Backup In CPanel/WHM Without Mysql

Apr 14, 2009

The automatic backups you can setup in cpanel/whm bundle the entire user account. Is it possible for it to save everything except the mysql databases?

I have an account that has databases over 5GB+ and would like to handle backing those up separately.

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I Moved Mysql From /var To /backup/mysql, Mysql Is No Longer Working

May 8, 2009

Since my /var partition is full, so I moved /var/lib/mysql to /backup/mysql/.

Seems all the files are copied and I changed my.cnf reboot mysql, but all the web sites using db is not working anymore..

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How To Fix Mysql Backup

May 25, 2009

I have some NAS storage to do backups to with my dedicated hosting provider. I setup automatic daily backups with WHM to backup the databases and accounts. The server is hosting one site. When it does the backup, it does a mysql dump, and essentially takes the site down for the whole time it is doing the backup because nobody can connect to the database while the dump is happening. Is there a better way to do the backup so that this won't happen, whether it be a different method of backing up to NAS, or just not using NAS at all and using some other method.

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MYSql Backup From V5 To V4

Jan 19, 2007

I am trying to backup and restore a database and seem to be running in to the following errors.

ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 29: Can't create table './tcadmin/tc_bandwidth_type.frm' (errno: 121)

Source machine
Windows Server 2003
mysql 5.0.11

destination machine
RHEL 4.x
MYsql 4.1.20

I think it is the way I am backing up the database that is the real problem

I have checked the compatibility mode option in the administration panel for backup, run full backup, and lockled the tables and still I get the error.

I have done some research and I think there is a command line I need to run to make it compatible with mysql 4.x systems but nothing seems to be right that I am doing. Can anyone here offer some insight to what the problem might be?

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MySQL Backup - How Do You Do It Right

Jun 28, 2007

today when the indata1 file got corrupted and I found out that rsync was NOT backing it up. I had thought the rsyncing the life files was good enough and that if I had to restore I could just run mysqlrepair and get everything back.

what is the RIGHT way to backup MySQL databases and do I want to somehow get rid of the inoddb stuff?

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Incremental MySql Backup

Apr 14, 2009

Does anyone have experience in backing up mysql incrementally? From what I've read in the docs it's possible using the binary logs but I haven't been able to find a good resource on how to make this work.

I have a database that is over 5GB. There are a few Myisam tables that are insert/select only and one innodb table that receives updates/deletes/selects/inserts.

Ideally I wouldn't have to backup the 5GB every night, I'd prefer to only get the items that have changed. If I could make this work, then I could also get backups more often rather than once a night.

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Backup MySQL Intensive VPS

Jun 12, 2009

I have two VPS's which run a single MySQL intensive site. The first VPS runs cPanel and has about 50 databases, 200mb each. Second has another 30 databases, of the same size.

What would be the best method to backup this website daily?

At Current;
I use automysqlbackup to backup all the databases at midnight (this crashes the VPS's for about 10 minutes each night). This dumps each one into a zipped file.

Then the rsync copies the changed files (forum attachmenets, cpanel changes etc(whole server)) to an off site location.

Are there any easier ways to do this? The databases are most important!

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Mysql Backup, 2 Different Sizes Why

Jan 18, 2008

Using Cpanel:

-I went to backup option and downloaded the database backup. 951kb

-I went into phpadmin and checked addrop table. 1.5m

Using SSH:
command mysqldump -u myusername_usernam -pmypassword myusername_name > /home/name/backupz/name.sql = 949k

3 different sizes, I would figure maybe adding droptables would amount to higher size but the first way and third way i use, how come there is a size difference of 2kb?

Which is the right way to backup mysql database safely?

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MYSQL Backup Simple

Aug 20, 2007

Any of you know any good mysql backup software that does all the packages for you? meaning, backup the whole shabang with only ssh access? users,dbs, etc? and probably restore it too?

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Backup MySQL Databases On PC

Jul 20, 2007

I host with hostgator and I was wondering if there are any software programs or services, or even something in my cpanel that can automatically grab my MySQL databases and everything on my server and make a backup on my personal PC?

I know I can manually do this, but I would like something that automatically does it once a week or something to insure my clients data is always backed up.

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Is There A Way To Backup MySQL Under These Conditions

Sep 26, 2007

I only have FTP access to webhost and no webhost cpanel access nor shell access. Is there a way to backup the MySQL database that is being used for ZenCart on this host?

I'm thinking that the answer to this question is "no". However, it would be wonderful if someone told me "yes".

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Backup BIG MySQL Database

Nov 29, 2007

What is the recommended method of backing up big MySQL database of size 2 GB ?


# mysqldump gallery > gallery.sql
mysqldump: Got error: 1017: Can't find file: './gallery/10tir_user_group.frm' (errno: 24) when using LOCK TABLES

I checked the table, it is fine, but can't do the backup.


mysql> check table 10tir_user_group;
| Table | Op | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| gallery.10tir_user_group | check | status | OK |
1 row in set (0.07 sec)


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