Standard Configurations

Nov 19, 2008

Buying a dedicated server, what configuration would you expect to be as standard memory, hard drive, and raid?

And what would your budget be for this configuration? What do you expect to pay for it?

The CPU would be as the following:

Single CPU Quad Core Xeon 3220
Single CPU Quad Core Xeon 5430
Dual CPU Quad Core Xeon 5430

What standard configuration would you expect on these?

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VNC Configurations

Aug 28, 2008

I have been reading various articles on these forums regarding the issue of installing a VNC server on my VPS using GNOME.

I have been following a guide produced by a member called TouchVPS and so far I have had no problems, I have sucessfully completed all of the stages below, although when I connect to my server via UltraVNC Viewer I am presented with a grey screen and a black cross.

Further looking into the issue, I decided to run gnome-session to see whether the application would execute in memory (via SSH) and encountered the following message:

Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display
I realise this might be becuase I am trying to launch from the shell, but was wondering whether it had anything to do with the problem.

Any how here is the intructional guide I have followed:


for centos/fedora:

1. yum -y update

2. yum -y install gnome*

3. yum -y install vnc-server vnc nano
now use:

4. vncserver - set your VNC password the results will be:
xauth: creating new authority file /root/.Xauthority

New 'desktop:1 (root)' desktop is desktop:1

Creating default startup script /root/.vnc/xstartup
Starting applications specified in /root/.vnc/xstartup
Log file is /root/.vnc/desktop:1.log
=== that means the VNC is up and running on port 5901 now use:

5. killall -9 Xvnc

6. nano .vnc/xstartup
delete twm & and replace with gnome-session &, save.

7. vncserver results will be like this:

Warning: desktop:1 is taken because of /tmp/.X1-lock
Remove this file if there is no X server desktop:1

New 'desktop:2 (root)' desktop is desktop:2

Starting applications specified in /root/.vnc/xstartup
Log file is /root/.vnc/desktop:2.log
===== that means your vnc is up and running on port 5902 and you are ready to go now .

this are easy steps i use them in so many virtual servers with centos fedora and always work without a problem.
or contact me and i will be more than happy to install it for you free.

I have completed all of the steps in this tutorial and I am running CentOS 5 if this helps.

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Mail Server Configurations

Mar 16, 2007

I have a technical question that I cannot figure out.

Right my system spec is:

CentOS 4.4 Server (VPS OpenVZ)
cPanel and WHM
IMAP Server = uwimap
Mail Server = Exim
POP3 Server = cppop

Ok, I have a small business with 20 user, 4 of which are partners. I want all 20 users to have the own mailbox and address.

However I want all email sent and received copied to the 4 partners mailboxes.

So, for example.

Employee 1 ( gets an email into his mailbox, and then he replies to it.

Ideally, all emails to and from get copied into a folder within each of the partners mailbox, but one step at a time ehh.

What I want is the email coming in and the reply copied to all partners mailbox aswell, by default.

Is there a way to set this up via the server, instead of the email client, as this could be tampered with.

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Configurations For /etc/security/limits.conf

Dec 23, 2007

i Have Server And Hosting In it 275-300 site

and i want limit Resource usage for all sites usin pam limits

good configuration to limits.conf file?

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Linux & Hardware Raid Configurations

Aug 14, 2007

at implementing RAID 5 into my RHEL4 box, and am wondering what the best configuration would be. I'm not very familiar with LVM, but I've heard great things about it.

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Mailman / Apache Configurations Not Correct

Apr 16, 2015

I have two problems regarding Mailman Mailing Lists.

1) The Mailman Interface is usually located under lists.domain.tld/mailman (I changed the config from /cgi-bin/mailman/ to just /mailman/), but it seems the apache confs for this subdomain are not applied – I only see the servers default page when visiting this URL. domain.tld/mailman works, though. It would be great if lists.domain.tld/mailman would actually work and domain.tld/mailman wouldn't work.

How do I change/repair the configurations properly? I've installed the newest MU and already to reinstall mailman.

2) I get an Internal Server Error when visiting the domain.tld/mailman Interface. Reason is mod_suexec, which I need to disable for domain.tld/mailman, but where and how? All the vhost configurations are created automatically.

I could imagine this is related to my first problem and the mod_suexec thing is properly configured in the lists-subdomain config.

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Setting Up Email In Outlook With Cpanel Configurations

Nov 9, 2007

I'm having problems setting up email in Outlook with cpanel configurations. I've exhausted google trying to find an answer to this. Maybe someone here can help or has had a similiar problem.

I've set up accounts in cpanel (eg: info @, have the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server as and I even checked off the "server required authentication" but I still can't receive emails. I changed the outgoing server to and it still doesn't work. I get a prompt asking for Network Server Password and click ok with the login and password but it keep popping up.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: How To Get Old Settings / Configurations After Reinstallation

Mar 8, 2015

I recently reinstalled my Plesk Panel 12.0.18 after several failures, which I wasn't able to repair (not even would work). All of my websites weren't accessible, the connection between websites and the Database server didn't work and the Plesk backend was unavailable, too. I used the autoinstaller via command line to make a new Plesk installation.

Now I have a clean panel, the websites are available again, the MySQL database works again, but I don't have all my settings and websites in the Plesk backend anymore.

My question is: How can I get the old settings/configurations, which are still on the server, back in to Plesk?

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Litespeed Standard

Sep 11, 2008

I got new server for free image hosting services, I was reading up about lite speed and it seems faster for this type of need however i do not have money to buy enterprise edition now, standard edition which is free but it says only 150 concurrent connection, means i can't have more than 150 ppl viewing a image? please advice or do stick with our great Apache which free

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Oct 19, 2008

I'm sure there is an easy answer to this, and i'm probably being a little lazy, but the google searches i did didn't really help.

As I need to have windows hosting, apart from the price, is there any difference between setting up the server with windows 2003 standard edition and web edition?

I want to run MS SQL and My sql databases, run asp, .Net 2 and php on the server.

I'd also want to connect with RDP which i'm assuming is fine.

Most of the searches seem to talk about the fact that you can't set up active directory,or making it a domain controller but not much else.

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Standard And Virtual Web Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

What is the difference between standard web hosting and virtual hosting?

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Windows Standard License

May 26, 2008

I see most of the providers offering Windows 2003 STD license $20-$30 per month. I wonder how is that done, do they buy licenses in bulk and then lease them monthly basis or there is an agreement with Microsoft. I have a few linux boxes colocated and would like to procure Windows licenses on my own. Also how to go for licenses for VPS server?

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Litespeed Standard Vs Apache

May 5, 2008

how Litespeed Standard (free) edition compares to apache. Of course it's not as good as the paid version, but I'm wondering how the free version compares to Apache.

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Feb 18, 2008

is there any huge difference between the two?

I'm primarily going to use the server for gaming.

After researching, the only thing I saw was that Web only supports up to 2GB of ram.

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95% Billing -- Is There A Standard Method

Sep 5, 2007

I just got hit with a whopping bill by my provider, and noticed they charged almost twice the bandwidth I was showing in my Cacti graphs.

I looked at the graphs they provided, and it seems that rather than averaging in/out bandwidth on the swich port, as the default Cacti installation does, they were treating in and out as separate switchports and totalling the bandwidth (at least I think that's what's going on).

Just wondering if this is a standard practice among providers. Attached are my and my provider's graphs.

I've been with these guys for years and never had this problem, until I had a big spike in incoming bandwidth which apparently skewed the usage. Prior to this, overrage charges have always matched bw shown in my Cacti graphs.

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Windows Standard 2003 Vs R2

Aug 10, 2007

Is the R2 just a version with all the upgrades or service packs already updated?

In other words can I use the older copy and just pull the upgrades from micosoft.

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CPanel Standard Cron Job

Mar 1, 2007

I want to know how to get this cron job to work. Get a php script to run at certain times, etc.

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FTP Setup On Windows 2003 Standard

Oct 5, 2006

Im trying to setup FTP on Windows 2003 Standard. Multiple people will need access, the problem Im having is how do I make it to where certain ftp accounts only have access to certain folders and certain ftp accounts have access to the whole root directory of that folder?

For instance under websitefolder you have a folder called bobsfolder. I want bob to login and just be "jailed" to bobsfolder, but when websitefolderadmin logs in they have access to the root of websitefolder and all its subfolders.

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Hosts Providing WHM As Standard Feature

May 25, 2009

Can someone help me with web hosts providing WHM as standard feature on their web hosts instead of in only reseller plans.

I do not need a reseller plan, just want a plan to host multiple sites of my own but don't want to use the addon domains route.

I am currently hosted on Axishost for exactly the same reason as they provide WHM access but I need a little more space than what Axishost offers.

My requirements: 1.5 GB of storage & around 20 GB bandwidth per month for around $10 per month. (Axishost provides 1 GB space and I may just fall a little short on space. Except for this, I am quite happy with Axishost)

I could only find Resellerzoom which fits my budget perfectly but not sure about their Acceptable Use Policy which seems to be quite scary for the Budget Reseller Plan based on what I read on these forums.

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Vps Host Using Non-standard Ports For Webmail

Nov 2, 2009

I have been having consistent problems with my VPS where I can't access my webmail from public WiFi areas (coffee shops etc). Tonight it happened at a hotel wifi area; my web host had me telnet using ports 2082 2083 and 2086 which all failed. My web host says the ports for webmail are 2095 and 2096 which also failed and often non-standard ports are blocked.

Is this correct? I travel a lot so not being able to access my mail is a big problem. This is a VPS problem as it happens to all domains hosted on the VPS. What are my options? I have a lot of other webmail services (separate from this vps) that I never have trouble with.

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Windows 2008 Standard VS Web Edition

Nov 25, 2008

Posted this as an add-on to another question I had in the Tech forum, had no reply, perhaps I posted in the wrong forum. Posting here instead:

I noticed MS has lifted some of the restriction concerning the Web Server edition, it's like half the price of Standard.

I'm mainly going to be hosting a couple of separate web sites, run ASP.Net and PHP, along with some database servers (currently considering SQL Server Express and MySQL).

Email server is being considered, though our load isn't too great, it's just for a couple of friends and myself. We're also intending to run game servers off it (Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty series, etc.) on occasions.

Would the Web Server edition suffice for these? Or is it still technically limited/has license restrictions, and I will need at least the standard edition?

I may also intend to serve streaming windows Media files.

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Windows 2003 Standard Encoder

Apr 29, 2008

I would like to know if Windows 2003 standard support's windows media encoder?

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Paging File Win 2003 Standard

Jan 30, 2008

What setup would be right (as far as paging file goes) for running game servers on a dedicated box.

core2duo 2ghz
300Gb HD
Windows Server 2003 Standard

Right now it says it has 1512 MB allocated for the paging file. Just seems to me that programs would run better with a smaller paging file.

This is my first Windows server i have always used unix for a dedicated box so i dont have a clue how these settings such as page file affects a server.

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Windows 2003 Server Standard R2

May 5, 2008

I have to setup a company server over a huge hardware profile made for me:

- 8 cpu
- 16gb RAM
- gbits LAN
- 1 TB of RAID-5 storage bay

The server will be splitted in two server (it's actually a balde running ESX and two guests).

My question is:

- I am better to setup 64 bits or better run the old and stable 32 bits?

I consider this question because:

- I might install Exchange 2007
- I might upgrade to Windows 2008

Out of this, is there known problem/issue with 64 bits Windows 2003 OS?

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Differences Between Windows 2K3 SB And Standard Server

Mar 12, 2008

What is the real difference between Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition?

Why is the SBS cheaper?

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EU Computer Power Plug Standard

Dec 6, 2007

to ship 2 machines to LINX and DECIX from the US, and obviously need either adapters or just new cables. I'm just not certain what plug type is used at both or either location. I guess I'm looking for information similar to like what we have here in the US (NEMA 1-15 or NEMA 2-20).

I'm looking at these adapters:

Grounded CEE7/7 - Germany
British BS 1363 - UK

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Windows Server 2003 Web Or Standard Edtion

Apr 7, 2009

I am going to buy my own server and colocate this at a data center. This server is going to only host one website with Mysql as backend database. I notice there are 3 different Windows 2003 server, Web, Standard and Enterprise. I am leaning toward the Standard version. Can I use Window 2003 Standard Edition to run my the web server?

Can I buy this to do web hosting [url]

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When Will 500 Gb Hard Drive Be Standard For Dedicated Hosting

Apr 28, 2009

It seems to me storage space on dedicated hosts has stalled. Why is it that most dedicated hosts are still on 250 GB drives when 500 GB and 1000 GB drives are now standard?

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Which Standard Modules To Be Installed On Your Dedicated Server

Jul 23, 2008

what are the standard modules which you normally need to get installed in your server or which you install ? from which you sell hosting to your customer or Which standard modules Is Most Important To Be Installed In Your Dedicated server ?

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