back to normal.. their support sucks! Only tech support is ever online for live chat and ive only received a reply once from their ticket system outa the 4 times i tried getting support. Honestly i think theirs about 4 or 5 people running that site because i pretty much talk to the same guy on live chat everytime.. on top of that, everyones gone after 8pm+.. really, you wont get live chat or ticket support.. which further leads me to believe they have a small room of servers which 4 or 5 people run. Probably a family business who knows.. Dont pay attention to their 99% up time, most flat out lie.. but if your record your down times you do get a discount if you convince them its their fault..

anyway im looking for a reliable VPS host that does have decent support and uptime. Im not one to make alot of mistakes that need support, at most maybe 1 or 2 every couple months but most of the time i dont.. i just want a host that will be their when i do have one.

Price isnt an issue. Also it would be great if i could pay with paypal. Not a needed but would help start me off since i have to wait 3-4 days till it hits my account.

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GoDaddy + Adult Content

Feb 28, 2009

If I want to use GoDaddy as my host for a website with adult content on it i.e. porn, would it violate any agreements or TOS? If so, what if I bought a dedicated server?

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Webhost For Adult Content?

Sep 30, 2008

Does anyone know of a good web host that allows adult content? No porn or anything hardcore, basically it's just half-nude/topless/erotic posing pictures.

I will definitely need a web host that allows a lot of bandwidth, I'm actually doing this for someone who just got in the cover of Penthouse. So.. I'm sure there will be a lot of traffic.

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VPS Recommendation For Adult Content

Aug 24, 2008

Something less then US$ 150 for the start and an option to move to a full blown (4 Cores, 4GB) dedicated server later would be optimal.

1000 GB Transfer
10 GB Disk
1024 GB Memory
Plesk Panel

There will also be download links to copyright protected material but this are only links, there is no copyright infringement on the server itself which is absolutely legal at least in Europe.

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Legal Adult Content

May 24, 2008

I have been looking for adult hosting services. Of the businesses I have found that do allow adult hosting, I have seen one stipulation. "Legal adult content". I'm not quite sure on what this means. Does it pertain to the obvious, like no child porn, bestiality, etc. Or is there legalities to the access of the adult content? Though I live in the US, I was not raised nor educated here, and thus not aware of the details here.

All I wish to host is a general content forum where my members can have a section to post 18+ pornography such as you would see in any regular adult video store. I plan to have this in an invite only section of the forum as to keep the content inaccessible to under 18 year olds. I believe this should be within the requirements of legal adult content.

Anyone who knows the details of the term "Legal adult content", could you please clear this up for me?

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Do MediaTemple Allow Adult Content

Mar 2, 2009

Does anyone know? I can't find the words 'sex', 'porn' or 'adult' anywhere in their knowledgebase, so I'm not too sure!

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Looking For Hosting Allow Adult Content

Apr 27, 2009

i am looking for a hosting allow adult content, I need only space for a forum and a main page (welcome page) in html and some extras I think 1 or 2 GB of space is cool. About transfer up to 15GB.

I want to do is users downloading videos and photos through rapidshare, megaupload and that stuff.

About the pics, images are put through imageshack, imagevenue etc. Thas is why i dont need to much space.

Currently I have 2 websites with different content. hosted in Hawkhost and jaguarpc.

Jaguarpc allow adult content but only in VPS
Hawkhost I think dont allow adult content.

also need to have ability to pay for 6 or 12 months..

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Recommend Me A Webhost That Allows Adult Content?

Dec 25, 2005

This is just a little pet project I'm thinking about, so nothing excessive, I was thinking:

around 50 gb transfer
no heavy HD requirement here, 500 megs?
allows adult content, duh.

Anyone have a recommendation?

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Looking For Guys Like Directspace But Who Allow Adult Content

Dec 6, 2008

looking for guys like directspace but who allow adult content

directspace.net so far is amazing 10TB for $99

however they do not allow adult sites.....real bummer.

im looking for something exactly like directspace but that allow adult content.

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Need A UK Based VPS That Accept's Legal Adult Content

Aug 5, 2008

I am looking for a UK based VPS from a UK company that allows legal adult hosting. I am ideally looking for at least 40GB space and 500GB b/w to start with.

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Looking For Rails Hosting (mongrel, Adult Content)

Jan 4, 2008

I'm looking for some hosting for a couple of small projects. I want a place I can host them with until they need to be moved to a dedicated host (if they ever do).

Need the following: ...

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Dedicated Server That Allows Porn / Adult Content?

Mar 13, 2008

I have a customer interested in a dedicated server that allows porn to be hosted on it. What locations/providers do you recommend for something like this?

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Virtual Private Servers With Adult Content Allowed?

May 26, 2007

I am in the process moving to new VPS, what i want is:

- Linux/Unix VPS
- Adult content allowed
- DirectAdmin Control panel
- Minimum 3-5GB Space
- Minimum 150+ GB Bandwidth
- No Setup fees
- Total Monthly price <= $30

Please if you know such good VPS post here.

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Fast Host

Feb 5, 2009

anyone know or can recommended a good and fast host? for share plan

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Is There A Fast Web Host Out There

Dec 14, 2008

Is there a webhost fast enough for providing large files (2.5GB +, going up to 10GB + larger) on my website to users worldwide?

At the moment my website is hosted in the UK and it seems to deliver download speeds of around 650kbps if only one person is downloading at a time. I have tried other web hosts, and their download speeds are never advertised, but have turned out to be even less in practise (e.g. 150kbps)

As I'm hosting large files (e.g. 1GB - 2.5GB - 8.5GB or more) on my website, I need something with unlimited speed. i.e. so that the download speed is limited only by the end user's connection.

Is there anything like this out there? I realise the files are very large in size, but I'd rather keep the process electronic than mail out hundreds of DVDs all the time.

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Need A VPS Which Can Host Adult

Apr 13, 2008

i got a adult blog(wordpress),sometime i will put some torrent files on my blog,i use lunarpages share host before,recently,traffic up to 3000uv/day,share host can't hadle it,so i wanna upgrade to VPS,lunarpages ask me 39.9$/m,just wanna know is there any other choice for me.

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Non Adult Host

Jan 29, 2008

I am looking for a host for a small business. The client has requested that the host be completely free of any adult content. I usually use DreamHost but I am not sure how to check if they host any adult sites or not.

The site will be an online catalogue with shopping cart.

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Best Adult Host

May 11, 2009

Does anyone know of a really quality host that allows (and perhaps even specialized in) adult content? I need solid uptime.

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Finding A Fast Host

May 4, 2008

I have a site that is currently hosted in Australia and loads relatively quickly there , but it is very slow in Uk and France.

Eli kindly set up a trial at blurstorm but I am unhapy with the way it loads in australia which is its primary audience.

how to get my speeds up with the site? ATM there is a 2.8 mb swf file that loads in about 5 sec in aus but about 20 in europe.

Blurstorm is faster in europe(france)but unacceptably slow in Aus.

Is blurstorm considered fast servers on their reseller plans? Or do I need to upgrade my expenditure to get what I want?

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Host With Fast Network

Sep 19, 2008

fairly strong dedicated server probably minimum of a single processor dual core, preferably a quad-core and around 2GB+ RAM. I don't mind a metered bandwidth plan and I don't have a preference on how much bandwidth is provided but I need a fairly solid and fast network. I looked into midphase and I their plans look attractive but I've heard bad reviews on them on it being unreliable, unreliable support, and a slow network. I also recently used zenex5ive and I wasn't too happy with their network either. I've looked at a bunch of providers but I can't figure out which ones would suit me best. Anybody have any suggestions that you think would match my criteria? I mostly need the specs above and a fairly fast network with good pricing...

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Adult VPS Type Host?

Feb 27, 2009

VPS type package ok, need around 30GB HDD space, and maybe 200GB badwith per month, << provide some recommendations >> (dont ask for my budget!). Prefer live chat support 24/7, and need to setup/ transfer site from existing host.

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Best European Host For Adult?

Feb 26, 2009

Looking to find a Europe based webhost for my adult dvd company's hosting needs, please suggest, thanks

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Need An Acceptable Adult Host

Oct 2, 2009

My wife has grown tired of my concerns about the content on her site so she wants to move off of my MediaTemple Grid Service. She has also expressed concern over the speed (or lack there of) in my MediaTemple account. I myself plan to move over to A Small Orange either when I am finished with the year I paid for on MediaTemple or if the lack of speed becomes unbearable. But I digress.

She found a free web host with no ads (yeah, I know what you are thinking but hear me out) and she asked me to move her site. In all my 11 years of doing website stuff, I have never had a host that behaved nearly as bad as this one. This web host kept kicking me off of FTP so I had to upload each plugin manually instead of uploading the whole package.

Shaun Inman's Mint is also acting up on her webhost. My theory is that it does not play well with multiple database connections and that all Mint is doing is just showing that half of the attempted MySQL connections are being dropped by this host due to internal settings.

Now, my question to you is if you know of any good webhosts that allow adult content to be hosted? I remember only one but it closed down (Unrestricted.net) I do not know whether or not the parent company (BurstNet) allows adult content anymore. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Host Which Would Set Up Server Or VPS Fast (up To 1-2 Hours)

May 19, 2008

Somebody posted a video in my website which got viral. Many big websites (like gizmodo) embeded it and I've maxed out my 100mbit/s connection. Traffic is increasing and my website started crashing.

I want to move that video to other server ASAP so my website would stop crashing.

Do you know any host which would set up server or VPS fast (up to 1-2 hours)?

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Fast UK Host With MySQL Support

Apr 18, 2008

I currently run a website which is hosted with storminternet.co.uk and, while I can't fault their reliability, the (lack of) performance is undermining the usefulnes of the website.

Key features of the website are:

- completely MySQL/PHP driven so the host needs MySQL support and processor power . Some of the MySQL queries are fairly complex and call upon multiple tables of large datasets.

- monthly bandwidth is much less of an issue than speed (if that's not an oxymoron) as the number of visitors is currently <250/day.

- most if not all of the visitors are from the UK

In terms of budget I would be willing to go 150+/year if the service was top quality.

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Best Host For Fast MySQL Connections

Aug 12, 2008

for a linux web host that has extremely fast mysql connections, 100GB of bandwidth, and the amount of space has to be at least 1GB. Price doesn't really matter.

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Host For Adult Orientated Blog

Mar 14, 2006

I am looking for a cheap host that will allow adult orientated discussions and advertising. There wont be any actual porn on the site or at least not hosted on the account.

I was looking at a small orange and it looks like they allow light adult material but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

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Fast And Large HD Space Host For Cheap

Jul 28, 2008

Who knows a good host that offers PHP5, mySQL 5, and at least 1 TB of hard drive space for a cheap hosting account.

I am setting up a digital asset management tool and I need alot of hard drive space for a few of users to be able to download large image files.

Which is why i need massive amounts of hard drive space.

If anyone knows of anything, please PM me or post it here. I will be checking this thread periodically.

OH and by cheap I mean less then $100/month.

I would guess the server could be either VPS or Shared or if you know of a dedicated server company, then that would be awesome too.

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Adult Host, Managed, With Unmetered Bandwidth

Feb 6, 2006

I am hosting a few websites with my host, powweb.com (shared hosting). Now I am thinking to go for an adult xxx website, and my host is not ready to host an adult website with them, and thus, I am looking for a new host now.

Things are:

1. I have very little knowledge about server management, as till now my shared host was doing everything, so I may need a host who offers a completely managed hosting, including backups, security, etc (just as a shared host would do).

2. I need a host that allows extreme adult contents.

3. The site will be a new one, but I am planning to go for offline marketing and hoping that I will get a good amount of visitors. Also the site will offer online movies. Taking these things into consideration, I am thinking that I may need a host that offers unmetered bandwidth.

I would like to get some tips from you guys, and if any of you know a good host, thanks for letting me know as well.

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