Can Recommend A Secure Adult Video Stream Hosting Site?

Jan 28, 2009

Who can recommend a secure/affordable video streaming hosting site to me?

Setting up a members video site.

Best if the web host can come with a ready members template and shopping cart/payment service where I can just upload my videos.

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Can You Recommend Dedicated Server Hosting Outside USA For Adult Site?

May 8, 2008

can you recommend dedicated server hosting outside USA for adult sites?

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Ffmpeg Hosting Adult Video Sharing

Apr 21, 2009

I wanted to build an Adult Video Sharing and i don't know what hosting to buy some say that VPS some says Shared Hosting

Here is my Plan

1. i will not upload videos from my site i'm just planning to embed videos from others site like redtube, youporn etc. so that i will minimize my bandwidth from my site.

2. i want to create many site like 5 site with my 1 hosting plan

3. my budget is $10/mo below because i will just start from this business so i don't have a high budget for this business.

my question is that.

1. embedding videos from other site will not eat the bandwidth of my site right? (just to make sure)

2. is ffmpeg really needed if i will just embed videos from other site?

3. what plan will i choose VPS some says Shared Hosting?

4. can you help me find or do you own a business like what i planning to do. and can share it to me to buy from your web hosting site. [note they must be allowing Adult Content or Adult Video Sharing]

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Explicit Adult Hosting For Video Sharing Website

Jan 20, 2009

I'm looking for shared web hosting for a video sharing explicit adult website (like youporn).
Can you please help me?

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Is There Anyone Knows For A Good Hosting,which Is Allowed : Adult Site & Casino Site?

May 21, 2008

is there anyone knows for a good hosting located in uk,which is allowed : adult site and casino betting online site ?

im looking for vps and dedicated server.

please help me i really need as soon as possible.thx

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Stream Video

Nov 5, 2007

I'm wondering if anyone can come up with any way to stream live video off my computer to my server. Then allow all my viewers to watch using my server rather than my own bandwidth.

A script / software combo would be sweet.

server is currently running centos i am willing to change it though.

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Adult Site Hosting

Jul 19, 2005

I have a client who wants to feature skimpily clad women. Does anyone know of a host that will do this? My host says, "no way!"

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Best Adult Hosting Site!?

Jul 28, 2008

I'm after some hosting for some adult content (nothing too bad!) as my current host won't allow it (no big loss, they're atrocious anyway)

Preferably something UK or US based, not too bothered either way as long as it's fairly reasonable in price and has a good service.

Not sure about bandwidth limits, to say the site is in it's early stages would be an understatement, but something flexible would be good.

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Best Adult OK Hosting Site?

Jul 28, 2008

I'm after some hosting for some adult content (nothing too bad!) as my current host won't allow it (no big loss, they're atrocious anyway)

Preferably something UK or US based, not too bothered either way as long as it's fairly reasonable in price and has a good service.

Not sure about bandwidth limits, to say the site is in it's early stages would be an understatement, but something flexible would be good.

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Whats A Good Adult Hosting Site?

May 13, 2008

i want to start an adult site, can someone please recommend me a good host?

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Video Streaming And Hosting Site

Mar 22, 2008

I'm the owner of and am looking for a dedicated server. It needs to have at least a 250gb hard drive, preferably two in raid. The processor needs to be good enough to convert the files while still keeping a site up and going. For RAM I'm guessing 2-4GB. But most importantly it needs to have unmetered bandwidth, and a 100mbps port, with room to upgrade.

I am expecting to host a sequel to a video exclusively, and the first video had 100,000 views. I'm also going to partner up with a game publisher with 16 million gamers.

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Recommend Me A Webhost That Allows Adult Content?

Dec 25, 2005

This is just a little pet project I'm thinking about, so nothing excessive, I was thinking:

around 50 gb transfer
no heavy HD requirement here, 500 megs?
allows adult content, duh.

Anyone have a recommendation?

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Stream Hosting From Server

Jul 15, 2008

on april 19th, we started a new internet radio station and now 3 months later, we're using up over 250GB of monthly bandwidth and have quite some listeners throughout the day. Therefore we want to have more security for our listeners that our stream stays online. I currently just use WinAMP to broadcast to my shoutcast server and CentovaCast takes care of the rest, but if I don't stream, listeners don't hear music and that's becoming a bigger problem everyday.

So I wondered. Can I buy a Windows dedicated server or VPS, install WinAmp on that machine and use a remote desktop to control and configure our stream, like I now do on my local PC? And does anybody has any experience with that?

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Adult Site Charges?

Oct 13, 2007

What do you charge for adult oriented sites or you keep them on the same packages? I was going to offer some more BW in return for say, 40 percent more on the account.


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Adult Oriented Site

Jan 21, 2009

I'm starting a business selling hand crafted adult sex toys. I'm looking for the most inexpensive possible web host who will allow adult content. The content will not involve full nudity; no nipples or genitals. Obviously, all people depicted will be over 18. It will essentially just be people modeling products and some depictions of sexually explicit scenes. Can anyone recommend a good web host for my situation?

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About Casino And Adult Site

Apr 19, 2008

i have 2 sites. 1st. adult site community and casino gambling site.

now im looking the best vps hosting for my site. maybe its located outside US.

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Recommend Image Sharing Site Host

Jun 9, 2008

I already started a thread, and got suggestions about a host to choose. I selected HostGator, but when i read the TOS of HostGator, they do not openly allow image sharing and do not allow you to keep more than 50,000 files on their server.

So, which host do you recommend me. Please consider:

1. Low cost,

2. Reliability,

3. High shared disk and bandwidth

4. Allow image sharing. (I am not going to share adult images).

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Video Streaming Site?

Jun 28, 2008

I have a video streaming which is consuming around 3000gb of bandwidth presently its on citrex shared hosting i was thinking to move site to a dedicated box i have almost no knowledge of server setup are there some host who can help me setup these requirements and move site to dedicated box?

please note :- site is adult video sharing site ...

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Host For Video Site

Aug 20, 2008

I'm a university designer trying to find hosting for a video textbook. I have about 330MB of videos framed in a single swf/html/js page.

Our course is about 300 students, and we'd expect the site to be largely dormant except for traffic spikes right before exams, when everyone will want to access the material.

We know nothing about linux images or server maintenance or anything required to use an unmanaged VPS. I'm mostly just concerned about having enough bandwidth not to upset ToS, but I'm unsure of what this actually translates to. Any hosting advice would be extremely appreciated, from specs we should look for to specific hosts. We're lost fishies!

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New Video Sharing Site

Jan 11, 2008

I am in the beginning stages a new video sharing site (intend to use Clip Share) which will pertain to sports. I have reserved the domain name, filed a trademark application for the name, have the ideas for what I wish to accomplish BUT need help with the design of the site, setup, the administration, hosting, etc, etc....

I will need necessary server, bandwidth, management of site and server and speed with the ability to handle potential high traffic. I HAVE RECEIVED INFORMATION FROM and


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Solution For Video Streaming Site

Jul 8, 2008

I have a friend who has a film production company and he wants to run a site where video clips will be streamed and made available for download.

A developer suggested that we go in either for a VPS or a large shared hosting account, but have the video files stored on Amazon S3 and streamed/downloaded from there. According to the developer, this way, we could make the best use of available resources as Amazon S3 is cheap for storage and we don't need to spend on a dedicated server just for serving the video.

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Managed VPS For Large Video Site

Oct 27, 2007

I'm currently building a large guitar lesson website that will launch around the end of the year or so. Basically there will be multiple instructors on the site who submit video files from 10mb to 20mb in size each. There will eventually be a couple thousand videos on the site, so around 30gb of disk space right there give or take. So I need plenty of disk space.

I'm on a shared hosting account right now with iPowerweb, and that of course won't do me much good once the site's up and running. Plus they have a 12mb upload limit, but the instructors need to upload videos larger than that. And I'm aware that with a VPS I'd be able to set my own upload file size limit.

Anyway, this server stuff gives me a headache and I feel totally clueless. I've always loved the basic shared account because I don't have to do anything to keep the server in tact. But from what I've read, a VPS or dedicated server would take a lot of work on my part. So for that reason, I'm guessing I would need a managed VPS or managed dedicated server. I don't totally know what "managed" means, but hopefully to where I wouldn't have to do any upkeep. I need to focus my time on a bazillion other things besides the server, so it'd be nice to find a plan where I wouldn't have to worry about server security updates, software updates, and any other server maintenance etc.

I need tons of bandwidth. It's going to be a membership site with hundreds and eventually thousands of members who all watch the lesson videos. So that's a ton of bandwidth. I'll be the only one on my server though, I'm not going to also host clients or anything.

I'll of course need super reliability. With eventually having thousands of members, my site needs to be totally professional with near flawless uptime.

So I'm thinking I'd want to start off with AT LEAST 40gb of disk space, but 60gb might be better. At least 1000gb transfer, but again, maybe more? And I guess a lot of ram, although I admit I hardly know what ram is haha, does that have to do with the speed of the site? And what's burstable ram? But yes, I'd need to have a server that can handle all the many files and users, with great uptime and great speed.

Budget-wise, I'd like to keep it under $70 or $80 a month if possible. If absolutely necessary, maybe a little more.

Anyway, if you guys were in my shoes, what would you do. Assuming you're clueless about VPS, and have the needs mentioned above. Any host recommendations or advice?

Price-wise and size-wise, Start Logic looks pretty good, but I think their VPSs are all unmanaged. Ive looked at a lot of other companies, but it's hard to find the right plan.

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Server Relocation, Recommend Some Free Software To Back Up The Site

May 26, 2009

we are moving a website to a different provider. Can someone recommend some free software to back up the site (with ftp)?

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Ffmpeg, MPlayer, Mencoder. For Site Video

Mar 13, 2009

I in search of a new hosting for small video-site, prompt what better

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Verio For High Traffic Video Site?

Jan 14, 2009

do you suggest verio for high traffic video site?

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Minimum Requirements For Video Sharing Site

Jul 12, 2008

Im trying to host a video sharing site. I have been through 2 hosts that told me they support the files that i need (i.e. flvtool2, mencoder, mplayer, ffmpeg, etc.) Come to find out that they dont. Now i am in need of a new host that supports this. I have researched different ones but to make a decision i need this answer:

For a video sharing site just starting out what is the recommended bandwidth, data transfer, and disk space to run this site? I just want to start small and i will expand if the growth permits it. I just dont want to jump in feet first not knowing the outcome.

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Windows VPS Needed For Video Sharing Site

Oct 22, 2008

I think I have spent over 20 hours searching for an adequate Windows VPS package, only to find terrible reviews of each company I find. I have little-to-zero experience in programming and web development, but I had an idea for a video sharing site that I am seeing through. SO, I hired a programmer friend of mine to develop the site, only to discover he works exclusively with ASP. That has caused frustration, since I would have probably gone with KnownHost long ago.

good Windows VPS for a new video-sharing site, meaning there won't be many users for the first 3-6 months (so 10GB or less disk space should even be enough). I need fast transfer times, mysql, and streaming video capabilities. My friend is utilizing his own CMS, so not sure if I need plesk or the like.

Sites I've been looking at: UltraHost, JodoHost, 3dgwebhosting, WebIntellects. My budget, sadly, is no more than $60/mo, but that's just for the first few months since I don't expect many visitors and don't want to waste money on features I won't need yet.

I am asking for any advice, preferably from third-party users (not companies themselves) on what is the most reliable, features-oriented site that will suit my early needs.

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How To Secure A Web Site

Feb 3, 2007

The searching I've done has uncovered numerous articles about securing a Web server...but I don't have control at that level. What I'm looking for is advice and tips on how to best secure an individual Web site to ward off hackers and the like.

More specifically, how to best do it using the tools available in cPanel, like Web Protect, HotLink protection, Leech Protect, Index Manager, etc., plus other things I should do if cPanel's tools aren't sufficient.

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Video Sharing Site - How To Handle Bandwidth And Storage Requirements

Dec 25, 2007

I will be starting a targeted (niched) video sharing site in the next couple weeks. I know it will require loads of space/bandwidth. My budget is under $450/month.

plan out an effective hosting strategy which will keep the costs low, while giving my providing a fast and reliable viewing experience for my visitors?

Somebody suggested going with Amazon S3 once traffic starts to pick up. But I don't understand how it works. (there is also something called amazon Ec2.. what the heck is the difference )

If I start with say a dual Xeon dedi box, with 2000GB bandwidth, can I serve all my videos/files through amazon while the conversion takes place on the dedicated server? In that case, how would I transfer the files from the dedi box to amazon? Is this even possible?

Could somebody please clarify the whole process? I am expecting about 1000 hits a day within 3 weeks, if they each watch a 200MB video a day... that's a lot of bandwidth!

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To Move My Church's Site To Something More Secure

Apr 11, 2008

I've been a reseller for 7-8 years now. Just now getting out of the business.

I've "downsized" so that the only sites I have left are either my own little "experiments" or are sites belonging to local non-profits, where...because of a lack of expertise on their part, I'm basically the webmaster.

One of these sites belongs to my church. The site has been up-and-running for, oh, I think somewhere in the realm of 4-5 years now.

In the past two years, we've seen a large increase in the number of exploit attempts on this site. First, there's the never-ending flood of bots... creating user accounts in the forum software and image gallery software.

Then there are the actual hacks. Once, long ago, it was hacked by a pro-Muslim-extremist group. (But it wasn't alone. A ton of sites all over the net were hacked that day. Hacker through up the same pro-Muslim-extremist page on all of them.)

Then, more recently, somebody exploited a weakness in the image gallery software and uploaded their own little files onto the box. And one of those files was a script that apparently was designed to let them hack away at CPanel, trying to get in.

Anyways, I've been doing my best to keep the third-party software up-to-date. And I've customized some of that code according to recommendations on their websites in a way that "blocks" bots and certain functions that these people might like to use.

But staying viligant sure does take a lot of time and energy.

Tonight, I'm going to uninstall their forums permanently. Nobody's been using them in the past several months anyways. But I sure don't want to uninstall their image gallery software.

I guess I'm wondering if there's some hosting provider out there who maybe specializes in helping provide churches with extra security?

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Adult Hosting ?

Aug 11, 2008

I am currently looking for a hosting company to host an adult web site. I have searched through the web but can't make a final decision. Here are the companies I am looking at:

Extreme Hosting

Any advice?

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