Ip_conntrack Wont Work?

Jun 17, 2009

I've got the latest grsec stable, but i'm having a problem with getting ip_conntrack working.

I did the following with make menuconfig after copying my default kernels config file...

Networking -> Networking support -> Networking options -> Network packet filtering
framework (Netfilter) -> Core Netfilter -> Configuration -> Netfilter Xtables support
(required for ip_tables) -> "conntrack" connection tracking match support.

After a compile and reboot:

error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_generic_timeout" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_icmp_timeout" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_close" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_time_wait" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_last_ack" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_close_wait" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_fin_wait" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_established" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_syn_recv" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_tcp_timeout_syn_sent" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_udp_timeout" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_udp_timeout_stream" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.netfilter.ip_conntrack_max" is an unknown key
error: "net.ipv4.ip_conntrack_max" is an unknown key

I did a ls on /lib/modules/ and dont see the modules that i see in the default kernels...

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May 15, 2009

Please see following picture, its see on my server and server is down

Its a hypervm main node server.

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Ip_conntrack: Table Full, Dropping Packet

Mar 20, 2008

ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet

What does that error mean? It's related to iptables right? When I do this cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_conntrack_max, I get


I increased it


Because someone recommended me this number because I have 4gb of RAM. But I still get the table full errors or

host kernel: printk: 500 messages suppressed

What should I do? Should I keep increasing the number? How do I know how much I can increase it by?

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Www Not Work

May 30, 2009

im using centOS 5 with webmin in my vps.

im installing webmin and do this: [Apache Webserver] / select [Default Server]

and my website work fine ,

but when i check my web site for example

[url]not working!

[url]Work fine!

how i can solve problem
work with www and without www.

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CGI, SSI Won't Work

May 29, 2009

I'm having exec cgi issues,

CentOS 5.3 x86_64, Linux, Apache/2.0.63,
cPanel 11.24.4-R36167 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9

Error is,
[an error occurred while processing this directive]

If I "uncheck" IncludesNOEXEC in Apache Global Configuration the error disappears, but the SSI doesn't work. If I check it the error is there, but the SSI works.

Here's what I have done so far,

Through WHM,
Main >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration,
Pre Main Include, Pre VirtualHost Include, Post VirtualHost Include,
I added,
Options +Includes
AddType text/html .htm
AddType text/html .html
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .htm
AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl

I also added this to the httpd.conf
<Directory "/">
Options +ExecCGI FollowSymLinks Includes IncludesNOEXEC Indexes -MultiViews SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
AllowOverride All

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl

Then I tried,
Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl
in the .htaccess file

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How Does Ram Work

Jan 25, 2007

I got a vps and I dont really understand how ram works but my sites arent really that big yet actually not at all at least teh ones on the vps. I am using directadmin as the panel.

I am using 279mb.

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Getting GD To Work

Jan 2, 2007

I installed GD via yum. Yet I cant get it to work I get all kinds of error's like libpng is missing then I got libXpm is missing, then freetype is missing yet all the libs exsist,

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FTP Will Not Work

Aug 29, 2007

After spending nearly 4 days trying to get ftp working on my server i still haven't achieved it. I got a server with a default install of plesk and cent os 4. I update to 8.2 and when i first go to try ftp it says "server closed connection" on my ftp client.

So then i tried updating 8.2 again and the installer failed. So i tried manually installing both proftpd and pureftpd via ssh and yum and it fails to install. I've also restarted the server a few times. I've tried logging in with every single username/domain/i.p. assigned to the server. and i've had no luck.

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<? Does Not Work But <?php Is Ok

Apr 23, 2007

I installed Lighttpd + PHP 5.2.1 with FastCGI

Any php page that starts with <?php is working fine..

but when the page starts with only <?, it does not work

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SSH, How Does It Work

Mar 5, 2007

how does SSH work and really what is it.

This is my knowledge, I may be wrong or right:

There are two ways of controlling your server, through control panel and through SSH, now SSH is where you type in codes to control your server.

Now from what I know you can't login to SSH alot due to security reasons.

I was wondering, if I have a forum can I login to SSH everyday to back up the database?

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FTP Upload Does Not Work

Apr 2, 2006

Whenever I tried to upload large files to my server it restarts the upload again and again and never actually uploads. It just keeps overwriting the previous file. I don't get any errors? It just automatically reuploads and overwrites the files everytime.

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Why Iptables Not Work

May 28, 2009

My site is under DDOS attack. I run this command

netstat -an | grep :80 | grep ffff | awk '{print $5}' | cut -f 4 -d : | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail -10

And find a lot of IP that are attacking. After that, i run

iptables -A INPUT -s xxx -j DROP

to block IP, and

service iptables save

service iptables restart

But when i run netstat command abouve, i found IP are attacking still available, it seem iptables don't block it?

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How Do Servers And DCs Work

Oct 3, 2009

I would like to know how servers work, like how to build, set up, and how they work, what software is in them? Also could I own a server and send them to a data center and host them there?

Also a little infomation on Data Center. Could you share me some knowlage.

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How Does Reverse DNS Work

Jul 22, 2009

some clarification with regards to Reverse DNS.

An example ip: xx.xxx.xxx.xx is owned by A Company via a DC. The they have their name allocated to the netname and description when i look up their ip address.

I have my ip xx.xxx.xxx.xx this is me and it currently contains my DC's name throughout when i look it up as the description and netname...

Both are from the same DC however the other company has their name allocated to the ip address and i would like to do the same. Does this require Reverse DNS? It dosent involve domains surely does it?

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Mysql Don't Work

Jul 9, 2009

I try to install wordpress on my dedicated server but in the begin i get this error:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress

I have centos 5.3 and i have run the command: service mysql start

But i think mysql server is not running, because i have kloxo and from the panel i can see what servers are running.

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Php-cgi Isn't Work With Mod_rewrite

Oct 28, 2009

I have been using apache and php-cgi and it works well together but when I tried to use
mod_rewrite it stopped working and I got "Internal Server Error" result.

Apache error log showed "FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server"

I think that mod_rewrite rules are ok because when I refer to some HTML file then it all works.

Apache 2.2.14 and php 5.2.11

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Does SharkTech Still Work

Mar 15, 2009

I have taken a order from them for 5 Days,but no response from them except a auto comfirmation email,what is wrong with SharkTech?

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IP Addresses Do Not Work

Oct 28, 2009

I was working with my server until 30 min ago. suddenly public IP addresses stopped working. I have access to the server directly from the console and local IPs with putty.

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How Can I Best Work With A Syn Flood?

Jun 11, 2008

How can I best work with a syn flood? I've tried the apf, deflate-ddos etc.... and don't work. Even tried litespeed etc but doesn't work against a 90mbps attack.

If I get a few servers, how would I have it setup to best defend?

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VPS For CPU-intensive Work

Jul 14, 2008

I'm working on a new project that involves some heavy data processing in the preparation stage. As an example, one of the setup jobs is now running on a P4-3.0HT desktop at 100% CPU and I estimate it'll be finished in just under a week! Memory and i/o usage are minimal but it's extremely CPU-hungry.

There are other similar jobs to follow and some correlation between the number of cpu cycles and the quality of results so I foresee an ongoing need for computing power for at least a few months.

Viable options are to continue running my own hardware (probably supplementing the P4 with something a bit newer), Amazon EC2 or a cheap dedicated server - I can get a good handle on the cost and performance of each of these.

But I wonder if I'd get more bang per buck from a few VPSs? Some of the VPS benchmark results are spectacular so I suspect the answer could be yes, in the short term anyway. But I don't want to hog the host-node's CPU to the point where it degrades other users' performance or gets my account shut down... Then again, judging by the performance of the VPSs I've used for hosting the node seems to have a lot of spare CPU available...

So (finally) to the questions: Am I crazy to even consider this? If not, which technology would be most suitable? (I'm thinking Xen because of its reputation for better isolation.) Has anyone else done anything similar?

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Sendmail Not Work (

Nov 9, 2008

I sent email through php function mail - false.
Open putty ->
php -r 'mail("***@gmail.com","test","jjjjjjjj";'
sh: /usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory

SENDMAIL not installed ?

CentOs 5

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Site Www Does Not Work But Without Www Does

Jun 1, 2008

Like the title says, I just moved my site over to my own server, and it is running cpanel. Anyways the main site [url]works, but [url]does not.

What is really strange is, [url]works fine as does [url]

So I figure there is something I have to do to get it all to work right.

The other issue is that if you are logged into [url]but goto [url], you are not logged in anymore, but if you go back to the original link, then you are still logged in. This happened on the other guys server before with the main site as well.

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Does BFD Work On RHE5

Jun 8, 2008

i Installed BFD ( Brute Force Detection ) from rfxnetworks.com and it it doesnt block or send any notification emails about blocked Ip adresses

1.after installation i got this:

Install path: /usr/local/bfd
Config path: /usr/local/bfd/conf.bfd
Executable path: /usr/local/sbin/bfd

which means installed with no errors

2.when i do this: /usr/local/sbin/bfd -s
i get

BFD version 0.9 <bfd@r-fx.org>
Copyright (C) 1999-2004, R-fx Networks <proj@r-fx.org>
Copyright (C) 2004, Ryan MacDonald <ryan@r-fx.org>
This program may be freely redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

3. there is already bfd file in the cron.d

*/10 * * * * root /usr/local/sbin/bfd -q

any idea what i am missing here?

APF 0.9.6-3
WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.6-S24739
REDHAT Enterprise 5.1 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0
Kernel 2.6.18-53.el5

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How Do SSL Certificates Work?

Jan 13, 2008

How do SSL Certificates work? I was a bit confused when reading about them.

If i was to buy a SSL Certificate will it be difficult to intergrate with my website or would i have to spend alot of time remaking stuff

Also how many SSL Certificates would i need? And where can i buy cheap SSL Certificates if i chose to buy some?

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Www Wont Work

Nov 25, 2007

when I try to go to a site of mine with the www like this one [url] It won't work but if I take out the www like this[url]it does work.

I'm not sure what could be causing this. As far as I'm aware everything is setup okay. I understand it's impossible for anyone who reads this to properly diagnose the issue without access to my server.

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Lighttpd Not Work Well With Php

Nov 9, 2007

Lighttpd works well with static file.

But for php, it's totally not good for me
I just install lighttpd and php.

By [url]

Now It takes about 10 seconds for the
server to response.

Here is a part of config file
############ Options you really have to take care of
server.max-keep-alive-requests = 4
server.max-keep-alive-idle = 4
server.max-read-idle = 60
server.max-write-idle = 1024
server.max-fds = 8192

php.ini using the default one
Here is the link to it

And only about 200 connections. the load average is only 0.02.

When I check the error log
2007-11-08 12:38:46: (server.c.1253) NOTE: a request for
timed out after writing 13068 bytes. We waited 1024 seconds. If this a
problem increase server.max-write-idle
2007-11-08 12:40:07: (server.c.1253) NOTE: a request for
/view_video.php?viewkey=b9530df88f7f002e78ea timed out after writing
13068 bytes. We waited 1024 seconds. If this a problem increase

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How To Work With SpamAssassin?

Oct 7, 2007

I have a server, SpamAssassin is installed but i disabled it, because i don't work with this, i'm getting a day about 1000 spam messages.

what to do to stop this?

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Www. Doesn't Work

Aug 2, 2007

today I noticed that whenever I type any of the domain names on my server with a "www." in the address bar, it simply says "server not found". When I remove the "www.", it loads the site?

This is a major issue. It never used to be this way, but I noticed it today. Where should I edit? Could it be "named.conf"? Or maybe just DNS cname settings in plesk?

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How Does Colo Work

Apr 19, 2007

You rent space at a datacenter that fits your power and cooling requirements. You bring your own equipment or ship it to the datacenter to get setup in your rack. Who handles fixing things? You or the datacenter? Also, do you ever have access to your server physically while it's at a datacenter?

How about bandwidth and providers? NOCS, POPS, IAX's etc... Where do those come into play and how does that structure typically look (anyone have any graphical illustrations of how peering/backbones etc work with IAX's, POP's, and NOC's?) I'm curious more about that then colocation at it's most basic forms.

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Subdomains Do Not Work

Dec 15, 2007

For some reasons i cannot get sub domains to work. I have the following and I have DNS entries set for both apps and www.apps but it simply won't resolve the url and it can't be pinged

ServerName apps.mydomain.com
ServerAlias www.apps.mydomain.com
ServerAdmin webmaster@apps.mydomain.com
DocumentRoot /home/mydomain/public_html/apps
<IfModule mod_suphp.c>
suPHP_UserGroup mydomain mydomain
<IfModule !mod_disable_suexec.c>
User mydomain
Group mydomain
BytesLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/apps.mydomain.com-bytes_log
CustomLog /usr/local/apache/domlogs/apps.mydomain.com combined
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/mydomain/public_html/apps/cgi-bin/

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Work Website

Dec 24, 2007

At work we host our own website, thing is that from work we can't go to our websit simply by going to [url]we have to go to to see our website. Any Ideas on what's up? the rest of the world can go directly to the website.

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