What Domain Name Server (DNS) Changes To Make When Moving Hosts?

Mar 10, 2008

I have example.com as a reseller account hosted on a shared server. I have ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com on that server and client domains use these nameservers.

I want to move to a VPS for more control and so I have acquired vps.example.com. This also has vps_ns1.example.com and vps_ns2.example.com with it.

Can I move everything to the VPS? Assuming that I move the files over, if I simply changed the DNS of example.com to point to nameservers vps_ns1(and 2).example.com, what would happen?

Have I made it over complicated for me to understand, and it's actually a lot easier than I think? Or have I shot myself in the foot by using vps.example.com as the name for the VPS?

I am using cPanel/WHM for both servers.

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Too Many DNS (Domain Name Server) Requests. How To Make It Lower ?

May 8, 2007

I host my DNS with DNSmadeeasy.com , I noticed that I have daily more than 350.000 DNS requests for main domain, This domains got about 80.000 uniqes/day, so this is strange how can there be 350.000 DNS requests/day. Seems that I'll go over the quota because of this.

The TTL for all domains is set to 86400.

Is there a way to discover how its possible ? And also is there a way to do something to make this number lower (DNS requests)

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What Will Make You Switch Hosts

Apr 13, 2009

If your happy with your current hosting provider why change? Maybe you have found a better deal, but is it really worth it to switch to save a few bucks if your happy, I would say no.

What if you have noticed major changes in loading time?

What if there has been downtime?

What if they dont offer the support you need when you need it.

If a hosts changes prices on you?

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Moving Domain Name Server (DNS) ...

Aug 26, 2008

I'm trying to move sites from one cPanel server to another. Presently, I am using the clustered DNS option in WHM to keep the two servers DNS in sync, which has allowed me to avoid messing with switching name servers for domains as I moved them. Now, I'm looking to turn off the original server, but that server is the one hosting the name servers that most of the domains use (ns1 and ns2.serverforest.com).

I'd like to move those name servers over to the new server, which I presume is as simple as re-registering them in the control panel over at my registrar. However, I presume I also need to bind IPs on the new server to the original DNS names. However, if I do that and the DNS cluster syncing occurs, won't that mess things up while I await the registrar making the changes? Do I need to turn off clustering before making the switch?

Is there a way to do this seamlessly?

Also, for testing purposes I created ns3 and ns4.serverforest.com on the new server. If I now want to move over ns1 and ns2, can I set them on the same two IPs that ns3 and ns4 "own" without any trouble?

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Moving Domain To New Server - Imap?

Jan 30, 2009

We have a client who has a site currently hosted with some guys in germany. I cannot speak german, so am unable to chat to the support there, so thought I would ask here.

We are wanting to move their site to new hosts, as we are re-developing it for them, and their current setup does not suit our needs.

The only issue I am not too sure about is the following:

They rely heavily on their email (what company doesnt nowadays?), and they currently have IMAP acounts. They use thunderbird on a Mac for all their emails, so all their mail would presumably be on their machines.

No, if I moved their email accounts, would all the emails be deleted from their Thunderbird on their Macs? I know they wouldnt for POP, but I have only ever dealt with POP, nt IMAp.

If they will get deleted, what is the best way for me to handle this?

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Moving Domain To Home Server

Oct 15, 2007

I am moving my domain to my home server. I went to remove it from WHM and saw this option: Keep Dns Zone (needed if you have moved a domain between servers in the same dns trust relationship, and wish to remove the old domain).

I am running my own BIND server on my home pc.

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Moving Main Domain To Another Server

Nov 26, 2007

I have my main domain (domain.com) and it is where all my sites and customer sites are pointed to (ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com).

I just purchased a VPS and have made (domain.com) my main domain as I want it to be because of keeping the nameservers the same for my clients.

My vision is this, I will transfer all the sites from my old cPanel account to my new DirectAdmin account. I have setup a time to let my clients know not to update any content on their sites. At that time I will then download the sites from the cPanel account to the DA account. I will then move my main domain (domain.com) over as well and then change the name server registries at namecheap.

I understand some things can get lost in this switch, but ALL clients are aware of this and understand. They will still have access to the old server via the IP address to check for misdirected mail.

Is this the simplest way to get this done?

Is there a better way, with using the main domain?

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Moving Hosts

Jun 11, 2009

I just had a thought. If I am moving from one host to the other, the old host would still have my files. Whats stopping them from just using the files to copy my site. Basically is there an easy way to delete my files from my old host?

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Regarding Moving Hosts

Nov 29, 2008

I'm just wondering. Say, you sign up with a host offering a huge discount (50%+ off for a year). And after that year is up, you move to a new host offering another huge discount. You keep doing this, every year.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people do this.

I guess from a webhosts persepctive, it will be quite annoying since they are banking on the fact that the person will stay with them after the initial year.

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Moving PhpBB Hosts

Oct 19, 2009

We are currently running a phpBB forum on Dreamhost shared hosting and have been getting a lot of Internal Server Errors, so it's time to move to a new host.

We generally have around 200-300 members online (within the last 30 mins). We are using around 2.8TB/month of bandwidth currently. We get around 135,000 visits per month and 470,000 pageviews.

Dreamhost use their own way of measuring database usage..


We've developed a unit of measure that helps to track database performance that we call the "conuery":
(25 * connections) + queries = Your database's conuery usage

Our database disk usage us 24mb, we are averaging around 100,000 database connections per day, around 85,000 queries per day and our "Conuery" is around 3 MCn per day (this means nothing to me either lol).

I have found a VPS package with directspace - 2x Intel Quad Core Xeon, 50GB Storage, 2Gb RAM, 2.5GB Burst Ram and 5TB of monthly bandwidth, for $35/month.

Is this likely to be an adequate solution for our needs? We would be running both the database and web services for phpBB from this box.

Also, can anyone give any hints on the best (and most seamless way) to migrate? I'm thinking that we'll get the new host to install all the services and get the box up and running, then I can ftp the files to the new server and export/import the databases. Then perform a (301?) redirect on the old host, pointing to the new IP address until the DNS is updated.

I realise that I'll need to update the config.php for phpbb with the new database details etc, along with the database details for our wordpress implementation and update the server details in the board configuration.

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Moving Mail That Hasn't Been Received Between Hosts

Feb 5, 2008

I'm in the process of moving some websites between hosts... from Dreamhost to a VPS.

Basically I want to make sure that no emails get lost in the transfer, as it's possible some people haven't collected their emails. I'm only talking about 5 or 6 sites here with about 15 mailboxes in total.

I have pop3 set up on the VPS with exim4 and courier using Maildir's. I have imap/pop3 access to emails on dreamhost and all my clients only use pop3.

Dreamhost doesn't provide direct access to the Maildir's of users, so I was planning on using offlineimap to save a copy of each mailbox and move it into the Maildir of the user on the VPS. I.e. move the contents of INBOX/new into user/Maildir/new etc. I'll do this once the dns settings have propogated so I can be sure to have every single email.

Does this sound reasonable? Is anything likely to break? Will any email clients break with any of these transferred emails? I tried it with a test account and it seemed OK, but I would like an experts opinion on whether or not this is the best way of achieving what I'm trying to do

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HostJury Moving IPowernWeb Company To New Hosts...is This Reliable?

Dec 17, 2007

I am hosted by iPowerWeb and they have been causing MANY problems with their customers and of course, I am one of them. My site has been down for nearly 5 days.

I went to hostjury.com and they are now offering to move iPowerWeb customers to Hostgator, Hostican, or Site5 for free. But my question is: are they reliable and trustworthy?

Also, what hosting company do YOU guys recommend?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Moving Virtual Hosts Directory To Nas

May 1, 2014

I use Nas to manage the customer site folder.

So the folder directory will be "as1webhostxxx" this format

I found that plesk panel default directory is inetpubvhosts

How to move the Virtual Hosts Directory to Nas ?

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Make Addon Domain The Main Domain

Mar 14, 2008

I have domain1.com as the main domain that I am using with cpanel and domain2.com as an addon domain that points to a different directory.

I want to move domain1.com to another server and I would like to know if I can make domain2.com the main one

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How To Make Sub Domain On Your Local Host

Aug 11, 2007

I added new sub domain name using cpanel on my vps server.

Now I need to create this sub domain on my localhost, so i can test everything before I upload them.

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"moving Hosts " [ How To Shift Databases]

Feb 1, 2007

I am trying to shift from one hosting company to another. I currenty use a content management system for my website which utilizes databses + i have a forum as well which has a database as well.

So, i want to know how can i transfer all the files and databases accurately without any damages coz my forum has about 500 members and i dont want to loose the data obviously!

Secondly, my content management system has many posts as well which i want to tranfer safely.

I have got a cpanel control panel.

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Moving Domain Name

Oct 9, 2008

i have moved my site (pages and data) from my VPS to dedicated.

NOW I want to move the domain from VPS to Dedi.

Both are running on directadmin. I want to quickly move domain so that new user registrations are on the new domain only. Last time when I did this, at some locations domain still resolved at old and I lost some data on old server.

what should i do? I think i need to:

1. update NS at the domain registerar.

2. update the ip address in the DNS administration of old server directadmin so that the ip address is of new server there.

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About My Website Moving And New Domain Name

Jul 27, 2008

I've purchased a forum, using a sub-domain name like bbs.mywebsite.com.

All the files will be moved to my new dedicated server.

I'd like to use a new domain name for it, like newname. com

but still to not lose current memebers, still we want to keep bbs.mywebsite.com working as before.

I have 5 IP availble and want to allocate one of them to the new domain name newname .com
================================================== ====
Now, question, what should I do, can some one give me instruction step by step please, to make 2 domains both bbs.mywebsite.com and newname. com working properly. don't want to use redirect.

Now what I can think of is, add newname. com to my account, and change DNS to point to my nameserver, then copy the whole forum under new website. I dont know if this way is correct. Then I don't know how to link the original forum address to the new space.

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Moving Domain Without Changing Tag

Feb 27, 2008

i've been given the glorious task of sorting out the company web site.

We have a dedicated server, and 2 domains.

One of the domains is the default domain for the dedicated server, and the other is on another tag with another company.

That company has then setup a 301 redirect to an url on the dedicated server.


What I am hoping to do, is add another web site in IIS for the second domain and then get the other company to change the DNS.

I would happily transfer the domain to the dedicated server's tag, but that takes time and it may also cause email downtime.

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Subdomain To Main Domain Moving

Jan 23, 2007

I have a domain name as per my sig. I am also creating a subdomain totally in contrast with that site below. My primary domain has one page on it so i would like to:

a) delete the one page on my primary domain

b) Make the contents of my subdomain my primary domain. e.g my domain is www.info-peep.com, my sub will be example.info-peep.com........i would like to make example.info-peep.com : www.info-peep.com......that make sense, as really the sub will be my main site.

Basically wanting to transfer the contents of my sub to my primary. So when people click info-peep.com, it will be the sub's site. Another thing to note is that i am using RVsitebuilder (WYSIWYG) that my web host provides. Also BEAR IN MIND the WYSIWYG editor does not allow me to move pages (sucks) or to copy the page contents.

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Moving Emails From Yahoo To Personal Domain

Sep 9, 2008

how to go about moving old mails and forwarding new ones from my yahoo mail, without the yahoomail plus option.

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Htaccess - Moving Site From Subdomain To New Domain

Oct 21, 2007

I have what I think is kind of a unique situation with a site move and Google is not turning up an answer that seems to work.

My site is currently in this format:


And I am "moving" it but also switching from html to php, so the same file would be found at:


I want to redirect users going to the old pages to their equivalent on the new site, however this is a little bit of a problem because this is a normal subdomain - it is the same directory as before but now there are php versions of the html files.

Right now I have all of the http files redirecting to their php equivilents, but I don't believe this is a desirable solution. Also it creates a problem when people go to www.mydomain.com/site (not indicating a specific file; just the subdir root) because I have www.mydomain.com/site/index.html redirecting to www.mydomain.com/site/index.php.

Quite a mess.

My first option is to put the redirects in the htaccess file on the "old" site. But is this a problem because there are over 500 pages on the site? Does it create a heavy server load because any requests force the server to serve a huge htaccess file?

The next alternative seems the most preferable although I'm not sure how to do it. It seems it could use wildcards so that anyone going to *.html gets directed to *.php or something like that. The only problem is that there are a small number of files that were removed completely and do not have php equivilants (about 5 or 6) and would need to redirect to the index.php in the root

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Domain And Hosts

Jul 21, 2009

I bought a subscription to a host called "godaddy" and I have no idea how I can "run it" like actually upload script files I want to run, it seems you need to define a "domain" for the host,

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One Domain For Two Hosts

Oct 16, 2007

My registrar has ten slots for DNS name servers. What I wonder about is if I could fill the slots with name severs of two different hosts. And if so what would happen.
Would I get my traffic split equally between the two sites? Or would all of the name requests go to #1 slot and only check deeper upon failure?

And I also wonder if this would result in an ip war between the name servers with one set constantly broadcasting their ip to other name servers, and the other set broadcasting their own ips.

I don't really have any reason for wondering about this. Just a matter of curiosity.

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2 Different Hosts, One Domain Name

Jun 24, 2007

I already have a website but looking to get another hosting just for wordpress.

My current host doesn't support php/mysql as it's a windows server, and we have VPS but after installing php/mysql, realised we needed to install apache, just seem like too much headache so now we just wanna buy hosting for our blog.

When we buy, do we have to buy a new domain name, we dont want this, we just want it to be an extension of our site like


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Running 1 Domain Off 2 Hosts

Jun 14, 2008

I own a number of different websites, and recently have been having a couple of problems regarding uptime...

My question is...

Is there anyway of setting up a fail-safe page? So that when 1 server isn't found, it redirects to another DNS?

I would have thought you could just add a second set of DNS servers like so..


But I'm not sure whether this will work?

All I am asking for, is a way to direct ALL my traffic to my main server... But when/if the first hosting goes down, I would like the domain to point to my second host...

I have heard of a way to do this with a third party DNS service... but the one's i have found are all pay services..

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Who Hosts This Domain Name- How Do I Check

Jul 3, 2007

I have a client that is unable to connect to his FTP and control panel, and he does not know which web hosting company hosts his web site since he never gets billed for it. I tried looking up the WHOIS to type in the NS1/NS2 web address to see which web hosting company the site points to, but had no luck.

This is the domain:


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DNS Config For Domain, Website & EMail On Different Hosts

Dec 16, 2008

DNS config for Domain, Website

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Do Any Good Hosts Provide A CPanel That Keeps Addon Domain Lists In Order

Feb 2, 2008

I find that I like using CPanel with addon domains in a new unlimited domains shared plan rather than using WHM with each name having its own CPanel in a reseller plan (which I have been used to until now at another host). The only problem is that all the addon domains are out of order - they are not even in the order in which I add them. This puts a damper on things and makes managing them much less efficient than one would expect with the addons in order.

After putting in a support ticket, I was told they can't do anything about it at all. They told me the order of the listing is the order in the "mail server apache configuration."

After posting this matter here in the Apache forum, I have been informed by an SP member that the answer I got wouldn't hold any water at all, or more accurately, consists of a whole lot of smoke. As a person who knows how easy and basic it is to sort data lists or drop-down form selector fields myself, I must admit that it's hard to believe nothing can be done in the 21st century.

I have no desire at all to go with another reseller plan, and like using CPanel instead with addons.

Does anyone know of the good and well known unlimited domain hosting providers who keep the addon domains in order within CPanel? Is there any other good option for shared hosting that doesn't involve using WHM and does offer common sense multiple domain management where everything is in order?

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How To Make Own Server

Apr 23, 2008

i want to make one web site i want to show there some movies same like youtube but my video will on media player .i want to make own server for hosting and i need more than 1tb storage .i don,t know which thing i need for own server .i just found there these kind of things Netgear ReadyNAS Duo RND2150 500GB i don,t know it will work for me or not

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