Basic Rsync Backup

Apr 23, 2009

Does anyone have a good link that explains the basics of setting up rsync for going from one host to another host?

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Rsync Backup To NAS Via FTP

Apr 7, 2008

I just signed up with Rsync Palace for remote backups 2 days ago. Otto and Darin at Rsync Palace gladly helped me out and actually ended up setting me up for free. It's really an inexpensive price to pay for a little additional piece of mind to have a remote backup.

I have a VPS with cPanel that has NAS on a private network. The way they set it up was for Cpanel cron job to create backups of my VPS and place the backups in a /backup folder off root; Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Then they have Rsync via cron set up to take those backups to the remote Rsync Palace server daily.

I still want to maintain backups on my NAS in the datacenter. (cPanel will only backup remotely or locally, but not both.)

In addition to Rsync securely transferring my data to Rsync Palace for offsite backups... How can I set up Rsync to ftp the same /backup data across the private network to the NAS? (Only ftp is available via the NAS.)

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How To Backup To Your PC Using Rsync

Jul 28, 2008

I use in addition to ServInt's backup. The ServInt backup is inaccessible to me and can be restored only by their NoC.

Is there a way for me to download the backup files from to my PC? I am using Win XP Pro. I backup the entire VPS, but I want to be downloading only the changes made each day after the initial download to my PC.

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Rsync / Backup

Nov 10, 2007

I am setting up a mirror server to kick on in the event my main server fails and I need some help with syncing the two.

It is my understanding I can use rsync to mirror the two. But, will that cover everything (ie. database, mail, etc) or only files?

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Rsync Backup

Apr 13, 2007

I am using rsync to database and i found out it corrupted my database. I should have used mysql dump before backing up the data..The problem with taking mysql dump each is that it takes a long time and resources as database is around 10 GB

if i want to take backups every 4 hour, whats the best way as mysql dump causes server load problem

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So I Do An RSync Backup - How Do I Restore It?

May 3, 2008

Backing up a server is obviously very important. Lets say I do a daily rSync backup and eventually my server HDD crashes, I know it isn't just a 'one click' job to restore my backup but what is it necessary to do in order to carry out a complete and effective restore back to how it was?

A step-by-step 'tutorial' on restoring an rSync backup would be helpful not just to me but to many 'would-be' server administrators.

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SSH, Rsync And Offsite Backup

Jun 3, 2008

I have a VPS with remote backup that I dod every night with rsync.

Now, for further SEO testing, Im looking into a reseller account.

Some reseller plan do offer access via SSH. Im not familiar with this ssh access for a reseller. Would I still be able to program a cpanel backup and then rsync all my cpanel backup ?

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Databases Backup ? (Rsync)

Nov 3, 2008

I am using to backup (Rsync) some accounts.

I sent them a ticket before 2 days and didn't get any reply.

I used this command to schedule a remote backup for specific accounts:

echo "30 6 * * * root rsync -avz -e ssh ~account1 ~account2 ~account3 myuser@myuser.bqbackup.comerver" >> /etc/crontab

But, I found this command will backup only files.

How can I backup also databases?

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Rsync Backup Related

Apr 16, 2007

Currently I am using rsync to backup directory and mysqldump sql file on both external and internal backup drive

Now the directory has around 100,000 files that hardly change. Only thing that happens in that directory is either the old files are deleted or new files are added. All of them image

Due to some reason when i rsync using any of the two commands below, it transfer each and every file again rather then transferring the new or updated files.

Here is what i am currently using

rsync -avH /old/path /destination/path (this is for internal backup drive)


rsync -avz -e ssh /old/path username@username.remoteaddress:/destination/path

why all my files in the directory all uploaded again

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Using Rsync To Backup An Entire Server

Mar 12, 2007

The backup program (cpbackup) that comes with WHM/Cpanel is not ideal for our current situation. We have lots of third party applications installed on our server along with many customized configuration files. We need a solution that will backup everything and allow for fairly simple restoration.

How viable is rsync for full server backups? Can it handle 100 GB of data?

More importantly, how would you restore the backup to a new server? If the new server already has an OS the restored files would break the system, right?

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Rsync Command To Backup On Other Server

Mar 27, 2009

We want to backup the contents of our public_html dir to another server we sue for backups. What is the proper rsnyc command to use. I am currently in the source server and want to send it to a specific user account on the destination server.

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Rsync Backup Service Recommendations?

Apr 16, 2008

I'm looking for a new rsync backup solution. I've googled around and have seen a few but wanted to get the opinion of the community.

Any recommendations? All I know about is and Any other ones?

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Rsync Backup - User Permissions

Jan 18, 2009

I have a problem with my rsync backup

First of all my setup is thus:

I have a Linux box at the office which has an rsync cron on it which pulls from my web server as a backup. It pulls websites, mysql, conf files etc.

My web server is running debian etch LAMP etc.

When I originally set it up I used root user to log into the web server, and setup keys to authenticate, this worked perfectly.

I then decided that having direct root access to the web server was a bad thing so I have turned off root login (PermitRootLogin no in sshd_config)

I then setup a backup user which works fine for the website files but fails on permissions for the mysql data files (/var/lib/mysql)

How can I get over this without granting root access to the backup user which would defeat the object of not allowing root access.

I have been told about host authentication based on ip address but I have dynamic address at the office so that would be no good

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Want To Start My Own RSYNC/FTP Backup Service

Oct 31, 2008

Want to start my own RSYNC/FTP backup service... whats needed?

Besides the physical server and lots of GB's what software packages are needed, any tips on how to tie them together?

Do you create linux users, and then assign those users to an FTP account to a home folder?

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What Is The Best Way To Get Backup From Linux Server To Windows Same As Rsync

Nov 5, 2008

What is the best way to get backup from linux server to windows same as rsync

i need to take offside backup from my linux server to windows server,before i used rsync to take backup,now i need to make backup in windows server with help of any software which work same as rsync or any software which must have good feature.

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Rsync To Remove Server, Backup Solution

May 1, 2008

I have two vps's. VPS1 is for hosting my sites, VPS to I purchashed to backup to.

I know I can use rsync but i'm confused at how to do this exactly.

Backup to remote server every other day.
Only do incremental backups.
Backup cpanel accounts

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Which Folders Should I Exclude From A Whole Server Backup (Rsync )

Nov 10, 2008

I am going to backup the whole server. (Rsync)

I understood it is not efficient to backup the local "backup" folder to avoid duplicated backups.

1. Should I exclude additional folders from the backup process?

2. I noticed it is familiar to exclude the "proc" folder also ... Why?

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Daily Backup + Rsync Ssh + Large Number Of Files

Oct 29, 2006

i just wana know is it safe to do remote daily backup for about 70,000 files?

file sizes is about 200kb and every day i have about 1000 new file, so rsync first should check old files becouse i am deleting about 30-50 of them daily and them backup new 1000 files ,
so how much it will take every time to compare that 70,000 files?

i have 2 option now:

1-using second hdd and raid 1
2-using rsync and backuping to my second server , so i can save about $70 each month.

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Offsite Backups (via Rsync) - What Files/folders To Backup

Jun 3, 2009

I'm currently using (amongst other backup systems) rsync to an offsite space (am using BQBackup at the moment)

I'm just wondering - apart from backing up all of /home/, /var/lib/mysql/ and the important config files (httpd.conf, php.conf, etc etc) is there anything else that *needs* to be backed up?

Obviously in a worst case scenario, a new machine would be deployed with a fresh OS install (and a fresh WHM/cPanel install) so I wouldn't worry about backing up OS files or cPanel core files, although I'm wondering if there's anything apart from the /home/ directory and the MySQL databases which would be lost (and so need backing up) in the event of a crash?

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Basic Webhosting

Mar 24, 2009

I am planning to host my personal website which will be a bunch of static pages for the time being with the possibility of moving to PHP/Pearl CMS later.

For this, I think that a basic hosting plan of about .5-1GB space and 5-10GB bandwidth would be well enough.

Can you please suggest me a host which would cost around 2-3$/month and has a moderately good service? I came across companies like Umbrahosting and HostPC which are cheap. Do you have anything to say about them?

Moreover, some hosts give combo offers of webspace+domain registration. Is it wise to register the domain through the host or to register it separately through godaddy etc?

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Basic Web Host

Oct 10, 2009

I've created loads of sites before, mostly using high end VPS or dedicated servers. I'm somewhat new to shared hosts, having used just 2 before. The 2 being:

1. Hostmonster - brilliant. Yes, it's oversold badly but it's service is second to none and I never had an issue on a medium-traffic site. However, I do know they phone you to verify your account, and I currently do not have possesion of a phone (travelling).

2. iWhic. Had some serious downtime at one point, but else reliable. Customer service OK. Basic plan does not support unlimited domains.

I am looking to make a personal blog, possibly a travel blog or car review site.

I may still use iWhic, but I'd like to be open to suggestions:

[requirements]Unlimited domains
5GB Diskspace
Unlimited Email Accounts
20GB+ Bandwidth
Reseller would be nice (host my friends)
cPanel (this is a must).

While technically my budget is unlimited, I would like to stick it to the $5-10/month mark. Pay per month is preferable.

I like the idea of just a big oversold host, cause they are generally reliable and I won't be using that much resources and the bonuses (such as Adwords credit) are generally useful.

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Some Basic Web Hosting

Jul 27, 2008

I've noticed that theres really a shortage of freebsd web hosts which surprised me at first because I've always considered fbsd an os built from the ground up to be a server. That also happens to be the os I have the most experience with. I can only guess its because in comparison to the linux community the freebsd is relatively small and not as well known.

So basically what I'd like to do is rent a dedicated server, run freebsd 64 on it, and hopefully get a small successful business going. I've been looking around a lot for reliable freebsd servers (I really don't have the upfront money to do colocation) and I've found one that offers me 500gb disk space and 10mbps unmetered bandwidth (or 3300 gb/month I guess).

My first question is could someone please clarify unmetered bandwidth. In the past pretty much every host I've looked at offers a set amount of bandwidth (like in gb), and I'm not completely clear on how this whole 10mbps fits in with that.

My second question is more general. Really I'm looking for honest opinions on the ease of breaking into this business. I'm sure theres a lot of people who start up and shut down constantly which contributes to the reputation of a lot of smaller hosts being unreliable, but is this a feasible goal? I can really put in any amount of time necessary but I only have about $500 to start out.

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Basic Hosting

Oct 7, 2008

I'm new here and I just want to start my first web site. What I need is just something basic: email, web stat, stability, etc. I do not need lots of space and bandwidth (of course, it is best if it is upgradable). Any suggestion on hosting company with lower budget plans? I hope I can start from a cheap monthly rate, and can upgrade in the future when needed.

And I have some questions when I look into different hosting plans:

1. I found many hosting plans offer free domain, so I can save may be $10 for the domain name registration. Would there be any disadvantage for using the free domain provided, like it may not be portable in the future?

2. After this first web site, I may build a few more web sites in the future. I found many plans offer "unlimited domains" to be hosted. Does it mean I can just build new web sites using the same hosting account without paying extra? Would there be any limitation or disadvantage for this, compared to using a new hosting account to build the new website?

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Regarding Basic Hosting

Dec 11, 2008

My friend want to design his family site as i have good knowledge designing web.But I don't know about hosting,its rent ,how to host,on which server hosting will be good if you have basic suggestion kindly reply.

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Basic Hosting

Dec 25, 2007

I have a pretty powerful Dell machine that I would like to turn into a server that would be available on the Internet. The reason I want to do this is because I need to run 2 programs (1 is a trading platform and the other was custom made for me) and I think a hosting company will say no if I ask them to run programs on their server.

In general, I know very little about servers and I need your help! How can I turn this machine (running my 2 programs) into a server available on the Internet? Someone told me I need to install IIS but I am sure it's more than that

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Basic Command

May 23, 2007

I need to know how to move a directory from one location on the server to another, but it needs to over write an older copy of of the directory in the new location.

I tried this and it doesn't work:

cp <directory name> <destination directory>

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Basic DDoS Protection

Jun 6, 2009

I was looking for a basic DoS protection against scriptkiddys.

I heard nginx is better as apache against DoS attacks.

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Basic Server Operation's

Jun 18, 2008

I run my own server me and my friend set up a server and i need to know what all i can do with running a server. Does anyone have any helpful link's?

I need something Basic and down to the Point. I knew a website called (DSLWEBSERVER) But i guess it's down now..

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[DNS] One Basic- Regarding MX Resource Records

Jun 19, 2007

i have one Question regarding MX-Records, i cant solve myself. Why is an MX-Record not allowed to contain an Ip or a CNAME-Record? As far as i know, the Record has always to point to an A-record which includes the Ip. Anyone here, who can explain why thats the case? Is there any RFC Dokument where this is explained?

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