FDC Denver Vs Chicago

Oct 24, 2009

If you were going to colocate with FDC would you choose Chicago or Denver? Which is going to have a better network and support?

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Denver/Chicago Colo - Gameservers

Sep 5, 2007

We are going to be expanding here very soon, we are going to be offering a new location within the next month, so I would like a reccommendations for single server colocation providers in the Denver and Chicago areas.

Most likely we will be setting up Chicago to be our next location.

We will be shipping a 2U server initially to get precense in the city.

This is for gaming, so the network quality needs to be great. Due to reputation, no cogent. Preferrably connected to one or more carriers: Internap/Level3/Verizon Business.

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Denver FDCservers

Sep 23, 2009

I am looking to colocate with FDC in Denver and wanted to know if anyone had any opinions about their Denver colocation.

Hows the network, etc?

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Transit Or Colocation Denver With GBLX

May 28, 2007

where I can get some GBLX in Denver, Co. I have been trying to get GBLX fiber to Colorado Springs, but the loop is just too expensive and the price comes to $95 per MB.

Then I try to look in Denver, but it seems that none of the facilities carry GBLX, and the ones that could carry are asking much $65 per mb with 100 Mb at least commitment.

So far, I called Internap and they quote me $65 per mb which I find decent for their quality, but they donít have their own DC in Denver. It seems that Internap use XO facility which is not good for me at all, (I have heard some bad histories about the XO facilities). I am looking to colo 1 cab with 20 MB/s with possibility to expand to 4 cabs and 50 MB/s in the next 6 months. Price should be decent.

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Data Center In 391 Inverness Englewood,CO (Denver)

May 2, 2007

work on a project with a colo data center/network operator at 391 Englewood, CO. (Denver area) Does anyone know of any colo operators in there or 393 Inverness besides data 393?

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Chicago Vps?

Oct 29, 2007

I know there is futurehosting.biz and steadfast.net wich I think futurehosting is in their datacenter.

is there any other vps providers based in chicago? All of our clients are in minnesota and we would like to provide fastest response times as possible.

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350 Cermak In Chicago

Sep 10, 2009

i have two cabinet with Equinix at 350 Cermak in Chicago. I want to add another cabinet but now they want me to buy 3 more cabinets because of their new power density rules. what a joke! buy 3 cabinets when i can only really use one (or less than one, like i only need 20U !!)

so i want to know who else is in that building that doesnt have such stupid rules so I can pay them for cabinet+power.

I want 208-30 and 1 cabinet. I will run two x-connects to my two cabinets. This will cost me some extra switching equipment but will save me $2400/mo for a long-time. money well spent in my opinion.

so please let me know who has good cabinet, access, pricing, etc. i just need 1 cabinet, 208-30A primary/redundant, and 2 x-connects to my existing infrastructure.

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Equinix VA And Chicago

Jul 27, 2009

Does anyone have a POC for the facility at Filigree Court and 350 Cermak?

I have a customer who needs to speak to someone about some cross connect orders.

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Futurehosting (chicago)

Aug 4, 2008

I already have two virtual private servers with providers in the Chicago area, but I`m looking for another one that offers some level of managament/monitoring service. I don`t like keep all my eggs in the same basket!

I see Futurehosting offers servers from a Chicago facility, which I believe is Steadfast? They also offer for a few bucks extra, pro-active monitoring on two services.

I have found quite a few reviews for Futurehosting, but these are mostly in relation to their Texas and UK offerings.

Anyone here offer an insight into their Chicago operations, especially those who have been there more than a few weeks?

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Colocation In Chicago ..

Apr 3, 2008

I ordered 2 1U servers from dell (Poweredge 1950). One is loaded with Dual Quad core processors, 8GB of ram, and RAID 5. The other server is just a test/back up server with basic configuration.

I'm hosting 2 major websites (e-commerce shopping carts) on the main server. One receives about 2000 uniques per day, the other about 500/day with occasional bursts of traffic of 25,000 uniques in just one day. All in all, I think I'll need about 200-300GB of monthly transfer. I'm mainly worried about the connection speed not being able to handle these bursts of traffic.

What kind of specs should I be looking for in colocation hosting to meet my needs? Any recommended collocation facilities in Chicago for this?

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Chicago Colo

Feb 1, 2008

The company i work for is growing at a rapid pace. We need to decide on if we want to colo or add better,bigger connection to our office.

We currently have DSL from Att 6/1 in downtown chicago.

Our product is a web app which people login and use. It runs in IIS, the user can see there data in various forms when the web server makes MS SQL query on the MS SQL that is also on the web server box which is 2u. The user can also download pdf report which range in size from 2meg to 30megs. Due to a limits of our dsl connection the more user's that use it the slower the end user's experience is due to the inet bottleneck. So our option is to get a T1 from ATT,covad or other provider or colo our server.

what factors should i take into account when looking at colo's in the chicago area. I am not sure how much b.w. this apps uses or any other factors the server would be a Dell 2950.

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Chicago Colocation 86,000 Sq. Ft.

Jan 31, 2007

Private Data Center Colocation. Tier 4 Chicago High Availability Colocation opening July 2007. 86,000 sq. ft. Tier 3+ private data center located in Oak Brook, IL. Stargate is currently accepting floor space requests for anchor clients with expected opening for July 2007.


Looks like more competition in the Chicago area and thats always a good thing.

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Chicago Colo Out There

Jan 12, 2007

Anyone got any picks on datacenters in the chicago area?

I am looking for cost efficiency here, but I dont want crap bandwidth since these will be used as gameservers/voiceservers...

Any companies can PM me with info, or people can post their picks, everything is appreciated.

I am looking to send initially a Midsize tower, then not too long after a 1u server...

So cost means alot here.

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1U Hardware In Chicago

Sep 1, 2007

Foiled again.

I'm dropping a few 1U units off at a datacenter tomorrow, in Chicago. I was waiting for the heatsinks to be delivered via UPS today.. but unfortunately they dropped the ball. The package was left at a sorting facility, and won't be here now until Tuesday.

Does anyone know of a location in the Chicagoland area that carries 1U hardware, and would be open on a Saturday morning?

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Chicago Colocation

Feb 6, 2007

I'm in the process of setting up a new 2U Dell server and I'm looking to colocate it here in Chicago.

Here's what I'm looking for:

16 IP's
350GB/month Bandwidth (ability to burst up to 100Mbit)
2U Server
$100/month or less

I don't need fancy bandwidth or lots of additional features. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I might look? I've used Empyrean Hosting in the past, but they've been sold to another company.

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Chicago Client

Dec 23, 2007

My company runs an extremely successful ecommerce website but we are currently unhappy with our current provider for reasons I will not list here. We are looking to move to a carrier neutral location (possible switch and data because it is in the same building) or other options are Equinix and?.

The problem is going from one provider and a /29 to trying to balance two or three providers. No one is going to do bgp with someone only using three ips. We have 2 cabinets with 40 servers (60u total) but most everything is nat'd.

What options are available? Management wants 99.999% uptime (yes i know unrealistic) but downtime is lost $$$ when 100% of sales come from the web. They are willing to pay to keep downtime at a minimum. Multiple data centers around the country is planned for later in 2008 or early 2009. Server cost is not the problem but making the website and back end databases work in a multiple data center environment is the problem.

Any suggestions? Is Internap a possibility? During my searches here at WHT, I seem to see either Equinix, Server Central, or SteadFast mentioned as the favorites. Pricing looks fine at Server Central and it looks like they may have their own network. Steadfast pricing is cheaper but the amount of outages in the outage forum scares me.

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Chicago 1-u Or 2-u Inexpensive Colo

Mar 19, 2008

Any recommendations for inexpensive but fairly good colo options near Chicago? I have a website that will serve users routing through Chicago us.bb.gin.ntt.net and am wondering how low latency I can get to that without breaking the bank for this one project

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Dedicated For Gaming - Chicago

Jun 16, 2008

I am currently hosted in Chicago but I am hurting real bad where I am presently at and need to switch pretty quick. This is what I have right now:

coreduo 6600
2G ram
1200G premium network

Who and where is everyone in Chicago? And it would appear that right now I DO NOT want Savvis. If the folks at where I am hosted at would have switched me to their standard network all would have been golden, but no dice.

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Equinix Chicago Colocation

Jan 18, 2007

4-5 continuous racks on the 5th or 6th floor of the Equinix Chicago facility.

I've already met with Server Central. Can anyone suggest anybody else who is in that facility? I know it might be a long shot to get that many together, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Qwest Colo In Chicago

Jan 18, 2007

Does anyone know anything about the Qwest colocation center in Chicago? It is the 7th floor in the same building Equinix is in. I am looking for positive or negative feedback as I'm looking at potentially placing a couple of cabinets in there.

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Chicago Colo Setup

Mar 6, 2007

We have recently acquired a half rack in a Chicago DC. We have purchased 2 mid range Dell servers, PowerConnect 2724, and a Firebox X20e-W. We also have a block of IP's, for demo purposes lets say: - 58. Now these server will be for two separate clients. Let saw each client gets 10 ip's consecutively from the range above. One server will be a Windows 2003 based server, and the other will run linux. Both will manage there own DNS. What I want to know is if this is possible with the above setup. Basicly I have one incoming drop connection, coming in via the firewall, then to the switch serving multiple machines. We want to be able to drop in more servers as time goes on.

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Chicago Colo For Game Server

Jan 23, 2008

I'm looking for a Colo provider for a 2u server in the Chicago area. I'll be running a game server that will host at least two 24 player servers, so I'm thinking I need a 10Mb unmetered connection.

Ideally, I'd like to get it at $100/mo, but I understand that may be unlikely.

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Simple VPS, Windows 2k3, Hosted In Chicago

Oct 14, 2009

LIke the title says, requirements are only that it is hosted in Chicago, runs Windows 2k3 so I can log in from the remote control app in windows, and preferably under $30/mo. I only need about 10/15 gigs a month bandwidth max, and HD space, no more than 2 gigs.

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Budget Chicago Server Wanted

Mar 30, 2009

Alright, here's the deal--

I need a budget chicago server -- I know, very difficult to find (last company I went with was Singlehop, and they're great, but I can't afford it for what I'd wish to do.)

Anyways, here's what I need my server for --

Some personal, non busy websites(my webhost that I've been using is being let go by me :[ I need this server for it reliably.)
CentOS5 or RH4 is preferred.
cPanel is required

I intend to host a few websites, and TWO counter-strike 1.6 servers (not busy or CPU intense really)

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Navisite Chicago Colo Reseller

Apr 25, 2007

if there are any Navisite resellers that have 2U rackspace in the Chicago center available?

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Carrier Neutral Chicago Co-location

Oct 14, 2007

Who are the reputable players in chicago ?, must be carrier neutral

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Verizon Chicago-area Data Centers

Dec 26, 2007

Anyone here colo at a Verizon facility in the Chicago area? I need to get in contact with someone.

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