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FDC Denver Vs Chicago

If you were going to colocate with FDC would you choose Chicago or Denver? Which is going to have a better network and support?

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Denver/Chicago Colo - Gameservers
We are going to be expanding here very soon, we are going to be offering a new location within the next month, so I would like a reccommendations for single server colocation providers in the Denver and Chicago areas.

Most likely we will be setting up Chicago to be our next location.

We will be shipping a 2U server initially to get precense in the city.

This is for gaming, so the network quality needs to be great. Due to reputation, no cogent. Preferrably connected to one or more carriers: Internap/Level3/Verizon Business.

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Denver FDCservers
I am looking to colocate with FDC in Denver and wanted to know if anyone had any opinions about their Denver colocation.

Hows the network, etc?

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Transit Or Colocation Denver With GBLX
where I can get some GBLX in Denver, Co. I have been trying to get GBLX fiber to Colorado Springs, but the loop is just too expensive and the price comes to $95 per MB.

Then I try to look in Denver, but it seems that none of the facilities carry GBLX, and the ones that could carry are asking much $65 per mb with 100 Mb at least commitment.

So far, I called Internap and they quote me $65 per mb which I find decent for their quality, but they donít have their own DC in Denver. It seems that Internap use XO facility which is not good for me at all, (I have heard some bad histories about the XO facilities). I am looking to colo 1 cab with 20 MB/s with possibility to expand to 4 cabs and 50 MB/s in the next 6 months. Price should be decent.

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Data Center In 391 Inverness Englewood,CO (Denver)
work on a project with a colo data center/network operator at 391 Englewood, CO. (Denver area) Does anyone know of any colo operators in there or 393 Inverness besides data 393?

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Chicago Vps?
I know there is and wich I think futurehosting is in their datacenter.

is there any other vps providers based in chicago? All of our clients are in minnesota and we would like to provide fastest response times as possible.

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Equinix VA And Chicago
Does anyone have a POC for the facility at Filigree Court and 350 Cermak?

I have a customer who needs to speak to someone about some cross connect orders.

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Futurehosting (chicago)
I already have two virtual private servers with providers in the Chicago area, but I`m looking for another one that offers some level of managament/monitoring service. I don`t like keep all my eggs in the same basket!

I see Futurehosting offers servers from a Chicago facility, which I believe is Steadfast? They also offer for a few bucks extra, pro-active monitoring on two services.

I have found quite a few reviews for Futurehosting, but these are mostly in relation to their Texas and UK offerings.

Anyone here offer an insight into their Chicago operations, especially those who have been there more than a few weeks?

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Colocation In Chicago ..
I ordered 2 1U servers from dell (Poweredge 1950). One is loaded with Dual Quad core processors, 8GB of ram, and RAID 5. The other server is just a test/back up server with basic configuration.

I'm hosting 2 major websites (e-commerce shopping carts) on the main server. One receives about 2000 uniques per day, the other about 500/day with occasional bursts of traffic of 25,000 uniques in just one day. All in all, I think I'll need about 200-300GB of monthly transfer. I'm mainly worried about the connection speed not being able to handle these bursts of traffic.

What kind of specs should I be looking for in colocation hosting to meet my needs? Any recommended collocation facilities in Chicago for this?

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Chicago Colo
The company i work for is growing at a rapid pace. We need to decide on if we want to colo or add better,bigger connection to our office.

We currently have DSL from Att 6/1 in downtown chicago.

Our product is a web app which people login and use. It runs in IIS, the user can see there data in various forms when the web server makes MS SQL query on the MS SQL that is also on the web server box which is 2u. The user can also download pdf report which range in size from 2meg to 30megs. Due to a limits of our dsl connection the more user's that use it the slower the end user's experience is due to the inet bottleneck. So our option is to get a T1 from ATT,covad or other provider or colo our server.

what factors should i take into account when looking at colo's in the chicago area. I am not sure how much b.w. this apps uses or any other factors the server would be a Dell 2950.

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Chicago Colo Out There
Anyone got any picks on datacenters in the chicago area?

I am looking for cost efficiency here, but I dont want crap bandwidth since these will be used as gameservers/voiceservers...

Any companies can PM me with info, or people can post their picks, everything is appreciated.

I am looking to send initially a Midsize tower, then not too long after a 1u server...

So cost means alot here.

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1U Hardware In Chicago
Foiled again.

I'm dropping a few 1U units off at a datacenter tomorrow, in Chicago. I was waiting for the heatsinks to be delivered via UPS today.. but unfortunately they dropped the ball. The package was left at a sorting facility, and won't be here now until Tuesday.

Does anyone know of a location in the Chicagoland area that carries 1U hardware, and would be open on a Saturday morning?

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Chicago Colocation
I'm in the process of setting up a new 2U Dell server and I'm looking to colocate it here in Chicago.

Here's what I'm looking for:

16 IP's
350GB/month Bandwidth (ability to burst up to 100Mbit)
2U Server
$100/month or less

I don't need fancy bandwidth or lots of additional features. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might look? I've used Empyrean Hosting in the past, but they've been sold to another company.

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Chicago Client
My company runs an extremely successful ecommerce website but we are currently unhappy with our current provider for reasons I will not list here. We are looking to move to a carrier neutral location (possible switch and data because it is in the same building) or other options are Equinix and?.

The problem is going from one provider and a /29 to trying to balance two or three providers. No one is going to do bgp with someone only using three ips. We have 2 cabinets with 40 servers (60u total) but most everything is nat'd.

What options are available? Management wants 99.999% uptime (yes i know unrealistic) but downtime is lost $$$ when 100% of sales come from the web. They are willing to pay to keep downtime at a minimum. Multiple data centers around the country is planned for later in 2008 or early 2009. Server cost is not the problem but making the website and back end databases work in a multiple data center environment is the problem.

Any suggestions? Is Internap a possibility? During my searches here at WHT, I seem to see either Equinix, Server Central, or SteadFast mentioned as the favorites. Pricing looks fine at Server Central and it looks like they may have their own network. Steadfast pricing is cheaper but the amount of outages in the outage forum scares me.

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350 Cermak In Chicago
i have two cabinet with Equinix at 350 Cermak in Chicago. I want to add another cabinet but now they want me to buy 3 more cabinets because of their new power density rules. what a joke! buy 3 cabinets when i can only really use one (or less than one, like i only need 20U !!)

so i want to know who else is in that building that doesnt have such stupid rules so I can pay them for cabinet+power.

I want 208-30 and 1 cabinet. I will run two x-connects to my two cabinets. This will cost me some extra switching equipment but will save me $2400/mo for a long-time. money well spent in my opinion.

so please let me know who has good cabinet, access, pricing, etc. i just need 1 cabinet, 208-30A primary/redundant, and 2 x-connects to my existing infrastructure.

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Chicago 1-u Or 2-u Inexpensive Colo
Any recommendations for inexpensive but fairly good colo options near Chicago? I have a website that will serve users routing through Chicago and am wondering how low latency I can get to that without breaking the bank for this one project

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Dedicated For Gaming - Chicago
I am currently hosted in Chicago but I am hurting real bad where I am presently at and need to switch pretty quick. This is what I have right now:

coreduo 6600
2G ram
1200G premium network

Who and where is everyone in Chicago? And it would appear that right now I DO NOT want Savvis. If the folks at where I am hosted at would have switched me to their standard network all would have been golden, but no dice.

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Equinix Chicago Colocation
4-5 continuous racks on the 5th or 6th floor of the Equinix Chicago facility.

I've already met with Server Central. Can anyone suggest anybody else who is in that facility? I know it might be a long shot to get that many together, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Chicago Colocation 86,000 Sq. Ft.
Private Data Center Colocation. Tier 4 Chicago High Availability Colocation opening July 2007. 86,000 sq. ft. Tier 3+ private data center located in Oak Brook, IL. Stargate is currently accepting floor space requests for anchor clients with expected opening for July 2007.

Looks like more competition in the Chicago area and thats always a good thing.

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Qwest Colo In Chicago
Does anyone know anything about the Qwest colocation center in Chicago? It is the 7th floor in the same building Equinix is in. I am looking for positive or negative feedback as I'm looking at potentially placing a couple of cabinets in there.

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Chicago Colo Setup
We have recently acquired a half rack in a Chicago DC. We have purchased 2 mid range Dell servers, PowerConnect 2724, and a Firebox X20e-W. We also have a block of IP's, for demo purposes lets say: - 58. Now these server will be for two separate clients. Let saw each client gets 10 ip's consecutively from the range above. One server will be a Windows 2003 based server, and the other will run linux. Both will manage there own DNS. What I want to know is if this is possible with the above setup. Basicly I have one incoming drop connection, coming in via the firewall, then to the switch serving multiple machines. We want to be able to drop in more servers as time goes on.

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FDC Outage
Anyone elses sites offline I just lost over 20 colos all at once.

FDC site and CRM seems down.

NM Edit seems to be back now seems like a 5minute outage.

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Softlayer Vs. FDC
which company in terms of reliability, support, and mostly network (as I see it, SL and FDC have similar networks) is the best? Price isn't a real issue here .

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Should I Stay With FDC
I got my first dedicated server, So I'm not sure if this is what typically happens to everyone on every dedicated server setup, or if it's just my bad luck, or if it's a reflection of the guys at FDC.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should stick with them or not, it's been slightly weird, to somewhat humorous to just down right frustrating.

Only good thing is, it's not an actual production server, I was just seeing how FDC was as a company before I comitted. So other than the upfront cost and time spent dealing with this, we haven't thankfully impacted our customers in anyway.

(1) Contact sales, no response for two days.
(*) contacted them on friday, so I figure that was probably the delay in the response, quite understandable.

(2) They said they'll have to contact me by phone
(*) Sure not a problem, please contact me within these hours...

(3) They contacted me out of the hours specified
(*) ugh...maybe I didn't make myself clear in the email, oh well whatever, atleast they did contact me.

(4) Was promised server will be up by tomorrow
(*) Oh okay, he sounded nice on the phone

(5) Servers were not up by tomorrow had to email to find out what's going on
(*) They just got their shipment in and everything will be setup by the end of the day.

(6) It wasn't set up by the end of the day. Contacted them again.

(7) They got it up the next day, Server finally up, but I can't even ping it.
(*) Took them a day but they got that resolved

(8) I can finally ping it but I can't remote into it.
(*) I'm guessing someone forgot to enable RDP?

(9) Get another bill, Server 2008 Standard $20 more dollars
(*) I've never requested a update from web edition to standard. Maybe with all that reinstalling of the server, someone felt like upgrading me without seeing If I wanted the upgrade or not? Or maybe Remote desktop isn't possible in Web Edition and they upgraded me, if that's the case cool, if not I'm not sure why the upgraded me from Web to Standard.

(10) RDP finally works. Finally log into server...
(*) Hooray, it's finally over?

You figure it's clear sailing from here on out. Grab all my windows updates.

Right click on my computer, left click on properties...Windows not activated, automatic update will be done in 2 days.

(11) Contacted support, can I validate now, or just let it validate in 2 days.
(*) Support says it's not a problem and just to validate it now

(12) Validation failed.
(*) OMG this can't be happening...opened up a ticket.

(13) It looks like it was the wrong key, and we're waiting for msoft to get us a valid one it'll only take an hour.

3 hours later it's still not validated. They say they'll do it, and they'll email me, weird thing is they closed off the ticket? aren't things done by ticket status, if the ticket is closed then how do they know it needs to be done...

FDC is nice and all, decent response times on tickets, usually within 5 minutes, I've had response times with other companies(registrar) avg time was a day.

Anyhow I must be driving them nuts with all the tickets I've opened up, don't think it's any fault of my own though. Like I said earlier I'm not sure If I should stick with them or not, Is this typical? or is it just my bad luck, or is it just FDC?

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FDC 100mbit
I'm getting a pretty competitive quote from FDC-Servers with a 100mbit (shared) unmetered port - They believe I can expect 15-20TB UP and 30TB Down.

Do you guys have any objections, thoughts, ideas? Or any reviews about FDC-Servers network?

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Fdc Vps
Does anyone has any reviews about FDC VPS?

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Chicago Colo For Game Server
I'm looking for a Colo provider for a 2u server in the Chicago area. I'll be running a game server that will host at least two 24 player servers, so I'm thinking I need a 10Mb unmetered connection.

Ideally, I'd like to get it at $100/mo, but I understand that may be unlikely.

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Budget Chicago Server Wanted
Alright, here's the deal--

I need a budget chicago server -- I know, very difficult to find (last company I went with was Singlehop, and they're great, but I can't afford it for what I'd wish to do.)

Anyways, here's what I need my server for --

Some personal, non busy websites(my webhost that I've been using is being let go by me :[ I need this server for it reliably.)
CentOS5 or RH4 is preferred.
cPanel is required

I intend to host a few websites, and TWO counter-strike 1.6 servers (not busy or CPU intense really)

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Navisite Chicago Colo Reseller
if there are any Navisite resellers that have 2U rackspace in the Chicago center available?

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Carrier Neutral Chicago Co-location
Who are the reputable players in chicago ?, must be carrier neutral

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FDC Servers Feedback
Has anyone experience with FDC servers? We are looking at trying a dedicated machine to run some of our download services.

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FDC And InterNAP Bandwidth
I see that FDC is offering $12 per Mbit/sec for InterNAP bandwidth. I'm really interest on this offer. Are there anyone colocating severs at FDC and using their InterNAP bandwidth? if so, could you please give me some reviews and your experience?

How is their support and InterNAP bandwidth?

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100MBIT Unmetered At FDC
what kind of incoming and outgoing bandwidth should i be able to consume from FDC?

Im getting about 60KB down and 500KB up.

further since i havent been able to hold the number of radio slots I used to I feel like something is not right, i seem to get normal ping and traceroute but noticed that an mtr router displays some sort of odd results, am I reading this correctly?

seems like there is always a couple of hosts with a ton of packet loss. how can i tell if there is some kind of problem here? the server worked great for 6 mos and now it just seems like it never has come back .......

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FDC Vs ?
1gbit unmetered shared from this two providers

who is better according to your expirience?

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Verizon Chicago-area Data Centers
Anyone here colo at a Verizon facility in the Chicago area? I need to get in contact with someone.

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FDC 100Mbit Unmetered Servers
Do the FDC 100Mbit Unmetered servers use shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth?

Because i was looking at softlayer and they charge $2,000/month for a 100Mbit uplink port, yet FDC have this for $159/month.

Is it because fdc's are using shared bandwidth?

Also, does FDC's 100Mbit servers mean you can use as much data as the port allows per month so you'll never be charged excess data?

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FDC Servers Network Slow?
FDC servers network slow?

Anyone having problems with sites hosted on FDC right now?

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FDC Network Upgrades - Comcast Etc
it looks like FDC is taking more pain than usual in terms of network upgrade, i see the network seems unstable till 5am and even now the sessions are getting lost, once in a while like once a hr, anyway this is not the reason i am writing this, but when did comcast become transit provider, i did a trace to UK for example and i see trace going through comcast and then hopping onto tiscali/level3, it looks to me like, comcast could be trying to even out (1:1) it;s carriers so that they get all inbound for free sort of and it;s upstream selling as a transit make money there. sort of, just a surprise to me at this point

2 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms []
3 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms [68.
4 37 ms 40 ms 36 ms []
5 42 ms 42 ms 42 ms [6
6 30 ms 30 ms 31 ms []
7 122 ms 115 ms 113 ms []
8 119 ms 119 ms 119 ms []

9 120 ms 120 ms 123 ms []

10 119 ms 119 ms 167 ms []

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FDC Servers , How Much Bandwidth Can We Expect
How much bandwidth/month can we expect with them ? I read several stories... someone wrote he was able to push only about 3TB and others can push 5TB - 9TB
So what's your experience?

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FDC Colocation 2-Month Review
In the beginning of January, I purchaed a powerful server from Dell that would normally go for around $400-$500/month as a dedicated server from a reputable provider (2 QC Clovertowns, 8GB RAM, 6x 136GB 10k SAS RAID-10).

After talking with Petr from FDC, I decided to colocate it in their DC in Chicago. Petr offered me a phenomenal deal with two 100mbps switch ports and 1000GB total (in + out) premium Internap bandwidth for $55/month. Their Internap bandwidth is totally awesome.

On top of this great deal, I am able to reap the benefits of their volume licenses being located in their DC.

The only downtime I've experienced is during their PLANNED maintenance about a month back due to a fire in the CBOT.

All in all, I cannot be happier with the services I am recieving from FDC, and I would recommend anybody looking for great colo to check with them before sending your server elsewhere.

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FDC Billing Issues And Downtime
Stay Fair Away From any FDC Services!

as an Internet marketer I have several servers, With several different companies and data centers. one of our main servers has been with FDC

We decided to choose them because they're pricing is fairly cheap shortly after getting services we experienced down times, almost on a daily basis ranging from 10 minutes to several hours. we debated leaving them many times but we had many files/websites/tools running on the server and really didn't have time to move every thing over to a different server.

Anyways today i wake up to find out our services were suspended for non payment. so i contact support about the issue asking what i owe and why i didn't receive notice before hand, apparently we didn't pay for 4 months. i spoke to them and informed them that we have not received any invoices and are bill is set to auto renew so this should not have happened.

i went ahead and asked if i could pay half of the invoice today and the rest in the a week, they said no i have to pay the full $1,075. Being with them for over a year i feel that that it was unreasonable for them not to help us out has it was there billing issue that cause this situation in the first place.

Over all even if i didn't experience this billing issue we were planing on move services elsewhere. anytime they do maintenance all servers go down and it happens very often.

Moral of the story is you get what you pay for stay FAR away from FDC

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Abuse Issue (Tickets From FDC)
I got Abuse issue Tickets from FDC today, Which i have install new OS few days ago, only have 2 website i know they would not send out any spam email or anything..

Due to the below email, their is an abuse issue with your server. You have 24hrs to respond on how you will correct this issue before we null route the ip. Further complaints, without action may result in deactivation of your server.

Thanks for your cooperation.

--begin disclaimer
You are receiving this message because you are listed as contact of
one of the networks or domains involved in this incident. If you are
not the correct contact please ignore this message.

Dear Mr,

Please investigate the incident described in the following partial log,
giving the treatment as your AUP permit, reporting the measures to all
recipients of this message.

In case of non acceptable treatment or reincidence, it will be taken
restrictive measures to protect .BR registry.

Timezone: GMT -2:00

The port in question was 10000 - registered in IANA[2] for: Network Data
Management Protocol

The e-mail contact it was gotten by the following consultation:
whois -h

% Joint Whois -
% This server accepts single ASN, IPv4 or IPv6 queries

OrgName: FDC, LLC
Address: 141 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 1135
City: Chicago
StateProv: IL
PostalCode: 60604
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-66-90-64-0-1
Parent: NET-66-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2003-08-18
Updated: 2004-02-26

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE438-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: ABUSE department
OrgAbusePhone: +1-312-913-9304

OrgNOCHandle: NOC1402-ARIN
OrgNOCName: Network Operations Center
OrgNOCPhone: +1-312-913-9304

OrgTechHandle: PKR5-ARIN
OrgTechName: Kral, Petr
OrgTechPhone: +1-630-729-0228

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-01-22 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.
Jan 22 11:51:08.961984 > S [tcp sum
ok] 1684154077:1684154077(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl
117, id 47077, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962002 > S [tcp sum
ok] 2112584473:2112584473(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl
116, id 54111, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962018 > S [tcp sum
ok] 784051742:784051742(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl 117,
id 34960, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962043 > S [tcp sum
ok] 188686613:188686613(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl 117,
id 8194, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962057 > S [tcp sum
ok] 1829533742:1829533742(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl
117, id 26158, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962080 > S [tcp sum
ok] 1559560773:1559560773(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl
116, id 4558, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.962093 > S [tcp sum
ok] 60930635:60930635(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl 117, id
551, len 48)
Jan 22 11:51:08.965238 > S [tcp sum
ok] 1935758257:1935758257(0) win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK> (ttl

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FDC Servers - Worst VPS Ever
i decided to move back into sites after a half a year gap and thought rather than shelling out on the full price of a dedicated server id give a vps a go. Now i understand the risks of shared usage but this takes the monkeys!

Here is an email ive sent to them which will detail my issues

I have been asked to use this email to express my issues because your normal support staff are unable to deal with this request.

I began hosting with you with you about 5 days ago with the account below512MB RAM
100GB Disk Space
100Mbit Burstable Unmetered.
30 IP Address (max allowed. Not assigned at setup)
IRC Allowed
In the days ive hosted with you not only has there been the issue of not recieving what i actually paid for but there have been actual issues with the underlaying service.

Firstly you never sent me the account password meaning i had to send a support message through this email just to get access to my account.
Secondly you installed a faulty copy of WHM cpanel meaning that on account creation there wasnt actually a folder for the site files to sit in.
Ive had to send 3 support issues in regards to Cpanel licence issues.

Now the problem i am having is with the Quota's.
On the issue of RAM i was told im sharing with 4 people on my node sharing a total of just under 1GB of ram
these are the results of a *top* command in shell
Mem: 966368k total, 903952k used

Currently on my account is a completly blank installation of whm with absoloutly nothing on it or setup. based on that its presumed my ram quota is 50mb! - One of your assistants told me that ram is delagated as needed on each server but aswell as being plain insufficient to carry out what you claim to be giving me as a customer. Not to forget there is no mention whatsoever of ram being *bursted* between users on the account sign up page. For you to now say its bursted is infact a breach of the trade descriptions act.

Another issue is the bandwidth now here i take a quote from your site

Q: What kind of transfer speeds and how much data transfer can I expect on the 100Mbit shared bandwidth plan ?

A: You can expect 15-30Mbit/s transfer speeds and 5TB-9TB monthly data transfer.

The average download speed when i manually installed cpanel yesterday was 11kb/s - It doesnt take a genius at all to realise that 11kb/s is clearly a speed you could expect from a 1m/bit connection not a 100m/bit connection. I understand it is shared but the claim above is not what im recieving.

Most replys that i have had from your staff end in - If the recources you recieve at the moment arnt sufficient then get a dedicated server. But the recources i am told i should have are far more sufficient than i need. You just dont provide them, if this is the best vps package then what could i expect on the lowest. What you are actually telling me was if you want to run 1, 1 paged website then the vps is not sufficient for your uses!

All i ask is that either i am given my full quota with an acceptable connection speed as promised or a full refund.

This message is send in confidence of Nick carswell, the views expressed in this communication may not be those of Nick carswell, if you recieve this copy in error please notify me immediatly and delete any copies you may have.

I will post any replies that they send me in relation to this issue, but i appear to not be the first person who has found issues with their service and delivery of service

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FDC 1GB Pipe - Anyone Know How Fast It Really Is
FDC Co-location packages include a $600/month package for a 1gp pipe

It's shared bandwidth, so does anyone know how fast it really is?

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Simple VPS, Windows 2k3, Hosted In Chicago
LIke the title says, requirements are only that it is hosted in Chicago, runs Windows 2k3 so I can log in from the remote control app in windows, and preferably under $30/mo. I only need about 10/15 gigs a month bandwidth max, and HD space, no more than 2 gigs.

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FDC 1Gbit Unmetered Server Any Good
I was looking at FDC's 1Gbit Burstable Unmetered dedi server:


and it says this:

50Mbps during PEAK hours and 300Mbps during OFF PEAK hours

I realise these are the shared bandwidth speeds, but has anyone used these and are these the correct speeds?

And the server specs are this:

CPU - Core2Quad 8300
Memory - 8GB RAM
Hard Disk Space - 2x500GB HDD

Does anyone know why FDC don't list the full server specs like Ghz, control panel, php support, operating system etc?

I know FDC dedi's are unmanaged, but what is the easier operating system to install updates onto, windows server 2008 or linux?

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Domain Registration For FDC Dedicated Server
I just ordered a dedicated server from FDC.Now I want to register a domain from GoDaddy.

It asks for two DNS name. Normally it should be something like and But the thing is, I don't even have a domain, how can I provide DNS like What I have now are two dediced IPs for future DNS, but GoDaddy won't accept IPs as DNS. Does this sound like egg first or chicken first delima?

can I use FDC DNS instead of mine own to register a domain from GoDaddy.

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Colocation Like FDC Pricing In CA, Los Angles
Colocation like FDC Pricing in CA, Los Angles?

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Unmetred Server From Fdc For Proxy Sites
i just receive an email from FDC they have this offer for me AMD 2400 2GB RAM 80GB HDD 10TB/month bandwidth CentOS DirectAdmin Proxy allowed and i have a server now it,s opteron 246 dual core with 2G ram with DA panel and 1000 G bw the proxy network i have reach 20.000 UV per day can that server from FDC well do what i need it to do or .. .. .. and can i reach 10TB with them?

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Any Other Companies Like FDC With 100mbit Shared Unmetered Bandwidth
Any other companies like FDC with 100mbit shared unmetered bandwidth?

I need a shared 100mbit unmetered bandwidth server like FDC.

But i am looking for a better company that offers management aswell.

My price range is $200/month where FDC fits in.

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FDC Servers LLC - Wrong Business Ethics
I completely amazed on how this Company has managed to engineer their TOS & AUP in such a way that they can in essence discriminate, destroy your hardware and steal your money in the process...

The developed some type of a bias against me, and then the true colors came out. It all started with a simple argument over a Cpanel License on a VDS that I had rented from them. I decide to send my own server instead to save a few dollars and I overnight the box.

-- For support to tell me that the brand new Corsair 750Watt PS is dead. We had sealed the server with stickers to ensure that no one would open it and tamper with the hardware inside. That's the first thing they did, was to remove the stickers and pretend that they PS was dead and that they had to Trouble Shoot.

-- I get the power supply back and it was in perfect working condition, obviously after they had made a few dollars on handling the shipping.

-- I asked them my options and they then try to make me buy a PS from them. Until I ship another one in. They let that ride 2 days until I send a ticket for a reboot. Right away, ohh that PS apparently died right there and then. 4 minutes after I open the ticket asking for a reboot.

> Then I notice some type of QoS going on specifically on my IP. As I know a few others that have servers there and we verified the routes back to our local provider. My upload was about 50kbps. I inquire to get the usual "routes" cannot be controlled.
As well I would see when downloading something from my box; the speeds would startup at max out and throttle all the way down to around 50kbps and maintain. From different local points as well.

> Anyhow I decide not to complain and to pay. Thus I get 2x Internap dedicated bandwidth @ $225.00 a month + $99.00. 1x Internap per Eth interface. That is after I had already paid them $269.00 for the initial VDS as well which I never got a refund for, that was just wasted money now.

> I got to enjoy that for about 8 days. Until I asked for a reboot before I messed up accidently a ifconfig command. That's when it went again, from ohhh the box is rebooted. Took about 4 hours, three techs telling me it was beeing rebooted. Never could I connect again. Then I ask them if I they have perhaps KVM over IP so I Can take care of the problem and save them time. All of a sudden the story evolves to a dead motherboard. When I question the tech, he tells me that he swapped all parts and tested them and that the motherboard was dead. That was as well a brand new WS motherboard. Running at around 34 degrees celcius temp for the 8 days very stable without any issues.

> Of course I complained some, looked for the owner to have a discussion. Stumble on Better Business Bureau US and find that others complained there. Mentioned that in the ticket and they terminated my service; keeping of course the rest of my money; Because that too is in their AUP/TOS no refunds

Thus if I get it right, they can randomly choose people that they believe they can easily take. Or simply dislike. It's simple, break their hardware. They will have no choice to ship it back; to then fill their place with another customer because they are low on space. But still bill the first one for the rest remainder of the month, why? Because they can, it's in their well engineered TOS/AUP. So I got to use it from the 26th of last month to today but still will pay until the 26th of this month.

They are allowed to do all of the above, why because they are big now Right!

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Speed- At FDC ( Speed Tests )
I am having some serious speed issues with my 1Gbit server at FDC. After opening a ticket, they've simply dismissed it as a server configuration problem. However I am convinced it isn't because certain ISP's (usually universities) get good speeds, usually 700kb/sec but the vast majority of my users get between 20-50 kb/sec and it's causing a lot of complaints.

Furthermore I have other servers with FDC which are 100mbit which perform better than my 1 Gbit one. There are no server bottlenecks (CPU/RAM/HDD), since I've closely monitored them (PRTG) and they aren't even heavily utilised. So the problem is with the network at some point.

Speed Test : [url]

where abouts you are downloading from, your ISP and net connection. Wget's from servers are also welcome as are traceroutes.

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