10-15Mbps 1/2 Cab In OC/LA Best Deals

Feb 9, 2007

We are currently @ intelenet in OC and looking for better rates in the area... the service has been great @ intelenet but think we could save some money in LA.

What kind of bandwidth deal could we find locally...

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Who Is Doing Sub 10$/meg BW Deals

Jan 21, 2007

Who is doing bw deals that are less then $10/meg and what commit levels ? it does not have to be US , it can be Europe too.

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10TB Traffic Deals

Oct 11, 2009

Since the 10TB traffic offers seem to appear from everywhere now, I thought it might be good to index what is actually the best offer out there right now.

The basic requirements for most high bandwidth sites are:

100Mbit or 1Gbit port, fully burstable with 10TB traffic limit
Decent HDD drive, say, 250-500GB or low prices on upgrades
$200/mo or less

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Good Deals Near Or In Bulgaria

Dec 19, 2008

What are the good providers in or near Bulgaria?

need not so powerful server with decent routing and 1-5TB bw

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HostGator Does Not Honor Deals With Loyal Customers

Apr 24, 2009

I had no problems with HostGator until recently. I had a dedicated elite server for my sites and they offered me a deal for more bandwidth. They gave me an extra TB of bandwidth for $100/mo. My total was $379/mo.

Recently, my sites have grown and HostGator tells me they can't honor their deal anymore as their bandwidth bill has gone up. Not only did they take the extra bandwidth away, they charged me $0.50/GB over 2.5 TB! I was under the planned 3.5 TB THEY AGREED UPON and they took back the deal. Keep in mind, I've had that deal for over a year.

They ended up stealing $250 from me. I cancelled immediately and found a host that won't screw me over. Don't trust these guys, they steal from loyal customers. I was with them for a couple years and they pulled this crap? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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10TB 1/4 Cabinet Deals - Looking To Expand Our Failover Product

Oct 11, 2009

Please do share if you know of a 10TB colo offer in either east or west. I know co-location is bandwidth-based but this is what we're looking for right now. Here are the requirements:

10TB (up and/or down) transfer on at least 100Mbps port

Good uptime history (BGP mix, A/B redundant power feeds, redundant hvac, etc)

Friendly crew (willing to help rack up 1U's if it's remote)

20A circuit (willing to consider 10A)

Access to KVMoIP

Ethernet drop

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