VPS Tech Support. . . Laughable?

Jun 24, 2008

For people looking for a vps, I thought it's important to get a feel for their technical support team. So for the first time, I've had to use it. . .

My problem is that MySQL CPU utilization is around 25% at all times and it is lagging the box like crazy. All of my sites hosted only get around 200k uniques per month. <<snipped>> The lag seemed to start around the same time I added multiple cronjobs at various times and frequencies to grab RSS feed data and check to see if it should add a new entry into the DB.

I am not a linux guru, so I opened a ticket and asked for help and suggestions on what to do. . .



I could try tweaking the mysql configuration so the service uses less resources, but this usually just helps with the memory use.

I was looking for him to either say yes the cronjobs are doing it or I have poorly coded queries. . something useful and related to CPU usage. But no.

So then I say sure, tweak. I ask if he agrees that the cronjobs are the problem and what options I have to remedy the situation.


I have tweaked the mysql configuration for you. Yes, most likely those cronjobs are causing the big CPU usage in mysql.

Basically he completely ignored my question on what other options I have or recommendations on what to do next. Needless to say I am furious. I ask for advice and get absolutely nothing useful in return. Not to mention his short answers make it seem like I'm lucky he even reads my entire question.

So what does everyone else suggest?

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Hosting Zoom Tech Support

Feb 15, 2009

I've been with Zoom for 2 years now, and I'm leaving as soon as I find another host.
Here's why: once a month, for the last 3 months, emails I send to a address are bounced because Yahoo is blocking all email from my mail server. When this is finally dealt with, it turns out Yahoo blocks everything coming from Zoom (or my shared server -- sorry I'm not technical) because of spam originating there. Now, *I'm* not sending spam, and spam is annoying enough to deal with in my in box, but now other people sending spam are stopping me from sending my little 20-30 emails a day!

Here's how tech support has worked for me when this problem comes up:

1. I go on and open a chat with support.

2. Someone In India eventually says hello to me.

3. I state my problem.

4. Long wait.

5. Someone In India eventually comes back and says "hello" again.

6. Now I'm pissed. I tell Someone In India what the problem is and give her email
headers and tell her to pay attention.

7. Another long wait.

8. This Someone In India gives me an email address at zoom to email directly about this problem.

9. I email TheAddressIWasGiven @ zoom explaining my problem...and THAT EMAIL BOUNCES! Despite the irony of having an email begging for help with bounces get bounced itself, I am not amused.

10. I go to call Tech Support... DOH! They no longer have phone support.

11. I fill out an online support and send it in. I wait No reply. Emails to Yahoo still bouncing.

12. I fill out another one. I wait.

13. I get an email telling me my second support request is being closed since they are working on the first one. Really? First I've heard of them working on it.

14. 20 minutes later I get an email saying they're working on the first request.

15. A day or so later, I get an email telling me it will all be fine in a day.

16. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes I get another email telling me to go to Yahoo and fill out a form to get them to unblock it.

17. I fill out a form at Yahoo and it gets unblocked within hours.
I am currently suffering from the latest email bouncing and am at step # 14.
Which is what drove me here to find a real host. Something about getting lumped in with spammers is just....icky. Yucky.

Also, they spontaneously took my little web site off line several times because they messed with directories. It took days to get right. My business is not web-based, but it was still annoying.

Anyway, there's my cautionary tale about Zoom . A few mistakes are forgivable, but this is too much.

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GigaPros Excellent Tech Support & Hosting

Aug 12, 2008

I had purchased an SSL certificate from Go-Daddy. The Tech support people at GigaPros were more than willing to give me the advice I needed and to get the certificate installed for me in very short order.

Polite courteous professional service, excellent response times and top notch support. This company offers excellent value for the money! I highly recommend GigaPros!

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No Happy Xmas From Tech Support! Rude

Dec 29, 2008

After a tech support advisor helped me with my problem on heart internet, I replied to them "Thank you and Happy Christmas".


I got NO reply. Surelly a little reply saying Happy Christmas back would not have hurt.

I mean after im paying them loads of money per month I would appretiate a bit of politness.

Maybe they're very busy? Well they should have an automated Happy Christmas reply system.

Maybe the technition doesn't celebrate Christmas? Well maybe a Happy Holiday reply would of done ok.

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Servint Support

Oct 22, 2009

Anyone on Servint vps, is there support tickets system getting slower .
awaiting a responses of nearly 2hours at a time

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Servint Support

Sep 7, 2008

Has any one experience Servints support lately

I have ticket over 20hours awaiting, replied to ensure not overlooked

have they gone on hols :-(

Had server setup up on purchase but they never completed all my requests

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Feedback About Servint Support

Oct 11, 2009

i need reviews about servint tecnical support.

I'm not english motherlanguage so i usually comunicate by email. Is, for servint, the email comunication fast? Does it works?

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Poor ServInt Support

Apr 14, 2007

I finally ditched Site5 at a host. So _anything_ should be better, right?

After only a week or so with ServInt I'm wondering if I made the wrong decision.

Now I thought a few hours resolution time with Site5 was frusterating, try waiting 6 hours, or 18 (my current ticket, still not resolved, with no reply after asking for an update several hours ago).

And having a tech answer the phone doesn't help much either if they don't have a clue how to troubleshoot.

First the tech insists that MX records need to be pointed to my host for OUTGOING smtp to work!

Then after sending him the necessary log files twice, he still insists I'm not giving him enough information to fix the problem and that MX records must be setup. When I call and ask if he read the log file snippets I had sent him, "no" was the answer! AAAAAARGH!

And then being told many times, that the problems been fixed. And then finding out it's not and that they never even TESTED IT before saying so!

Is it time to pack up and leave before I migrate all my customers there?

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List Of Good Hosters With Good TELEPHONE Tech Support

May 6, 2008

I'd like to start an ongoing thread here listing the 'Good Hosters with Good TELEPHONE tech support'. In other words, out of the 1,000s of host companies, this may cut it down to less than a dozen.

( And for all you Hosters out there who really want your company to grow, and want to know how, - it's easy: just read here.)

Good telephone support is the #1 ultimate requirement, because:

-It's a lot faster and easier for both the user and the host company, because you can state and answer all questions and clarifications on the spot, you don't need to continually pass new emails with new questions and clarifications, back and forth for days on end, until the issue is solved. It saves tech time and user's time. And saves a lot of nerves.

- It's the best way to sort the good guys from the bad. A bad company isn't going to bother to answer the phone, - or will make you wait way too long, - because they are likely getting endless complaints. The good guys are always ready to answer the phones, with a friendly voice, - because they really WANT to please the customer.

- If a company can't be bothered to pick up the phone, we can't be bothered to even consider them. They're a joke, and so won't be listed here on this thread. (So, before adding or listing any Hosters here, please verfify that they do have Good, quick, friendly, telephone support,; ideally 24/7, but 9am to 10pm might be acceptable, if it was supplemented by some emergency contact.

- Hoster ALSO needs good EMAIL support (and preferably, Chat online, extended hour availability). (I spend a lot of time overseas). It sems all emails should get a non-automated response within about an hour, - and then support should jump on fixing any problem.

I only need support a few times a year. To answer some questions, or fix a problem, or do an install. That's lesss than 1 hour total, so any company paying maybe $18/hour tech support should be able to handle this. It IS reasonable to charge a custm for extended calls, beyond say, 90minutes a year, IF you don't count the 80%? Of times an issue is the Hoster;s fault of stmg gone wrong, and don't count the 'hold' times.

- Uptime
- site Speeds
- Monthly plans, no contract (Only a dishonest host will try to force you into a contract, where they can then ignore you.)
- Reasonable price. (? Maybe $12 to $18/month for a basic business site. We don't need massive bandwitdths, - we all know that's an overselling scam, and can't ever be delivered.)
- a good upgrade plan of bigger options. Maybe even VPS.
- Dedicated IP, and availbility of SSL
-PHP 5, mysql, phpMyAdmin, etc
- cPanel ( Some Hosts are using problematic panels, like Hsphere, which are slow to load, slow in operation, require many more clicks, have too many options, spread apart on many separate pages. Time is money, and this really slows down the ability of a small business to manage his own site in effective time. For example, one WHT user wrote somewhere: "I don't feel that HSphere's interface is nice at all, although I have worked with cPanel and DA all my life... I just found it to include un-necessary features or split features up in to different hard to find pages, such as backups - mysql backups you had to find on a completely different page than file backups, and then there were options to have it in the home directory or server-end backup, in which then you had to wait a good 10 minutes before it was ready. cPanel, just hit backup and hit download and instantly it does everything you need...".

I have used several hosters. Currently on and Godad, which have phone support, and mediocre service.

My LIST So Far:
- Liquidweb: a very impressive company with good, 24 hour support. But to get dedicated IP, you need to go with their $25/month plan. Yikes!
- A very small company. My call was returned, and the owner chatted with me for an hour on the phone! Plans have small bandwidth, but promises No overselling, and personalized attention. Extra $5 for dedi IP. He specializes in Small business sites, and small eCommerce sites. He has only 250 accounts, on 3 servers. He rents servers from the Equinox data center of Chicago. Seems exceptionaly honest.
- MegaHosters. Excellent phone support and WHT reviews. But company was taken over by another company, and so may well go downhill in future. Another problem: uses Hsphere.
- Steadfast. Has a good rep on WHT, and seems impressive. Tech answered the phone immediately, but they say they prefer emails. Sales phone has limited hours. Good price on $20 SSL. But, uses Hshhere.
- JodoHost 24 hour phone. But, uses Hsphere. An Indian company with office in Florida, and good rep. I like the idea of outsourcing phone support, if it makes it more available and affordable. But, the accent on the phone was very hard for me to understand, so maybe this might not work.....
- Hostgator. Yes, it's a big overseller, but seems to get good reviews/results anyway, and good phone support.
- ? ThePrimeHost ?? Mostly good WHT reviews; some dissenters. Site says 24hour phone, but when I called on several nights, no one ever answered...
- Can anyone add to this list? Please list only hosts that meet the above minimum requirements of phone support, etc. Especially useful is hosters you've tried.
- Avoid Arvixe. I had a horrid experience with them, here: [WHT forum]:/showthread.php?p=5097822#post5097822
- Avoid WebHostingBuzz. This company never returned my phone msessage inquiries.

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Difference Between Level 1, Level 2 And Level 3 Tech Support

Oct 10, 2009

Is there any preset criteria for it like Level 1 includes a, b & c, Level 2 includes d, e & f and level includes x, y & z?

I know the difference in General but, I wanted a specific answer.

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G3 Tech Review

Mar 1, 2008

We would just like to take a minute to say how impressed and satisfied we are with one of our primary colo providers, G3 Technologies [url]. Brendan at G3 is a absolute pleasure to deal with. The facility is secure, well maintained and the BGP network Brendan has created is powerful and reliable.

I wouldn't trust anyone but Brendan and G3 when you need premium colocation.

Mods, you can PM us for proof that we use G3 or you can just trace ;-).

Brendan can also chime in and verify.

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Layered Tech Vs SoftLayer

May 26, 2009

I can remember not so long ago, Layered Tech and Soft Layer were pitched as being pretty much equal in pricing. When it comes to high-end VPS nodes, I've seen it so far to be more feesable to lease them, maybe on RTO, rather than buy hardware and rack it up so when I came to request a quote from the two providers, it seems to be that Layered Tech charge some what $800 more for the same configuration as Soft Layer. Who is actually worth the money in your opinion?

The quote:


Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5335
2.00GHz (Clovertown) - 2 x 8MB cache
2 x 1.00TB SATA II
24 GB FB-DIMM Registered 533/667
100 Mbps Public & Private Ports
Public Bandwidth 2000 GB Bandwidth
Monitoring Host Ping
Notification Email and Ticket
Response Automated Notification
Operating System CentOS 5 (64 bit)
Primary IP Addresses: 1 IP Address
Secondary IP Addresses: 4 IP Addresses
Lockbox 1 GB
Network IDS/IPS Protection
Unlimited SSL VPN Users & 1 PPTP VPN User per account
Nessus Vulnerability Assessment & Reporting
Quantity: 1
Discounted Total: $599/month, $0 setup

For exactly the same quote, Layered Tech wanted $1,400 per month. Although I have no plans to go with either right now, who is actually worth the money?

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Enhance-tech SAN Experience

Aug 28, 2009

Is there anyone using Enhance-tech SAN product? Running with Citrix XenServer experience would be great experience.

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Layered Tech Improvements

Jun 14, 2008

after enduring not one but now 2 price hikes and being promised better service, etc...we still had to wait 25 minutes for a reboot last night.

Yet one more reason we are moving ALL our servers away from them!

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Server Tech Receptacles

Apr 20, 2008

Does anyone use Server Tech products? [url]

I didn't even know about this company until I saw one of their PDU in somebody's cabinet in the datacenter.

They don't list any prices or vendors, I emailed them waiting for reply.

One thing that caught my eye was the number of additional outlets per strip. We never daisy chain out PDUs so even though we have the power to put more servers per circuit we never could. It has at least 3-4 more outlets than Raritan PX and APC, which means we can put 3-4 more servers per circuit.

How are their products? The look pretty robust from what I saw in the cabinet.

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Amanah Tech Colo

Feb 29, 2008

I've found an interesting offer from this provider. After doing some research I found one topic which didn't really describe the quality of their service.

Is anyone here using their colocation?

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Layered Tech Update To Review

Mar 31, 2008

Well almost a year ago I came here and read lots of posts, asked lots of questions and settled on getting my two servers from LayeredTech.

When I bought both my servers, they were from their clearance rack because although my sites were pushing terabyte level traffic at the time, their CPU/etc needs were fairly low. Of course how these things tend to go, I am looking at needing a third server this summer. Time to look at raising prices I guess

One thing that people seemed to complain about with Layeredtech at that time was the "lack of support". I personally have not seen that over this time I have been with them. For example...

Last Monday SMARTD reports an hard drive error. I submit a ticket and with in 30 mins we were scheduling a down time with them so they could test the drive. They ran the test and it came back with "one or more errors" so they offered to replace the drive and reload. I decided to take advantage of a forced down time to remove that horrid piece of junk called PLESK and asked for a fresh install of the OS, with nothing (I have see the grass on the control panel side, and its not greener!) and while we are at it toss more ram in the machine.

So they offered to bring up a complete new server and run them parallel for a few days!

Which is exactly the choice I opt'd for. I am happy to say we completed that move last Saturday and my users are much happier with the server speed increase (from doubling the RAM and removing PLESK as the rest of the hardware was basically the same)

I would and do happily recommend them to anyone that needs a unmanaged server. Their ticket response time has always been top notch, and other then this drive failure, we have had no hardware issues. Both our servers are in teh Savvis data center, if that means anything.

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Layered Tech Datacenter Migration Dissapeared

Mar 23, 2009

I can't find the thread about the ongoing layeredtech datacenter migration?

Besides no reply from their side, either support, either billing, I can't seem to find that thread in here?

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Ruby RIng Tech Shared Server Down

Oct 2, 2009

I was a happy client of Ruby Ring tech, but few days ago my Shared server Cpenl got missing in action... It showed some issue on listens... i submit a ticket to Ruby Ring tech and they said they will fix it soon... but for about 3 days nothing happen... suddenly today my shared server is also gone missing... cant connect to any of my websites and page cannot be displayed on cpanel also.. I submitted tickets.. but still no answer, now about 12 + hours downtime....

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Ruby RIng Tech Shard Server......

Oct 1, 2009

I was a happy client of Ruby Ring tech, but few days ago my Shared server Cpenl got missing in action... It showed some issue on listens... i submit a ticket to Ruby Ring tech and they said they will fix it soon... but for about 3 days nothing happen... suddenly today my shared server is also gone missing... cant connect to any of my websites and page cannot be displayed on cpanel also.. I submitted tickets.. but still no answer, now about 5 -6 hours downtime....

I'm wonder whats happening.....? hope that they will fix the things soon.... plzz if any 1 of Ruby Ring tech see this reply to this thread.... i like to know whats going and how soon you can give the server back

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Servint Noc

Jul 15, 2008

I cannot get to their site and I have a server offline ...

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Layered Tech Not Acting On DoS Abuse Report - What's An Acceptable Response Time

Jun 3, 2008

So we have a single Layered Tech box hitting our server with around 90 MBit/s for almost 12 hours straight now, resulting in over 400 GB excess traffic so far. An abuse report was sent about 4 hours ago (Ticket-ID: XZP-97559-339) with evidence included, but so far there was 0 reaction besides the auto-reply.

A phone call to the number listed on their website resulted only in a message that there is no one available at extension XYZ. I didn't try repeat calls since playing international phone tag is not quite my idea of fun.

I realise that it was/still is early in the morning at their location, but nonetheless, I'd expect a company their size to respond a lot faster to reports such as this.

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Lunarpages Vs Servint

Sep 4, 2007

I am/have been using Servint for about a year. The service has been good no downtime. Lunar pages has recently become a client of mine and I thought being a small business owner that the right thing to do would be to switch.

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WiredTree --> Servint

Apr 9, 2009

I'm no longer happy at WT and have (almost) decided to move to Servint. Does anyone know if Servint's sales is open 24/7? I sent them an email an hour ago, without a response or acknowledgement.

From what I've read here, Servint seems like a solid choice - but I'd be eager to hear from any current clients about the support/uptime etc and also if their forums are busy or not?

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Wiredtree OR Servint

Oct 16, 2009

Which one you vote taking into consideration like VPS quality and support? (Leave the dollars part) I have to choose between both guys.

I need less downtime + good support.

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My Servint Review

Mar 12, 2009

I have been with them around 3 years in the past and was very happy. But after i was enthusiast with Europe (ping time etc) and i made the mistake and moved in Europe. Since then i had many problems so i get back to them few days ago.

When i moved all my domains to them i had many issues with my scripts , mails etc because i manualy tranfered everything with unix commands.

Servint guys helped with everything to get working. I didnt lost any data and i am very happy with them.

They have awesome support team and very strong knowledge of their job.

They even helped me in a joomla script issue which they are not responsible
Again, they are great and you cant go wrong with them.

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ServInt Network

May 20, 2009

both of the VPSs we have with them have been offline for more than 15 minutes now. As usual, their support has been incredibly fast and I have heard back from a NOC staffer that they are experiencing network issues, but want to see if I can find out how widespread this is.

If you have services with ServInt, are your machines currently unreachable?

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Servint Woes

Oct 3, 2008

I've been using Servint VPS hosting for the past few years and have been very happy with them. But unfortunately I have been experiencing problems for the last couple of months. My forums are regularly going down for a few minutes at a time and I have been submitting tickets to Servint.

Servint replied suggesting that my sites aren't going down. Yet I tried the sites on different PC's at different locations and they have been down. I started a thread on one forum and got confirmation from quite a few members that they experienced downtime. Servint have now accepted that there has been downtime.

I asked Servint for suggested solutions and they didn't provide any
I specifically asked if I needed to upgrade the VPS package, they originally said an upgrade wasn't necessary but 4 days later said that I did need an upgrade.

I've upgraded twice in the last few weeks and as of today I am on a Super VPS @ $199 / mth - Servint have confirmed that they have upgraded me to this package
But my sites have been down for about the last hour or two
In my ticket today, Servint have said "the longest your sites were down was 5 minutes".

This is simply not true, and even if it was true, regular 5 minute downtime is not acceptable in my view.

I feel that no one at Servint is taking my issues seriously. They had repeatedly told me that there was no problem but now they admit that there is one and they don't seem willing or able to fix it - this has been going on for a couple of months.

I ask "what am I doing wrong", because I see such great reviews of Servint here on WHT and I don't understand why I'm not getting the same level of service.

I have very limited technical knowledge - should I be using another type of hosting that provides more in-depth tech support?

Is it possible that the problems I am experiencing are outside of Servint's control and that I am expecting too much from them?

I want to stay hosted with Servint, but I'm having great difficulties at present. Given the great reviews I see of Servint, I'm actually concerned that they will tell me that my business is not worth the trouble and that I should host my sites elsewhere. What should I do?

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Servint Vps Permission

Feb 24, 2008

I just move a site from resellerzoom to a servint vps..

I have been facing some strange problems..

the first problem was smarty..

Fatal error: Smarty error: unable to write to $cache_dir Be sure $cache_dir is writable by the web server user. Smarty.class.php on line 1095

i had to make he cache dir 777 inorder to fix the error..

it used to work with 755 before..

next up was the owner problem ..

the owner of the domain under whm was still pointing to the old resellerzoom accountname .. i changed it to root..

now i ran a chown command on root of the site .. still wordpress gives me error for image upload..

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Props For ServInt

Jun 11, 2008

I just wanted to take the time and give a quick review of ServInt. I have switched to their service about 5 months ago now and I just have to say: it's absolutely fantastic!

I'm only on the lowest VPS package, $50/month, but the service has really just been spectacular. First off the value is incredible as service quality is top notch and server specs are as well. In addition, these accounts are fully managed which has really saved me from a lot of headaches. Even further, ServInt will help you out with stuff that you normally wouldn't even consider covered under support (and it's not, they help based on their own great quality of service not something written in policy). They are very prompt and helpful, unlike a lot of other providers who always try to blame all of the problems on me (you) instead of truly investigating them.

Right now I am running about 30 small sites on the VPS and performance is unequivocal. In total my VPS uses roughly 350GB of bandwidth per month (out of the allocated 500GB).

I will say right now I don't work for ServInt or anything like that, really I just wanted to help get the word out. I have been with a lot of VPS providers before including MediaTemple, GoDaddy, and SolarVPS and none have impressed me as much as ServInt (though GoDaddy was really good until I ran into some problems that their support wouldn't cover, then they turned mean and very unhelpful).

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VPS : Steadfast / Liquidweb / ServInt ? - Best One ?

Jun 5, 2008

I am new to these server related things.

I don't want to go for shared hosting, as there will be too many restrictions. And I will not need a dedicated server until my traffic really grows multi-fold (may take few months).

I am aiming to run 3 of my new sites on a VPS server. (I want to know whether I can put all my 3 sites on the same VPS server.)

After my initial research, I came up with below list :-




Now I like to know which one is better. (You can suggest any other providers also if they can beat these in terms of Customer Service and Reliability and my below requirements.)

Outline of my requirements :-

1) Fully Managed Service and outstanding customer service.
2) Daily Backup of all content and database.
3) Fast response times (For my website users mostly in INDIA) and best network.
4) Easy and smooth transition to upgrade to next VPS package or a dedicated server (I don't want to keep changing DNS everytime I want to upgrade.)
5) No restriction on bulk email being sent (Fully Double Opt-In mailing list)
6) cPanel needed
7) Other routine things like Uptime, Reliability, Hardware Replacement Warranty...
8) Price is not really a big issue.

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