Mounting Brackets/rails For A DAT Drive In A DELL Server

Sep 13, 2007

I look after a Dell PE2800 server, it has a pair of 5.25 bays on the front, the top most of the two contains a Dell PowerVault 100T DAT72 tape backup drive. I have a second identical drive that i now wish to install into the bay beneath in a similar manner.

Problem is this - my colleague tell me that Dell are no longer selling the mounting brackets / rails needed to install the drive. I have had a fruitless look through the internet for a number of weeks now and hope that someone in the forum may be able to suggest a solution to the problem... anybody know a source for the brackets? Is there a parts site somewhere ive missed? Anyone happen to have what im after? Or any alternative suggestions?

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24" Depth Rails/mounting Kit For Supermicro 2U CSE-825TQ/SC-825

May 30, 2008

Basically, I bought this case:


and didn't forsee any problems as we have lots of servers with this case at work (which is where I am co-locating the server) but I didn't realize that the racks we have those servers in are setup for a longer depth (like 26-30 inches) instead of 24 inches like the rest of the racks. Well the problem is that all employee stuff is limited to two different racks and both are 24" depth racks so the rails which came with the chassis (26 inch) will not work. Does anyone know of anywhere I could get a 24" rack mount kit which will work with the supermicro SC-825 2U case?

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Hard Drive Mounting

Dec 3, 2007

I am going to mount my new hard drive to /home/user/public_html but I have a question before I do so. If I upload stuff to /home/user/public_html will it go to my new hard drive that I just mounted there or will it still go in the old hard drive?

The reason why I want to mount it there is because my other hard drive ran out of space, and I would like to continue this user account's space without having to move this user.

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New Dell Poweredge Rails Too Short

May 6, 2008

We have a rack with a bunch of Dell servers in them. The distance between the front vertical mounting brackets and the rear vertical mounting brackets is just over 28 inches (715 mm). We've always used Dell static rails they and they have always fitted perfectly.

We have recently received some new Poweredge 2970s with Rapid / Versa rails, and it seems that the front and rear mounting brackets are only 24 inches (609 mm) apart.

Am I missing something? I can't find any way of adjusting the length of the Rapid / Versa rails.

It looks like we are going to have to pull all the gear out of the rack, move the rear mounting brackets forward, and put everything back in. This is a real nuisance (and I would do pretty much anything to avoid it).

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Mounting Hard Drive (HDD) In CentOS 5

Feb 15, 2008

so my provider setup my HDD's wrong (i believe).

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 9.7G 5.7G 3.6G 62% /
/dev/sda5 215G 608M 204G 1% /var
/dev/sda1 99M 16M 78M 17% /boot
tmpfs 1013M 0 1013M 0% /dev/shm
/usr/tmpDSK 485M 14M 447M 3% /tmp

the problem is that I have /dev/sda5 mounted to var. I want cPanel to use this HDD as the main storage for the /home directory. How do I make cPanel use this hdd for storage?

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Re Mounting A Second Hard Drive From /backup To /home2 How?

Jun 16, 2009

My second hard drive is mounted as /backup. I have a remote rsync backup. i want to remount thsi second hard drive to /home2 instead

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Mounting Drive Between Win-Linux (ntfs & Ext3)

Jul 25, 2007

I wanted to mount a Usb portable drive of some data I have inside my Linux server and make them read on my Windows xp.

The drive has been formatted as ext3 and it just won't show in "my computer" inside Windows unless I reformat it again as ntfs.

The same turns around if if I format as ntfs, and i can't mount it under linux with the message "mount: unknown file system type 'ntfs'"

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Replacing Failed Drive In Raid-1/ Dell 2850 / FreeBSD

Dec 5, 2007

If there is a failed drive in RAID-1 running on Dell 2850, FreeBSD 5.4, can I just take out the failed drive and replace it with a new one, while the server is running? Will FreeBSD cope & rebuild the drive on the fly?

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Dell Perc 5 Raid Card Non-Dell Server

Oct 17, 2007

Will a Perc 5 raid card work in a non-dell Linux server? These cards can be found for about $100 on eBay, and are much cheaper than the Adaptec cards with similar features and ports.

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Feb 6, 2008

Problem with . they turned off my server and tell me :

To turn on the server, we require:

1. the payment of reconnection fee $ 30

2. the server need to be reformatted.

If you do not want to lose your data, you may purchase secondary HDD so you can
transfer your data to the secondary hard drive.

FYI : mounting the old hdd is not our responsibility

If I do step 2 .Is it Possible ? (I need All data)

I think if I mounting a new Hdd , I lose All data -

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Where To Buy Rack Ears/Brackets

Jul 6, 2007

Does anyone know where you can buy rack ears/brackets for devices that don't include them? (specifically an APC MasterSwitch)

We have square hole rack ears/brackets for them however we have a round hole cabinet.

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Is This A Good Price For Dell 1u And Question About Dell's Rail

Aug 21, 2007

PowerEdge SC1435 Dual Core AMD Opteron® 2212; 2.0GHz,2X1MB Cache,1Ghz HyperTransport 143G20 [222-6400] 1
Operating System No Operating System NOOS [420-6320] 11
2nd Processor Single Processor Only 1P [311-3928] 2
Memory FREE UPGRADE! 2GB, 667MHz, 4x512MB Single Ranked DIMMs 2G4D6P [466-7879] 3
TCP/IP Offload Engine Enablement Broadcom® Dual Port TCP/IP Offload Engine Not Enabled NTOEKEY [430-1765] 6
PCI Riser Riser with 1 PCIe Slot PCIE [320-4982] 7
1st Hard Drive 80GB 7.2K RPM Serial ATA 3Gbps 3.5-in Cabled Hard Drive 80S2 [341-3801] 8
Primary Controller Onboard SATA Controller - No RAID OBSATA [430-1949] 9
Network Adapters On-Board Dual Port Gigabit Network Adapter, No TOE OBNIC [430-2008] 13
CD/DVD Drive No CD/DVD NOCDDVD [313-3924] 16
Bezel Bezel FRTBZL [313-4477] 17
System Documentation No Hard Copy Documentation, E-Docs ONLY and OpenManage CD Kit EDOCS [310-8261] 21
HD Configuration Onboard SATA, 1 Drive connected to Onboard SATA Controller - NO RAID MST1 [341-3957] 27
Chassis Configuration No Rack Rails Included NORAIL [341-3089] 28
Hardware Support Services 1Yr BASIC SUPPORT: 5x10 HW-Only, 5x10 NBD Onsite U1OS [980-9530][985-5117][985-9057] 29
Installation Support Services No Installation Assessment NOINSTL [900-9997] 32
Power Cords Power Cord, NEMA 5-15P to C14, 15 amp, wall plug, 10 feet / 3 meter WAL10FT [310-4450] 38

why do Dell's none dell rack rail cost $249? Can i buy the rail for dell from ebay? i saw a dell rail cost only $140 on ebay.

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Dell Blade Server HDD

Jul 26, 2009

how to add additional HDD on Dell M-series blade server. What i have seen till now is that only 2 HDD space is available on those server, i would request expert opinion on this issue. Experienced users please share your views or how did u guyz solve this issue.

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Your Server Preference Dell / HP / IBM / Other

Oct 5, 2009

Just wondering what is your preference when choosing a vendor based server as a provider? Do you go with Dell? HP? IBM? Or another vendor to offer to your customers? What are your reasons for using the brand you do?

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Server Dell Vs Chenbro Vs Other

Apr 14, 2008

We are looking for a couple of servers for streaming media application and database application. We are wondering if anyone can give us some suggestions as to whether to use a used-Dell 1750 or 1850 vs. a new Taiwan-made server such as Chenbro servers?

Will a used-Dell servers better or worst than a new white-label servers? Can anyone give recommedation on which servers to use? We need something that is very reliable but we definitely can't afford something like a new IBM or Dell.

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Monitoring Dell Server

May 24, 2007

alternative to OMSA to monitor dell server, for now i would monitor only raid status on Pe 860-1850-195

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Does Anyone Know When To Buy Dell Server/workstation

Apr 25, 2007

if i remember correctly, the best time to buy Dell's ware for cheap is at the end of the quarter. is this correct?

when do you purchase hardware from Dell?

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Mounting Old Hdd

Jul 17, 2008

i had a big problem with my OS and server so i added a new HDD to my server with new os, but how can mount my old hdd without getting data deleted?

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Mounting A HDD

Jul 14, 2007

I read a few threads and it seems as simple as fdisking the drive and then mounting it, but im a little scared..

so if someone has a proper step by step guide to do this can they please help me..

at the moment i have a 40GB ( ide, i think ) hdd and a secondary 250GB IDE hdd, i also have servercp installed and i think im on fedora 6..

Now i dont want to just type fdisk dev/hdb incase that is my first 40gb hdd, i dont mind losing the extra data on it i just dont want to format the OS and stuff was im on an un-managed server and will cost me time / money for them to re-install it all..

is there a ssh command to list all the hdd's connected to the server and to tell me what size they are, and where they are on the server before i start formatting, fdisking and mounting them?

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Listing Drives And Mounting Them

Nov 8, 2009

My server has been formated it has two drives. I have my back up on the second drives.
What is the command I use to list the drives and how to mount the second drive.

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Data Lost , But Still Have Old Home Drive , How To Copy To New Drive

Jan 26, 2007

1- i did Os Reload with new Hard drive for "home"
2- data "backups" drive lost

3- replaced the old home drive as "/old drive"

4- " /old drive " is now the secondry drive in my server and it has the all sites usres and evry thing

5- what i need , to trasfer, copy this sites from " /old drive " to "home"

but data center said

The /olddrive/home directory contains the contents that were previously in the /home directory. You can copy files from this directory to any other directory on your server.

The command to copy files in the UNIX environment is the "cp" command.

The user directories in /olddrive/home directory contain the web page files for the users. However, simply copying the contents over will not recreate the users or domain entries in DNS/httpd. If you wish these back you will need to recreate them manually or restore them from backups.

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Dell Drives In A RAID Array With Non-Dell Drives

Sep 14, 2009

I have a couple of Dell 1950s and in one of them, I have 2x Seagate 15K.5s that I purchased through Dell and I also have a spare sitting in my rack in case one goes bad, also from Dell.

I was going to be repurposing one of my other 1950s and was going to get two more 15K.5s for it, but wasn't planning on getting them through Dell (rip off?). This way, could still keep the same spare drive around in case a drive went bad in that system as well.

When I was talking to my Dell rep recently when purchasing another system, their hardware tech said you can't use non-Dell drives with Dell drives in the same RAID array because of the different firmware between them.

Anyone know if it is true? Anyone have any experience with using drives from Dell in conjunction with the same model drives from a third party retailer?

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Drive Corrupt, Recovery From 2nd Drive Mount

Feb 16, 2007

Primary drive (centos/cpanel) is corrupt

The server is displaying these errors when I tried to do an FSCK:
Bad inode IO
ext3-fs error (device(8,3)) IO Failure

I am having a new primary installed and old primary set as 2nd drive. I need to recover the cpanel domain accounts from this 2nd drive after I mount it with the method below:

mkdir /backup
mount /dev/sdb1 /backup

However, how do I actually recover these accounts in an automated process via whm? I've done this before with the same matter (corrupt primary drive, mount as 2nd, etc) but cannot exactly remember the proper steps.

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How To Copy My Current Drive Contents To A New Drive

Dec 28, 2007

I just purchased a brand new 10K 150GB drive. How can I take an exact copy of my current drive and transfer everything over to the new drive? I think I need to create a snapshop, or mirror it somehow.

What software will do this? I was told trueimage, but its very pricy, is there anything else?

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Issue Mounting RAID Perc Partition

May 19, 2007

We had a problem on one of our servers and it was running RAID 1 with two 300GB SAS.

When I boot the server I have the following issue,
PXE:E61: Media test failure, check cable

I searched through all the net but couldnt find a solution that helped me.

Now I took one of the HDDs out and installed as slave on another Linux server. One of the HDDs says when I do /sbin/fdisk -l,
no partition table for /dev/sdb (something like that)

The other HDD have all the partition table,


The big partition (probably when I have my data) is under /dev/sdb2, although when I try to mount that partition I get the following error,

mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb2
missing codepage or other error
In some cases useful is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so

Is any command specific for mounting RAID partitions or the HD is gone ?

I really need the data that are inside it.

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Drive Corrupt - Should I Ask For New Drive Or Reimage

Jul 9, 2007

I have a dedicated box and I started getting Input/output errors today.

I tried:
# fsck
fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
e2fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
/dev/hda2: recovering journal
fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda2

then I tried:
# fsck -a -t ext3 /dev/hda2
fsck 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
/dev/hda2: recovering journal
fsck.ext3: unable to set superblock flags on /dev/hda2

My data is backed up, so was going to ask for a reimage, but is this an indication of bad hardware? Should I ask for a replacement drive? Is there anything else I should try on my own before going to the host?

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HP Rails

Aug 26, 2009

I have a few quick questions about rails on our HP servers, if you think you are good or have lots of experience with HP rails,

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May 27, 2008

we just bought a bunch of R200 1U rackmounts from Dell and need rails so we can get them setup in our colocation rack. I was just wondering where most of you tend to purchase your rails and what type of price you pay.

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How To Access 2nd Drive On Server

Mar 21, 2007

I am in the process of moving my dedicated server from one location to another. I have requested second drive to be installed on server. How do I access in through SSH? I am using Linux, FC4.

Also, what is the command to compress all data in certain directory, so that I can simply wget the large compressed file from the new server?

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Best Hosting For Rails

Apr 10, 2008

I don't wanna say "rails-specific" hosts because I'll be hosting some python/PHP, but I want a host run by a team who actually know and use Ruby on Rails themselves. Deployment shouldn't be a pain, and it should be VPS. My budget is $25/mo for now, as I don't need much space or bandwidth until I begin scaling the sites.

I will be hosting numerous rails sites, so memory might be a problem if I'm using mongrel... but performance wise, is mongrel the best?

Right now I'm looking at SliceHost, HostingRails, and Linode.

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